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Adventure Weddings is Mexico's leading destination wedding company. Our exclusive location of Las Caletas provides the perfect mix of ocean, mountain, beach and tropical jungle to create the ideal setting for your dream destination wedding.

Whether you want an intimate, quaint and casual ceremony or a sophisticated and elaborate event, we’ll design an unforgettable and personalized experience suited to your individual style and budget.

Our professional wedding and event coordinators will handle every detail of your special occasion with an all-inclusive package tailored to your wishes, so you can easily relax, knowing that all is taken care of. Since all of our facilities and excursions are owned and operated by us, we are able to coordinate and book all of the wedding events from romantic to thrilling and everything in-between.

Modern Bride magazine ranks Mexico as the fifth most popular destination for weddings in paradise, and once you experience Las Caletas, you’ll know why.

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By Jennkd1616, · 0 Comments

Amarch 27/ 2013 Our wedding day was beyond PERFECT! Their are no words to describe how beautifully perfect our wedding was. Dennise was amazing-she did everything and more,she made the process soooo stress free! The wedding ceremony went without a glich, the timing, the music, EVERYTHING was perfect! The photographer, the minister, the servers, everyone made our special day perfect! The Dj was awesome too! He had every song we requested and had everyone on the dance floor all night long! Their was so much food and a great selection for everyone, the dessert buffet was delicious too! Each and every guest(30 ppl) said it was the most beutiful wedding they attended and had nothing but positive feedback. I couldn't have ever imagined a better wedding, i wouldn't change a single thing. And absloutely no complaints! THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO MADE OUR SPECIAL DAY PREFECT! and an extra thank you to Dennise for making everything come together :D :D :D :D +the make up/hairstylist incrediable! i had my hair planned for a year but after seeing his amazing job with all my bridesmaids i let him chose what he +thought was best for me and I can assure you i loved it :-) +best massage I've ever had, and I've had many. +service during the day was also amazing! +we stayed at Dreams and the food and service provided by las caletas made them look bad, and dreams is a 5 star resort :-)

By athorpe, · 0 Comments

Pros: experience, relaibility, ease of planning, location
Cons: none!
Our wedding experience at Caletas working with Adventure Weddings was truly amazing and exceeded all of our expectations. Our wedding was November 10, 2012 for 60 guests. Here is a link to our highlight video to give you an idea of the set- up:    http://10112012adrianeadam.adventureweddingsphoto.com/video.html       It is really hard to put into words how memorable and beautiful the wedding truly was.    The positives and highlights:   1. Planning process: We booked our wedding a year in advance and began coordinating details with our Wedding Coordinator Dennise about 2 months prior to the big day. Dennise and I communicated primarily by email and she was accessible by phone as needed. She was always timely and responsive to our requests and questions which made planning very easy and not stressful. She went above and beyond to ensure each detail was met and even helped us with specialized requests including DJ equipment from the states, professional guitarist/violin players for the ceremony, custom designed cupcakes for the reception, a fire dancer for our rehearsal dinner the night before, a tequila tasting bar for the reception and many more. Dennise created itemized lists confirming details and worked with us to provide an agenda/timeline for the big day. She was extremely organized and since she was on top of every detail we were able to relax and enjoy our time in Mexico in the days leading up to the wedding.    2. Wedding decor: We wanted simple elegance since Caletas is already such a beautiful place with the greenery from the jungle. My husband and I sent Dennise pictures of exactly what we wanted for the bouquets, BM's flowers, centerpieces, etc. For areas we weren't sure, Dennise provided hundreds of example pictures including the table settings, ceremony design and set-up, etc. We picked a few items frombthose examples which was very helpful. In the end, the Adventure Wedding team delivered exactly what we had envisioned. Every detail was executed to perfection. I suggest sending pictures which we mostly googled online or picking from the examples they provide for ease.    3. Wedding Casita for bride and BMs: The morning and day leading up to the wedding was awesome. I went with the BMs to Caletas around 9 AM and spent the day snorkeling, paddle boarding, getting massages and hanging out in the bridal casita.  The casita was stocked with champagne, water and plenty of food. We had wait staff check-in with us all day. Also, we had another Coordinator with us for the day before Dennise arrived that afternoon. She was very helpful with a few last minute needs like finding us sparklers for the reception and tracking down a sign we left on the boat on trip over earlier that morning. The service was amazing and they brought everything we needed. We started hair and make-up mid day. Our hair and make-up turned out exactly like the pictures we brought as examples. The bridal suite is up in the jungle and some of my favorite wedding pics are with the BMs with the greenery around the casita.    4. Trip to Caletas for wedding guests: We organized transportation through Adventure Weddings from our hotel to the Marina where the boat departed from for the guests to get to Caletas. The transportation and cruise director arrived on-time in a comfortable and modern coach. Easy process. The cruise to Caletas was memorable for all of the guests. Everyone loved how they passed by Los Archos for a photo opportunity. Music and drinks kicked off the evening. Only suggestion here is Groom and GMs might want to bring a change a clothes. It was hot and humid  so the guys in the wedding party changed clothes on the boat upon arrival. Good call!   5. Photography and videography: the actual wedding and ceremony turned out beyond perfect and our guests were all commenting that it wouldn't be possible to describe to their friends how beautiful and amazing the wedding actually was. Without doubt invest in the pictures and video to remember the day! We debated over this and now having the video it is really the only way to show the experience and capture the essence of the moment. The Adventure Wedding staff was experienced and professional and the quality was good.    6. Food: the menu was set. Although I'm sure they would accommodate your requests, no need! Our guests raved that the buffet included the best food they ate their entire stay in Mexico. The steak and dessert buffet were among the favorites. No expenses were spared and there was plenty of food to go around.    7. Overall service: as the bride, I always had exactly what I needed. For the reception, it seemed like there were just as many waiters as guests! Everyone had the drinks they needed and even a few more they probably could have done without. ;) Not a single complaint. One of my guests told me they hired two people just to ensure the candles around the island stayed lit the entire time. WOW!   I don't have any negative comments but here are a few more tips/ideas based on our experience:   1. Be prepared for the heat if getting married the same time of the year. Think about a change of clothes for the wedding party coming over the boat (if wearing suits or jackets) and having a "cooling station" set-up upon arrival. Adventure Weddings provided cold towels as well as plenty of water which was needed.    2. Extend the reception for an extra hour! Our guests would have kept partying and celebrating. The cruise home was a great way to cap off the night and we provided an ipod with our favorite music for dancing for the return.    3. We had a couple guests that needed assistance walking to/from cruise/reception. If you have elderly or handicap guests make plans with the Coordinator in advance. While Caletas is not the most handicap friendly place I've been, the staff will transport guests where they need to go - not a problem.    4. Try some of the excursions that Vallarta Adventures offers. Dennise worked out special group rates and helped us organize a private canopy tour called Extreme Adventure the day before. The guests loved the 3/4 mile long zip line! It is the longest one in Mexico. So fun.    5. Bring toiletries for the bridal party getting ready at Caletas. They have towels though. Also, be sure you have everything packed in bags before you leave the casita for the ceremony. We left a few items behind but luckily Dennise was nice enough to drop the items off at the hotel the next day.    6. Do as many wedding pictures before the ceremony as possible. In November it got dark very quickly so the lighting became darker mid-ceremony. This is also why I suggest investing in the video.    To sum it up, Caletas is a unique and amazing place to have a wedding! The wedding ceremony and reception was first-class, customized to our taste, and the planning process was easy. I strongly recommend Adventure Weddings if you want to work with professionals to deliver a wedding that looks like it came out of a movie. At first we considered a wedding at a nearby resort but I can tell you that this experience cannot be matched because the beach/jungle setting and 100% candlelit island/reception are truly unique. Caletas is a very special place and we can't say enough positive things about our special day and overall experience working with Adventure Weddings. Our guests are still raving about our wedding at Caletas and it was without doubt the most special place to share our big day with them. THANK YOU so much to Adventure Weddings for creating a memory of a lifetime.    5 stars, 10 out of 10, 100% satisfaction, highly recommended to all!  
Julia Gonsecki

