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  1. I dont know when you booked your date, but you can try to say that they didnt charge then when you booked....but they are sticklers on their fees! It sucks!! They gave me a list of 4 different options for an internal DJ....ask them for the list...
  2. I did a group dinner at the seafood restaurant with 28 people and they still put up as two long tables...and the problem with the long tables is that you cant talk to anyone besides who is sitting next to you anyways...lol I would DEFINATELY do the japanese and do 2 tables!! I wish I would have done my group dinner there - BUT, just as an FYI - I did NOT have to pay per person for my group dinner....I waited until I got down there, I asked the WC about it and she said I would have to pay the 20 pp for a group over 20...THEN, I checked with concierge and they made the reservation under each guests room numbers and sat us all together! so it was FREE!! I did 2 reservations the same nights - 28 people at the Itailian Restaurant (I sent all the adults) and then I did 28 more at the seafood restaurant and they both worked perfectly!!
  3. I wouldnt worry about them not standing by the things you discussed with karla...they will do what they need to in order to make your day perfect... the lindo lobby bar doesnt really have a name...it is just the lobby bar....inside the bar there is a floor to ceiling fish tank, but the bar stunk like stale alcohol ...we would go in there to get our drinks, but there is a little area outside of the lobby bar with tables and chairs (it is on the little bridge that leads to the photo shop (you will totally understand when you get there)..but anyways, THAT is where all my guests ended up meeting every night...It is RIGHT outside the actual lobby bar, and it has the same tables and chairs as the lobby bar - if you are all staying at the Lindo, then I would say you can tell everyone to meet in the lobby every night at 8...I will show you a picture This is what you will see when you pull up to the Lindo....the arch on the left has 2 glass doors that leads into the reception area for check in and check out...and the arch on the right has 2 glass doors that lead in to the lobby bar....if you tell everyone to meet in the "lobby" this is where you will meet and you will definately find each other In the back of the picture (where there are 2 people) to the left is the area where there are tables and chairs that I was talking about....I have tons of pics, but it will all come together when you get there - I Promise...but yes, the lobby or lobby bar is the best place to meet... I hope that helps - I know it is hard to try and vision the way everything is going to turn out - but it will be wonderful (and I hope my gazillion pictures help...can you tell I am a very "visual" person..lol)
  4. If your suitcase is over 50lbs, it is $25....so my suggestion is to just check an extra bag which is also $25 (i had overweight on the way there and 2 checked bags on the way back)....let me know if you have any other questions ....just as an FYI for any of your guests that are flying out of Ohare...if you are flying USA 3000, you will flight out of terminal 5 (international). BUT, if you have guests flying United or American (I had people on all 3), they will fly out of United and American terminals, NOT the international terminal.... ALL airlines will fly back in to terminal 5 (international) as a note for those people getting picked up Im really sorry to hear that you are all receiving no response from the resort....I am sure they are just behind and they will get caught up...even though a couple months seems like no time to us, remember that the resort needs like 2 days to pull off everything...like I said, my final details went in to my WC like 2 days before I left and I didnt finalize everything until 3 days before my actual wedding...they will take care of you I promise!!
  5. I was told that as of May 1, there was a new law that they were not allowed to perform the ceremony in english...so the judge did it in spanish, and then my WC translated...he did do our vows in english....you will have the option to say your own vows, but the ceremony is very simple and quick (its really good)...you will not see what the judge is going to say before the ceremony, but just trust them - like I said, it is very good, quick and simple.... I had a lot of people help me transport things down there - depending on the airline, you can pack an extra suitcase and just pay a fee...I flew USA 3000 (out of ohare, which I am assuming you are out of ohare also) and I only paid $25 for an extra checked suitcase...not bad! but I think American and United are $50...
  6. I am so sorry about your aunt!! That is horrible! And that really sucks about the way Iberostar handled it but I am NOT surprised....I hope that is your only experience with them that you will be disappointed in I am sure everything will work out with your wedding coordinator...to be honest, we didnt really finalize everything until we met with them when we got down there so dont worry!! I cannot say that I would have not chosen that resort if I had to go back and do it again, because it was amazing...but the customer service definately needs improvement! Good luck with everything!!!! Let me know if you have any questions!!
  7. I had a completely different dinner option - my guests had to choose from 5 options but I have no idea how I got that menu?!? Maybe a difference between Del Mar and Lindo?? I got to pick a menu, and I chose the Italian - We had to choose from Filet Mignon, Snapper, Chicken, or Lobster Medallions and it was ALL very good!! The best food was the reception food Katie - there is a toolbar at the top of this box when you are posting...there is the paperclip for attachments but if you look to the left of that there is a little picture (next to the video) - you can click on the that little picture (and if you hold your mouse over it, it iwll say "insert picture")....then you can upload the pics from your computer PS- for anyone who LOVES tequilla, I JUST found out that the rolling bar that went around my reception that I thought was so cool was a Tequilla bar (haha...I didnt even notice it was ALL tequilla) that my dad had ordered because my family LOVES tequilla...it isnt on the list of things you can order but it was REALLY cool and we drank 2 full bottles of Mezcal AND ate the worms..lol..gross, I know!! I also had the cigar roller - I ended up buying like 20 cigars - it was around $150-200 but my guests enjoyed it. You can also have him come and roll cigars and have your guests pay for them - they range from $3-6 ... Here is a pic of the tequilla bar on wheels!!! AWESOME!
