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  1. Those look great, I really like the starfish you had on your programs, where did you find those? Quote: Originally Posted by Ange83 I thought they were super cute. The little silver metal starfish detail and the ribbon is from Michael's!
  2. I thought they were super cute. The little silver metal starfish detail and the ribbon is from Michael's!
  3. Sorry Ladies, They are not my templates to share! They look professional because - well my MOH is a professional
  4. Since my wedding was not a destination dress, I purchased a shorter (more comfortable) simple white dress to change into after the reception...so glad I did! I tied the sash from my wedding dress around it and presto! Not the best picture, but the only I could find with a full shot of the dress. (Want to know a secret...only $14.99 from Macy's)
  5. Planning our Riviera Maya Wedding I guess it's more of a it's all said and done thread now! What a fun and great experience. My husband and I were married November 4, 2010 at that Gran Bahia Principe. With 17 friends and family. Perfect wedding, perfect day, awesome week. I had alot of help with planning and organizing. My mum being the main lead on the travel arrangements, as our travel coordinator was sub-par to say the least and my amazing MOH who is the queen of paper products and DIY and I would have been completely lost without her expertise. After she had done such an amazing job on her own wedding, I knew right from the start that she would make our wedding shine. Even when she moved 1000's of miles away we were able to have constant communication about everything from invitations to centerpieces and she always kept me (well really tried to) keep me on point. We even shopped via phone and e-mail she would go into a store in the States and e-mail me pictures from her phone (I'm in Canada). I am the definition of procrastination and did end up forgetting my engagement ring (I just told people I didn't want to loose it) my hair extensions (was really sad about that) and one sandal ha ha yes just one sandal behind...didn't even make it into the case! Not to mention the cake topper (we didn't even end up using, 'cause it would have crushed the cake) that we bought a couple hours before our flight! Anyways on to the GOOD stuff! Our Invitations - (courtesy of my amazing moh) (p.s. this is not the envelope, there is an additional creme envelope that this little guy went into with our names and address printed in brown) So this is the palm leaf pocket fold in our colours (or close to Mermaid and Brown) ------ now to the inside The "formal" invitation is at the top while the pocket on the bottom housed our boarding pass reply cards Our boarding pass reply card (some "older" relatives were confused by these, and thought they had been sent a ticket to the wedding ahahaha so use with caution with the elderly ) I love these! Our welcome bags We purchased our bags at the dollar store (I know cringe) but after purchasing 2 other types of bags even though the least expensive they really were the ones I like the best. Simple and practical for a destination wedding, it was intended more as a gift bag then a beach bag, although myself and other did find it handy for quick grab and go. We made simple tags in word and had them printed and laminated. simple yet pretty. we filled the bags with wedding week survival kits, pens, mini note pad, visors, his and hers travel mugs, koosies, crossword puzzles and travel candles. (The starfish were purchased online and later used for our name cards as well) Also included was a letter welcoming our friends and family. DIY Place Cards/Program Fans Starfish ordered online, Ribbon purchased at Michaels and my awesome MOH printed out name cards in our wedding colour...add The hand woven fans were ordered online (I am trying to find the website). Little metal starfish charm and ribbon purchased at Michael's. Nicole did an amazing job creating and printing the actual program. We attached the programs to the fans poolside ) with an additional piece of ribbon. Attire My mum has always told me that I want Fillet Mignon...but can only afford cheeseburger prices. I think you shouldn't have to settle for less...just because you can't afford it LOL. I was able to find the my perfect dress for $600.00. It had been previously enjoyed, but the fit was perfect and didn't need any alterations, YES! My shoes were purchased from David's and dye the colour mermaid. I also purchased a matching sash from David's bridal (only $15.00) to coordinate with my shoes and with Nicole. Our garter set was also purchased in coordinating colours from David's bridal. MOH - Beautiful bridesmaid in a beautiful mermaid colour dress. We purchased the bridesmaid dress at David's bridal (we bought alot of stuff from David's ) love David's). The shoes were also from David's a steal at $24.99 (plus only an additional 3 to get them dyed mermaid to match the dress (as well as a beautiful mermaid hair flower) great finds Nic!!! ...so basically long story short everything coordinated and everything was mermaid and purchased at David's haha (apart from my wedding dress) The men were pretty casual with light green toned shirts (Cept for my dad, he wore white), tan pants and sandals (not alot of effort was put into their attire I will be honest, everything purchased in the end of summer sales from Sears and tip-top tailors ) Well that covered a few key points, although I could talk about my (I mean our) destination wedding all day!
  6. oooo, planning thread...I don't really know what I'm doing I'm just randomly posting things LOL How do I do that?
  7. My amazingly talented maid of honor was kind enough to make them for us! she is the paper product queen!
  8. We purchased mini first aid kits from the dollar store (1.25 each) for the little boxes, we just emptied them out and filled it other stuff we purchased (tylenol, pepto tabs (which everyone used LOL) bandaids, a little bottle of purell, wet wipes, they surprisingly held alot. We had travel mugs, pens, mini pads of paper, pens, visors, travel candles, kooshies, crossword books and sudoku books then we also had different bags for the kiddos with mini beach balls, water toys, markers etc... and took everything on the plane in one case designated for "the welcome bags" and the weight was fine...acutally enough weight for more stuff
  9. We bought them in mid october. There were a huge selection of bags, These were my second choice...the original ones I like were even in my colours (mermaid/brown @ only $2.00 each) but sadly they were too heavy to bring that many in the suitcase these ones did the job and weighed nothing
  10. That's me, pretty plain and simple after purchasing 2 other types of bags LOL we actually found these a couple weeks before at the.....Dollar Store (cringe) guess you don't have to spend a bundle if you find that something you're looking for, I don't think anyone really notice...I treated it as more of a gift bag then a beach bag...although some guests did use them for quick grab and go
  11. Getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe (Tulum) We were married at the Gran Bahia Principe (Tulum) a group of 17 including 14 adults 2 children (3,5) and one baby (15 months) From Ontario, Alberta, Texas and England. Married in the Gazebo at 4pm (Stunning, msg for pictures) Wedding Corrdinator Jazmin was amazing, and worked with you even though already planned through e-mail to make changes and customize your "wedding package" to exactly what you needed can't say enough good things about this fab lady! Flowers (message for pictures) Absolutley stunning! Way better then expected...Catalogue that hotel e-mails in advance does not do them justice. Room upgrade for bride and groom...awesome, great view! Reception - Gran Tortuga... 7 meats served on Brazilian swords need I say more (some guests found a little confusing not much explanation of how the dinner was going to work, so people filled up fast not knowing there was going to be BETTER food coming ) A+ treatment! Salon - LOVED my hair, love the stylist, worth every penny! Red Alert - MAKEUP if you are considering paying the $55.00 per person for makeup please message me and I will convince you otherwise. LOVED our wedding at the Gran Bahia, couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!
  12. My amazing maid of honor was my go to DIY and wedding gal! She did our beautiful invitations, as well as our name cards and programs she is so talented/crafty and the queen of paper products!
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