By Julia Gonsecki, · 0 Comments

Pros: Staff and coordinator were extremely helpful and took care of every detail. The location was unbelievable!
Cons: Additional costs added up to be significant.
Overall I cannot say enough great things about our wedding at Las Caletas. When half of the guests at your wedding come to you and tell you that your wedding was the best wedding they have every been to, you know you have done something right. From the first time my husband and I step foot on the property we knew that it would be perfect. Our amazing coordinator, Dennise was in large to thank for the smooth execution of the  entire event, she was fantastic. Starting with the location, it is unbelievably gorgeous! Imagine- you are surrounded in a tropical forest! As long as the weather complies (which it did for us), you are in paradise! We got Married at Las Caletas December 30th 2012. I think the things that made our wedding fun was some of the added activities (fire dancers, sky lanterns and fireworks). The only thing I would caution was that with all of the added details we ended up going over our budget. But in general, if you were to have a wedding like this anywhere is the U.S. you would probably end us spending 5x more then we did. I will go into the details of the wedding but I do want to mention that this company prides themselves on customer satisfaction. All the vendors they work with are legitimate and extremely professional. At one point in our wedding planning, our coordinator, Dennise emailed me and told me that she must change our spanish trio band because she had a bad experience with them and she doesn't want to risk it happening at our wedding. She found us an alternative option for a band with was pricer but didn't charge us for it.Our wedding was fairly large. Our total party was 60 people. 7 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen (seriously!). All in all we couldn't be happier with our decision to get married at Las Caletas, it was more then anything we could have every dreamed up. The next day after our wedding we woke up and my husband asked me when we could do it all again. it was MAGICAL. If you have ever wanted a truly special, private and unique beach wedding, this is it!    The Walkthrough 2 days before our wedding we did a walkthrough of the property with our coordinator, Dennise. Before the walkthrough we had never been to Las Caletas and only spoke to Dennise over email so we were a little concerned about getting everything finalized in a matter of a few hours. The day started with Denise meeting us at the Marine terminal and an hour boat ride to Las Caletas. Once we got there we sat down and went through the schedule and any questions we had. We then toured the property. This took about an hour and a half at which time we were done. To my surprise all of our questions were answered and I really felt at ease. The thing that is great about working with this company is that they do many weddings and know how to do them right. Any time I wasn't sure how to do something I asked dennise and she reccomended an option that worked in the past. I trusted them, and it was the right decision. For the rest of the day at las caletas, we just laid around the beach and ate an amazing lunch. it was a perfect and relaxing day right before our wedding. On our boat ride back we saw whales jumping out of the water, it was magical!   Corrdinator- Dennise In working with Dennise over email, I wasnt sure how I would like her or get along in person. But as soon as I met her I loved her. She is one of those genuinely nice and sincere people! She was very calm, which relaxed me but at the same time she was focused and down to business. Also, when I had special requests she would do her best to make sure I got what I wanted. She definitely went above and beyond. It was such a pleasure to work with her! My entire wedding day, I didn't have to worry about anything. anytime I wanted something or had a question, Dennise would be right there to help.    The Photographer- Eder Amazing. Patient. Hardworking. Nice. Unbelievable pictures. He got to the bridal suite at 2 and didn't stop taking pictures until 1am when our boat got back to the marina. He was amazing. Our pictures are fantastic. Once I got them I just couldn't stop looking at them. They were just so beautiful. He had great ideas for posed shots but also took really good candid photos. He was open to our ideas on poses and took direction from my wedding party on their ideas as well. We also did a trash the dress with him and those were some of our favorite pictures. Not only were the pictures amazing but we had so much fun taking them. The only thing we didn't get to do that I wish we did was take a group picture with our entire wedding party. We didn't get to do any pictures with all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Its not entirely their fault because we had over 20 people in our bridal party so it was hard to get them together. If I could have done anything different it would have been to plan to take a group picture when it was still light out. Once the ceremony was over it was completely dark out so it was much harder to take pictures.   Video- Sandra Very professional and nice. Video came out great. They finished the video within 2 months of the wedding which was great! What I liked best was they created a short 7 minute clip of the best parts of our wedding which was great to share with our guests.    The Food Delicious. I was worried and skeptical since its a buffet so i thought it would be like in an all inclusive resort but it was nothing like it. It was super fresh. Very flavorful and so many options! Our guests loved it. The food stayed out there throughout the night so our guests could graze on it. A lot of weddings I have been to I leave hungry, this was not the case at our wedding. We also asked to bring some food for the boat ride back and that worked out well. It was a bit messy but our guests were pretty drunk so they didn't care.    Fire Dancers One of the highlights of the night! Everyone was in awe. My husband and I were in the center of it all and it was so fun for us. The dancers came really close to us with the fire so I was pretty scared but I think thats all part of the act. It was a blast! A MUST at Las Caletas.   Lantern Release I almost didn't do this, but I'm glad we did. This may have been our guests favorite thing of the night. Everyone couldn't stop raving about it. The pictures turned out well and it was so romantic.   The Flowers My bouquet was gorgeous. I gave them a photo and it was exactly what I wanted. The table and ceremony arrangements were also just as I had requested. I think as long as you provide pictures they can do anything! My only complaint is that they took a long time to make the bridesmaids bouquets so we didn't have them for most of the pictures. This was annoying because we spend alot of money on them and they weren't ready. Otherwise, they were pretty.   Fireworks I was probably most excited about the fireworks all night! I couldn't wait for them! It really was a magical way to end the night. Our guests couldn't believe we had fireworks at the end of our fairytale wedding. The only thing I would change was that we were too far from them. When they started the fireworks we were still so far out, it wasn't clear if they were for us or if it was a hotel doing it in the distance. They should have started the fireworks when we got closer. Towards the end of the fireworks the boat got closer to them but it was not timed very well. If you choose to do this, I would discuss this since its not a cheap option. Overall I would still do them but I would make sure it was timed better.   Hair/Makeup Unfortunately I don't remember his name but our hair/makeup artist was amazing! I wasn't sure how one man would do all of my bridesmaids in time but he was so fast and good! everyone was happy with their hair and makeup. It helped that we had pictures of what we wanted because his english wasn't all that great but it didn't really matter because he was just awesome.      Thank Las Caletas for making our wedding dream come true!                           
Pros: Communication, Bridal Suite, Hair & Makeup, Beauty of Location, Decor, Food, Service and DJ!!!
Cons: Problems with transportation and no space provided for groom and groomsmen to get ready
Hi Everyone,   We had our wedding at Las Caletas on November 21, 2012.  It was absolutely beautiful!!!  We had 51 guests join us and we stayed the week at the Barcelo in Puerto Vallarta.  I would recommend the Barcelo to anyone looking for a resort, it  is located in a great spot and perfect for families and single adults.  The rooms are the best I have ever stayed in and the grounds are lush and well maintained.  Everyone in our group had an awesome vacation.  The only negative would be the far distance from the Marina.  It was about a 35-40 minute bus ride for the wedding guests.     Pre-Wedding Communication:  I have nothing negative to say about the pre-wedding communication with the wedding planners at Las Caletas.  I started the planning process with Kelley and then was switched to Dennise after Kelley left and I never had any problems.  All my emails were returned relatively quickly and if there was ever a time where they would be unable to get back to me promptly they would let me know ahead of time.  Dennise answered all my questions and went out of her way to accommodate any extra requests.  I was originally planning to have our wedding at the Barcelo but had such a hard time communicating with their wedding planner we decided to check out Las Caletas and I am so glad we did.  Dennise also met with us at our hotel two days prior to the wedding to go over the final details and had an itinerary prepared for us (we decided not to do a pre-wedding visit to Las Caletas).  You can feel safe knowing they will handle everything on your wedding day and it will look even better than you have been imagining!   Bridal Suite: Spending the day at Las Caletas with my mom, cousin and three bridesmaids was amazing.  I thought the bridal suite was perfect.  You have your own private showers, plenty of towels and even robes.  There is a fridge full of cold bottles of water and champagne and orange juice waiting for you when you arrive.  Other then taking a quick dip in the ocean we spent the entire day up in the suite and it couldn't have been more relaxing.  