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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Adventure Weddings is Mexico's leading destination wedding company. Our exclusive location of Las Caletas provides the perfect mix of ocean, mountain, beach and tropical jungle to create the ideal setting for your dream destination wedding.

Whether you want an intimate, quaint and casual ceremony or a sophisticated and elaborate event, we’ll design an unforgettable and personalized experience suited to your individual style and budget.

Our professional wedding and event coordinators will handle every detail of your special occasion with an all-inclusive package tailored to your wishes, so you can easily relax, knowing that all is taken care of. Since all of our facilities and excursions are owned and operated by us, we are able to coordinate and book all of the wedding events from romantic to thrilling and everything in-between.

Modern Bride magazine ranks Mexico as the fifth most popular destination for weddings in paradise, and once you experience Las Caletas, you’ll know why.

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By mkacher2, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything!
Cons: Nothing!
We got married on February 25, 2016 at Las Caletas and IT WAS WONDERFUL. We had 80 guests and everyone had a blast. Madelyn was an absolutely amazing coordinator. She was extremely organized and was on top of everything the day of the wedding. Cristhell was a great photographer, she captured everything and we love our pictures. The DJ and music were awesome. The entire bridal party’s hair and makeup was perfect. The food was amazing. The decorations were beautiful. The boat ride back was epic. There was not one thing to complain about. This was so much better than getting married at a resort or a banquet hall. I wish we could do it all over again! 

By lindsaytrieweiler, · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful location, All inclusive, wedding planner, private island
Cons: Literally none
I'm going to write this review to be informative as well tell you how absolutely phenomenal this wedding was. It beat every expectation I had and was beyond anything I could have imagined.   My part of the day started with my seven bridesmaids and I, very early in the morning. We met at Nuevo Vallarta Adventure Center and took the boat ride over to Las Caletas. The girls spend the day in Las Caletas enjoying the island and the bridal suite as part of the Las Caletas Beach Hideaway tour.  We were amped and ready to go! Rafael, our DJ, met with us girls in the morning to escort us over. He was absolutely hilarious. He told me he doubled as a body guard and security! The crew members that run the Caletas excursion are HILARIOUS! My husband and I took the excursion over a week before the wedding to do a site inspection, and we thoroughly enjoyed the same crew then. When you go to the bridal suite you take everything you need getting ready; so we each had small bags of all our make up and supplies for the day, and we had our dresses in bags - they suggested this because you do take an hour boat ride over there.   Once we go to the island, three workers came and took our bags up to the bridal suite - which was a nice surprise because we thought we had to take them up and its a bit of a hike. We were the last ones to get off the boat, which was totally fine. Rafael escorted us up to the suite, and showed up where we could find water, how to work the hot tub, where robes were, where the steamer was, and introduced us to our server that would be taking care of us the whole day. A snack lunch of tacos was already served behind the suite and there was a bottle of champagne and huge fruit plate waiting for us. In seriousness, Rafael told me, anything I needed, he was here to take on the stress that day and to tell him and he would take care of it immediately. I never felt so taken care of. (Also, I'm a bit type A - okay a lot, and letting things go can be challenging, and I totally just let the day happen!)   The girls and I first just walked around the island, and enjoyed the hammocks and flamingos. All drinks are complimentary all day so we had a variety of mojitos and margaritas to enjoy! There is a spa on the island and I booked a 30 minute massage which was fabulous. It was $30. I showed the girls around a little bit of where things were happening and we just had a blast playing around. I had my massage at noon and lunch was served at one. We basically started getting ready at noon. The reason for this, was the photographer was to arrive between 3:30-4 and she said if we were ready we could take a bunch of pictures on the island before the ceremony! Pictures of me and my girls on a private island - yes please!! We had a fabulous lunch and we all started getting ready. Our server brought us drinks as we needed them, anything from water, soda, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. I honestly, had a glass of champagne. I did not want to feel like crap before the wedding. But if you can handle your liquor you can order shots or whatever you like!   Because we went over as part of the tour, their were other guests on the island during the day. This will always happen unless you book on a Sunday because the tour does not run. The guests left around 2:30, so there wasn't anyone but staff around after that.   Our wonderful photographer, Christnell, showed up right around 4 o'clock which was perfect because thats almost exactly when I was ready. She took some fake shots of us getting ready. **Note: the bridal suite had to be cleaned and packed up before this for the photos which was kind of a mess - 8 girls with make up everywhere - there was a lot of is this yours? is this mine? It was pretty hilarious. But she took us out and took a whole bunch of photos throughout the island and jungle and we had so much fun!   A separate party catamaran brings all the guests and groomsmen over to the island, and they leave around 4:45 and arrive around 5:45 and their boat is a booze cruise. Keven was the cruise director on our boat and I heard he was fantastic! And I personally saw him being so sweet to my 78 year old grandmother. There is a lot of steps to take to get to the wedding area, and he escorted her. It was so kind.    There is a separate little area where the guys can change and get ready. Most of the groomsmen wore regular clothes on the boat and changed in their little area on the island. I believe they also took a bunch of pictures too because Christnell had an assistant photographer, and my husband said he felt like they took so many pictures before the wedding.    All the sudden it was time to start lining up for the procession and I was so excited! and nervous! I couldn't believe our time was already here!   We had a beautiful ceremony (it was very hot in April) and we included the parrot service to deliver the rings which was a huge hit with our guests!   After the ceremony we took incredible photos out on the rocks which involved some climbing but totally worth it! Appetizers and drinks were served and there was not one time in the night that I wasn't being served! The service was phenomenal and the staff absolutely incredible!   We had incredible dinner and did speeches and then danced the night away! We also paid for the fire dancers which was worth every single penny! They come out and do a performance and it is incredible! You cannot do this wedding and not have the fire dancers!   We paid for an extra hour for all our guests and I am so glad that we did. We left the island at 11:30 and got back at 12:30. By the time I went to bed I had been up almost 24 hours and was still ready to go! The energy on the island and at the wedding was amazing!   Overall we had a phenomenal time at this wedding, and tipped the staff like crazy! They earned every penny and more. Almost every single one of my guests told me it was the best wedding they have ever been to and some of them are joking that if we all chip in, could we have another wedding there next year!    I cannot say enough about this wedding location. The service Dennise and Rafael and the staff provide is next to none. The location is stunning, the process was easy and fun. I never felt stressed out planning this wedding - not once! If you are looking for a phenomenal beach wedding day - this is for you!   I hope you found my review helpful in answering any of your questions you wondered about. A lot of the stuff I wrote, I didn't know til a few days before or during - like the bridal suite for the day, or the impeccable service. But don't forget to take it all in because it does go by in a flash! I think of  my wedding every single day and I have a little bit of the wedding blues just wanting to go back because of how amazing it was. I hope everyone feels the way about their wedding as we do about ours!

By katiepitman, · 0 Comments

Pros: No stress, extraordinarily beautiful location, value for your money
Cons: Not one single con!
I'm not the best bride...and I'm an even worse decorator!
Through email, and with very little direction from me, our coordinator Blanca created the most beautiful event for us.
There was zero stress. Literally all we did was show up & she took care of the rest.
If I could go back and do it all over, I would honestly not change a single thing. Absolute perfection.
The entire staff at Las Caletas, and of course the boat, were fantastic. Our drinks never reached the empty point without someone being right there with a fresh one.
Coordinators, Photographers, videographers, ministers, boat crews (#6 is my favourite!), cooks & wait staff...EVERYONE works so incredibly hard to ensure their customers happiness. It truly shows, and they couldn't have made us any happier!

