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Adventure Weddings is Mexico's leading destination wedding company. Our exclusive location of Las Caletas provides the perfect mix of ocean, mountain, beach and tropical jungle to create the ideal setting for your dream destination wedding.

Whether you want an intimate, quaint and casual ceremony or a sophisticated and elaborate event, we’ll design an unforgettable and personalized experience suited to your individual style and budget.

Our professional wedding and event coordinators will handle every detail of your special occasion with an all-inclusive package tailored to your wishes, so you can easily relax, knowing that all is taken care of. Since all of our facilities and excursions are owned and operated by us, we are able to coordinate and book all of the wedding events from romantic to thrilling and everything in-between.

Modern Bride magazine ranks Mexico as the fifth most popular destination for weddings in paradise, and once you experience Las Caletas, you’ll know why.

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By ChelseaWorkun, · 1 Comment

Pros: Location, staff, photographer, videographer, DJ-Everything was amazing!
Cons: planning from a distance-but if you're going to do it-do it here!
Every single one of my guests said that our wedding was the most romantic/beautiful/exotic wedding they had ever seen! We are from Alberta, Canada and were looking for something warm and low stress-our travel agent, Elicia Jump, suggested Adventure Weddings in Las Caletas and the rest is history!   I will try to hit all the main points that will help you in planning your wedding in Las Caletas, here goes:   I will admit that trying to plan something as important as your own wedding over email can and was a challenge at times especially with language being an issue at times. I can't tell you other brides to calm down, because if someone told me that at the time, I would have brushed them off just as you would me now! However, breath and keep on top of your emails!! Don't worry about being a bridzilla (be polite) but don't hesitate to re-email/re-phrase/and ask again and again for what you want! You can and will have it-The staff of Adventure Weddings are very accommodating and want to please you-but they (like everyone else in the world) are extremely busy planning more than just your wedding. Fernanda was my wedding coordinator-I thank her for putting all my dreams together into a beautiful day...and being patient with me! lol.    Stay on top of the math (price list) and numbers of items required. They don't like to work on a wedding more than 3 months in advance, but that doesn't mean you can't ask for a price list and budget for what you want earlier than 3 months: Some things I almost cut from the budget and am SO relieved I didn't because they were a HIT are the Sky Lanterns...absolutely amazing! I also wish I paid for the videographer to stay the whole night to get the party portion of the night-she did such an amazing job of the first half of the day that it's a pity I didn't cough up the extra cash to relive the whole night over and over. Some things I could have done with less of and wouldn't have noticed are: flower tiki torches, extra flowers-they supplied more than I was lead to believe and even the small centrepieces were pretty substantial-any bigger you wouldn't see across the table anyway, flowers for hair, etc. The location is so beautiful and lush that there is no need to guild the lily.    I was very happy with the photographer, Cristheell. She was very accommodating from the beginning-don't get me wrong, she's a busy lady, but she works hard to accommodate you and is very artistic and will make you look like a movie star! I would go as far as requesting your guests just leave their cameras at home (or keep to minimum) and just take in the day because a few great shots were ruined by people getting in the way of the professional photographer (and the family member's photo is never as good-how could it be, their equipment is inferior and their know-how isn't on a pro level) or having a camera in front of their face instead of just smiling for the paid photographer-oh well: live and learn. We also booked Critheell to meet us at our resort a few days after the wedding and had her take some family shots on the beach-They turned out wonderful-When do you ever have all your loved ones in one place with a back-drop like Mexico's beauty? Awesome-Lots of genuine smiles when there are waves giving you an unexpected splash-   Rafa, the DJ was awesome-He's a man who knows his job well-He's very organized, prompt with his emails and managed to save my slide show from disaster. I didn't have all my electronics with me and therefore was having difficulty transferring my vast amount of photographs in a format that was compatible with the equipment and was living out a nightmare when trying to add music to the slideshow with timing etc....Long story short-He saved it the night before and it was pure success! He also told me that he only takes orders from the Bride-which was perfect-he said I can transfer my power to guests/groom/mother whomever-but until I do, he runs everything past the bride-This man is so smart! haha. Music was exactly what I asked for-   The minister, Chuy, was excellent. He was prompt with his emails and organized. He sent me a generic version of the vows and asked that I add/delete/elaborate on my religious views so he could better accommodate my husband and I. He spoke clearly, pronounced our names correctly and was punctual. He brought a microphone which is important with waves crashing literally only a few feet away. Very nice man, he did a wonderful job.    The videographer was excellent-I loved the video! As I mentioned above-I recommend hiring her for the entire evening-My only regret is that I didn't.    My husband and I took dance lessons before the wedding-I enjoyed the lessons in themselves, but honestly, we're not dancers, so the sloped dance floor threw us right off our game. People, remember, you are on a beach...therefore the ground slopes toward the ocean...go easy on the high heels and expect to go barefoot before the night is over. Dancing in the surf was the best (and coolest) place to dance anyway-   The bridal suite is beautiful! There are fans to keep you coolish...but it's still Mexico!  Don't book too much of your time doing other things (massages, etc) because you will simply want to sit in the suite and its grounds enjoying it's jacuzzi, hammock, complimentary tacos, fruit and champaign.  Plus the beauty team will be there before you know it!  For the brides out there that are not on top of their Spanish-BRING PHOTOGRAPHS (no wifi) of the type of make-up and hair styles you want. Pictures say a thousand words! One of the three stylist spoke English well enough to make out some of what my bridesmaids wanted done with their hair and make-up. My home hairstylist suggested I bring a picture...and man am I glad I did! Too bad I didn't think to share the wealth of that knowledge with my bridesmaids.    Las Caletas is only lit by candlelight at night...(even bathrooms) It makes for a stunning atmosphere, and everybody looks good by candlelight, but be careful you don't catch on fire!    My grandma was the only senior adventurous enough to take the voyage to Mexico for our wedding-she's a tough gal, and with the help of a couple of our strapping young guests she made it up and down the uneven stairs-I wouldn't recommend people with more serious mobility issues take the hike-but nothing is impossible!    The food was fantastic, and there was lots of it-I had numerous guests say it was the best wedding food they had ever had. There are tonnes of extra desserts too-so don't worry about getting a big cake-We ordered a 3 tier white vanilla cake-It was moist, perfect (not too sweet but light) frosting-MMMM! Ask for it to go-You'll want a slice when you get back to your hotel!    My best advice: Pay for the max allotted time you can have there-It flys by SOOO fast and you won't want to leave when the boat arrives-   Congratulations-I hope you choose Las Caletas-It's a dream come true!   -Chelsea*                      
Pros: Beautiful scenery, easy planning, delicious food/drink, fun party
Cons: Open flames, no railings on stairs
Judging by the other reviews I want to give Vallarta Adventure the same credit as many other brides and I also want to give future brides some very helpful advice. Yes, the wedding was absolutely perfect in almost every way. From my wonderful wedding coordinator, Fernanda, to the spunky videographer, Freddy, to all of the staff and everyone who helped to make our day the most incredible ever - THANK YOU! The day of the wedding was perfect, the bridal suite was relaxing and fun, the ceremony was beautiful, the food was delicious, the dancing was crazy, and the boat ride back was a fun end to the party. So I'll share some advice I have for anyone who has already booked their wedding or is thinking about going to Las Caletas for her big day.   If you haven't booked yet, just go ahead and do it. I promise you won't have a wedding anywhere else quite as special as at Las Caletas and your guests will walk away thinking it was the coolest and most unique wedding they've ever attended. Make sure to check the weather when you're planning your dress, the wedding party outfits, and attire for your guests. We had perfect weather (luckily) but I've heard some brides saying they were sweating the whole time. So you may want to have your guys wearing short-sleeved linen shirts rather than making them wear those suits with heavy jackets. Your call! Check the time for sunset and make any last-minute schedule changes if you need to!! I planned to do all of my pictures after the ceremony since I didn't want my husband to see my dress beforehand, but now I kind of wish we had done the pictures before. We even timed the sunset the night before the wedding and knew we would be cutting it close. The sun started setting right when the ceremony ended and we were scrambling with my photographer to get all of the pictures in. Our pictures are beautiful, but the ones with my entire wedding party are pitch black in the background.  My wedding dress did, indeed, catch on fire at the wedding. Note: No one was hurt but my dress has a fairly large burn mark in the back. There's no electric lighting on the beach during the reception so there are candles EVERYWHERE, including next to the dance floor. I would suggest talking to your wedding coordinator about this and making sure they don't put candles anywhere people could be walking. I was standing next to the dance floor and one of the candles ignited the back of my dress. Luckily this didn't happen to anyone else, but if you're wearing a long dress, be very very careful. Ask for the wedding planner spreadsheet once you book the date. I got this spreadsheet which includes prices of all of the extras as well as what's included in the overall fee of the wedding and it was really helpful for budgeting purposes even before we started nailing down the details closer to the wedding. This way you can see everything from how much a guitarist will cost to how much each bag of petals costs.  Use the DJ! If you have the money and you want live musicians then that's understandable, but for this wedding, the DJ is really incredible. He caters to the crowd and is really good at determining what people like and don't like. Plus you won't be spending an arm and a leg to use a mariachi band for an hour. We didn't book Vallarta Adventure transportation to/from the port. We got the guests together before the wedding and called taxis instead. The local taxis are super cheap and they're not hard to find for a group of people. Just talk to the hotel you're staying at and let them know how many you'll need and then plan ahead and the taxis can even make more than 1 trip. We had no problems with this and it saved us quite a bit. Stay on top of your coordinator. It is true that the coordinators really don't like planning things until 3 months before your wedding and this is because Las Caletas has a wedding almost every day. Those planners are busy! So be patient and realize that you may not get all of your answers right away. But stay on top of your coordinators and don't be afraid to send 2-3 emails if that's what it takes. Fernanda was really good about communicating with me but sometimes I would have to remind her of certain questions I asked that she never answered. You're not nagging them and they don't mind! They're there to help make your day as seamless as possible so use them for just that. Don't worry about anything. Those planners know what they're doing and they'll make your day perfect if you'll just let them. Don't be afraid to ask for help for whatever you need and don't try to do too much yourself. A destination wedding should be low stress and it doesn't have to be Pinterest perfect. So make some guest favors and a few decorations but then leave the rest up to Vallarta Adventures. It'll be the best wedding you've ever been to :)