We had our own server bring us a delicious lunch and a tray of beers.  You will love your time here.  It also provides a great backdrop for some awesome pictures.  Just remember to bring your own shampoo/conditioner and if you use the jacuzzi be careful when you turn on the jets as it filled the water with ants when we did this so we had to refill it and use it without the jets, but it was a great way to cool down.  We also brought a small Ipod dock so we had music while we got ready.           All of the remaining photos were taken by MACMEX Photography: http://www.macmexphotography.com       Hair and Makeup: We had hair and makeup organized through Dennise and used Joel's Salon.  I found the pricing expensive but he did an amazing job on everyone.  He was very quick and professional.  I brought an inspiration picture but my bridesmaids and mom did not and they were all really happy with the job he did.  For a stress free day I highly recommend organizing everything through Las Caletas.  They do a really great job and you don't have to worry about anything.               Pre-Ceremony: We decided to do some photos before the ceremony so we could get some daylight shots.  The groom, groomsmen and our photographer came over early at 2:30pm.  They arrived on a small boat with the minister, Chuy, leaving from La Boca.  Unfortunately, the boys experience prior to the ceremony was not that great.  When they arrived their wedding clothes were taken by a staff member and they were told to wait in the dinner area for further instruction on where to get ready (we did not do a site visit prior so they didn't have this information).  They waited for an hour or so (they did have beer to ease the wait lol) but no one came back so they eventually found the minister who took them up to the spa, which is right beside the bridal suite.  At this point they still didn't know where their clothing was and when they got to the spa they were still doing massages with the day guests from the cruise and were told to keep quite while they stood outside the door waiting for direction.  I didn't know any of this was going on and assumed they were in their own area, which I have seen in other people's photos.  Eventually, they received their clothing but by this time they were already supposed to be dressed and ready to meet us for photos so they had to quickly get dressed in a makeshift area, where we could see them from the bridal suite so we didn't really get to have a first glance moment.  However, we did have time to do some photos before the guests arrived but I felt bad for the boys because our time was so relaxing and they didn't get to have the same experience, they were all sweaty and disorganized.  During this time Dennise was doing all the decorating down at the reception site so I don't blame her but they should have someone there to direct the groomsmen and provide a space for them to get ready in comfort.           Photography: We used Dan from MACMEX Photography located in Puerto Vallarta.  He was great and very professional.  He met with us at our hotel prior to the wedding day to go over all the details and then went over early with the groom and groomsmen on the day of the wedding.  I was really happy with our choice of photographer and despite the darkness he got some great shots throughout the night.  If you are getting married in the winter I strongly recommend doing some photos before the ceremony as they were my favorite and the island can't be truly captured in the dark.  If you are looking for a photographer  I recommend Dan at MACMEX: http://www.macmexphotography.com         Ceremony: The ceremony was everything I hoped it would be and more.  Walking down the aisle and seeing everyone there in such a beautiful setting couldn't have been more perfect.  The minister, Chuy was great and the ceremony went very smoothly.  We decided not to do our own vows and just changed the example provided to fit us.  We also did a sand ceremony, which I loved.  We went with really simple ceremony decor and I was so happy with the way it looked.  I loved the palms and flowers lining the aisle mat because they gave so much color to the space.  My husband, Brodie, said there was some confusion before the ceremony regarding where they should stand and how to put on the boutonnieres etc.. before going down the aisle and Dennise was with us so I guess there was no one down at the beach guiding them but everything worked out.  During the ceremony we had one rouge wave come out of no where and get the bottom of my dress and the feet of the guest on the ocean side, which provided a laugh (none of the other waves even came close to the space so it was a surprise!).  Also, watch out for the candles at the top of the stairs you come down to get to the aisle.  It was so narrow at the top for me and my dad that the bottom of my dress went right over the lit candles and I thought for a second I was going to go up in flames.  This also happened to me entering the dinner area and the dance floor because there are candles below the entrance and if you have a long dress it is very hard to get over them (we ended up moving some of them).           Guest loved the hand fans.          Cocktail Hour: This part of the wedding went by so fast for me.  It was dark right after the ceremony...really, really dark.  I knew the sun would be setting at this time but I did not realize how dark it would actually be out there.  We did a group shot right after the ceremony and then most of the guests hung out around the bar, while we did some family photos on the beach.  The staff was handing out appetizers to the guests but I didn't get a chance to try any.  I am so happy we did photos prior to the ceremony because you can't capture the beauty of the location after wards during this time of year.  The photos below will give you an idea of how dark it was and our photographer had three large flashes set up to capture these shots.               Reception: The dinner was amazing.  The decor was perfect and the food was the best we had the entire trip.  Dennise did an awesome job with the decorations and I was so happy with the way everything turned out.  I really like a rustic look so we decided to not put seat covers on the wood chairs because they were so cool looking but we did use white tablecloths with wooden table runners.  The wooden table runners with the candles and blue stones I brought looked perfect.  I also brought blue and white paper lanterns, which looked great hung over the dinner area.  This part of the night was so perfect and everyone loved the food and deserts.  If you are having an MC or people using written speeches make sure to bring a flashlight because it is pretty dark and my MC was having a lot of difficulty reading what he had prepared.  We decided not to do a cake and I don't think anyone noticed.  We did have pre-made smores on a table by the bonfire, which were delicious.  The dance floor surrounded by candles and torches is like something out of a movie so so beautiful.  All the guests had the time of their lives dancing.  My only regret is not getting the extra hour because it went by so fast.  I actually thought it was too rushed and would recommend adding extra time.  We did not do a cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss or fire dancers and I'm glad we didn't because I don't think there would have been any time to dance if we included these things. Cigar Bar and Glow Sticks     Seating Cards     Dinner tables   Sweet Heart Table       DJ: I highly recommend getting the DJ.  I didn't want to ask one of our guest to be in charge of the music so we decided to get the DJ last minute and I'm really glad we did.  We gave him a list of songs for each part of the day and he did a great job including them and reading the crowd.  Everyone danced the entire time, it was so much fun :)   Transportation:  We did have some issues with the transportation throughout the day.  Myself and the girls who arrived early didn't have much trouble but our boat did leave the Marina late and have some mechanical problems.  We were also on board with a tour group from a Disney Cruise Ship, which included lots of small children and several of them were throwing up all over the deck (I know this can't be avoided but I felt so bad for them).  We didn't get sick but it was a pretty rough ride.   The remaining wedding guests said the bus ride to the marina was good (this was arranged through Dennise) but their boat was also late to leave the Marina, which they didn't seem to mind because there is a place to sit and get drinks but this meant they arrived to Las Caletas 30 minutes late.  I didn't even realize this till I was told by my parents later but I guess once they arrived they had to be immediately seated and didn't get that allotted time to explore and get a drink etc.. that they are scheduled to have prior to the ceremony.  This is the only time they get to see everything in the day light so it is too bad they missed out on this but nobody noticed except my parents who had the itinerary.  A few of the guests also got sick on board, including our flower girl (this can't be avoided but be prepared for the possibility of a rocky ride).  The boat ride back was also very rough making it impossible to dance or really even walk on board.  I was a little disappointed because they advertise it as a continuation of the reception but the boat was small and lacked room to dance and was so rocky it wasn't safe.  Everyone enjoyed themselves though but just to keep in mind it is very hard to dance on board if the water is rough and the boats are not really equipped with a dance floor.  Knowing this now I would have definitely opted for the extra hour.  Also, there were not enough seats on the bus ride home so a few guests had to share and sit on the floor at the back of the bus.     Other then the minor issues with transportation and the lack of area for the boys to get ready the day was perfect and these things really didn't matter in the end (most of this I was oblivious to).  I had the best time and all the guests raved about the wedding.  Forget all the little things that might go wrong and you will have the best day of your lives.  I would not trade anything.  I loved my wedding and I loved Las Caletas!!!!!    If you have any questions I will be happy to help.  Good luck to all the future brides :)     