By KrisztiSoltesz, · 0 Comments

If you are looking for a Dream Wedding, you found the place!!!  My husband and I got married 2 weeks ago, March 11th at Las Caletas beach and we could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day.  I coordinated everything via email with Dennnise our wedding planner who was wonderful. It was such an easy process and she was super helpful every step of the way. We went to visit Las Caletas in December to do a site inspection and by the time we met Dennise we felt like she was family. When we arrived on Las Caletas our jaws dropped at how amazingly beautiful the place is and it got us even more excited for our wedding day. On the day of the wedding everything was more than perfect.  We arrived early with our bridesmaids and groomsmen to get ready and enjoy the bridal suite. After we all had lunch, the boys went swimming and took a tour of the jungle and had some early cocktails.  The girls went to the bridal suite. We had champagne, fruit, coffee and anything we asked for delivered to us as we got ready. The hair and makeup girl was so friendly and fun and she did an amazing job with all our hair and my makeup. We had a great time. When it came time for the ceremony, there was not a dry eye in our crowd. Our officiant Jairo spoke so beautifully and had such a great personality and our ceremony was more beautiful than we could have imagined. The entire staff including the photographer and videographer were so professional yet personable that it felt like they were part of our family and not people that work there. Dinner time was fabulous and the food was incredible. We had so many choices in the buffet and everything tasted so gourmet. You can tell they have a very talented chef as part of their staff.  The tables were set so beautifully and with the back drop of the ocean you felt like you were a celebrity on a private island. The DJ was so great at playing all the music we had picked and creating an amazing atmosphere. When it came time for the party, things got even better. The dance floor on the beach was perfect and the firedancers were so talented, it was a sight to see.  We included the lantern release in our wedding and I highly recommend that for every couple.  It was like we were in a movie. The music in the back ground, the night sky full of starts and the lanterns flying high over the ocean was nothing short of magical. I had never been part of a lantern release but if you are ever going to experience it, Las Caletas is the place for it. As we danced the night away, the staff was so helpful and friendly. Every time I turned around there was someone there waiting on our hand and foot with whatever we needed. The sad part was when it was time to go. No one wanted to go home, however when we got on the boat it was clear the party will continue. The DJ had the music pumping the whole way home and everyone was dancing and singing the entire time. Needless to say, all my friends and family have said that this was the wedding to top all weddings. They have never been to such an amazing place and had such a great time. My friends that have kids all have said that that is the place where they want their children to get married and my husband and I are already talking about returning for an annual anniversary party. Although we only had 40 people at our wedding, We have already in 2 short weeks had all the rest of our friends asking if they can come to the anniversary party after seeing the pictures. We cannot wait to return to Las Caletas and see our “extended family” the staff of Las Caletas and the staff at Adventure Weddings. They all worked hard to make our wedding day absolutely perfect. I highly recommend having your wedding day here as I cannot imagine a better place, a more friendlier staff and an overall better experience.   Thank you To everyone there who made our day THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!

By jlr1321, · 1 Comment

Pros: Almost everything
Cons: potentially weather
Blanca, Cristhell, and Jairo were amazing to work with! The food was delicious, wait staff was incredibly helpful, drinks were spectacular and being able to spend the entire day in the bridal suite with my bridesmaids and mother was SO relaxing. The setting is perfect, everyone had a great time and commented on how beautiful Las Caletas is.    Getting married in November was not without its difficulties (was dark pretty early, it was incredibly humid, waves were very choppy and the water even came up on the dance area during our first dance!) but even with all of that, the staff was amazing in helping to find alternative ways to incorporate the decorations we had and have the night run smoothly.    I think the only issue we had the whole night was with the music. We had put songs in order on a list that we had sent to the DJ to allow our older guests to enjoy the music earlier on, but that didn't happen. In the grand scheme of things, not a huge deal and everyone had a great time.   Las Caletas is the perfect venue if you want a private, beach wedding. The staff was amazing to work with and truly do make you feel like you and your wedding is all that matters. I would definitely recommend them and especially our coordinator, Blanca!!!

By dapril, · 2 Comments

Our wedding day was effortless and perfect.           When we first started shopping around for wedding vendors we came across Adventure Weddings.  The past year we had vacationed to Puerto Vallarta and did a couple excursions with Vallarta Adventures another branch of the company so we knew how amazing they were. Upon reading other reviews we decided this was the direction we wanted to go for our wedding.  One thing we found very helpful was other reviews mentioning the time frame for planing the wedding with your wedding coordinator.  Just remember don't freak out!  The planing does not take as long as you think so your coordinator will probably not start with the details until about three months before your big day.  This is more than enough time and everything will turn out more perfect than you can imagine.           Once we connected with Madelyn our wedding coordinator (the best wedding coordinator ever!) and started the planing process things quickly came together.  The contracts were incredibly easy to deal with and even though we lived far away it was very easy to convey what we were looking for.  Madelyn took the time to ask us all the right questions to get the ball rolling.  She then put together photo examples based on our answers for us to choose from.  This way we were able to choose the all the right flowers, color of chair ribbon, color of table runner and napkins...  It made it easy to understand what we were selecting and planing.  Even all the little add ons and nuances were perfect right down to the personalized maracas we ordered (we highly suggest adding these to your big day, our guests loved them and they where the perfect personalized wedding favor).         One of the things I (the bride) decided to add on was makeup.  Adventure Weddings offers a great airbrush makeup service when you arrive at Las Caletas.  I wish I could remember the gals name that ended up doing my makeup because she was just awesome.  But, of course with the nerves and the excitement of the day I forgot.  She arrived right when we got up to the bridal suite and sat me down in the chair and went to town.  Now I am not saying that I cant do my own makeup but this was incredible.  The airbrushed makeup stayed on all day and even late into the evening.  It also looked awesome in the photographs, and what bride does not want to look perfect in all her pictures.  I would highly recommend adding this onto your package.                        We opted to add on one of the photo packages and we highly recommend you do the same.  Our photographer Cristhell was amazing! She made everyone feel very comfortable and our pictures turned out phenomenal.  Cristhell even got ahold of us prior to our wedding to discuss anything specific we were looking for.  She was able to send us over her portfolio so we knew what to expect. Cristhell got us our profs in a very timely manner so we were able to decide what photos we wanted.  The one catch was we loved them all!  She then gave us the option of paying a little extra for all of them, we were thrilled.  It ended up being very cost effective, even when we opted to spend a little extra so we could have them all.         About a month before our big day our marriage officiate reached out to introduce himself.  Jairo was so professional and he even took the time to give us a little background information on how he came to be a marriage officiate working for Adventure Weddings.  He did a wonderful job of explaining how everything would run and work during the ceremony.  Jairo sent over the ceremony so we could read it and add in the appropriate names.  The ceremony was beautiful and he did a perfect job of making everyone cry.         From the boat ride there to the bridal suite with mimosas and fresh fruit, from the ceremony to the perfect delicious lunch, from the drinks to the time we were able to spend with our family...  everything was the best and this is without exaggeration.  The staff that worked on Las Caletas did the perfect job of making us all feel like family by the time we left.  If you have any reservations about booking your wedding with Adventure Weddings just drop them here.  We highly recommend this beautiful experience to anyone looking to plan the perfect wedding.    
Pros: Venue, Dennise (our wedding planner), Food, Music, Service, EVERYTHING
My mother is the Director of Catering at a hotel and on the side does Wedding Planning - she said this was the BEST wedding she has ever been involved in!! And she is not easy to please. :)    The venue sells itself - it is amazing!   Then the ease to plan with the help and excellent communication by the wedding planner, Dennise, makes the whole event much less stressful than any wedding I have seen my friends or family plan.    The food is fantastic for a buffet, and the service is fabulous!!   I would definitely get the full package wedding where you get to have the Casita and come early with the "Early Girls" - SOOOO worth it! This place is a gem and the value is insane. You get 10x what you pay for from start to finish to the follow up.    For those who are service oriented, this is the place to come! It is a very well run business that can focus on the details and get everything you could want because the big items are already running like a well oiled machine.   I cannot say enough how happy we were with everything. Thank you to Dennise, Vallarta Adventures, and everyone involved who made our wedding literally one of the greatest days of our lives!    