By cherimorris, · 3 Comments

Pros: Family & Friends made it!
Cons: Photography team
Hi Ladies! It has been a couple of months since my wedding at Las Caletas, and I felt compelled to let other brides know my experience.  It wasn't the greatest experience from the start, but the end result was all that mattered: We Were Married!  My coordinator, Dennise, was less than helpful.  At one point, I waited 2 MONTHS for her to return an email.  I was trying not to be the 'pushy American' or the 'crazy bride' so I did not contact her earlier than that.  She wanted to wait until 3 months before the wedding to plan anything....WHAT?!!!! That's to include pricing etc.  Who can budget for a wedding in 3 months?  She ended up not even being there to execute the day of the wedding because she was pregnant.  Obviously that was not a problem, but they should have transferred me to another planner in advance.  The girl who executed the day of the wedding was quite clueless as to what I had already had planned.  A number of things went wrong, my flowers being one of those things.  I caught the mistake with my bouquet, but obviously by the time I realized the table flowers were wrong, it was too late.  No one but me knew, but that's besides the point.  The MC was clueless and called my husband's father by his grandfather's name, couldn't remember who was supposed to get the mic for speeches etc, so we just took over with handing over the mic.  HERE'S THE KICKER.  None of that would have even been an issue and I likely would have given a pretty good review....until I found out that the photography team LOST some of our wedding pictures.  Yep, you read that right.  The first look with my father: gone.  Pictures with my bridesmaids under a gazebo: gone.  Pictures of me in this gorgeous chair before the ceremony: gone.  Now, I understand that mistakes happen, although on these kinds of occasions, this should not happen.  But I understand that they do.  It's how the company handles the mistake that is the sign of a good company to deal with.  It was I that brought to their attention that these photos were missing.  It was not until then that they told me they were gone.  I have requested our money be refunded, to which they have offered me....wait for it....15%.  Yes, 15%.  My memories are worth 15% of what I paid to them.  Ridiculous and insulting.  They are claiming that is because they gave us a number of pictures, so they won't refund the full amount.  If ANY of my wedding pictures are missing due to your mistake, it is your responsibility to make that right.  That is what they have refused to do.  And honestly, the pictures they did give us are not really all that great.  So to say that we are disappointed is an understatement.  DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: use a different photographer.  There are many many many photographers in Puerto Vallarta.  This is the most important day of your life, DO NOT trust that with Adventure Vallarta Weddings.  Because even if mistakes are made, they are not willing to make the situation right.  I wish you all the best, but maybe consider a different venue =(

By PTRowe, · 1 Comment

Pros: All of it!
Cons: Mother Nature
My new beautiful wife and I were married on November 10, 2014 at Las Caletas! I could write forever about how great it was. Everything was amazing except the rain but in the end the staff at Las Caletas made it perfect. If you are ever worried about Mother Nature on your wedding day, not to worry Adventure Weddings has you covered. This was the second marriage for both of us, so we spent the day at Las Caletas with our 3 teenage children preparing for the wedding. The staff at Las Caletas were wonderful and treated us all so well. We had a great day as a family on the beach and up at the bridal suite. Our coordinator Jessica was simply amazing! With the rainy day it was, she was so reassuring that everything is going to be ok...and it was! Pablo and Fernanda treated our family and friends to an amazing boat ride out to Las Caletas. They had nothing but great things to say. We still hear our guests talk about the amazing feeling when they arrived and the walk to the ceremony, it was nothing they had ever experienced before in their lives.    The rain stopped just long enough for the ceremony, thanks in part to Rafael and the sacrifice we made to the Mezcal Gods! ;) ;)   It was everything we imagined it could be. Jessica...you are amazing and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   The meal was absolutely stunning! Our family and friends were stuffed to the brim. The flowers were stunning and the decorations brought out such a beautiful setting for the day. The photographer Cris was great and did everything possible to catch the greatest photos of our day.   DJ Rafael...I can't say much other than PERFECT! We told him what kind of crowd we were going to have and that night, every one of our guests were on the beach dance floor, dancing in the rain, non-stop for the whole night. The bar staff were always on the move ensuring every guest had a full drink on the dance floor. I think they had just as much fun as us! DJ Rafael played tunes like he could see inside of the souls of each guest and played for each of them. Our final song, "Don't Stop Believin", your words to all the guests before the song played brought out a passion and love in them like no other moment in time.     Whether this is your first marriage, second or third...Las Caletas is a place of beauty and wonder that you will never forget. The staff at Adventure Weddings are Absolutely Amazing and treat you like a King and Queen. If you want an experience for you and your friends and family look no further than Adventure Weddings and Las Caletas...it was a dream come true! See you on November 10, 2039 for our 25th anniversary! Thank you Las Caletas! :)   Phil & Tina Rowe 
Pros: Private gorgeous location,easy to plan, amazing wedding coordinators,beautiful flowers and settings-great food!
Cons: I wish the ceremony started earlier in the day so we would have had more sunlight for photos and more time to dance and enjoy the beach
My husband and I were married Nov.3rd in Puerto Vallarta at Las Caletas! I chose Adventure Weddings because I wanted a more private secluded wedding. After witnessing a few weddings at my resort I was happy I did so...people walking past drunk in swimming suits etc.   I have been planning my Las Caletas wedding for a year now. I have been speaking with Dennise back and forth and Jessica who later took over the planning since Dennise went on Mat leave. Jessica was wonderful! She was quite fast with responses on any questions I had. Any changes made she would automatically send me my updated contract to go over. I would send her detailed info on how I wanted things to look,colors,flowers etc. and everything turned out just as I imagined.   The day before we did the walk through...Las Caletas feels like your on a private tropical island and you are kind of! The bridal suite was a little bit of a trek up a few flights of cobble stone stairs. I made sure to tell my guests and wedding party to avoid heels and have comfortable sandals or shoes.   The morning of the wedding my girls and I headed to the bridal suite with another tour group that uses Las Caletas during the day. the other people have lunch and snorkel etc. We never really saw anyone since we were in our Bridal suite most of the day-(did go for a dip in the warm water) complete with a bed,shower,outside dining table,hammock,Jacuzzi tub surrounded by lush tropical plants. When we arrived they had champagne fruit and fresh tacos waiting for us. The waitor would hike up all those stairs various times during the day to deliver anything we wanted. We made sure to tip him well. I paid for my girls,mother and mother in law to have massages for a half hour which was located next to our private casa. The girls loved it as did I! Amazing treat for the day. I made sure I tipped the girls as well. I read a few other reviews on the massages and was told to inform the girls that you did not want oil in your hair line-they covered our hair with towels and all was well!    Humidity & Sunset One thing to really research when you get married in a destination is the humidity index...Our rain in P.V. stayed a little longer so on the wedding it was very humid (no rain though! woohoo). My hair fell directly after the ceremony it was wet from the moisture. Also... research what time sunset is. I wish our wedding would have started at 3pm instead of 6pm we only had about a half hour of daylight after our ceremony for photos...We ended up getting everyone dressed up at our resort a few days after and doing photos there. (Belcero beautiful resort not the best food)   The wedding night flew by so fast. Jessica was always on point following a set time line to ensure everything was on point. I do wish I would have paid the extra money to have an extra hour or two at las Caletas. I felt like I hardly had time to dance. But that is all weddings! your busy running around talking to people,cutting cake,first dance etc. Many of my guests said it felt like the perfect amount of time.    A few add ons that I really loved and my guests were beyond happy about!   Smores! I am from Alberta,Canada...so this was a huge hit on the beach!   The Fire Dancers! This was sooo worth the money...I think it was around 300$ without drums (which was fine, they bring their own music) Everyone was really excited about this and made for some really cool videos! They dance around you...I was scared my hair was going to catch on fire lol good thing it was so wet from the humidity!    Massages for the girls! I think I paid about 40$ per girl for a half hour massage and they loved it...as did I! They deserve it spending money to come down for my wedding...I wanted to really treat them and make their day special.   A few things I did to save myself money & add a special touch!   Also note:on the inspection day before the wedding that is when you will bring your favors or any extras such as guest book, I kept mine in a vacuum seal bag. On the day of the wedding Jessica asked me what to put on the chalk boards-how to set up the tables and favors and did everything for me so I did not have to worry on the day of.   Disposable Cameras!  I bought 5 and put them on different tables and told my guests to take photos through out the night. Something fun for us to develop later! I'm going to be using most of them for our Wedding Scrapbook.   Scrapbook Paper & chalk boards! I was trying to think of a way for my guests to write a little love note for us...that was easy to travel with and light. I only had 40 guests so I thought bringing an entire book to sign did not make sense...I saw post card ideas...but thought what am I going to do with 40 post cards? I decided I was going to make a wedding scrapbook instead of a photo album. I brought down a few sheets of nice paper and a couple pens! Easy peezy and still felt romantic. The chalk boards said "Share some Love! for our scrapbook!"   Wedding Favors aka the Hangover kits! My mother and sister in law are super creative and helped me make little burlap sac bags...the burlap bags at Michaels or other craft stores can go from 4-12$ a bag...In my hangover kits I included a beer koozie (ordered from etsy) that said "Steve & Chelsea Puerto Vallarta Nov. 3 2014" I stuffed them with dental floss,tylonal,chapstick,emergen-C drink powder, a condom and alka seltzer. Was a good laugh and most of my friends used them lol.   Makeup & Hair I'm a professional makeup artist as was my MOH, and one bridesmaid of mine is a professional hair stylist...We opted to do our own hair and makeup. Your in Mexico! Not like you need a ton anyways...fake lashes, setting spray and some bronzer. I think we saved about 5 or 600$ doing our own hair and makeup.   Photographer I am so blessed to have such a creative group of friends. One of Steve's groomsman is a professional photographer so he video taped and took photos as a gift to us that evening and the day after at the resort. I also asked guests to take videos and photos during the ceremony and night...So far everything looks amazing! We have tons of pics from different angles etc. it worked. And the resort photos are unreal! Belcero has so many gorgeous flowers all around the gardens are just stunning! If you have the money to dish out 2 grande on a photographer make sure you research and read tons of reviews but go for it! Than all your groomsman can relax and you don't need to worry about anything.   Music We opted to have our ipod. I set our playlists for everything-cocktail hour,dinner,first dance etc. worked great. They supply you with an MC for the evening to announce the dances,dinner and introductions as well as speeches. My cousin also brought his guitar and they set him up with a microphone so he could play guitar while we walked down the isle. Walked down to an acoustic cover of Led Zeppelin "Going to California."     The day of the wedding the boys and guests went to the maritime terminal in town and took a private boat to Las Caletas-they had an open bar, our ipod plugged in for music.They said it was amazing...apparently there were dolphins chasing the boat for quite a ways. Wish I would have seen that :(    Dinner was amazing! Everyone would not stop about the food! The staff was amazing as well! All in all it was a perfect day. I wish it would have lasted longer! I would highly reccomend Las Caletas to everyone!   After all my add ons like flowers,tiki torches etc my wedding was around 9 grande. If we would have stayed home to have our wedding we would have spent much more since we would have had around 200 guests. I would do it again!    If you have any questions about my wedding or the planning aspect- feel free to email me at chauncy_007@hotmail.com 