By Branya2012, · 2 Comments

Pros: Everything! From the food to the location, the staff, drinks and service were all more than we could have hoped for!
Cons: Honestly cannot think of any.
Wedding Coordinator/Communication   Dennise was our wedding coordinator, and I had been emailing with her for about one to two months leading up to the wedding, settling all of the details for our big day.  She answered all of my questions, always within a few days.  She provided an Adventure Weddings PDF and a Word document with questions, and we replied back and forth in the Word document.  We were pretty easy going on what we wanted, but I think if you have specific ideas, they would be able to meet them for you, no worries.  Everything at our wedding turned out amazing!   We got into Puerto Vallarta late Saturday afternoon, with our wedding set for the following Wednesday.  Dennise came to our resort, the Barcelo PV, to meet with us the day before the wedding, which I thought was a really nice touch.  I had prepared a list of questions as well as a bag with some things to give her.  She took that and gave it to the other coordinator, Blanca, who met us at the marina the next morning.  Dennise also had a package prepared with a list of things to bring for spending the day at Las Caletas as well as a very detailed timeline for the wedding day, which was great to share with the ladies going over early as well as our photographer.   Overall, our experience with Dennise was great.  She checked in with us a lot throughout the wedding day to make sure that we had everything that we needed.  There may have been some times early on in the planning where it took a while to receive a response, but when it came to crunch time, she was wonderful!   Wedding Day Transportation   I went over early with my mom and two aunts, since we didn’t have a wedding party.  We took a taxi to the marina and Blanca was there to greet us.  She helped us hang up my dress and store our bags on the boat and when we arrived at Las Caletas she had someone take it all up to the bridal casita for us.  The boat ride over was great, as was the return.  They had juice, coffee, tea, fruit and pastries for us on the way over, and an open bar and music on the boat ride back.   Brad came over with our friend/photographer and his wife, with the crew from La Boca.  They arrived early, after my hair and makeup were done.  We did not do a site visit to Las Caletas beforehand, so we didn’t have to pay extra for them to come over.    Relaxing at the Bridal Casita   We hung out at the casita and went down to the beach for a swim during the morning – it was crazy to think that this beach full of people would be where our wedding was taking place a few hours later!!  My aunt and I went for a half an hour massage at noon.  It was a great way to relax!    Everything is built into the hill, and I know some girls had mentioned that it’s a bit of a hike to the top, so I was prepared to be exhausted but it really wasn’t that bad (though I’m sure it’s a different story with the weather in July!).  I even made out fine climbing up in my wedding dress after doing pictures!  By the time we showered after our massages and were ready to go for lunch, the hair/makeup guy had arrived.  I came back from lunch and had a nap in the hammock out back while Jamil did my mom’s hair.   Hair and Makeup   Jamil, who was with Joel Salon in PV, was arranged through Dennise and did both my hair and makeup.  He did not really copy my pictures at all, but I was unbelievably happy with the result!  He really knew what he was doing, I wouldn’t change a thing!  I had wanted to have my hair half up, half down, and over my left shoulder, but I am SO glad that Jamil put it all the way up.  It was ridiculously hot and sweaty when dancing, and I know that my hair would’ve bothered me if it was down.  My makeup was seriously bullet proof, even through the tears and the sweat!  It was expensive, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!   On a side note, I got eyelash extensions done, and while they were great, I wouldn’t have them done again.  Jamil had fake eyelashes that I could’ve used and spared myself the expense and care and maintenance of my eyelashes.  However, take that with a grain of salt as I also hated the gel/acrylic nails that I got put on for the wedding.  I think I’m more of a simple girl and I like to feel like me!  I’d do the nails again, because they looked fab for the wedding!   Pre-Ceremony/First Look Pictures   We did a first look at the bridal casita, which I would recommend.  Brad stood with his back to the window and I came up behind him (from inside) and he turned around to see me in the window.  Then I came outside and we hugged, with pictures being taken the whole time.  We went down to the beach for more pictures, where they were already setting up for the wedding!     By the time we were done, the rest of the group was arriving, so Brad and our photographer went down to meet them.  I waited in the casita alone for a bit before we were ready to go, which was actually quite nice!   Staff   The staff was excellent!  They, too, made sure that we had everything that we needed/wanted throughout the day.  Blanca was very friendly and helpful as was everyone else that was around.  I don’t remember seeing them too much throughout the evening, to be entirely honest!    Flowers   Our colours were yellow and blue.  I sent Dennise a picture of a bouquet of yellow lilies I quite liked and they made my bouquet with yellow lilies and yellow roses to fill in underneath.  It was beautiful!  The accents that we had, including the boutonnieres and the flowers on the chuppa, were all done in yellow lilies and other yellow flowers as well.  It was perfect!  I had told Dennise tropical flowers were fine for the centerpiece and accents, but they did lilies and I think it looked great done in yellow and lilies.  It tied it all together very nicely.   Ceremony/Minister   Chui had emailed us the week before the wedding with options for the ceremony.  He rode over in the boat with Brad and came right up to introduce himself to me when they got there.  He did a great job with the ceremony.  We had him read a welcome, we did our own vows, the sand ceremony, signing of the certificate, a family blessing and then he introduced us as Mr. & Mrs.!!  A language barrier is to be expected a bit, and it wasn’t too bad, except that the staff (and Chui!) kept introducing us as Mr. & Mrs. Myers (instead of Wyers).  It was really quite funny, we didn’t care at all, but I think it maybe had to do with the Spanish/English thing?  J   After the ceremony, we did as many family/friend pictures as we could.  We had a small group – there was 26 of us all together, but we were able to get group shots with our families before the sun went down, and then our photographer said he should be able to work some magic with the rest that were taken after the sun had disappeared completely.  I would definitely recommend doing pictures before the ceremony if that is something that is important to you, especially if you are having your wedding around the same time of year, given the time that the sun sets.   I don’t remember being overly hot during the ceremony or dinner.  It was only really when we were dancing that everyone got really hot.  The staff handled this perfectly.  I won’t get into it too much so that there are some surprises, but they really went over the top to make sure everyone was happy!   Dinner/Toasts/the Extra Mile   We had asked our friends to MC, which Dennise said was fine, but our friends ended up just letting the staff do their own thing and they made a nice speech to us instead.  It makes sense to do it that way for sure, but we had wanted to involve our friends, especially since we didn’t have a wedding party.   Food/Cake   The food was excellent!  We shared the lunch buffet with the other people that were at Las Caletas for the day.  I figured that there would be a lot of the same food at the wedding, but there was plenty of variety, and everything that I had was great!  They put a plate of appetizers by mine and Brad’s plates, but I don’t think either of us tried them.  We were into dinner by then.   We asked to have our cake to be chocolate with Khalua icing, and they actually soaked the whole cake in Khalua; it was so good!  A few people didn’t see them when they came around the dance floor with the cake, and it sucks that you have to order a cake big enough (at a minimum) for each person there, but I would get the cake again.  Cutting the cake was one of the traditions that we actually wanted to keep!  And it was really good!   Dancing/DJ/Music   We ended up paying for the DJ, mostly because we didn’t want one of our guests to have to play the music.  It was worth it, especially because we didn’t have to worry about a thing!  The DJ was great – he played all of the songs that we asked for, played to the crowd and was apparently even taking requests (even though I didn’t know that or notice anyone going up to him).   Las Caletas/Décor   There are no words to describe this place!  Seriously!  I’ve heard it said before, but the pictures seriously do not do it justice!!  The candles when the sun goes down, the rocks everywhere, the greenery and, of course, the beautiful ocean!  It is amazing!  The perfect romantic spot for a wedding!  They do a great job decorating as well…we didn’t get a lot of decorations (chuppa with coloured fabric and flowers, petals on the table runner, candles, one centerpiece and our favours) but they were not required!  The place is beautiful! We had Las Caletas make our wedding favours – hand painted maracas.  I believe they were $8 each, and worth every penny!  We had half made in yellow, half blue (which made the table look great!) and they said “Anya & Brad Wyers, December 5, 2012” and there were two palm trees painted on the back.  I would highly recommend them!   Fire Dancers   Do it!!!  Every review that I read by a bride that has gotten the fire dancers says to get them and I agree!!  Worth every penny!!  They were so much fun and a great surprise for the guests.  They came so close to us; I expected it, but there was nothing like it!  It was unbelievable!  There was a fire show at our honeymoon resort the next week, and it paled in comparison to the fire dancers at our wedding!!!   Tips, etc.   We, personally, didn’t tip anything above the included tips, other than a last minute 200 pesos to Dennise as we got off the boat at the end of the night and I think my mom gave the hairdresser 50 pesos.  I think that because we pay so much for the private wedding and because there are tips already included per person that was enough.  That’s not to mention that we paid for the extra hour as well – which is also something I would do again and found worthwhile.  I didn’t want the day to end!   Summary/Experience   We had our dream wedding come true with Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas.  It was perfect!!  I honestly didn’t even notice the small stuff very much when it came to experiencing the wedding day, but none of it mattered anyways!  I got to marry my best friend in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.   I don’t think there’s anything about Las Caletas that we wouldn’t do again, other than maybe ask them to serve the cake a little later, when everyone was seated and a little less full from dinner!  It was an amazing experience.  It was priceless to us to be able to have such a unique, private wedding.   We don't have many of the professional pictures yet, but here are a couple of us on the beach before the ceremony:      