By KatieAdam, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: Not a fault of the team itself, but because you get married in the evening, the time you have for a party on the island is reduced. You can pay for extra hours but it is very expensive.
We were lucky enough to stumble across this beautiful location and at the same time, have the lovely Dennise as our wedding coordinator.   We booked our wedding about 14 months in advance and from that time until the wedding day itself Dennise was only too happy to answer our (many) questions.  Considering we live about 6,000 miles from Mexico, we were unable to come to Las Caletas to see for ourselves what the venue would look like but Dennise was always more than happy to send us pictures of the beach itself and some of the smaller touches, like table runners, colour schemes, etc.  This made it very easy for us to visualise what the wedding day would look like itself and also be confident that it would match up to our expectations.   Dennise was very efficient in coming back to us (generally within 48 hours but often much quicker) and this is important when trying to organise a wedding from so far away and was also more than happy to talk on the phone/skype if we wanted to (which we only needed to do once such was her efficiency).   As the wedding day came closer, we had lots of questions about the finer details of the wedding day itself and Dennise was always able to answer those questions with the clarity we needed.   As part of the package we chose, we were able to go to the island a couple of days before the wedding, and at the same time, meet Dennise and some of the other people who would be helping us on the wedding day.  This was great because it meant we could ask any final preparation questions we had whilst at the same time being able to visualise the wedding location and dropping off any items which we would need for the wedding.   Las Caletas itself is simply stunning and the pictures and videos you see do not actually do it justice as to just how amazing the place, people and atmosphere is.   On the wedding day itself, Dennise was always around if we had any questions, but at the same time, very subtle and stayed in the background to ensure the smooth running of the day was exactly like we had planned it.   The rest of the team supporting the day itself were absolutely wonderful, very friendly and could not do more to help.  The guests were very impressed with the service of the bar team who were always on hand with more drinks. Including looking after the bride and her party who were in the bridal suite all day.   The food was far better than we have anticipated (considering how basic Las Caletas is - which only adds to the charm).  We were lucky enough to meet the chef when we visited the island a couple of days before the wedding when we took a cooking class with him. When we explained it was our wedding he asked us if there were any special things he could do for us.  We asked him if he could cook what we had learnt in that cooking class and he did that which was a lovely touch.   If you are considering Las Caletas as your wedding destination, we do not have any higher praise of the location itself, the team and of course Dennise  :D  :D  :D   Thanks so much for an amazing day!

By eriddell, · 3 Comments

Pros: location, food, DJ,
Cons: Wedding planner, photographer, Price in USD
Our wedding day was an amazing day though there are some things I would change about it. It was amazing because of the location, atmosphere, and staff.    I will start with the positive. My favorite memories of that day include the morning with my bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law in the bridal suit and on the beach. We were treated like queen's and the lunch served was absolutely amazing. It was so much fun getting ready in the bridal suit and the girls doing our make-up and hair did a fantastic job... thought we all needed more hair spray so if you are getting married here.. don't forget it! The ceremony was better than I could have ever imagined. Javier did a fantastic job and everything was very well organized. The tide was a little high by the end of it so it was tricky to get any beach photos after which sucked, but we had them on the stairs instead and they still turned out beautiful. The food at supper was amazing and the atmosphere was just perfect. I wouldn't change anything about the reception or the boat ride back. We partied so hard on the ride back and the service on the boat was awesome.. as soon as you finished a drink there was another on in your hand. The sky lanterns were my favorite part of the entire evening... such a magical moment. We arrived back and it was super easy to get taxi's for 40 people at that time.. so if you have your resort close.. I would recommend using taxi's rather than there bus service and save some money.    The DJ (rafael) was so much fun and played the best music. I had given him a music list, but he just picked the ones he knew would please the crowd so that was great. Definitely recommend getting the DJ!   Two weeks before the wedding I was looking at the sunset time and saw that the sun was setting at 6:30pm the day of our wedding. The ceremony was to be at 6:15pm so I was freaking out because there was no time for pictures after. Something you think your wedding coordinator should inform you of. I contacted her and she recommended that we pay 180USD to get the boys out early and do photos before the wedding so I agreed to do so. Unfortunately she forgot to inform the hair stylist who thought I was to be ready for the ceremony at 6pm. I wasn't really paying attention to time because hey it's my wedding day I'm sure they have everything under control. I was wrong ...4:15 rolled around and my hair wasn't even started. We were planning on getting wedding party pictures, first look pictures, and couple pictures before the wedding... we barely fit in first look pictures... very disappointing considered we paid the extra money to get the boys to the beach early. We were also rushing getting my hair done and once it was the photographer wanted a picture on the hammock. I ended up falling out of the hammock because I was so rushed and the hair spray was still wet so sand was caked in my hair... horrible experience. I'm not blaming anyone, but if I wasn't feeling so rushed and stressed ... it could have been avoided.    The boys also told me they had no service in there suit ... no drinks.. no food and they were  rushing them to get ready when they didn't need to be as they didn't even get any wedding party photos before. Our wedding coordinator also forgot a few details i had mentioned to her 2 days before such as making sure the kids has ice tea in there tequilla shot glass.. luckily there parents smelled it before! I just felt like she was very distracted which made me nervous so the rest of the night I was really paying attention to the time to make sure we got everything in.   Overall it was a great day, just makes me sad as we have no wedding party photos and that it was that unorganized.    We brought an external photographer (Tom Moks) as I really liked his photography. His photo's are very beautiful, but he missed a lot of moments and I feel like he needed more direction than I gave him. He was also very difficult to get a hold of!! He gave me a date for our wedding photos to be ready... the day passed... and he didn't respond for 3 days because he said he was at another wedding. If you knew you were at another wedding you should inform your client that the photos wouldn't be ready that day!    Also, when booking through him he kept calling me by the wrong name and saying our wedding day was 2 days before it actually was. At one point he emailed to cancel, because he was booked for another wedding... but that wedding wasn't actually on the same day. This made me incredibly nervous. Very disorganized!   During our wedding he also stressed me out quite a bit because my hair wasn't ready on time so that wasn't fun. He also made a rude comment while I was putting on my dress that I may have ate too much pizza at Christmas time! His photo's are amazing, but not sure it was worth the stress of dealing with him through email and his rudeness during the wedding.            

By peachykeen159, · 0 Comments

Pros: Food, DJ, location, beach...basically everything
Cons: none
I was lucky enough to get married at Las Caletas November 23rd, 2015. I was so glad we did a destination wedding off the resort. The location was perfect with the private beach, amazing food and DJ who knew what he was doing. I still hear from guests about how much fun they had. My wedding coordinator Madelyn made me feel relaxed about everything from the beginning and was good at giving input if I was indecisive about what I should do. I was nervous about getting married somewhere I wouldn't get to see before the wedding day but  honestly it ended up being the best decision. I love that I got to experience everything for the first time with all the other guests so it was a treat for me too. If you're looking for something memorable, unique and private I highly recommend getting married here. 

By JackieMaloney, · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything was absolutely perfect!
Cons: There isn't one bad thing about my experience!
This past Thursday I had my dreams come true! Like many girls we start to dream about our weddings as little girls. My wedding exceeded my dreams. It was truly a fairytale wedding! The staff at las caletas were out of this world. From the moment I got there until the we arrived back at the hotel the staff made everyone so comfortable. The day of the wedding 4 girls and myself went over early and all felt like queens. We had our own bridal sweet that was to die for! lunch on our own private patio and a bed, which we did use because who wants to sleep when there is just too much beauty around. David, one of the staff members, was literally waiting on us hand and foot. Always checking up on us and getting us anything we needed. The planning of this wedding was extremely stress free! Thanks to Blanca this wedding could not have happened without her! I was worried at first about communicating through email and having everything be the way it was but she is a saint. The decorations were absolutely perfect and the food was out of this world! Our dj, Rafael, what awesome. He kept the party going all the way until we got off the boat and back on to the bus. Our wedding went to smoothly and it was so pretty I am still smiling. I can't wait to see the pictures from the photographer Cristhell. She was so professional and had great ideas for poses. All of our guest had the time of their lives and said it was by far the best wedding they ever attended. Thank you so much adventure weddings of las caletas!! You all are so great and I will never forget that day!!