By smashley8045, · 1 Comment

Pros: Beautiful setting, great food, amazing service!
So I have always dreamed of getting married on the beach and my husband wanted to get married in Mexico because that is where his parents were married.  When we first starting looking at different resorts in PV, I actually was sad about getting married in Mexico.  I didn't get the happiness feeling I wanted about planning my wedding and all the fun that goes into it.  We were looking for venues in December for a June wedding and during this time they had the worst rain storms ever for that time of year.  My soon to be sister-in law told me about adventure weddings so we gave them a call.  Blanca came all the way out to their house in the horrible rain storm just to meet with us and show us the slide show.  The pictures were so beautiful and her energy was what I was looking for.  She sold me right then on Adventure weddings.     The planning was fun and easy.  I would send her pictures of the bouquets I wanted, the colors I wanted etc.  The DJ they offered was great and sent us a VERY long list of songs to choose from for the whole day.  It was fun and actually felt like I was a part of it even though I wasn't actually there.  They included everything so it is very easy and stress free.  I brought little extras like ribbon to wrap on the candle votives, picture frames to set out by the cake table, etc.  On the day of they set out everything for me and I didn't have to worry about a thing.   A few days before our wedding we got to take a boat over to see the venue, the bridal suite and talk with the DJ.  Blanca also showed us the linens and discussed how the day would go.  Then we got to enjoy the day activities and relax.  We were so happy about everything.   On our wedding day we headed over about 8am.  We got to snorkel and SUP before heading up to the bridal suite to get ready. What bride gets to swim and snorkel on their wedding day??  I am a HUGE ocean lover so this was perfect for me!  It was relaxing and fun.  It was a fun time to spend with my mom and girls.  We headed up to the suite for lunch and showers and then the hair and make up people arrived.  They have some couches and a bed in the suite so you can relax, and take a quick nap if you want before getting ready.  We had the groom and groomsmen come over earlier than the guests so we could take pictures.  This worked out well because they arrived about 3pm and I was able to get first look pictures as well as pictures with my dad.   The only thing that stressed me out that day was the makeup person.  I am not sure he fully understood what I wanted and I wasn't 100% happy with how my makeup turned out.  I was told he was going to use airbrush makeup, which I was happy about since it is so humid in June, but in the end he never did and put what felt like concealer all over my face.  It was rub off my nose every time I would kiss my husband that day so I have a few pictures where my nose is red.    The wedding was perfect, almost like a scene in a movie.  We had the ceremony, dinner and then we started dancing. The food was amazing, I wish I had time to actually eat more but we were talking with all of our guests.  I heard from so many that there were so many choices and everything was so good. We wanted to do the sky lanterns as our send off before leaving the island but about 830pm we could tell it was going to rain so we decided to do them right then.  The staff had the lanterns ready for everyone right away.  About 30 minutes later, the rain came.  It was a down pour and everyone embraced the rain and we stayed dancing on the dance floor for about an hour.  It was so fun.  I still think about it and wish we could re-live it again.    I highly recommend Adventure Weddings and Blanca!!! 

By amgm5517, · 1 Comment

Pros: Everything
Cons: None
Our wedding experience at Caletas working with Adventure Weddings was truly amazing and exceeded all of our expectations. Our wedding was September 13, 2014 and It is really hard to put into words how memorable and beautiful the wedding truly was.    The positives and highlights:   Our Wedding Coordinator Fernanda. I communicated primarily by email and she was accessible by phone as needed. She was always timely and responsive to our requests and questions which made planning very easy and not stressful. She went above and beyond. The Boat trip was a really a good start and preparation for a wonderful day. The Suite prepared for us was exquisite , Champagne and Taquitos marvelous. All activities including coco loco, snorkel, overall day with our new blended family was outstanding. The ceremony leaded by Chui was truly spiritual and intense. The Show was unbelieved Top Notch , dinner and cake very well prepare - but the best was the overall sense of service and best wished to us of the entire team put together this activity for us - Thank very much from the bottom of our hearts - Adrian & Teresa Gonzalez   

By Bahar, · 1 Comment

Pros: Everything
Cons: None
The Most amazing night! By far it past my expectation. Blanca and her team are fantastic. I'm very fortunate to work with Blanca. Everything was super organized any question we had was responded the same day with no delay.
We had 100 guest and they were able to manage and coordinate everything in the best possible way.
Feed back from our guest, best wedding ever! :)