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We got married June 16, 2012! I can’t say enough about Las Caletas. Pictures don’t do it justice! It’s absolutely beautiful!! It’s everything I thought it would be plus some. Boat ride over: The boat ride over was very smooth. We met at the terminal at 830 where we met up with Annie. Annie is so sweet and very helpful.  She took our belongings and decorations and hung everything up for us. The ride over went smoothly! We sat on the top deck which got a little hot after a while. I recommend sitting towards the front of the boat so you can see the show the workers put on. Very entertaining. Once we got there we were escorted to the bridal casita. Bridal Casita: The casita is a little bit of a hike! I was aware that it was going to be a hike but it was worse than I thought it was going to be.  It might have been because of the heat but we were all out of breath once we got to the top. The casita is cute but can get very hot. Luckily they gave us another fan.  There’s a full bathroom with showers and closet. In the closet is a refrigerator with water bottles. They also provide you with fresh fruit, orange juice and champagne.  Myself and bridesmaid made time to go down to the ocean and relax in the water for a little bit. The mothers decided to stay up in the casita and lay around. It was a little too hot for them.  Annie and Dennise would come up and check on us and make sure we didn’t need anything.  They are wonderful. They even called the hotel for us because one of the girls forgot her underwear. Lol   Hair/Make-up: The hair and make-up artists showed up on time around 130pm. They started doing hair and make- up right away. I recommend bringing pictures of hair and make- up styles. Some of my bridesmaids didn’t bring pictures and they were a little upset how their hair turned out.  The hair turned out good but not how they wanted. They are very nice and work fairly fast. Here's a picture of my hair and make-up Food: Delicious! So many choices and all are good! Table decor:   Ceremony: Beautiful!! Everything turned out exactly as I imagined and even better. The officiant, Ian, did our vows exactly how we wanted. He is extremely nice.  The ceremony set up looked exactly like the pictures I had sent Dennise.  As far as I can remember, the DJ played all the songs we requested. I was having too much fun to notice any flaws.  We made it through the father-dau/mother-son dance before it started to sprinkle. At first I was a little bummed that it was sprinkling but no one seemed to mind whatsoever so I just went with it. There was nothing I could do and the rain actually cooled everything off. It eventually started to pour. Dennise and the staff moved dinner tables around to make room for a dance floor under the awning. We tried to get everyone to dance under the awning but no one listened. They all said that dancing in the rain, on a beach, at a wedding was like dancing in a “pitbull music video.” They loved it!! Everyone was saying that our wedding was the best wedding they’ve ever been too! I don't have my professional pictures yet but here are some of the ceremony and reception Fire Dancers: Highly recommend! It was pouring rain when they performed. My husband and I were the only ones on the dance floor and everyone else watched from up above. Even though it was raining, it was an awesome experience and everyone loved it! Boat ride back: The boat ride back was interesting. While walking back to the boat it started to thunder and lighting. Rain was the worst it had been all night. Once everyone was on the boat the DJ played music and the party continued!  The ride back was cool because we were able to see the thunderstorm. The lightening lit up the entire ocean. It was beautiful and scary all at the same time!
rose city bride

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Pros: Lush, tropical beauty, attentive and professional staff, great food,
Cons: communication could have been better and some of the pricing got a little frustrating
As soon as my husband and I found pictures and reviews of las Caletas we were sold! I never wavered in my belief that this was going to be a beautiful and perfect location for a wedding and I was definitely proved right! I can not imagine a more magical place to get married. And the staff are absolute professionals at what they do. They do a lot of weddings and it shows in how totally seamless everything was. Amazing! I have to admit that I got a little worried and frustrated in the weeks leading up to my wedding. I am such a planner that I wanted to have every detail ironed out but I didn't feel that every little question was always responded to right away and the prices of a few things felt a little like a moving target and I thought some of the pricing was inconsisent anyway but all that said- the wedding went off without a hitch, Dennise could not have been any sweeter or more helpful and wonderful and overall the total cost was 100% worth every penny for what an amazing experience they give you! I loved every moment and am so happy we got married on Las Caletas. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get married in a lush, tropical environment. The fire dancers and wish lanterns were my favorite parts and I highly recommend doing both. My husband and I want to go back and renew our vows there again someday. We loved it that much! We didn't have a dj but made an ipod playlist and that worked well for us as we have specific music tastes. We got the spanish guitar player and that was great as well. The s'mores were the best I ever had and so beautifully presented, I would definitely recommend those as well. We used the vallarta adventures videographer named Sandra and she was absolutely as sweet as can be and blended with the backgroun amazingly. I don't have the video yet so I can't speak to that but she was awesome and I am hopeful it will be great. My last recommendation is to get married on a Sunday if possible, assuming there are no cruise ships in town that day they don't do tours on Sundays so we had our own private speed boat to take us to Las caletas and we were the only people, other than staff, there so we had a private beach. I did get stung by a jellyfish swimming around before our wedding but it was a small one and the staff gave us cortizone cream and vinegar and it went away very quick. I also used their hairdresser/makeup guy. He was very sweet and did a great job. He didn't really follow the picture I had but what he did was great and I was super happy with my hair. The makeup was way more than I am used to wearing- I kind of felt like a drag queen- but it looks awesome in pictures so I am glad I went with it and didn't try to wipe it off. It was really hot and muggy on our wedding day and it stayed on remarkably well and my curls made it through most of the night too, which is amazing! For our photographer we used Yanen Ali from Elizabeth Lloyd and she was such a sweetheart and worked so hard the entire time. Here is the link to our pics http://www.simplephoto.com/elizabethlloydphotography_JayBecky234735.htm  Overall I can not recommend Las Caletas enough! Everyone who came said it was the best wedding they have ever been to!  