By DanaKulisek, · 3 Comments

We just got married on October 10th at Las Caletas. Cristhell was our photographer. Yes it was hot and humid but there is nothing I would have changed about our wedding day. Cristhell has already sent us a few photos so that we can order our thank-you's and they are AMAZING! She had great ideas and was also open to doing stuff that we wanted to do. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and I HIGHLY recommend Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas for everyone!!! :D
Pros: Can't find a more beautiful PRIVATE location. Giving your guests that 'excursion' experience of the boat ride was icing on the cake! Food exceeded expectations! DJ was great! I can't rave enough!
Cons: Hot! There is no AC anywhere on the island. Impossible to cool off. The bridal suite to get ready is close to unbearable. Windo units people!
Planning phase: if you have a relaxed attitude this will be an easy experience. Just trust that the place is beautiful and don't get caught in the weeds of specific details. They won't get into the planning until a couple months before and trust me, that's ok! I gave them ideas about bouquets I liked with shells in it and they did a great job. Give them some creative freedom...they are talented florists. Dennise does take some time to respond on emails but relax, she gets back in a few days and she does a great job. Her laid back nature was perfect for the 'low stress' wedding planning that I wanted.
The wedding day: early girls! Wow! Perfect day of your wedding with your special people. Take the day to soak in the beauty, relaxation and amazing food this place has to offer!
Getting ready in the bridal suite: yikes! Only bad part...no AC. It's a total sweat box. Sweating off my make up, hair curling...forget it. Rely on your natural beauty and natural hair (if it's straight or curly...don't try to change that) your wedding dress...try to keep as breezy as possible. It's literaly impossible to cool off. No air anywhere! ????
The boat ride: we had 87 people and besides the sea sick people it was awesome! We had an unusually turbulent ride out because of weather but in general cool experience.
The ceremony: breath taking set up...perfect! I was so worried about music and vows...Don't! They are professionals and it coasted through without a hitch. We had a friend marry us, no prob! Let them know they have a mic to hold, no ear piece or place to put their notes (hands full)
Pictures: I tried to stay with the minimum package to save money, but then you have to buy the pics for $350 after the fact if you want more than 40. so just know it's going to cost you ???? Id make a list of pictures you want and give it to the photographer (have one with you that day) it goes fast and you are rushing to get to the party. Believe it or not...we have no pics of the groom and his best man. You need a guideline reminder. Also, do what feels good and natural to you. She had us staring off into the distance for a lot, and while the setting is stunning...it feels silly to see us lookin off into nowhere. Therefore, a lot of beautiful ones are funny to us. Like we are trying to do 'blue steel' (zoo lander reference!)
Dinner: BEST.FOOD.EVER! For a group of crazy Cajuns to love the food...they nailed it. Drinks were flowing! They played every song we asked for! Speeches went off great! We trimmed time down from cocktail hour, dinner and cake stuff to be able to party more and it was great!
Dance party: it was the best booty shaking dance party ever! The DJ was great about playing every song we wanted. We gave him an extensive list and he delivered! Hot? Sure! Did we care? Nope. A little trip in the water and some ice down the wedding dress...good to go!
Lanturns: we did a special group of only people with bdays or anniversaries within the week we were there. It was a perfect touch, very sentimental ❤️
Boat ride back: epic! We wanted more time! Music, margaritas, the wind in your hair...nailed it!
All in all: all of our guests and my husband and I say 'BEST WEDDING EVER'. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we loved ❤️ Don't miss out!
Pros: Amazing decor and wedding planning team!!
Cons: It can be hot depending on the time of year but just remember you are on a private island in Mexico and then you will forget about the heat!!!
I don’t even know where to begin and or how to find the words explain what our experience was like at Las Caletas!!! Our wedding day could not have been more *PERFECT!*  Our family and friends cannot stop talking about our wedding and that is was the “best wedding they have ever been to.”  I remember being so nervous about planning a destination wedding and never even seeing Las Caletas in person, just in pictures from all my research.  Pictures do not even do Las Caletas justice, it is absolutely breathtaking.  Adventure Weddings was an absolute pleasure to work with and my wedding planning Blanca was AMAZING!!! Anyone who is thinking of getting married here should definitely request her as  their wedding planner.  Blanca was always so responsive to all my emails and questions and trust me I had A LOT of them during the planning!!  I love to plan parties and love little details and I did bring a lot of things with me as far as décor but when I met with Blanca on my site visit to review everything she exceeded my expectations.  Every little detail we discussed and then some made our wedding a dream come true.    Our day started off with a fun catamaran ride over to Las Caletas!!  We were greeted with welcome tacos and drinks in the bridal suite with an attendant who was there with us all day!!  Then we all had incredible massages and just relaxed in the bridal suite until we had lunch before getting ready.  The hair and makeup team were AMAZING!!!  Having our makeup airbrushed so it didn’t smudge in the heat was great (Our wedding was June 6th and it was 95 degrees), our makeup still looked as good as it did when it was applied!!!  All my girls loved their hair and makeup and looked absolutely beautiful!!!  I definitely recommend using them as I actually debated on bringing my own hair and makeup team with me, I am so glad I trusted Blanca and the amazing artists!!!   ALL of the staff at Adventure Weddings was so helpful and made our day so special.  Cristhell was our photographer and was always such a pleasure to work with, we cannot wait to see all of our professional pictures!!  She was right in the middle of all the action and we never had to look for her to take a picture, she was already there!! We even did our “Trash the Dress” shoot with her the next day and had soo much fun with her!! The same goes for Freddie the videographer, he was great!!  Him and Cristell were even helping my 3 year old nephew looking for crabs on the beach which he absolutely LOVED and had so much fun!!  Rafael the DJ is the BEST!!!   He has the greatest personality and made me laugh from the first time we met with him at our site visit!!  He also met myself and bridesmaids the morning of the wedding and had all of us laughing!!  From carrying my wedding dress and bags, personal bodyguard for the day and being my “genie in the bottle without the bottle” he was awesome!!!  He played all the songs we requested and kept our guests dancing the night away!!  Even all of the waiters were incredible, always there with drinks and could not have been more helpful!!!   It really was the most amazing day of our lives and even more than we could have imagined.  The natural décor of the beautiful beach and water, mountains and landscape are beautiful.  At night time when they light all of the candles and tiki torches makes the island look so magical.  All of the flowers were gorgeous and colors were so vibrant and looked amazing in all of the pictures.    We really cannot thank Blanca and staff of Adventure Weddings for making our wedding day so memorable.  We are forever grateful to you ALL! <3 