Blanca and las caletas team thank you for creating such a wonderful time for us.
Pros: Every. Single. Thing.
Cons: That we didn't get the videographer so we could watch over and over again...
I don’t know where to begin this review.  We just got married this past Saturday, March 15, 2014.    Blanca, Blanca, Blanca!   I am an event planner myself – I do high-end events all over the world and have super high expectations when it comes to events.  When researching a destination wedding in Mexico I started to go the private villa route until my sister found Las Caletas.  To be completely honest, I was a bit skeptical going with something that had “Adventures” in their title for my wedding.  I was worried about my wedding being cheesy.  As I did a TON of research, all reviews, and I mean ALL, were over-the-top positive.  I went ahead and nervously booked it, site unseen.  Blanca was assigned to me as my wedding coordinator and from there we started our long distance relationship J .  Best decision ever... I was VERY particular about everything from how many glasses at each place setting to the cake to where the menus were placed at each setting.  I would say I was definitely a high-maintenance bride. It was hard for me to hand off control when I’m so used to being on the other side planning. Blanca EXCEEDED my expectation in every way, shape, form.  A lot of Las Caletas reviews start with “I can’t begin to tell you” or “I can’t describe how gorgeous”…let me tell you how true that it.  Blanca nailed every SINGLE thing flawlessly.  When I walked down to the site (before everyone got there) to see what she had done with my vision, I cried.  It was the most magical space I have ever seen.  Everyone said the same thing “I wouldn’t be able to describe this to anyone – it’s the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to in my life”. The entire day in incredible – it’s so relaxing, you literally don’t lift a finger.  Blanca makes everything look so easy – always being so calm with a million things going on around her.  She is so professional and wants to make sure your day is absolutely perfect.  I can’t begin to say enough about her.   The staff – where do I begin – they are the most gracious, polite, go above and beyond staff you will EVER work with.  Anything you need, it’s there.  Immediately.  Guests couldn’t believe it.  We needed a wheelchair last minute, done.  They saw your glass empty, it was filled.  You needed a special plate for a guest with allergies (that I forget to mention) it was out in 10 minutes max.  They were all so sweet – I want to thank every single person for their hard work…incredible.  The woman lighting and re-lighting hundreds and hundreds of candles  all night, always making sure they were perfect - thank you!  You made it look spectacular all evening long!   The food - I usually really dislike buffets - especially for a wedding.  This buffet is FIRST CLASS - it was incredible, they had it set up in 2 spots so no one ever had to wait for anything.  People said it was the best food they had in Mexico all week long!  There was something for everyone.   Our cake - I cut out a picture in a magazine - it was EXACTLY spot on gorgeous - thank you to the baker!  Guests said it was the best wedding cake they've ever tasted - some saying "I don't even usually eat wedding cake, I ate the whole thing".   The DJ – RAFAEL – I always get nervous with the music – it can make or break a wedding.  I’m SO glad I went with the Las Caletas DJ, you can’t get any better – no way.  So don’t even bother with bringing your own – Rafael knows the sound system, the lighting system and he’s seriously the best.   He has the best read on the crowd and played EVERYTHING we wanted.   The boat ride back - I laugh when I even think about how much fun that was!  Walking to  the boat from the site - was gorgeous - the ocean is lit up under the boat and makes for a spectacular site!   I could go on and on and on!  I just had to write this to let everyone out there know – if you’re looking for the best destination wedding in the world (I’ve done events at Four Seasons Bora Bora, Hawaii, Costa Rica) – this topped them all.  Don’t look any further and book this now J .  You will have the most stress-free, budget friendly, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind wedding that will blow anything you picture...out of the water.   Thank you to all at Las Caletas, especially Blanca Ramirez – you made it a night that we, nor our guests, will never forget!   Salud!   -Steph & Paul
Hi Everyone,   I got married on November 18th, 2013 at Las Caletas which was absolutely breath taking. My experience from start to finish was amazing!! Dennise, my wedding coordinator, couldn’t have been more organized. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. My wedding was perfect to every little detail. Thank you Dennise and everyone else who helped pull everything together. The girls, my mother and I started off the day by taking a private boat to the island so we didn’t have to get up so early. When I got to the island I wish we had gone on the earlier boat as there was much beauty to take in. I was truly blown away!!  We had champagne and soft tacos waiting for us in the bridal suite. They thought of everything. The suite was fully equipped including showers and steamer for the dresses.   Before the ceremony the boys got ready in a separate area. They were treated to tequila shots to help calm everyone’s nerves! The ceremony was gorgeous. The scenery will just take your breath away as your walking down the aisle. The minister was great; I got a lot of compliments on his vows. My mother arranged to have the parrot fly in our rings. She didn’t let anyone know. It was so cool, just another special touch to the day.   We did our photos before and after the ceremony to ensure we had enough light, the sun sets fairly early at that time of year.  We had Eder do our photos. He is amazing and truly an artist. We were very happy with him. My photo disc showed up according to schedule which made me very happy.   The food was delicious. There was a great variety and plenty to go around.  Dennise kept everything running smoothly. She made sure we were in the right spot at the right time. She was amazing and so calm.  We couldn’t have gotten through it without her.   Also, I should mention the catamaran ride there and back. Everyone who came on the catamaran had a great time. They got the party started by serving drinks and playing great music. We danced the whole way home at the end of the night as well. I could go on and on as words can’t even begin to describe the great experience we all got to be a part of. I will recommend Las Caletas to everyone, there was nothing but great service and great staff. J   Thanks again!! Chase & Jaylene Atkinson

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Pros: Dennise, Dennise, Dennise!! Food, Location -- Everything, basically!
Cons: None
As usual -- I'm late writing this review... about 3 months late... but alas, here we go.

Words can not describe how absolutely perfect our wedding was. Everything from the communication with Dennise months before the wedding to the boat ride back from Las Caletas -- it was completely flawless. Also -- not that this matters in general but for any other same sex couples wondering if this place is gay friendly -- ABSOLUTELY! We are a same sex couple and not once did we feel different or like this was an "alternative" wedding.

I'll begin with our wedding coordinator. Dennise was wonderful to work with. She was incredibly accommodating and very helpful. She answered all of our questions in a very timely fashion and went above and beyond to make sure we had the wedding of our dreams. We had a few decor ideas (center pieces etc) that ended up falling through and Dennise not only found a solution, but legit, made it better than what we originally envisioned. She met with us a couple of days before the wedding at our resort and was so warm and friendly -- felt like I was just chatting with a friend. She brought us a list of things to bring as well as a very detailed timeline for the wedding day. We brought a bunch of stuff that needed to be set up like favors, picture frames, bird cages, polaroid camera station and guest book and Dennise took everything with her that same day which made the day of the wedding much easier for us, transportation wise.

The wedding day went so incredibly smoothly... My wife and I aren't very traditional so we wanted to get ready together. In total there were 5 of us that went to Las Caletas that morning. I was lucky enough to have a cousin who does hair and make-up so I can't speak to the services offered there. We took a cab to the marina and then a boat ride over to Las Caletas. For some reason, I always figured the boat ride would be just the wedding people and our coordinator but it was on a Vallarta Adventures boat/catamaran with other tourists. They had coffee, juice, fruit and pastries on the boat ride there as well as entertainment. It was a lot of fun and we got to see a few dolphins swimming alongside the boat!

The hike up to the bridal suite wasn't as bad as I had read but it is a bit of a hike. We were going to go back down to snorkel and swim a bit but we were greeted with a breakfast taco station and mimosas and one thing led to another and instead we ended up relaxing by the hot tub and having a few cocktails, don't judge us! :)Like I said before, my cousin did our hair and make-up so we put on some music, had some drinks and took all morning to calmly get ready. The staff was so incredibly nice and attentive. They kept checking in to make sure we were all good.

We had our own photographer, one of my cousins is a photography student and she wanted to photograph the wedding for us as her gift. We took a few pictures before the ceremony and were hoping to take more wedding party pictures during the cocktail hour. Unfortunately, since we had a fairly large wedding (80ish people), everyone wanted a picture with us during cocktail hour. I think that if we had gone with their photographer things may have been a bit more organized but it turned out fine... Since we did have our own photographer who traveled with us, we were able to do a trash the dress shoot at the beach the next day and took more bridal party pictures.

We had Chuy, the minister for Las Caletas do the ceremony. He was so wonderful and open to any suggestions. A cousin of mine who is a pastor wanted to do a reading and Chuy was so great about last minute changes to the ceremony. He came up and introduced himself while we were getting ready and he made us feel very comfortable.

When it was finally time for the ceremony we came down from the suite and Dennise had everyone lined up and ready to go... the rest of the night went by in a blur. It was so incredibly perfect. The decorations were more beautiful than we could have imagined. The food was UNBELIEVABLY good. Everyone raved about the food. The cake was delicious. We ended up using their DJ and he knew exactly what to play in order to get the dance floor packed. Honestly, words can't describe how perfect it all went. And just how beautiful everything was. The sunset, the candles, the ocean, friends and family. Cliche to say, I know, but legit -- most beautiful and perfect day of our lives.

We decided to do the lantern ceremony and it was wonderful. All of our guests were in awe and so excited to participate. We danced and drank and had the best time ever and right when we thought the party was ending - Boom! Open bar and DJ on the boat ride back. I won't lie, I was a bit tipsy and worried that we'd forget something but the staff and Dennise had everything packed and ready to go.

It's been a few months and still friends and family are raving about it. Honestly, I would recommend Las Caletas to anyone who's planning a destination wedding. Here are a few pictures -- and seriously, they don't do it justice.
[sharedmedia=gallery:images:73430] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:73429] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:73428] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:73427] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:73426] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:73425]

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Pros: attentive staff, gorgeous setting, pretty much everything...
Cons: NONE - not a single complaint
Our wedding at Las Caletas was, by far, the most amazing day of my life! I don’t have a single thing to complain about. The staff is unbelievable… so nice, accommodating and all around amazing. Dennise was our WC and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more attentive coordinator! We had our wedding date set at least a year and half in advance and she was more than happy to answer any random questions I came up with along the way. We communicated through email and she always got back to me within a reasonable amount of time. As far as what I pictured for our wedding, I was never told that something wasn’t do-able. Dennise went above and beyond to make the picture I had in my head a reality.

The morning of my wedding day, it was overcast and there was a slight drizzle. Nothing too concerning, but it the 5 years that I had been going to Puerto Vallarta in November, I had never seen it rain! I was just hoping that the sun would make an appearance in time for the ceremony. My wish came true, and by afternoon it had stopped drizzling and there was an amazing sunset!

I went over to LC in the morning with my mom and sister-in-law. The boat staff was great! They took care of my dress and our bags so we didn’t have to worry about them. Once we got to LC, they carried all of our stuff up to the bridal casita for us. It was quite a hike, so not having to worry about our belongings was nice. We spent the day resting in the casita and enjoyed welcome champagne, fruit and tacos. Lunch was delicious!