  8. So I wanted to post this JUST as a heads up - I do not want to scare anyone, and the resort is great, but we did have a BIG issue so be careful... I was warned about this and hoped that it wouldnt happen to us - my brother had $300 stollen right out of his safe - I had been warned by 2 other brides there that had the same thing happen in the last 2 years but I had hoped it would be different - I dont think that this is because it was MEXICO - it could happen anywhere BUT the one thing that I was warned about even more was what really upset me - the WAY the resort handled it was HORRIBLE!!! I am STILL dealing with them...well, I am trying to deal with them and getting NO response....there was so much lying on their part (which they were caught up in) and then they just avoided us, then they started harrassing my brother and staging incidents outside his room and taking pictures saying he did it (and he would have been with us all day) - I am so dissapointed in them that it will definately be my LAST stay with Iberostar....I tried not to let it ruin my trip, but it definately put a damper on things... Just be careful....I only let them clean my room like twice when I was there - you can get extra towels and whatever you need from concierge...and dont let room service in your room, and just make sure you have everything accounted for every night... Like I said, I personally know 2 other girls that were married at this resort, and ironically BOTH had told me to be careful because they (or their guests) had experienced stuff getting stolen out of the safe (there is a master code)...they said it could happen anywhere but the resort handled it so poorly...and that is the same thing I want to warn all of you about - everything else was PERFECT so just dont take a lot of cash...the atm fee was only like $3...or valuables... Good luck everyone and here are a couple pics of my big day !!!
  9. They are allowed everywhere except the disco ....they can still go to all the lobby bars....and they are allowed at all the shows....the night shows are a good place for all ages...the adults can sit around and have drinks, and it is something for the kids to watch too! they have really good shows...my group went to the back (of the seating area) every night and pulled a bunch of tables and chair together for whoever wanted to join, but honestly, a lot of people went to bed early...the sun drains you - and we drank all day long..lol the kids can participate in the games by the pool everyday (I even did...and won a free massage) but I would say that the night shows are the best thing to do as a group with younger ones...the main show starts at like 9:30pm....there is a different theme show every night - some are REALLY good... the disco doesnt even open till 11pm and if you do go, there is a little diner (50s style...so cute) that is right down from the disco - it is open from like 7pm-3am and they have the BEST burgers!! great for drunk munchies!! I forgot you are one of the few girls that is having your wedding at the Lindo...the resort itself is awesome, but they are very strict about everything like the other girls said - we couldnt even put our chairs in the water on the little ledge thing - like every other resort lets you do..boo whoo..
  10. Hi Ladies!! I am BACK!! Cannot believe it is OVER I dont have time right now to write a full review because my emails at work are out of control BUT I wanted to give a couple QUICK tips - 1. I did not hire a professional photographer but the resort company did come and shoot my wedding and still offered me a package - here is a slideshow so you can see their work - the guy that shot my wedding was Hideki and he did an AMAZING job - I didnt even realize he was there...lol!!! this slideshow is only good for about a week so be sure to take a look if you are interested in the resort photographer http://web.mac.com/vallarta_adventure2/SlideshowsIBELINDO/JASON_&_HANNAH_COMPLETE_SLIDESHOWSHOW/ The salon at the hotel did the BEST job on my hair and makeup and I do not think I could have been happier with the job they did - they were worth all $198 and I did a spa day and the spa is AMAZING Also, the Lindo lobby bar is probably an ok meeting point, but I recommend the snake bar at the Maya lobby.....I will write about all the details later - the wedding was WONDERFUL but I did have issues with the resort ...if anyone wants to find me on facebook I have TONS of photos up....Hannah Hamstra or let me know your name and I will try to find you Hannah ps - review coming soon
  11. I got the starfish in the mail yesterday!! yay!!! Who am I sending it to next?!?!?!?!? I leave in 9 days!!!! yahooooo!!!!
  12. Im using the spa at the resort....they are still expensive if you dont have the mac daddy package...but I will let you know how it goes - someone else used them and said they did a great job....but a lot of the girls brought someone in to do their hair. I am using the spa for hair and makeup (Erin did too and she looked BEAUTIFUL)....I will let you know what I think when I get back!
  13. Im staying at the Lindo so I will let you know as soon as I get back because I plan on doing the same thing....the bars on the Maya side look really nice...and big so I am going to check those out....I just made my appt to meet with Lily the day before we arrive at the Lindo so I will try to get a tour then ....I leave in 17 days and Im in major freak out mode...I need an assistant for the next 2 weeks...between work, and I own a landscaping company (this week we start work), and all my last min stuff I feel like I am bound to forget something We need to make a master check list!! Hanna - any pics yet?? I cant wait to see them!!
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