By MikeandJules, · 0 Comments

Pros: Location, staff, price, one of a kind experience
Cons: It does get warm depending on the time of the year
When your guests tell you that this is the best wedding they've even attended, even their own, then you know you've done something right! :)  My husband, boyfriend at the time,  and I had attended a wedding at Las Caletas a year earlier. On the boat ride over we looked at each other with excitement. When we arrived we both knew that when it was time to get married we would do it at Las Caletas! 6 months later we were engaged and we immediately called to reserve a date. Dennise was our wedding coordinator. She's the manager and only takes a few weddings a month. I had requested someone who had been at Adventure Weddings for awhile since the wedding coordinator that my friend used had recently left.  Dennise. What more can I say. She was the best part of planning my wedding. She was always there for me- answered any question via phone or email and made this whole process so easy. I've been a bridesmaid 24 times, yes...it's true, and my friends always seemed to be  stressed out dealing with details. Not me. Dennise had everything under control and I never had to worry about anything. On my wedding day I barely even saw Dennise- she was there but she had everything under control that she didn't need to bother me with any questions and allowed me to enjoy my evening. That to me is a true professional. I told her the hardest part of having the wedding end was not talking to her every few days. :( My fiance and my parents set up a site survey 3 months before the wedding. We flew in on a Friday and left on a Sunday. When my parents saw Las Caletas for the first time they were blown away. We sat on site with Dennise and planned everything...from flowers, to cake, seating, etc....it was all done! Yes- we changed a few things leading up to the wedding but nothing major- all things that Dennise handled with ease.  When we showed up 2 days before our wedding Dennise met us at the hotel. As always she had a smile on her face and went through everything with us. We gave her our programs, seating cards, etc...and that was it. The morning of our wedding myself and my mom, sister and best friend took the early boat to the venue. The bridal suite was fantastic- they have a bed, shower, hammock, spa and a personal butler who brings you drinks and food all day. I scheduled massages for everyone and we just sat, ate and relaxed. No stress!! Our hair and make up team showed up around 1:30 pm- Dennise had booked them- and started to get us all ready. Everything was easy and on time.  The wedding was better than I even imagined. As I started to walk down the aisle I looked around to everything we had discussed that was now actually there- the rose petals on the aisle, the flowers, candles, tables, etc...everything was perfect. I'm a producer and very anal. I would have never let someone do something without me double checking it- but with Dennise I had no question that everything would be done perfect and it was- everything.  We used the Adventure Weddings photographer- Cristhell- who was fantastic. She took tons of candid shots which we wanted. Raphael was our DJ and he followed our song list and even added additional songs when we ran out. He knew exactly what our guests wanted to hear.  The staff was professional, attended to all of our guests and our needs and created the most magical evening. We had our guests release lanterns at the end of the evening which most said was a memorable moment.  I don't write reviews- I only read them- but I have had to let everyone know that this is the ONLY place to get married if you want a unique, special beach spot. Your guests will be blown away and you're not breaking the bank to make it happen. And if you can get Dennise you're one of the lucky ones. She's the best and knows how to take care of a bride and putting together a wedding. I keep thinking about that day and how there was NOTHING I would have changed. Thank you Dennise and your team for making our wedding a day we will remember forever. 

By MorganMeredith, · 0 Comments

Cons: It had to end :(
This was by far the best wedding I have ever been to as well as our guests- they are still talking about it!    Site Inspection:   You have to get up early-ish depending on where you are staying, but it is SO worth it! Blanca went over everything quickly and efficiently, and made me feel very comfortable leaving all the details in her hands. (She is amazing- very quick with her correspondence prior to meeting and made everything easy and stress-free.) We were able to spend the rest of the afternoon on the island with the rest of the group from the tour, drinking margaritas, eating tacos and lying on the beach.   Day of the wedding:   Early girls: We were met at the marina again (myself, my mom and my husbands mom and sister- as we chose to forgo the traditional bridal party) and we set off to Las Caletas to begin our day. Upon arrival we were taken up to the suite (all luggage and clothing were generously brought up by the staff- there are quite a few stairs) and greeted with coffee, champagne, orange juice and fresh food. We got settled in and took turns (in twos) getting our massages I had planned for us all. They were AMAZING! It literally took away all my nerves! We came back, had lunch, sat in the jacuzzi and went down to the beach until it was time to start getting ready.    Hair and Makeup: Joel Salon in Puerto Vallarta was the hair and makeup team provided, and they were incredible! I also think it was fate- my husbands name is Joel! They were very accommodating, nice, easy going and did a fantastic job! They made me feel very comfortable. They use airbrush make up which is perfect for the hot weather, as it is so light. They did makeup for myself, and the two moms- all were VERY happy with the outcome! :)   Transportation for the rest of the guests: We kept the location of our wedding a secret (which was relatively easy since we had no bridal party) up until the bus came to pick up my husband and the rest of the guests at our resort (we stayed at Secrets- UNREAL resort!!!) to take them to the marina. Unfortunately the only real snafu was that the boat was late leaving, waiting for a cruise ship, so I was little nervous when I was told the wedding was starting late. Stuff happens, and it was really no big deal.    Ceremony: Smooth, magical and without a hitch! Chuy (Jesus) was amazing and sweet and lovely!   Photography: Cristhell, the photographer, met with me one day at the resort and was so sweet and kind. She made us feel so at ease during the photo session and I couldn't be happier with the photos- we ended up buying them all, because I couldn't decide!   Dinner: We chose to request a traditional Mexican buffet as oppose to the set menu and all the guests were thrilled and couldn't get enough!    Cake: Delicious and beautiful!   DJ and Dancing: The music was spectacular and  it had everyone dancing on the dance floor, sand and in the ocean (it was hot!). Towards the end of the night they even brought out cold cloths for everyone to cool down. (Amazing idea!).    Extras: Maracas, couches by the dance floor, sky lanterns, extra hour (I cant think of all our add ons), all were worth the money! I almost wish we would've gotten another extra hour, it was that amazing and fun!   Blanca: I cannot say enough, request her! She was on top of everything, worrying about everything so we didn't have to! She also thinks of everything! Thank you Blanca!!!!   I am sure I am forgetting so much, it was all so great but it flew by so quickly that it's hard to keep track. :) This was the most magical day and I would recommend to anyone to get married here, it was worth every penny.          

By nattyh, · 0 Comments

Pros: Food, staff, early girls, fire dancers, unique experience
Cons: Hot
I titled this review "best wedding ever" because I was told by multiple guests that it was the best wedding that they had ever been to, which made me so happy :) Another one of my guests told me that she was expecting a cookie cutter beach wedding, but instead was surprised with a one-of-a-kind experience! Our wedding coordinators Blanca and Jessica were great. Jessica was very responsive and got back to me via email right away with any questions I had. Blanca was great the day of the wedding, even sprinting to go get my forgotten bouquet!   One of the best parts of the experience was the "early girls" experience. My bridesmaids and I were able to go to the wedding location early in the day and were given the royal treatment. We were greeted at the bridal suite with champagne and fresh fruit, our own private jacuzzi, and a private waiter to bring us drinks or food all day. We all got massages and were also able to participate in other activities like paddle boarding and kayaking. There were jellyfish in the water that day, so I did not feel comfortable swimming.   The wedding itself was close to perfection. The food was great, service impeccable. The DJ did an amazing job and the boat ride home truly was a continuation of the celebration. Thank you Vallarta Weddings! It was everything I had hoped for   The only negative was that it was very HOT. We were married the first week of June and we were sweating quite a bit, and not just from the nerves!