After lunch, it was time for hair and makeup. I brought pictures of what I had in mind for both hair and makeup. I loved the end result! My mom also did hair and makeup and all the guests kept raving how great she looked. He did an amazing job!

My now husband, came over to LC with my brother, a few friends and our photographers around 2pm. They met in La Boca and took a speed boat before the guests arrived so we could do pictures before the ceremony. Huge shout-out to Photoshoots Vallarta!!! Evgenia and Stephanie did an AMAZING job! I have looked at our pictures a hundred times! I highly recommend them!

The ceremony/reception was gorgeous and exactly what I pictured! There were candles everywhere and it was the most beautiful and romantic setting I have ever seen! Dennise added a few touches here and there and she did an amazing job! She truly has a great eye for detail! She was on top of everything and made sure we flowed smoothly from one thing to the next.

Dinner was so good! My husband and I ate so much that we didn’t even make it to the dessert table. But all of our guests said the desserts were amazing as well! The staff was so attentive, we never had an empty drink in our hands and any request we had they made sure it happened!

If you are contemplating on whether or not you should hire the fire dancers, let me make that decision for you… DO IT!!!!!! It was one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had! Throughout the year long planning process, my now husband kept telling me not to get the fire dancers. It would be a waste of money and why do we need to see a guy come out and twirl some fire? After the show, he turned to me and gave me the first “you were right” of our marriage! His exact words, “you should have told me they were Ninjas with fire!”

At the end of the night, Dennise and the staff had all of our stuff brought down from the bridal casita and ready to go. The boat ride back to PV was a continuation of the party. They had music going and were still serving drinks.

This really was the best night of my life! I can’t imagine it happening any other way and my husband and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Thank you so, so much to everyone that was involved in making this night happen! We can’t wait to come back to Las Caletas and revisit this magical experience!

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Pros: Blanca and the rest of the staff, Location and Ambiance.
I will write a review on the beauty of Las Caletas, but I need to first give it up to the staff who made our wedding dreams come true. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. We were married November 16th which we now refer to as "the best day of our lives." :) The staff at Las Caletas, especially our WC Blanca, is responsible for that. Let me start by saying that I am a VERY detail-oriented and a bit of a control freak. ;) I started planning our wedding almost 2 years out and through out the entire process, Blanca answered every email quickly and kindly. She addressed every concern we had and made every crazy request for our dream wedding possible. When I say I could not have planned this wedding without her, it is an understatement. While I was busy planning things at home, she was the one responsible for putting it all together in Mexico. Girls, she was my rock. If you have any fears of planning a wedding abroad because you feel a lack of control or feel that you will have to sacrifice some of the details, have your wedding at Las Caletas and work with Blanca. I'm serious.

It POURED the morning of our wedding. IN NOVEMBER!!! with 1/2 rainy day on record for the month!!!!! It was down pouring when I woke up. I called Blanca at 6 am on her cell to see what the plans were for the boat ride over in such terrible weather. SHE ANSWERED! AT 6AM! She assured me it would be fine and we would board the boat as usual. Needless to say, I was still freaking out when my sisters, my mom and I boarded the boat alone in a storm. All tours were cancelled due to weather. We sat on the lower deck of the boat with the flaps down while I hyperventilated and prayed for the sun to come out.

Long story short, the weather slowly improved and the sun was out before my future husband and our guests boarded the boat. :) Wedding miracle. Moving on...because of the weather, I was a mess in the morning...forgetting things like my sandals and a special locket my mom gave me for my bouquet. Blanca called my fiancé and he had them for the ceremony. The makeup artist forgot eyelash glue and Blanca had some. My mom has arthritis and had trouble climbing the steep stairs to the casita and Blanca had a staff member sweetly help my mom make the trip. And this is before the wedding! LOL

EVERY SINGLE DETAIL was done beautifully and EXACTLY like I would have done it myself. Every request, from a specialty horchata cocktail and plain cheese quesadillas at cocktail hour, sparklers during our first dance and homemade churros as we boarded the boat, Blanca made it all happen. She went above and beyond--We didn't pay for petals on the ceremony aisle, but they were there. All of our bags were organized and brought down for us at the end of the night so we didn't forget anything. Blanca packed up all of our decorations and had them ready to go. Blanca kept the night flowing perfectly without a hitch. Every time I went over to check when something was supposed to happen, she was one step ahead of me. I had nothing to worry about and I always worry. I didn't have to take care of anything. I just spent the night dancing and having fun with my guests. Blanca, if you are reading this...I cannot begin to thank you for everything. You were incredible. It was such a pleasure.

The staff was also fantastic!! They brought us cold towels when we got hot on the dance floor. Our drinks were never empty and EVERYONE was SOOOOOO NICE! From the time they stand on the edge waving and welcoming your guests to the moment they are helping your intoxicated guests safely board the boat, the service is impeccable.

Our guests will not stop raving about our wedding. I just received our wedding video from Sandra (Vallarta Adventures Video) which is amazing! If you need a videographer, use Sandra. She is professional, sweet and very talented. Watching the video just reminded me of how wonderful everything really was.

Ladies, do yourself a favor. Get married at Las Caletas. You won't be sorry...in fact, you'll be the happiest you've ever been! :)

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Pros: Everything
Cons: Weather
After getting engaged we started to look around at what options there were for a wedding. We started to look in our own city, but could not find a venue that we liked. Additionally, we found it slightly unfair to my family since all them would have to fly in. We knew that ideally we wanted a beach wedding and started to look at Puerto Vallarta based off a recommendation from my mother. My now wife came across Adventure Wedding’s website and after reading several reviews and talking to our families we decided to go with them. It was definitely a unique experience since neither of us had ever been to Puerto Vallarta or had used any of Adventure’s services before, but the whole experience went wonderfully. Because I am from Mexico and speak Spanish fluently, I handled all of the communication. However, everyone that I interacted at Adventure speaks English. We set a date for Oct. 2013 back in June of 2012 and over the whole year and a half had steady interaction with Blanca, our wedding coordinator. She was fantastic, always prompt to respond my emails and easy to talk to if ever I had to call her on the phone. Given that we had so much time to prepare, and because the bulk of the decisions and choices were made on the three months before the actual event, when we actually got to PV and had our tour of Las Caletas, there were minimal details to clear up. I had some concerns about the weather, but Blanca walked me through what the contingency plan was (thankfully it did not rain). The location is beautiful; once we arrived there we knew we had made the right choice. On our wedding day, I took my then fiancée, her sister, mother and niece to the marine terminal where Blanca was waiting for them. They spent the day at the wedding suite, each got a massage, had lunch and got ready for the wedding. We used Adventure’s hairdresser and make-up artist and all the girls were really happy with how they turned out. We did test hair and makeup at home and took plenty of pictures so the hair and makeup artist knew exactly what the look that my now wife was going for. Since all my guests were staying at the same hotel, I arranged transport with Adventure to have a bus pick us up and take us to the marine terminal. The bus was exactly on time and so was the cruise coordinator. Everyone enjoyed the boat ride to Las Caletas. Blanca and her team did an amazing job of matching our wedding colors to the flowers and other decorations. The ceremony was beautiful. The photography session with Eder was great. All my guests complemented me on how delicious the dinner was. The cake was really pretty and really good (we chose chocolate). The DJ was fantastic. We also chose to have drummers/fire dancers which were a lot of fun and enjoyed by all the guests.   We are both extremely happy with how our wedding turned out. I want to point out how much care Blanca and everyone at Adventure took to make sure all the small details we asked for were taken care of and how hard they worked to make sure we enjoyed our time and not have to worry. Small things, like the DJ only playing songs we ask for or Blanca finding a babysitter (who was incredible) for my now wife’s baby niece. They made sure everything was taken care. We would highly recommend Adventure Weddings, specifically for a busy couple who does not have time to take care of the details themselves.   