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Wedding Day – 6/26/2012   Wedding Coordinators A few days before the wedding, Annie came to our hotel and we met her for the first time.  She was so sweet and brought her computer and some things to show me.  We went through the whole day from start to finish and asked her all the questions at that point.  I felt really good about everything after that meeting.  She even said she would make my flower cones for me! All we had to do was tape them shut, and they did that on the day of the wedding, which was very helpful. Both Annie and Denise were so helpful and nice through the whole process while we were there.   Boat ride to Las Caletas   We checked in at Vallarta Adventures at 8 am.  Denise was there to grab our things and bring them to the boat before everyone boarded.  The dresses and things went into a little area under the stairs.  Us girls grabbed a few things to eat and drink for breakfast and waited in the waiting area with all the tourists.  Once our boat was called we all boarded with the others who were going to Las Caletas for the day.  We departed and went to Puerto Vallarta to pick up more passengers which took about 5 minutes once we got there. Now let me just say the day was looking nice so far, we saw a rainbow that morning and it was a little overcast but nothing to be worried about.  I’m usually a good boater, however the boat ride over was rough! 4 out of 7 of us did not handle it so well. So make sure to take your Dramamine no matter what! You just don’t know what it’s going to be like out there… we had to call back to everyone else to make sure they took it for the boat ride later in the day just in case.     Morning time in the Bridal Casita   Once we got to Las Caletas (at 10:30), we grabbed what we could and Denise and the workers carried the rest up for us.  After a long hike, we arrived at our casita and it was just how the pictures show. So quaint and cozy up on the hill with a nice cozy bed and couch. Denise settled us in and took any wedding things I had. This is the perfect time to nap and relax since everyone was still queasy from the ride.  There is a tiny fridge in the bathroom stocked full of waters. Lots of fruit, champagne and orange juice were on the coffee table. And we just sat and soaked it all in.  Then my mom and I both got massages. I got a half hour one and it felt so amazing! I suggest doing it just to relieve some stress and relax a little bit.  While we were doing that, the girls napped. Once I was done, everyone felt better and we went on a little hike. Saw some parrots, tasted some fresh tortillas, walked along the beach, showed the girls where the wedding would take place.  Don’t be fooled by the looks of it at daytime. I could tell the girls were like, ‘what’s so special about this place?’ Then we walked back up and the girls took their showers. They have towels and a hairdryer (luckily, because I never thought about that!) Then Annie showed up and made sure everything was going good. We went to eat lunch at 1:00.  We were the only ones there so it was nice getting our food right away. And the food was delicious!! A nice buffet of everything and some of the food was the same for our wedding dinner (which is fine by me since it was so good).  At this time Annie showed me where the alternate location was if it rained during the ceremony.  She was going to have it set up no matter what since it could rain at anytime and you didn’t know how hard it would.  So when you come off the boat there’s an eating/restaurant area that they would clear out and set up the chairs and everyone would be undercover.  So that made me feel better about that scenario.  Then we went up stairs and the rest of us showered.  The hairstylists showed up right around that time too and got started right away.       Getting Ready   So all the girls go their hair done and my mom, my friend, and myself got our makeup done.  I think it is very important that you bring pictures of what you want no matter what! I feel like the girls who didn’t have a picture, ended up messing around with their hair after the fact and didn’t really like it.  But, I feel all in all they did a good job with the hair.  I loved how mine turned out except it’s my own fault for having some of it down since it got all flat by the end of the night (through the mist and sweat, the curls didn’t hold up all night). But it was good all the way until after the fire dancers! So I’m okay with that!  As for the makeup.. he cakes it on!!! Just a warning. He did use the airbrush makeup which was nice, but I had to dab a little off because it was a lot and I wasn’t used to my eyebrows being colored in lol.  And the makeup does rub off… while we were doing our pictures later, I had my chin on my husband’s white shirt.. and when I took it away it left a mark… woops!   Oh and make sure someone brings some music… my sister had her Iphone and played music while we were getting ready.. otherwise it’s too quiet! Photos   Annie brought up our flowers as they were getting done and they were so perfect! I loved them soo soo much and they turned out fantastic!  Our photographer showed up around 2:30-3 I think? After we were all done with hair and makeup we got in our dresses, put the jewelry on, and went out and took girl pictures and then pictures by myself.  We did hire the VA Videographer and she was really nice.  Didn’t even realize she was there half the time!   Arrival   The boat arrived on time and I started getting more excited/nervous!  My mom went down to greet them all and Annie brought some of they guys stuff down to their room. (which is right on top of the place we have dinner).  I brought over Dan’s and my dad’s attire so they could change when they get there.  Our photographer went down to take pictures of them getting ready and reading my ‘love’ card to Dan.  In the mean time, we requested tequila shots and those were brought up to us quickly!  At this point, it was lightly raining and misting… but the wedding would still take place out on the beach as planned!   Ceremony   It was time for us girls to start heading down the long trail.  My dad was at the end waiting for me and I partially lost it.  (Keep in mind I cry at everything).  So I wiped my tears and game face was on!  The guys were already waiting at the altar and the girls walked down one by one. Then our song started and my dad walked me down and I just stared at Dan the whole way and kept the tears away!  (I knew if I looked at anyone crying, I would start up again haha).  Dad gave me away and we started the ceremony.  Everyone had umbrellas except for the bridal party.  It ended up misting the whole time which was actually nice.  The guests told me later that it was way better than the hot sun beating down on everyone and it wasn’t actually raining, so it was tolerable.  Which I totally agreed with! So the ceremony went great and everyone loved it!       Cocktails/Dinner   During this time, we did family pictures, then we were taken away to take our couple pictures.  Not exactly sure what everyone thought during this time.. slipped my mind to ask about it. Then it was 7:30 and we quickly went back to have dinner.  We were obviously first and the food was awesome! Everyone said so themselves! We missed the dessert table (didn’t do a cake) and Dan wished he could’ve gone up for seconds but we got so caught up in everything else.  Oh and I spilled a chunk of guacamole on my lap. GREAT! Luckily it was just a light green but still! Of course I would do something like that.  Once we were finished, the speeches began with my dad, best man, and the MOHs.  Then it was time for the dances.  I mean things were just happening right after another.     Dancing    Let me start with the DJ… we did not hire the DJ, we had my brother’s friend in control of that and he did AWESOME!  He brought his laptop and started right when he got there.  So he played all of the music for the whole night.  There were no problems at all.  I suggest doing this if you have someone interested in it.  He’d play the song, then come down and dance, then go back up. This area is right next to where dinner is and it’s covered.  As long as you have 2 hours of a dancing playlist, you’ll be more than fine.  I gave him a list of all the important songs to play and he labeled those songs on his computer so they were easy to find.  SOO we started with our first dances.  The misting stopped and the sun was setting and later on in the night there was lightning in the distance!  And let me tell you, this was the most meaningful part of the whole night for me. I cried the whole time we danced and Dan sang to me the entire time.  It couldn’t have been more perfect… it was our moment to breathe and be with each other with no one bothering us.  Then after that the party began! Everyone danced the night away and there were a lot of dance-offs and everyone participated. It was so much fun.  The bonfire was set up with the smores, so Dan and I made our smores together and that ended up being our ‘wedding cake’ of the night.  (we are having our actual cake at our home reception).  And then the Fire Dancers and drummers came…all I’m going to say about this is: IT IS A MUST!! If you are on the fence about it.. just do it!! It was sooo worth it and everyone kept talking about it the rest of the week! I won’t tell you anymore because you NEED to experience it!! They showed up at like 9:30, so then we did some more dancing after that..           Sky Lanterns   Around 10:20 the sky lanterns were ready to go.  Annie and her team unpacked all the lanterns and handed them out to everyone.  They handed out candles so we could light them too.  This was such a neat experience for everyone too.  Unfortunately ours burned and didn’t make it. And the second one we tried, we didn’t give it enough time and it fell into the ocean too. SO my aunt brought a candle and put it in the sand and told us to make a wish… so thoughtful!  But other people’s worked and I still have that vision in my head watching all the lanterns float up to the sky! It was such a sight and people loved it.  (I also had 4 songs for this period of time and it worked out perfectly).  Then it was time for everyone to pack up and go.  Earlier, Annie brought all of our things down so that made it easy.  My parents, brother, and I danced for one last song and headed up with everyone. I had tears in my eyes because I couldn’t believe it was over and I was so happy everything turned out so perfect!  So we headed back through the candle lit trail to the boat.      Boat Ride   Well everyone was worried about the boat ride home… but we were assured that it is way smoother on the way back.  So surprisingly everyone was up around the bar dancing and drinking! They definitely partied the whole way back! It was so awesome and it just makes me happy when everyone is having a good time!  Even my 80-year-old grandma was dancing in her seat still!  Annie and all of the workers did such a great job and they were all so sweet and nice!   Overall   WOW… just wow.  Even looking at everyone else’s pictures from past brides, does not give it justice.  To be there, in that moment, to experience the ambiance, the food, the people, the location, it was unlike anything we have ever experienced.  Everyone kept telling us that no wedding could top this wedding and that they had an amazing time!  This was a night to remember and I’m so happy I shared it with my best friend! We will cherish that day forever! Enjoy!

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Hello   I just got back from my wedding and honeymoon and thought I would give a little review, our wedding took place May 26th 2012 at Las Caletas, hope this helps :)   Like others I too started out with Kelley as my coordinator and was sad to see her go, I then began to work with both Denise and Annie and they seemed to pick things up right where we left off so the transition was very smooth. Denise was wonderful with communication, she provided very clear answers to all my questions and emails. We met in the lobby of the Barcelo two days before the wedding, I was able to hand off all of my items I had brought like the guest book, seating cards, lanterns, lighters etc. Denise had a detailed time line of how the day would go, information on what to bring/wear. She made it so easy that at that point all I had to worry about was what time to be at the marina and what time the boys had to be in Boca to catch a water taxi.   Annie met us at the Marina to go over to Las Caletas, I was amazed at how professional and talented the workers at Vallarta Adventures were, we were able to sign up for massages and had access to many activities through out the day. The casita was amazing, champagne and fresh fruit were waiting for us when we arrived. Annie and all of the staff were very attentive, if there was anything that we needed it was taken care of immediately. The woman to do our hair and makeup was there waiting for us as soon as we got done eating lunch. I think she was actually a little early but it worked out great because we had more time to do pictures with the photographer before the other guests got there. Our photographer was Paulina Ulloa who I cannot say enough good things about her and her amazing team.   The wedding decorations looked amazing! the flowers turned out better than I ever could have hoped for and everything ran perfectly. The DJ played all of the songs that I had picked perfectly and the ceremony went beautifully.   Dinner was incredible!!! I still think about the food! Emilio our MC and Denise kept things moving throughout the evening with speeches and the cutting of the cake. We chose to have a tequila bar which the staff set up down near the dance floor with a staff member there to pour the shots. This was a hit! I was amazed at what a great job they did, I had no idea it would be such a focal point of the evening. We had fire lanterns which it must have taken Denise forever to set all 30 of these up. When it came time to light them Denise was running around helping everyone while Emilio was announcing how to do it over the microphone and helping as well. Once again I just have to say the staff is incredible, so attentive and sweet! We also surprised all of our guests with the fire dancers which was well worth it!!   When it came time to leave, Denise had all of our things packed up and ready to go. My guests helped take things back to the boat and it took no time at all. If anything we were just sad that we had to leave but to boat ride back did not disappoint. The music was perfect and the drinks were still flowing!   I had heard it before in other reviews but did not truly appreciate until I experienced it, Las Caletas is magical!! My husband and I could not be happier with the way things went and we continue to hear from all of our guests what an amazing wedding it was.
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Pros: Everything. Unbelievable.
Cons: Slideshow music didn't pan out.
Hi Everyone,

Here is a recap and review of my wedding at Las Caletas which took place on May 8 - enjoy!

I had planned my wedding for a very long time (2 year engagement), so most of my planning had been done with the former coordinator, Kelley Kahrhoff. She was truly amazing - we formed an incredible bond/friendship over our year plus of communications, so I was truly devastated when she left. She is the kind of coordinator who really cares about YOUR day - not just the general weddings at Caletas and works to make everything special and unique. She has since gone off to start her own endeavour, check it out if you are looking for something that is more custom than typical resort stuff - http://youniquevallartaweddings.com/

Anyway, Dennise Betancourt was my coordinator and although we didn’t work together for long, she did a fantastic job and kept all of my details in order. I was very impressed because she basically took over my file just a few months before the day, so there was lots of things to keep track of and manage!