By WDrouin, · 2 Comments

Where do i begin with this review... PERFECTION!!!!...... When we started looking for a destination wedding location we wanted something a little different than just getting married on a beach resort. When we seen Las Caletas we instantly knew this was the place we were going to get married. From the moment we started planning our wedding communication through email was perfect.   Blanca was our wedding coordinator and i am beyond thankful for her and the work she does. She was absolutely amazing!! I had so many questions and sent a lot of emails throughout the planning process. Blanca always responded quickly and was nothing but helpful and accommodating.    We had picked the premier package so when we arrived into Mexico we were able to go over and check out Las Caletas prior to our wedding day. I am so glad we were able to do this together. To see the location prior was an amazing experience to do together. Blanca gave us a wonderful tour of everything and we were able to go through all the plans for the big day. We were also able to touch base with our DJ that day as well, which was nice to be able to do.    The day of the wedding i headed over with my mother, sister and grandmother and our day was so wonderful. We had the suite all day and someone waiting on us with welcome tacos, drinks and lunch. I was not expecting this and it was very nice to feel so special.  We took advantage of the spa and just relaxed in the bridal suite before getting our hair and makeup done. I was hesitant in getting my hair and makeup done without a trial, so i booked a trial at the resort and i am glad i did. The two ladies that did our hair and makeup were amazing. They did a fabulous job and i am so happy that i decided to get everything done! i mean when will you get married again.....   Our photographer Cristeell was so lovely. We haven't gotten our photos back yet but i can't wait to see them! She even met us at our resort before the wedding day to run through how everything will go. She was very accommodating and also brought along a helper, which was fantastic to get that second shot. One thing i wanted was to get a group shot, which she did... i can't wait to see this one!   DJ just nailed it! Every song we wanted he got spot on and we were so happy with the music all night long.    The serving staff was unreal. it was five star service... serving our guests on the beach while they dance, bringing cold towels out because it was so hot, helping me with my plate because i was the Bride, serving out cake out to everyone... i couldn't believe it! It made the day even more special to have such amazing service and i know all our guests noticed this as well.   The setting was just amazing, incredible, perfect..... what other words can i use. As some of our guest said to us, it was like out of a movie.....it was a dream... "I don't think i will ever attend another wedding like that"   The food was amazing, so many choices.... something for everyone.   Another thing that was very nice was to have the MC. That way we didn't have to ask anyone to do it. And our MC was so great, did a fantastic job.   We chose to do the sky lanterns and i was so happy we did. It made me so happy to walk around and look at our guest faces and how happy and excited they were to do that. Some couples were hugging watching theres float away... it was a perfect end to a perfect day.    The ride back on the boat the party didn't stop... the staff were fabulous on the boat, serving guests drinks...so nice to have a private boat for all our guests.   For me i wanted a stress free wedding and that is exactly what it was. Blanca made this happen, it was perfect. Not a single thing went wrong. Everything i had envisioned was brought to life and i am so thankful for every single person at Las Caletas for all there hard work in making this day so special for us and our guests.   The only bad thing i can say is it went by WAY TO FAST!!! i want to do it all over again.   Looking back at pictures i just cry because our day was so amazing and so special.... It really is the most PERFECT place to get married and i feel so lucky to have been able to say "i do" at Las Chalets.   If you choose to get married here you will not be disappointed. And don't worry, everything will run smoothly!   THANK YOU BLANCA!!!!!    

By MarinaZ, · 0 Comments

Absolute perfection!  We had the most beautiful wedding in the world and everyone else says so too.  My guests have said that no one will be able to beat that and it couldn't have happened without Blanca, my wedding coordinator.  She took my vision and made it happen above and beyond my wildest dreams.  She was quick to respond to emails, offered advice when asked and accommodated all the times I changed my mind. She is a wedding genius! When I finally got to meet her, she basically had my entire wedding wish list memorized but went through every detail with me to make sure that it was exactly what I wanted.  I was so happy during our site inspection that I cried 3 times.     Some things that I must mention: 1) I got the parrot but didn't tell any of my guests except the bridal party and my parents.  Everyone was so surprised and amazed and even though it only lasts a few seconds, it was worth every penny.  People can not stop talking about how awesome it was 2) Dietary concerns were met fully - I had two gluten free bridesmaids, shellfish allergies and vegetarian guests but everyone was able to eat and were satisfied (the food was amazing).  They even brought in non-alcoholic beer for my father who is a recovered alcoholic and made a special plate of fish for my bridesmaid that is allergic to almost everything - beef, pork, chicken, tomato, gluten, corn, lettuce etc.  I am also not fond of cilantro and asked that it was excluded from the dishes and it was not put into anything 3) DJ is amazing! He played every single song that I requested ahead of time and his transitions were perfect which kept the dance floor jumping the whole time.  The only thing that you need to note is that once he starts, he no longer has wifi, so if you don`t ask for it in advance and he does not have it on his computer already, then he cannot play the song.  Keep this in mind when you are making your song list. 4) The serving staff must be telepathic.  If you even think about wanting a drink, they are there to bring you one.  They come to the dance floor ready to serve drinks and  part way through the night, I was really hot from dancing so much so I requested that they make the rounds with cold rags for the guests.  They did this twice and it was amazing.  When it gets dark, the entire island is lit up with candles which is absolutely beautiful but the ones around the dance floor seemed a bit hazardous for my dress.  When I mentioned this the staff immediately ran out and collected them for me. 5) Fire dancers were great - very impressive   My only regret is that my dress was a little difficult to manage on the boat ride home so I would suggest a change of clothes if your dress also restricts movement.        

By chrisandkate2015, · 0 Comments

Pros: staff, wedding coordinator, venue, location, food, music, decorations, organization, professionalism, transportation, bridal suite, groomsmen's terrace, site visit, communication, services, photographer, DJ, minister, ceremony, reception, s'mores,
My husband and I were married at Las Caletas this past April, 2015.     With family spread out across Canada, a destination wedding was the most attractive option for us.  We knew we didn't want a resort beach wedding, which meant we'd have to find another venue that would host a wedding ceremony and reception AND that we could plan from afar.    After perusing many destination wedding forums and review sites, we stumbled across Las Caletas.  The location looked absolutely beautiful.  The reviews were all raving - this review won't be any different!   In the year leading up to our wedding, we contacted Adventure Weddings and set a date.  Over the next year, we were in constant communication with our wedding coordinator, Jessica, to hash out different details for our big day and to ask endless questions.  Jessica was always prompt to reply, incredibly accommodating, and so personable.  We had full faith that we could arrive in Puerto Vallarta and all would work out!   We met Jessica for our site visit a few days prior to our wedding.  This was a great chance to see where we'd be getting married, sample the (incredible) food, meet the DJ, and review all the wedding day details with Jessica.  While there, we got to enjoy many of the activities offered at Las Caletas, too!   We left that site visit feeling confident that the wedding day was completely planned and ready to go!   On the day of the wedding, my bridesmaids, mother, and myself headed over to Las Caletas bright and early to enjoy the day before getting our hair & makeup done.  The morning absolutely FLEW by!  We had just enough time for massages, a dip in the ocean, an attempt at paddle boarding, and then some lunch.  Our hair and makeup artists were friendly and very skilled.  Everyone looked beautiful!  Not to mention, they worked some serious magic that enabled our make up to stay on our faces despite the heat!  The bridal suite was full of character and perfect for getting ready.  We were pampered with a personal server who made sure we had all the snacks, drinks, and anything else we needed.  Jessica arrived in the early afternoon to check in with us and keep us on schedule.     When the guests arrived, Jessica escorted the groomsmen, groom, and father of the bride to the groomsmen's terrace so boutonniere's could be put on and everyone could line up for the processional.  I was "hidden" out of sight while all that happened.  When it was time, Jessica came and got me and I met up with my dad who walked me down the aisle.     This was the first I saw the ceremony set-up.  It was exactly how I'd imagined it.  All of our closest family and friends were there, the decorations were perfect, and the music was exactly as we'd requested.  The ceremony went smoothly and (surprisingly) without any tears from myself or the groom!  The guests, however, got a bit teary-eyed!  The minister, Chuy, was super friendly and just the right guy to conduct our wedding ceremony!

Afterward, the photographer took a photo of the entire group (can't wait to see it!  The photos take about a month to receive, so any day now!).  Then, family photos and bridal party photos happened.  The photographer and her assistant were a joy to work with.  They obviously love their jobs.  Next, the guests headed up to the restaurant for hors d'oeuvres and cocktails while the groom and I got our photos done.   Jessica came to us when the photos were done and got us ready for the introduction of Mr. and Mrs.!  This kicked off the start of dinner.  During dinner, which was DELICIOUS, toasts and speeches were made.  The ambience and mood of the room was fantastic.  Rustic, yet elegant, warm, and full of love.  Guests were raving about the food.  The only problem was that there was SO much, it was impossible to try everything!  Jessica made sure that guests allergies were accommodated (no shellfish).   After dinner, we headed down to the beach for our first dances.  After the traditional first dance, mother-son, and father-daughter dances, the party got started!  We'd provided the DJ with a list of music, which he stuck to.  He threw in a couple of his own tunes and, man oh man, did he know what he was doing!  The crowd quite literally did NOT stop dancing!  We had guests from 25 to 80 years old and everyone had a blast!  It was sad when the announcement was made to move back to the catamaran for the return trip.

