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  1. Thanks! I have bad news...they were discontinuing that dress right before I was married back in the fall of 2009. It's a Dessy dress....6556P (citrus ombre). Maybe you can still find them around...good luck!
  2. Honestly I struggled over this too. I got monogrammed towels monogrammed with our wedding location and date, in our wedding colours (orange for the guys and pink for the girls) with matching pink and orange photo luggage tags that I tied to them with a picture that said Thank-You. Â 1) It was awesome because all the guests used them to save lounge chairs during the day so even if they weren't at their seats (were eating or swimming etc.) we knew where to find our guests since every other guest used the basic navy Carnival towels. Â 2) This summer I saw more than a few guests using t
  3. I had such a great experience. I definately found upgrading to a suite useful. The extra space that it gives you really makes a difference when getting ready on your wedding day. It has a nice mirrored dressed area. There is no makeup artist on the ship so go to MAC or somewhere like it, and learn to apply your own makeup or bring someone who can do it for you. I was MORE than happy with my hair stylist. I can't remember HIS name but I think it was the only male in the salon. A great OOT bag or as we did favor idea is monogrammed beach towels in your wedding color. Our guests
  4. I didn't have a very good experience with Angela. I loved their website and the packages they offered. But once they had the deposit, the communication went downhill. It took them weeks to respond to questions. I didn't have a contact number for them, and when I did a web search and found one I realize it must be a personal phone because it was answered with a very unprofessional "hello". When asked why the poor communication I was told they were on vacation because it was hurricane season. My question is why not a simple email "away message" to let your clients know? The only time they
  5. Thank you all for the well wishes. I'm super pumped. Two of our wedding photos were featured in the current issue of City Life Magazine!! How exciting!
  6. On average I think it was about $1000 for the guests. There were interior rooms for as low at $700, but it also depended on how they got themselves to Miami, and then how much the spend on the cruise for souveniers, excursions etc....Anything to do with the wedding was paid for by us (i.e. transfers to/from wedding site) Hope this helps. Quote: Originally Posted by chan_porty Your pics are amazing!!! Congrats...You looked absolutely stunning I'm debating doing a cruise ship wedding but I have many family members that are not very wealthy. Approximately how much did it co
  7. I'm not sure about Miami itself, but I had a great experience with the salon on the Liberty. They opened an hour early to accomodate my wedding day itinerary, and my hair was done by one of the men in the salon and I was REALLY happy with it. (I think he was the only male stylist). They don't do make-up on the Liberty, so I had a MAC consultation and she was great writing down step by step instructions from brush to use, and brush strokes and it turned out great as well. Good luck!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by brookedanielle Wow! Amazing pictures!! Congrats! May I ask, what beach did you get married at? and what time of day was your ceremony? We were married at Magen's Bay Beach in St. Thomas, and we were there from about 1115-115pm. Ceremony, cake cutting, champagne toast, hors d'oeuvres & pics all happened in those 2 hours.
  9. Oh, and they also let us bring in a CD with our first dance songs. There is dance floor in the restaurant you can use. Or, if you know someone who plays the piano and sings I'm sure they'd let you use theirs!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by goodtoglow Did you do up a seating chart and escort cards? As well, were you able to do your speeches in there? Did you arrange your reception arrangements over the phone or via email? I contacted them via email beforehand. They were excellent at responding to emails in a timely manner. The first day I arrived on the ship I went to the restaurant and said, "Hi, I was told to come here as soon as we arrived..." and they said, "Melissa? It's a pleasure to meet you!" I can't stop saying how on the ball they were. Seating arrangements were made once we wer
  11. Hmmm, have they given you different options for locations? I'm having a hard time thinking about one that would be private & by the windows? If they moved tables the Silver Olympian dining room has panoramic windows in the back! We weren't married through the cruise ship, so we just made a group reservation - paid by us- for Harry's and they pulled out all the stops and made it feel like a formal reception. Hope this helps!
  12. We had Jeffrey Neevel and he was great! Very personable!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Tonir Where is the dock/pier at? I'm getting married in St. Thomas and doing a TTD the next day. I looove that pic and would love to steal the idea The pier was actually in Grand Turk, where we did the TTD.
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