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Pros: Dennise, wedding coordinator, Very Pleasant staff, delicious food, amazing photographer, awesome hair and make-up team, beautiful and unique.
Cons: Rain, humidity and heat! :( But not a Las Caleta's fault!!
We went to Las Caletas a few years ago for the Rhythms of The Night show and we fell in love.  We were not even engaged yet but we knew we wanted to get married here.  Dennise, our wedding coordinator took every detail that I gave her and made my dream wedding a reality. She was there the entire night and made sure everything was just how I wanted it.  We brought a lot of our own stuff, such as the escort cards, picture frames, scarves, etc and she had everything packed up for us and ready when the wedding was over.  The bridal suite was so unique and a great experience for me and my girls while we were getting ready.  We also got massages before we started to get our hair and make up done which really helped relax me.  The 3 men that came to do our hair and make up were very professional and did an amazing job.  I showed them a picture of how I wanted my hair and my bridesmaids hair and they were able to replicate it exactly, even adding their own unique twist with a braid in the back for my girls, it looked amazing! The photographer was so nice and funny and we really had a great time with him.  We had the groomsmen come early so we could take pictures before the guests arrived and the photographer blindfolded us before we saw each other and it made the experience of seeing my husband on the day of our marriage so romantic.  The ceremony was exactly how I always envisioned it, I could not stop crying.  We had the parrot bring us our rings and it really added a uniqueness to the whole experience and our guests were so impressed! The minister, Chuy was perfect, very pleasant and well spoken, he did an incredible job.  After our dream ceremony it was a horrible thunderstorm but we made the best of it and started our party under the covering where the tables were set up. As soon as the rain let up a little, the dance floor was set up and everyone ran to it and started dancing.  We danced ALL NIGHT!! The fire dancers were incredible and the sky lanterns were a perfect way to end the night.  We also had the smores station set up but I was too busy dancing to taste any but the guests that did said it was great! The boat ride back was an entire hour of non stop dancing.  My husband and I had the best experience of our lives, it was beyond our dreams and expectations.  I wish I could do it again and again!!!! I would probably change the month because in mid October it is supposed to be the end of the rainy season but the heat and humidity were brutal.  None of my guests seemed to mind the humidity or the rain so it did not put a damper on the mood AT ALL!!! 
Pros: Secluded! Unique! Outdoors! Beautiful!
Cons: A few guests were sea sick on the boat ride over - Dramamine recommended.
Our wedding on Las Caletas was amazing!  I cannot explain how special the experience was.  I wish I could do it again so I could experience more of it.  I never thought I would get married on a beach but I ended up having the exact wedding that I wanted - beautiful, unique, memorable and a great party.     Blanca, our wedding coordinator, was amazing, professional and capable.  She did an amazing job and was right there the whole night.  Anything I requested - she made happen - and she filled in the gaps perfectly.     Adventure Weddings know what they're doing!  Feel confident that everything will run smoothly.... it will be gorgeous... and your guests will remember this unique experience!       (Only downfall I experienced was the heat and humidity in mid October.  If I could do it over, I would probably go further into the tourism season)

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Pros: Everything was magical, from the begining to the end
Cons: None at all
We just got married on July 20, 2013 at las Caletas, it was the most perfect day.       From first thing in the morning heading to the island, as part of the early girl package, we were treated exceptional, once arriving we were taken to the bridal suite which was amazing, there was also a bottle of champagne and fruit waiting for us as well us snacks. We spent the day swimming, and getting massages. When it came time to get ready, the hair and makeup artist came in and did an amazing job with all of us, he really did an a fantastic job, and was quick. While getting ready our photographer was there taking pictures as we all were getting ready. After we were done getting ready he took all of us girls out to start taking pictures, in which he did an a amazing job with the pictures.   In the meantime, when the rest of the wedding party came over, they had their own boat and photographer, my husband said they were amazing on the boat, it was a great time. My husband’s mom is in a wheelchair, and he has no words to describe how amazing the staff was with helping his mom on and off the boat as well as how much they helped taking care of her throughout the whole wedding, it was unbelievable, he was also blown away on their arrival, upon arriving they were greeted by the staff all waving from the island when they arrived, he said it was quite the site.   I don't even know how to describe the wedding itself, it was like a fairytale. The wedding was perfect, everything went so smooth and amazing, it was the best day of our lives, which we will never forget. From walking down the aisle, the parrot bringing us our rings, our vows, the fire dancers ( they were incredible), the music, the grooms men and my husband streaking into the ocean lol, it was the most perfect day.   I was unsure of what kind of music and songs so I asked the DJ to play what he thought best and he did an amazing job, the music was the perfect dancing music for all ages. When leaving the island everything went smooth, they gathered all our stuff for us so that we would not forget it, which was much appreciated considering we all had a bit to drink, and probably would have forgotten it.   Dennise was our wedding planner, and she did an amazing job, so patient every time we changed our minds on everything and was more than helpful with all our questions, she always got back to us promptly and just did a fantastic job to make this day absolutely perfect for us, we can’t thank her enough.

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Pros: Private beach, organized and experienced wedding coordinators, beautiful location
Cons: Some stress at the end of the party when re-loading the boat
My husband and I got married at Las Caletas on May 25, 2013. It was the best experience of both of our lives. It was magical and perfect. We had such a blast and so did the rest of our 45 guests- everyone has admitted (even our wedding photographer) that it is the BEST wedding they've ever been to.   Dennise Betancourt was our wedding coordinator and she was perfect. We emailed back and forth for about 9 months before the wedding. She kept perfect track of everything I emailed her- even all of the changes I made along the way. When we went for the site inspection and we met her in person, it was like meeting a long time friend. She hugged us and made us feel so calm and welcome. She was perfectly on time for everything, and the line of events turned out to be exactly how she had said they would. There were absolutely NO surprises! Which I really appreciated on my wedding day. Everything was smooth and seamless. Dennise definitely went above and beyond with some small details like bringing coloring books and crayons, bubbles, and candy for the kids table. She also put all of the seating cards in a tray of sand which I loved. She also organized the welcome/cake/guestbook table so that it was so beautiful. I could have never done that by myself!!!    We used the DJ to run our entire event. He was so awesome! I could have never reproduced that with an iPod. And I would have hated for one of my guests to have to man the iPod at all times. The DJ used a lot of the songs I had suggested, but had remixes and a ton of other songs to add to the list as well. All of my guests were impressed with the music. The dance floor was full the entire night. We also did the extra hour which I absolutely suggest- the entire day goes by really fast!   We also had the fire Dancers. They were spectacular! I was expecting the show to be a little longer but they were still worth every penny. Everyone was so surprised. It felt like we were celebrities or royalty having such an amazing show performed for our wedding.   The service was exceptional as well. We were never without a drink. There was enough food to feed an army and so many more choices for dinner than we could have ever eaten! There was a whole dessert bar, so I definitely think doing a smaller/1 tiered cake would have been less wasteful because everyone was already stuffed from the dinner and the dessert bar and hardly ate the cake. (However, the 3-tiered cake we did was beautiful in the photos, again, another thing that Dennise organized). In the heat of the night, they had cold spa towels that the servers would pass around. They seriously think of everything at Las Caletas! Also, I was told later that as the catamaran pulled into Las Caletas at the beginning of the evening, all of the restaurant servers were waving in unison to welcome my guests! So cool!   My one complaint about Las Caletas was at the end of the night when we were ready to re-board the catamaran. Earlier in the day, just as the other reviews have said, my bridesmaids and I had gone early to Las Caletas and spent the day in the bridal casita. We had to bring quite a bit of baggage in order to get ready- we had brought all of our dresses, beach clothes, towels, shampoo, swim suits, wedding accessories like flower girl/ringbearer  baskets and pillows, all the boys clothes and accessories to steam, etc. We had a lot of stuff! Dennise had asked us to pack up our bags before we left the casita for the wedding and that she would be sure we were re-acquainted with our bags at the end of the night.   I did not know that our bags would be brought down to the beach area where we partied instead of the boat area. Let me tell you folks, it is a really long, uneven path in a wedding dress, heels, and after several tequila shots to tug along a 50lb suitcase and several tote bags of wedding memorabilia. The entire night we had been waited on hand and foot and treated like celebrities but then the music stopped and I got a harsh shove back into reality as I struggled to carry all of our things back to the boat. This was the only time of the night that I felt like I was going to cry because of unhappiness.   I was able to get a little bit of help carrying things from my bridesmaids and groom of course, but I felt bad asking my guests to help carry our stuff. We had had about 5 strong men help carry up our bags that morning, but now we were expected to do it on our own. It just wasn't fitting with how we had been spoiled the rest of the night and caught us all a little off guard. It just would have been so much better if there had been a couple Las Caletas staff with sturdy shoes carry our bags to the dock and so they were there waiting for us at the boat instead of at the beach.   When all is said and done, a little workout wasn't that big of a deal because the day was so much better than we could have ever imagined. I feel like I am leaving out so many details! But trust me, if you do your wedding at Las Caletas it will be beyond what you ever dreamt. You can imagine all of the details of your day and all of the things that can go wrong, but you can not even begin to anticipate the joy and excitement that will be behind marrying your best friend in paradise surrounded by all of your closest family and friends. Las Caletas makes it as close to stress-free as weddings can g.  It is an experience of a lifetime and you will have amazing pictures/videos to show your grandkids!   (Oh and if you do decide to do your wedding at Las Caletas, please invite me and my husband... we'd like to go back ASAP ;). Just kidding. Sort of.)