Jessica and her staff had moved all the bridal suite stuff (clothes and supplies we'd brought for earlier in the day).  A few guests helped carry it all to the boat and then the party continued!  We opted to do the bouquet toss and garter toss on the boat, which was a great decision.  It meant more dance time at Las Caletas, and was a pretty unique twist to an old tradition.  When the groomsmen were carrying on about how long it took my husband to remove the garter, he pointed out he had to do it on a moving boat!  

Once back at the marina, our shuttle was waiting to take us back to our resort.  Guests were singing and having a great time on the bus ride.  

Quite literally, from start to finish, our wedding day was absolutely perfect.  Since getting back to "real life", many people have asked us how the wedding was.  I have said to everyone that it could not have been better.  I mean that wholeheartedly.  Nothing about our wedding day could have been better nor would we have changed anything (unless it would be possible to have it never end!).  

Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas gets two thumbs up, 5 stars, 100%, an A+, every perfect rating there is.  The staff, the location, the decoration, the food, the music, the ambience... it was all perfect.  What an amazing experience.  We will remember it forever and, quite possibly, be returning to renew our vows 10 years from now (any excuse to go back!).

By JeddDavis, · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful beach setting, wonderful staff, delicious food, fire dancers, gay friendly
Cons: If I had to say a con it would be that there was no air conditioning in suite
We had our wedding at Las Caletas on Saturday, April 18th.  The experience was amazing and not sure there is a more beautiful place to get married.  Huge thank you to the entire staff at Vallarta Adventures Weddings.  Our coordinator was Jessica Barrios and she was such a pleasure to work with.  She always did her best to get back to us in a timely manner with all of her follow up emails.  Very detailed and organized and makes sure everything is just perfect!  Jesus "Chuy" was our minister and all the words he said for our ceremony were amazing and our guests kept saying how awesome and professional he was to minister our wedding.  Huge shout out to DJ Rafael.  He had the music turned up the whole night and the dancing could not have been more fun for all of our guests.  One of our favorite memories of the night were the fire dancers.  We definitely recommend adding them for entertainment.  Their performance is fun and jaw dropping.  A fun addition to make our night and added entertainment!  Videographer and Photographer were also all a pleasure to work with as well.  If you are thinking about having your wedding at one of the most magical places, look no further than Las Caletas!!! I could not think of a better place to spend your special day.  It is a day you will never forget and the staff makes it an amazing  experience from start to finish.  Also to mention we are a gay couple and everyone made us feel so comfortable.  All staff were very gay friendly! :)   A huge plus and much appreciated.  Thank you Vallarta Adventure Weddings - you made our special day nothing but PERFECTION!!    

By ChantaleSmith, · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, accommodating, friendly staff, beautiful venue, great atmosphere, amazing food, everything ran very smoothly,
Cons: The only con is that we had to gather all of our stuff immediately after the wedding and bring it on the boat with us, all of our guests had to help lug all our stuff back to the resort. It was a bit chaotic.
My husband and I cannot say enough great things about Las Caletas and the staff who made our wedding day one we will never forget! They exceeded our expectations, did everything we asked and were nothing but professional. Our guests are still talking about how amazing the wedding was, from the amazing food and views to the slide show and lanterns on the beach, it was a night to remember! I have to mention the way me and bridesmaids were treated the morning of the wedding - we had an amazing villa just for us, our own server who waited on us hand and foot as well as given delicious food, we literally felt like queens! The hair and makeup artists were better than I could have ever imagined, they made us look amazing - I think that's what I was most nervous about because I didn't do a trial but I didn't even need one, I showed them what I wanted and that's what I got! Every penny I spent was worth it, my husband and I had nothing bad to say and we wish we could do it all over again. Thank you to Jessica and her team!!!


Jamie and Chantale Smith (Brais)

By StephanieF2015, · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful, easy, amazing
Cons: None
My husband and I had our wedding on Las Caletas in April 2015. Dennise was our wedding coordinator, and she was amazing from the start.    My husband and I wanted to have a destination wedding (we live in San Diego, CA) and were looking in Mexico at various resorts to have our wedding. Most of the resorts charged by the number of guests and all guests were required to stay at the resort. The pricing was not very clear and we were frustrated. We also wanted the picture-perfect wedding, but did not want to invest the time.   I came across Adventure Weddings and it looked too good to be true. There was a clear-cut dollar amount for the base price, and after we requested more information, we immediately could calculate what the cost would be. There were no hidden fees or surprises which was refreshing. The fact that the on-site coordinator would take care of everything is what sealed it for us.   Dennise would periodically send us information and she would always respond when I emailed her with the most random, detailed questions. She kept track of everything and made us feel important. We had the plans outlined and three months before the wedding, Dennise contacted us regularly with the more nitty-gritty details. Nothing was too small or silly and she made sure to have every detail covered. She was such a pleasure to work with and didn't judge our requests or try to sway us in any direction, she let us design the wedding we wanted, the way we wanted it. This again was so refreshing!   As the wedding got closer, Dennise was constantly in contact with us, making sure everything was covered. She gave us detailed instructions for getting to the island for the site inspection, which we really appreciated. She gave us hugs and as another reviewer said, she treated us like long lost friends. The boat ride over was a blast and the staff was excellent. The island was breathtaking - everything was perfectly in its place, the hammocks were gorgeous against the water, the food they provided was seriously delicious, and the drinks just kept coming. We sat with Dennise for about an hour going over timelines and asking last minute questions. She showed us where we were going to stand and how everything would operate. Since we were whisked away with Dennise, we missed the taco stand that everyone is directed too once they get onto the island. Dennise had the staff set us up with our own private taco stand, with fresh tortillas, and my husband was in heaven. There were also monkeys on the island and when we expressed interest in seeing and playing with the monkeys, Dennise arranged for us to go see the monkeys before the other guests, so that we could have our own private monkey viewing. We felt like royalty and had the best day on the island, enjoying the last few moments before all of our guests arrived in Mexico.   The day of the wedding, myself and my "early girls" were met by Blanca at the Maritime Terminal and were escorted through to the catamaran. We had to go through security with all of our stuff, so beware brides, they will literally go through everything you bring. We had another wonderful boat ride to the island and were escorted up to the bridal suite. The staff carried our luggage which was amazing. We had our own personal staff member to take care of us (Octovio!) who was always there to get us more champagne or whatever we needed. We had tacos and mimosas and sat in the Jacuzzi until it was time to shower. We took turns showering and lunch was brought to us, more delicious food! The make up and hair stylists arrived and we all took turns getting prepped. As the bride, I went last, which did give me some anxiety because the time was ticking away and I was getting nervous. The stylists didn't speak very much English, but luckily two of my girls were fairly fluent in Spanish. Dennise came by periodically and checked on us, and brought my bouquet - and at that moment I knew this would be the perfect wedding. She created the most perfect bouquet, based on a couple of Pinterest photos and my demand for tropical, colorful flowers. It was seriously perfect.   Our photographer, Cristheell, and videographer, Sandra, met us the day before the wedding at our resort (so easy, they came to us!) to discuss the photos and video. I was super nervous about the photography because that was the most important thing to me, it's what we will remember and show to everyone for the rest of our lives. Cristheell was very nice and gave us an overview of what would happen and what kind of photos she would be taking. Sandra ran through the same process for the video. The whole meeting was about half an hour, both ladies were very easy to talk to.   Cristheell came to the bridal suite and photographed us getting ready and took some nice photos of us just before the ceremony.   The ceremony was a blur - Chuy was our minister and he was super awesome to work with too. He had sent us the ceremony months before so that we could think about what we wanted to add or remove or make it personal. We liked it just the way he had it, and didn't change a thing. It was extremely hot even at 6 pm and my husband and I were sweating buckets. Chuy went quickly because he knew we were all suffering. I wore high heels and slipped through the straw mats a couple of times during the ceremony - I would suggest future brides wear a wider heel or a wedge.   Cristheell took a bunch of photos of us with the family, and just the two of us walking up and down the beach. We were quite cranky because it was so hot and my husband hates having his picture taken. She was very patient with us and waited while he mopped his head with a washcloth and would give us breaks.   The rest of the night flew by - we had dinner, toasts, cake, and dancing. Dennise handled all of the transitions and would tell me first that we were moving onto the next thing. I didn't have to worry about anything at all. My husband and I just went along with whatever she said and posed for the photos and let it all happen.   The DJ was perfect, he played all of our songs and made it an awesome dance party. The drinks kept flowing! The food was super delicious again, the cake was delicious, the cake was perfect looking and they arranged the cake toppers for us.   The boat ride back was more of the dance party and everyone was having a blast. All of our guests came up to us and said at some point that this was the best wedding they had ever been to. Woo hoo!!   All in all, this was the perfect wedding for us. We didn't have to deal with vendors, make big decisions like, open bar or band vs. DJ or what photographer to use. We appreciated the fact that we only had to say "yes" or "no" and it was completely taken care of for us.   If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Dennise, Blanca, Octovio, Cristheell, Sandra, Raphael the DJ and everyone else were so incredibly awesome, we cannot thank you enough.   Two weeks later, that night is all we can talk about, and cannot wait to return to PV to go back to Las Caletas, just to sit and relive that whole night.  