The day before the wedding we met to go over the flow of events and I gave Dennise a ton of stuff - guest book, starfish for our chairs and centerpieces, shells that I hand painted with our colours...and just told her to make them look nice. And they did an AMAZING job!

Day of the wedding, I went out with my bridesmaids early and had a lovely morning. We arrived to champagne and fruit and just spent the morning chilling in the casita - we tried out the tub and the hammock and I even had a little snooze in the bed. We had lunch brought up for us and ate and straight after that the hair and makeup fellow arrived. I think he was a bit later than he really should have been because we ended up running really tight for photos ahead of the ceremony, but it was all good. I was very calm and just letting the events flow.

The set up for the ceremony was amazing and completely perfect. Dennise did an amazing job with the colors (teal, champagne and white flowers) and it all looked stunning - simple elegance. The ceremony went really well, but the one “snag” for me was that I didn’t get my moment with my girls before the ceremony as I waited on top of the stairs to hide while they walked down and out. My dress was also snagged (I had beading and crystals) and without the pre-aisle check from the maids, it got missed, so it’s in all of my pictures...but nothing you can do about that one after the fact.

We got the parrot ring bearer, and that was a highlight for a lot of people - I totally recommend it!

The ceremony was quick, and Chuy did a great job. We then quickly tried to get photos on the beach, but the lighting provided some challenges for our photographer - the ceremony wasn’t really at sunset in May, so it was a bit glaring with lots of shadows, so we had to get a bit creative.

Dinner was amazing and the table set up was incredible. Props to Dennise and the team on that one - it was so fantastic. All of our events flowed really well -  my MC said Dennise was totally on top of it all and would prompt her when it was time to announce the next thing. Dennise also took care of getting people up to the buffet in an orderly and quick fashion and there were even two buffets to make it go quickly!

We had one very special requirement in that we ordered a keyboard to be brought out to Caletas so we could play a duet with my husband on the piano and myself on saxophone. It turned out really well, but was very dark by that point so lighting was tough and we had no music stand...but my husband’s cousin sat with the music for us and Dennise shone a light on it and it was great problem solving! I’m still amazed they were able to get a keyboard out there, as I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who has ever requested something like this before. Excellent work guys!

It was quickly time for the cake which was really beautiful - all white with teal ribbon and tasted delicious and then our slideshow down on the beach. The slideshow was our second little snag for the evening - I had laboriously cut songs and inserted them into powerpoint for certain slides...and somehow that got lost in translation with Dennise and the DJ ended up just playing the first song all the way through and then half our slideshow had no music at all. This was probably the most sad thing for me...I had put so much work into it and every wedding I’ve gone to, I always really enjoy and remember the slideshow and the music makes so much of a difference! So, if you are doing the slideshow, make sure you cut the songs into one file and provide it to the DJ ahead of time. :)

After that was our dance and we had provided the DJ with our song - a shortened version of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” and it was perfect...it all went off without a hitch! We went right into the dance at that point and the DJ was bang-on with all my songs (all my songs for the ceremony, night, etc - so perfect - I was amazed they got every single one!!) - I only provided a few to give the “tone” of what I wanted and he was fantastic at filling it with great music. We had so many compliments on the music - job well done!

We did the fire dancers at around 10:30 - AMAZING. I almost didn’t do it, but decided to after reading all the reviews on here. So worth it...it was so entertaining. One of the servers (forget his name, but the main guy) came up to me before and took my drink order to make sure I had a drink in hand while they were doing their thing. It was so fantastic. Everyone was so entertained and thrilled!

We also did the s’more station - FANTASTIC. We got lots of compliments from people on this, and we had two little guys at our wedding who loved it. I highly recommend this as well - especially if you are having children around!

The end of the night came SUPER fast and it was time to get on the boat. I was the last one to leave Caletas and the staff was unreal - they had found a few pairs of sunglasses and my husband’s suit jacket that had been left behind. The boat ride back was amazing - again, they got all my songs spot-on and we had a blast. It was so sad to get off the boat...even though it was 12:30, literally no one was ready for the party to end! They did another sweep of the boat and found my mother-in-law’s seat cushion - these guys missed nothing!

The bus ride back was great and uneventful - we had two buses. They even stopped for us at a liquor store so we could continue the party once we got back to the resort. People were having such a good time, no one was ready for it to be over! We partied until four a.m. once we got back to the Dreams!!!

We had our own photographer (friend) so I can’t comment on that...but we did get the video, but I haven’t heard back from them on that yet. I sent an email and no response...and it’s been 3 weeks. So a bit tardy on that end. I am so anxious to see it and relive everything!!

All in all, the wedding at Caletas was UNREAL. Almost everyone said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. The location is just unbelievable and Dennise and her team made sure every detail was professional and perfect. Just two tiny little snags for us...and if those two things were the worst things that went wrong, I’d say we did pretty fantastic!!

A big thank you to everyone at Vallarta Adventures for making our special day spectacular and memorable. It went so fast, but I savoured every moment and detail. :)

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OMG! I just want to go back!   1. I woke up early to meet my two bridesmaids, aunts, and mother at our hotel lobby. We loaded our transportation and headed over to the Nuevo Vallarta Adventures Office. Anne was there to greet us and we enjoyed a light continental breakfast. Anne walked with me to the boat and let me hang my dress and store our luggage in a safe spot before anyone else got on the boat. She also let us board the boat before anyone else so we had prime seats over to the island! The boat trip was pretty smooth, a little chilly for the morning so I wore a sweater with my outfit. They come around and offer you massages, which my bridesmaid and i took advantage of. They give you first choice so you can get the time you want since you have a long day of getting ready! :)   2.We arrived to Las Caletas and it was beautiful! Anne had a few guys on the boat help carry our stuff up to the Bridal Casita! It is a long walk up a hill so that was very very helpful! When we arrive the Casita was BEAUTIFUL!!! Champagne was there with a fruit tray, it was clean and just so cute! We hung my dress to let it air out and hung all our stuff. Then my mom and aunts went down to the beach and just swam around and relaxed. Myself and my bridesmaids hung out in the casita and had a mimosa before our 30 minute massage around 11! :) I only wanted 30 minutes so I wouldn't be too tired! The massage was a perfect "relaxation" massage which is what I needed! After the massage I headed back to the casita and just relaxed in the hammock, with my girls, and my mom.   3. Around 1 p.m. the staff brought food to us- I requested this because I requested that the hair and make up guy get there early so I could be in my dress by 4 p.m.  The food was AMAZING!! I will tell you one thing, BRIDES will EAT on this wedding day!! Ribs, Chicken, Seafood, Corn, Rice, Pasta!!! Veggies! YUM YUM YUM!!!!   4. I asked for the hair and make up guy to get there at 1:30 and he was late (which I expected based on someone elses review) He showed up around 2:20 so therefore the only downside is I wasn't in my dress when I wanted to for photos. We did not see each other before s it wasn't a huge deal, but if you are planning on seeing each other before make sure he gets there on time! I relaxed while my bridesmaids and mom had their hair and makeup done first. Neither of them brought pictures and it was AMAZING!! I was next (I had done a trial in October so I felt good about it) he WAS AMAZING!!! I did have to ask him to fix a few things and ladies, it's your wedding day SPEAK UP!!! Dennise was there by this point and helped me translate! There are towels and warm water and plenty of time/ room to shower, we had 6 people out there!   5. I stepped into my dress around 4:30/4:45 and took pictured around the casita, outside, and had Dennise bring up tequila shots. We decided to take a few so she brought the entire bottle! :) I only had two though. Next thing I knew Dennise was back telling me the boat had arrived and guests were there!!!!! Then it hit me, OMG I'm get married! She went down to deal with the guest, guys, and everyone else. Around 6:10 she came up and got me and my bridesmaids. She walks you down a secret back way and has you wait on the stairs while she starts the ceremony with everyone. I felt like I was waiting forever, she ran back up and grabbed my train and followed me down to meet my dad! MOST AMAZING MOMENT!!! :) Walking down that aisle! :) It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!   6. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Chuy had come up earlier and went over the ceremony with me as well! Ceremony was really smooth, music was played correctly at the right time and microphones worked and sounded GREAT :)   7. After the ceremony staff was out immediately with appetizers and drinks, we of course took more pictures so I never tasted them but the guest LOVED THEM!!!   8 After pictures all our guests were seated and they announced us into the dinner reception. We sat down and then Dennise dismissed us first to the buffett. OMG BEST FOOD EVER IN MY LIFE!!!! The meat was tender and perfect, past, potatoes, anything you can think of. My guests are still talking about the food!!!! We did our fathers speeches at the beginning and our Best Man Matron of Honor at the end of dinner.   9. Right after dinner was cake cutting! The cake was delicious and they even packed up the extras and we brought it back to the hotel!   10 Then straight into the first dance, father daughter etc.... all songs were perfect and I even asked the DJ last minute to cut the father daughter a little short because it was a 5 minute song. He did and it was perfect.   11. DJ was great, he did accept a few requests and I can't remember if I told him, he went a little off my list but I just sent my husband up to remind him of our list! Otherwise it was GREAT!   12. FIRE DANCERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG WOW WOW WOW!!! YOu have to add these!!! Have to!!!! They were amazing, it was a hit with everyone and I couldn't wait for them to come out! :)   13. Boat ride home was fun, the music and drinks continued and we partied all the way back.     I give the entire wedding at 110%%%%%%%% and would go back and do the entire thing again in a heartbeat. All my flowers and everything were just like the pictures i sent and PERFECT :) :)