By lianne, · 2 Comments

Cons: none
Ok ladies it’s almost been two months since I’ve tied the knot so I guess its time I write my review.  All I can really say is AMAZING!!!  They surpassed my expectations big time!  We had our wedding on Sunday April 21st 2013 and this is the schedule we were given: ****NOTE: We paid to start an hour early which apparently can only be done on Sundays****   9:45 am – Early girls to check in Maritime Terminal Gate 9  (blanca will be waiting for you) 10:00 am – speed boat will depart to las caletas (7 pax) * I brought my two photographers  (http://www.photoshootsvallarta.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/photoshoots.vallarta?fref=ts   which were amazing and I def recommend) with me at this time since I was only bringing 4 girls and could bring another two ppl for free.  10:40 am – Arrival to Caletas, you will be escorted to the bridal suite to store your belongings and the day begins.. 1:00 pm – Lunch 1:00 pm - Arrival of the hair & makeup stylist  *they actually came before lunch *I used the hair & Makeup guys from Las Caletas.  There were two of them and one spoke very little English and the other spoke zero English.  I used my photographer to translate!  Myself and my bridal party had pictures of what we wanted but none of them turned out that way (but isn’t that always the way!)..however they were all beautiful.  Although, I initially didn’t like my hair at all but just went with it anyways because I didn’t care and was excited for the day.  But after everyone else said they loved it, it grew on me.  Makeup was awesome!  I rarely wear any makeup and have never worn concealer or fake eye lashes so I was a little nervous about them but it was great and I def recommend!    01:30 p.m.-- boys arrives to Boca de Tomatlan   (speed boat will be waiting for you) from your hotel is around 20m min ok * We stayed at Dreams Puerto Vallarta which I def recommend.  1:45 pm-- speed boat will depar to las caletas 2:15 pm-- arrive to las caletas 2:45 pm- Guests to be ready in the hotel Lobby.  The cruise director will be meeting them to take them to the bus. 3:00 pm Bus leave the hotel 3:45 pm – Boat to depart Maritime Terminal in Puerto Vallarta 4:45 pm – Group arrival at Las Caletas *We had  so much time between getting our hair done and the guests arriving.  So there was lots of time to relax and take pics with the girls. 5:10 pm – Wedding Ceremony 5:30 p.m. Cocktail & picture time * Groom and I did photos of just us two in the shade during cocktail hour.  We couldn’t do beach photos at this time because the sun was too harsh. 6:30 p.m. Dinner 7:20 p.m. Toast and speeches * We did wedding party photos on the beach after this because the sun was so bright right after the ceremony and apparently pics wouldn’t turn out as nice.  I think the sun only set around 8:30 pm.  7:35 p.m. Cake cutting 7:40 p.m. First Dance 7:55 p.m. Party start 9:30 (approx) fire dancers * My favorite part of the entire night (expect for getting married!) * After the fire dancers we danced a little more then launched the sky lanterns, which I brought with me. 10:15-- first call to walk to the boat 10:30 p.m. Depart from Caletas we did our bouquet and garter toss on the boat.  There is music on the boat. and everyone was having a great time on the way home.   11:30 a.m. Arrival to Puerto Vallarta   We chose to use an Ipod and not the DJ.  I had a friend stream together the music for the dance part so we just had to press play once and the music was good to go all night long.  Even though we didn’t go with the DJ Las Caletas still had someone (I think the boat director) announce everything for us (like cake cutting, dance, fire dancers, sky lanterns….).   He also was nice enough to man the ipod and play the songs during the ceremony and cocktail hour.  I initially had my brother in charge of this but he wasn’t required.  I made sure to print off a list of the music playlists to indicate when to play what (guests seating, walk down aisle, exit ceremony, cocktail hour...).   Also, I requested to have evening snacks in fear the guests would be hungry after dinner.  I didn’t get the chance to see them (because I was shacking my booty on the dance floor) but I think they were taquitos, nachos and guacamole. You can also get soup.  And this was FREE!!!!!    The entire day was absolutely AMAZING and I don’t think anything went wrong.  A lot of my guests said that it was the best wedding they have ever been to ..including their own!  I have a few friends who are getting married later this year and they all said that they couldn’t beat ours and they now wanted to do a destination wedding at Las Caletas.  Everyone was blown away and so was I!        If you have any questions feel free to send me a message!  Below are a few pics.  
    bouquet which I loved!     Set up.  I paid for the two tiki torches with flowers (15$ each) that are at the front with the chuppa but the other tiki torches without flowers along the beach were included.  Also he table is usually under the chuppa but I didn't want it in pictures so we put it to the side.     Seating chart!         Our cake.  We got the smallest one just for the "cutting of the cake".        Dance floor set up.  In this pic ypu can also see the two guest tables that we had to include outside from the covered area for the dinner.  This is because we had 78 guests.  It still worked out well and the guests at that table actually preferred it out there...specially the smokers.           Fire dancers which are a must!     Sky lanterns.  We brought these down ourselves.  If you're from Ontario Canada you can get some with no wires from London, Ontario by contacting Todd at http://www.skylanterns.com/.      

By AmyandKelly, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional staff, food, location, views, reasonable price.
Cons: None!
My wedding was a year ago this April, my husband and all of our friends still talk about it today.  I will admit, we had our reservations about getting married in Mexico, sight unseen but, Dennise and her staff made it the most amazing, elegant and unforgettable day of our lives.       The day before the wedding my husband and I took the boat to Las Caletas to do the site visit and meet with Dennise.  As we arrived at Las Caletas we knew we had made the right decision to have our day there. We walked to the site and had a few beverages while waiting for Dennise, and were absolutely blown away by how picturesque it was. We met with Dennise and went over all the final details and timeline.        We then had a few hours to kill before we returned from our trip. We weren’t informed that we would have this much time and that we could participate in any of the activities (snorkeling, kayaking or stand up paddle). My husband loves the water and will jump in with any given chance. Noe, who was our tour guide on the boat over was also always nearby to answer any questions we had and told us he could get us some shorts so my husband could snorkel.  He then went out of his way to make sure that he could snorkel, went snorkeling with him and showed him around the reef and fish.  Just one more example of how extremely helpful and generous the staff was.  We then had lunch and were able to sample the quality of what our wedding food would be like and we were very impressed and even more excited for our special day knowing how incredible it was going to be.        The day of the wedding, the girls and I went out to the site on the early boat and got settled into the bridal suite. My two nieces were there as flower girls and they got to go on the zipline tour and spend the day with us.  Some of the girls got massages while others just lounged on the beach. We had mimosas and relaxed all day.  The bridal suite was incredible as it was tucked away on the hillside with hammocks and a hot tub, snacks and beverages all day.  It was awesome to have the ability to participate in the activities during the day and know that you didn’t have to rush anywhere to get ready, just up the hill and shower and get ready with all your girls.  A friend of mine did our hair and makeup and another friend of ours was our photographer so it was nice that we had the place all to ourselves all day.        My husband took the later boat over with all of our guests, they had a little bumpier ride and some of the guests had some sea sickness so I would recommend some Dramamine or some of the motion sickness wrist bands.  Other than that everyone had a blast on the boat to the ceremony.  My husband said the reaction from the guests as they arrived at Las Caletas was incredible.  Everyone was taken back by how amazing the setting was.      The ceremony went off without a hitch, we had one of our close friends officiate since we were already legally married in the states and it made it just that much more special. It was amazing to be on the beach in such and intimate setting with only our closest friends and family.  We did all of our photos quickly after the ceremony while our guests enjoyed a cocktail hour and some hors d'oeuvres. We were able to get some incredible shots with the sun setting over Banderas Bay.       Right after our photos and before dinner, Noe came over to congratulate us and wish us well. He was working on the other side of Las Caletas for the “Rhythm of the Night” tour. It meant so much to us that he remembered us from the day before and took the extra time to come over to see us. With as many ceremonies they do there, it really made us feel like we were the only couple to have been married there.        For the reception, I can’t even tell you what we had for dinner but, I can tell you there was so much food and it was AMAZING!  While we ate and did the toasts the staff seamlessly moved all the chairs from the ceremony and set up the dance floor and bonfire.  We danced till we dropped and wrapped the party up, on the beach. We then got on the boat and the staff kept the party going with music, drinks and dancing.        It took us a couple days to realize what had happened and how amazing our day was.   We had some concerns about the “Rhythm of the Night” tour would interrupt us but we never heard them and it was like we were all alone out there.  It also amazed us how organized the entire operation was.  It seemed like at every change, the staff flipped a switch and it was done. From the ceremony, to the reception there was so much work that had to be done to switch things over and it was like we didn’t see it happen.   All of the ideas I had on flowers and decorations were put together better than I could have ever imagined. Everything was perfect!  We loved everything and would highly recommend to anyone that is thinking about doing a destination wedding to have it at Las Caletas through Adventure Weddings.          Amy Bennett                        