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Cons: Saying goodbye to the staff at las Caletas
My husband and I had our wedding at Las Caletas on Feb 17 ,2015. Everything was so much more than I could have ever imagined. Jessica, our wedding coordinator was so helpful and sweet. I sent her countless of images, questions and ideas, she always returned my emails very promptly. She made me feel like I was the only bride. I can't imagine how many other brides she was helping as well as me! Jessica is amazing at what she does! Pretty well, anything I had in mind... The staff at Las Caletas made it happen  :)     The bridal suite was beautiful! The only downfall is that the day goes by so quickly, you think you have tons of time to lounge around on the beach and at the bridal  suite, but the next thing you know you are getting ready!    I had my hair and makeup done. The stylists  were so sweet  & friendly and are great at what they do! you feel like a celebrity ;) Only thing, I would have asked to use less hairspray although i know it is needed for the humidity!    Our videographer, Sandra ,was so professional and friendly.  We just received our highlight video, I am thrilled with how she put it all together, it was worth every penny. She even took the time to skype with us before arriving to Mexico to explain how everything would go on the wedding day, this was very helpful.    Cristheel, our photographer was also very professional and so so lovely. I wish we had upgraded our photo package! We went with a smaller one because we went with the largest video package, but I think having Cristheel while the girls were getting ready would have been amazing. I received the pictures from her very quickly, we are now just having a tough time choosing from them all  :) She is a wonderful photographer!   The DJ , Rafael, was awesome, I met with him the morning of the wedding and he even took the time to help me determine what part of the song I was wanting to walk down the aisle to would work well. He let Jessica know when I should start walking via their headsets! I think it is so awesome they all have headsets!  You feel like you are in "the wedding planner " and its your big day! Just simply AMAZING!   The flowers were exactly what i wanted and looked like the pictures I had sent via pinterest along with my floral crown! The cake was so much better than i had imagined and tasted amazing. The food , the drinks , the service was all SO SO INCREDIBLE!   The staff were all so friendly and helpful, they even carried my husband's aunt who had a wheelchair to and from the boat. Wheelchairs are not an issue, they make anything possible!    I honestly have nothing bad to say other than it goes by way to quickly! I was so sad to leave and no longer have emails back and forth with Jessica , Sandra & Christeel. Everyone there makes you feel so special. We thankfully added the extra hour whichi think is a MUST if you have a lot of speeches, the sky lanterns and SMORES were such amazing and memorable touches.    If you are wanting a beautiful private ceremony that is unique and not your "typical" beach wedding, then Las Caletas is for you!       
Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing
Simply put, everything about our experience with this company (a sub-division of Vallarta Adventures) was beyond wonderful. I have given them 5 stars but would happily have given them more if it was possible. An absolutely first-class company and experience they put together for us.   We contacted them 10 months before the wedding, and were a little nervous at first from our friends' experiences with other destination wedding companies (ie. hidden expenses, poor communication, late additions etc). It turned out we had nothing to worry about. Our wedding co-ordinator, Blanca, was very communicative and responsive to our questions and ideas throughout the process, so much so that we were asking ourselves when was something going to go wrong...but it never did. She was very up front about the pricing options for the wedding and when they needed a response by, giving us plenty of time to make our choices. They were also very flexible with our requests, so much so that we only had to send here a Pinterest board with color ideas for her to design the flower arrangements and centerpieces perfectly as my Wife wanted them.   When we arrived in PV a week before the wedding date, we were taken to the site for a quick walk through and meeting with the DJ, who we had emailed previously with our song list and electronic versions of these songs. We only asked them one time what songs we wanted played and when, and they nailed it on the big day with all of our requests. Similarly, we had a few special bottles of liquor we wanted to have available and Blanca drove to our hotel to pick them up, and again, we gave her very brief directions as to which bottle was needed for what part of the day, and everything was there when we arrived. No written instructions required at all. We also met with the photographer and she walked us through her ideas for the day and when she would be needing us. After the walk through, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at the Adults Only section of Las Caletas in hammocks at the water's edge with our own private bartender. Then lunch and the boat ride back to PV.   During the week prior to the wedding, Blanca kept in touch with us via email to let us know that everything was as we wanted it to be. We had one minor change which was an addition to the female wedding party and she organized and communicated this too us with no stress on our part. For the big day, the ladies spent the entire day at the site, laying in hammocks, drinking Mimosas and getting massages and were waited on hand and foot throughout. The hair stylists were great and everything was prepared and ready to go once I got to the island with the main wedding party. The photographers assistant was on the main wedding party's boat which wasn't included in our plan which was a nice surprise. We were met at the dock by waves from the Las Caletas staff, and escorted to my Groom's private cabin for photos and 15 minutes to make sure we were all ready to go. The co-ordination between Blanca and her co-worker (I forgot his name) and the DJ was spot-on and the ceremony went absolutely according to plan. We then spent about 45 minutes taking pictures, alone and with our wedding party and respective families as we had requested, and were then introduced to everyone at the dinner. The buffet was spectacular and enjoyed by everyone, with all dietary restrictions being catered for by the wide selection available. The speeches were MC'd exactly as we'd requested and then the cake cutting and reception where we had an absolute ball! The finale was the Sky Lanterns, which was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I think there were some grown men shedding a tear at this point, the whole evening had been that amazing.   On the boat ride back to PV, we had a great dance party at the front of the boat. I don't know if the DJ was on the boat or not but as with the rest of the event, they played all the songs we had requested and we had grandmothers dancing with friends dancing with each others' families...it was so much fun.    All in all, I will absolutely recommend this company to anyone considering a destination wedding. We received comments from literally everyone who attended about how stunning the location was and the friendliness of the staff, and what an amazing day it was for all involved. If this is the #4 Destination Wedding venue in the world according to Trip Advisor, then I cannot imagine how ridiculously amazing the top 3 must be. When you consider the cost of our day, which was the Premier Package, then it was a terrific value as well, considering we would have had to pay about four times the amount to have thrown a wedding of comparable quality where we live back in the US. A first-rate company with first-rate staff who provided us with the memories which we will cherish forever. Thank you (again) to Blanca and everyone involved.    Scott & Micah