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Pros: Staff, Photos/Video, Service, Island, Private
Cons: Nothing!
We got married February 21, 2013.  This is goign to be tough to keep this short.  I can't begin to explain how amazing our day was.  It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about how outstanding and breath taking everything was.  For starters Blanca was absolutely outstanding. The most magical day of my entire life.    I am quite particular in what I want.  Some might wonder why we did an away wedding because I tend to be a bit controlling, but it was so nice for once to leave it up to someone else and enjoy our day.  To give everyone an idea of what my day looked like, we arrived bright and early (6 of us girls) Blanca met us on the boat and took all of our belongings (it was great not having to worry and carrying my dress and luggage everywhere) we got massages for a very reasonable price.  We then started to get ready, they had already brought up all of our suitcases with clothes etc.  We hung around in the bridal suite eating and showering etc.  We brought our own shampoo etc.  The hair and make up arrived around 1PM.  The only trouble I would say I had with our entire day was my MIL/Bridesmaids hair.  The woman helping didnt speak much english so I think communication was lacking when the girls explained what the wanted.  It was about 50/50 split with who loved their hair and make up.  I found he should have explained slightly more clear to the Mothers that he was putting false eyelashes etc. because they were a bit caught off guard when all was finished.  I was quite happy with my hair in makeup with some slight direction that I gave him.  In the end we all looked AMAZING and beautiful.    Eder was our photographer, FANTASTIC, I would absolutely reccomend him to anyone. The photo's were breathtaking, like absolutely amazing.  We got him to come around 3 and take our wedding group pictures before the wedding as the sun went down quickly right after ceremony. I am very glad we did this as it allowed us to not rush between the ceremony and dinner.  Eder is such an amazing artist.  I would highly reccomend doing the "Trash The Dress Shoot" we did it the day after all of our guests left. It was SO much fun and we got amazing pictures some of my favourites.  I can't tell you enough how amazing Eder was, friendly, artistic, fantastic.  When we got our pictures we were jumping off the roof with excitement and everything we had hoped for came true in the pictures and more!    Another thing I would highly reccomend is getting the videographer, she was amazing.  This day goes so fast girls, everyone tells you but its hard to really comprehend until you lay down in bed that night.  Everything was somewhat of a blur, it all went so smoothly and fabulously but by the end you sort of forget certain things that happened.  The video was literally like a movie, everyone that we have showed it to says its just like a movie, she did an amazing job editing and making a great long video with everything included.  The photographers nad video people do a great job of blending in, no body realized we got a videographer even! When we got out wedding video a couple months later, we watched it and cried with excitement, it was such a beautiful reminder and had so much included it was the closest we could come to reliving this amazing day.    Back to my day, we got pictures before with the groomsmen etc.  We then got ready for the ceremony, I cant explain how every little detail i asked for was included, I literally didnt have to stress about anything, everything was done every detail on the chairs, my flowers were breathtaking. All the decor and flowers were gorgeous.  I kept mine at the hotel for 5 days after in a vase!! I would HIGHLY reccomend  the parrot to bring the rings, it was such an amazing sight and surprise for everyone.  It was expensive but worth every penny, I have friends of friends that have mentioned this to me as huge highlight of the day. Blanca did a great job the entire night being quiet and subtle but keeping everything on time and organized. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.  The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous.  I cant tell you how many weddings we watched while staying at Dreams Villa Magna, not to be arrogant, but our wedding was literally 100000000 times better in so many ways. There was no one watching in their bathing suits, the ceremony was right on the beach in a secluded private area.  We have 73 guests attend our wedding (so a ton!!) and Literally everyone gave us heck as now all of their daughters would expect this spectacular of a wedding.  This place was just magical.  We finished our ceremony and everyone has some light snacks that the servers walked around with.  The service was absolutely outstanding, people with children got waited on great all night even while being tucked in the corner with sleeping babies!  The dinner is fabulous, we dream about the dinner still, they are willing to do almost anything you ask for.  The dinner was literally the best meal we have had in Mexico, and probably one of the top 3 in our entire life! Everyone was able to get served well with plenty of drinks and food.  After we finished dinner we had speeches, the videographer got hese all on tape.  It was so beautiful with the waves in the background. Once the dinner was over we headed out for the cake cutting.  Our cake was far more amazing than I had expected.  Gorgeous, the exact color I asked for.  Just a warning the cake is delicious and the icing is too, but it died out teeth, hehe, it was not a problem but definitely glad we didnt moosh it in each others face! Our teeth vert teal but it was fun!    Now the party was begging, we had the first dance etc, fire dancers around 9:30pm.  We had such a fun time, then the next surprise came FIRE DANCERS!! It was another MUST.  It was so much fun and everyones faces were priceless.  This is obviously one of the only types of weddings this is perfect for.  Such a great idea!! Then we started the party on the dance floor. the DJ was fabulous all day (form ceremony until the docking).  He played great music, it was another thing people talked about what that the music was perfect, I am not a dancer by any means (I hate it actually!) I spent literally the entire night on the dance floor, it was packed all night. We had our garter toss, bouquet toss etc. Blanca later kindly reminded us of our Sky Lanterns, I got custom ones made and brought them down.  This was another highlight that I can say is one of those things that will stick with everyone for a lifetime.  It was so magical with the music and everyone letting them go up in the air. Breathtaking sight. Then it was ready to pack up. Another important thing is we paid for the extra hour. It was worth it, we wouldnt have been able to fit everything in without it.  Even with it time flew, we were sad when it was time to leave because I am sure we could have spent another 2 hours dancing.     I am not sure if I am forgetting anything, like I told you, this day becomes a blur with how exciting and magical it is.  I think I got most of the information in there. Again, the service is outstanding. I can't stress how everyone should have this wedding, we are already talking about how excited we are for someone else to get married there or to do a vow renewal some day.  This was the most magical day and I can guarantee you, if you do a "resort beach wedding" you will definitely not get this type of memory.  Blanca and her team were amazing.  The service was outstanding. I might sound emotional writing this review its because I am haha. I am usually not a dramatic person but Las Caletas was my perfect wedding and I truly feel others should feel as great about their wedding as we do. This team is amazing, not many places offer this kind of memory for us and all of our guests. Months later I still have guests call and thanking us for how amazing this wedding was and why we should do it all over again.  I heard several times that it felt like it was out of a movie and magical.  Please have your wedding here, you will not be disappointed.    To Sum It Up: It is well worth every penny, id pay it over and over if I had to.  Get the top photo package Get the Videographer Get Fire Dancers Get The Parrot  Get The Extra Time Send Blanca Images (I found it was the easiest way to explain what I wanted) dont panic if it takes a few weeks to get back to you she is so busy working hard on every brides wedding.   Go To Las Caletas it was not even comparable to any other away wedding we have been to.   Outstanding Service Magical Day!!!      Thank you Blanca and team!!!! We loved our wedding and cant wait to come back for a renewal.....you might have to expect 73 guests as everyone wants to come back with us haha! Best day of our life.  

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Pros: Staff, gorgeous surroundings, unique, intimate,
Cons: None
Our wedding at Las Caletas was a little over a week ago on April 22, 2013 and it was truly the most perfect day ever. My husband and I visit Nuevo Vallarta about twice a year and when we were engaged in December 2011 there was no question that we would have our wedding at Las Calestas. Everything about our wedding day was just perfect, the staff there is amazing, Dennise was our wedding coordinator and she did a fablous job. It was better than I had dreamed it would be. My friends and family are still talking about what a wonderful expereince and how unique and unforgettable our wedding was. I have nothing but the highest praise for Vallarta Weddings and would recommend it to anyone wanting to do a destination wedding.

By Halley-Jalea, · 0 Comments

Pros: Staff service, wedding planner, organization, place-view, food, unique, patiente.
Cons: The sea, which really isn't Vallarta Adventures' fault. We had BIG sea-waves getting there.
My husband and myself were really anxious to start our lives together, with the help of our wedding coordinator Blanca, we made our dream happen in less than 6 months. Being stress-free on our special day, we had over 50 people, family and friends, come up to us and thanks us for such a magical moment and for making them part of it. With a special way to start the event; a boat ride, to an awesome welcoming with a great view, followed by an emotional ceremony, an incredible and simply amazing/delicious dinner accompanied by beautiful extras (music, sky latterns, fire dancers, fire on the beach, friends toasts, and much more) we accomplished making the most significant day of our lives into one of the most special day of our guests. Thanks to Vallarta Adventures, Chino & Jalea had a -surreal wedding-. : )
Sam and Brianne

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Our wedding exceeded all of our expectations.  Our wedding coordinator, Dennise, made it so easy and no stress!  She was extremely helpful through the whole process and helped answer any and all questions that we had.  The photographer, Eder, was fun and very thorough through the entire day. Our guests had an amazing time as well, we are still getting emails, texts and calls thanking us for a beautiful time and vacation. Hats off to the entire company, Vallarta Adventures, for making our day more special and magical than we could ever imagine.  Thank you everyone! Best wedding ever! 
Rhea and Adam

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Pros: Beautiful, Fun, Smooth, Memories to Last a lifetime!
Our wedding was amazing!  Dennise, Blanca and the rest of the staff exceeded our expectations and dreams by a thousand...   From the moment my bridesmaids and I stepped on the boat we felt well taken care of and excited to be starting the day!  The bridal suite was absolutely beautiful and felt like we were getting ready in paradise.    We had a group of 70.  The ceremony was beautiful and went perfectly.  My husband and I wrote our own vows and everyone there said that it was one the most beautiful and memorable ceremonies they had ever witnessed.  The food was fantastic!  Being from San Francisco, we are a little picky when it comes to food and this far exceeded our expectations.  The DJ was fantastic as well, as some other people have mentioned the dance floor was packed from the moment he started playing until we got off the boat.  (it was even hard to get some people to leave) :)  The fire dancers and fireworks were a total hit!   All in all, Las Caletas is a truly magical place and Dennise and the rest of the staff make sure that you and your guests feel that way.  Surrounded by the beauty of the ocean, the sand, the tropical plants and flowers and all of our loved ones my husband and I can honestly say that there is no other place in the world we would have wanted to get hitched.     The next day as we said goodbye to our guests, the overwhelming theme of their comments were "That was the best wedding I have ever been to!"  "How am I ever going to top that!"  and "Thank you for giving us memories to last a lifetime!"  I know that I owe those compliments and comments to Dennise, Blanca, Eder and team!   Thank you for giving us the wedding of our dreams!