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Ok.... where to begin :) lol Las Caletas was amazing.... AMAZING!!!!   Myself, 3 bridesmaids and 2 moms headed over the Marina at 8:20 the morning of and were greeted right away by Annie. We got to board the catamaran first before the other tourist, which was a huge plus means there was a disney cruise in port and TONS of people going over the LC. We had some "breakfast" on the boat ride over and then got first dibs on having massages once we arrived. The massages were amazing, all my girls LOVED them... totally worth it, but we only did 1/2 hour and I would say 1 hour would be too long and take away from other things to explore while over there early. With that said the day goes way too fast.   Next we filled up the jacuzzi and enjoyed the champange and fruit until lunch arrived at the Casita. Lunch was soooo good, honestly to best meal I had in Puerto Vallarta!!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! I ate WAY too much, but my dress still fit!!! LOL   Alright, next we decided to start get showering and get ready for the hair/make-up guy. This was the first hiccup of the day, he was suppose to be there at 1:30 because he was alone and had to do all of us. AND he was late because there was an accident and couldn't make it to the boat, but he did make it around 2:45... it was a serious rush to get us all done and I wasn't even done when the guests and boys arrived. Talk about freak out!!! BUT it all worked out and I still can't get over how awesome we all looked. My hair and make-up were way better than I expected.   Ok onto the next hiccup, notice I call them hiccups because they didn't ruin anything, they were just "speed Bumps". Ok so while the first girl is getting make-up done Annie comes up to tell me that the flowers for fiance and ring bearer's (my son) bouts come in ruined. Ahhhh.... I kinda had the image in my head of them with THOSE flowers. Boooo, so Annie took my down to where they were getting the flowers ready to show me what else I could chose. I took my mom and one bridesmaid with me and they helped me pick new ones. Which in the end my son ended up wrecking both of them before the ceremony anyway. LOL Have to laugh it off... oh well.   Before I get to the ceremony, I will give me review of Annie. Annie is super nice, I really like her as a person. I was a little disappointed with the communication 2 weeks before the wedding. I expected to hear back from her right away, same day or at least next, but that wasn't always the case. I can live with this though, I am a very understanding person and know that she was working on 8 other wedding before mine. Life goes on. The day of she was really good to check in with us at the Casita and even let us use her cell to call my brother to get into my mom's room and get some stuff we forgot and she even got on the phone for us when the front desk person didn't understand us. The only time I was disappointed with Annie was after the ceremony and dinner when the reception started.... it seemed like she disappeared. Amillo on the other hand (the Tour guide/DJ/MC) was AWESOME!!!! He really made our night. Every one of our guests loved him and he really went out his way to make our night amazing!!!! He even ran across LC to where Rhythms was going on to get milk for my son. Love Amillo, cannot say enough good things about him.   CEREMONY!!!! WOW.... our ceremony was a dream. Seriously everyone cried, not a dry seat in the house. I married my best friend, nothing else mattered! Hey my make-up even survived all the tears!! Chuy is great, did everything we asked, which included not putting the mic near my husband because he has "public" speaking issues :) Chuy did a great job.   Diner- WOW... LOVE the food at LC, always have always will. Trust me there is food to suit everyone. I am a picky eater and I loved everything!!! We did not have speeches, just my husband thanked everyone kinda thing. Next was the CAKE. This was the only detail that really matter to me LOL. I have a serious sweet tooth and thing for cakes. We had a picture of the cake we wanted and Annie had it out-sourced to be made. It was perfect, I loved it and it tasted amazing. The only thing that I was dissappointed with was that I assumed for the price I paid I would get to keep the shells and stuff from off the cake, but they were nowhere to be found after :( Boooo Oh well, not a huge deal.   Music was great- DJ did awesome, loved Amillo. He added a few songs for some of the older guests and it was perfect everyone was dancing and having a great time!   It was then time to head back to the boat, but wait what about my bouquet and garter toss????? I went and talked to Amillio about it, couldn't find Annie, and he worked it out and we did it then headed for the boat, which worked out better because we had everyone's attention to head back to the boat.   Head to the boat everyone!!!! Wait what the heck, I have to carry all my bags to the boat and clear off the favours and stuff from the tables  I was REALLY not impressed with this. Guests were already heading to the boat and I had no help!!!! Thank god for Amillio once again!!! He helped me and got my husband so he could help me too. I was not happy about this, but it did not ruin my night. I am pretty laid back and wouldn't have minded taking our own stuff back, but would have liked to know before so I could've had the groomsmen help. Oh well done and over, not the end of the world.   We got back on the boat, had music, drinks and even did shots!! It was an amazing day, the best day of my life next to having my son :) Sorry this was soooo long. I was trying to get everything without taking too long. Las Caletas is a magical place, it's the surroundings and people you share it with that make it, not a wedding planner, DJ, or anything else. As far as I am concerned you make it what is, just go with it and enjoy every minute and know that no matter what you are marrying your best friend and anything else is just a detail. :) Hope this is helpful, not hurtful :) And if any future brides have ANY questions or anything just ask, I am here to help you now :)     Kya

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Pros: Decor/Setup/Food/DJ
Ok So here we go. I will say that our wedding was absolutely spectacular! It was exactly how I would've imagined. Very long detailed review ahead, and sorry in advance that I hop around in review.   To Start My 5 Bms and I left our hotel DreamsPV around 7:45am and made it to the maritime Terminal by 8:15am. It was very easy to locate Vallarta Adventures , here We met with WC Annie who was very pleasant from the bat.(She would be with me until Denise my actual WC would arrive around 2pm.)  She informed us that we would be boarding at 9:00am . She placed us in the front of the line from other tourists waiting to board. (You get this privilege ) The catamaran was already semi-full with tourists whom they had picked up first @ Nuevo Vallarta. We had a choice of top or bottom of the 2-level boat. We chose the top which had a wonderful view on our way to Las Caletas. I will say for us it was very chilly , but the staff gave us special attention and gave us two thick quilts to wrap ourselves with. When we arrived to Las Caletas it was Beautiful , exactly how I expected it to look like from months of seeing other bride's photos.   (TIP: when you see the beach area where your ceremony will be held, you might panic a little like I initally did, because it is full of beach chairs, kayaks, snorkelling gear and tourist during the day! Annie had to reassure me that by 3pm this beach would be transformed and that ALL tourists will have left. She also reassured me Catamaran would be only for my guests and that when they arrive the whole ISALND will be to ourselves. (of course rythms of the night tour happens later in night but trust me U WILL NOT SEE or HEAR THEM))   We made our way up to the bridal casita which is definitely a long hike up . The steps are of beautiful large stones and you feel that you are literally in the jungle in a way with a beautiful beach below you. It's very unique and beautiful in that aspect. The Casita is very charming , inside the bed was quite big and very plush and comfy (and trust me, I can't just nap on any bed, so for me to say this -it was actually comfy). They also have a large sofa which pretty much seats probably about 6-8 ppl. The bathroom is a good size and rustic looking (in a good way) with 2 shower heads...however it has no curtains so if you feel comfy to shower with another person it works. I love my girls but each of us took separate showers for privacy.  The water pressure is fine and the water is warm or cold , however you like it.  There is also a small 3 wall-mirrored area to get ready in casita...honestly only 2 of us had the space to sit in this area while Joel did our Hair/makeup. A 3rd bridesmaids also used the mirror to do her make-up but while standing. There is a door to the back of the bridal casita which leads to a closed off area just for you with a comfy hammock (large enough for 2 people) and a jacuzzi (Fit 3 of us and another BM just sat with only her feet dipped in -she didn't want to get wet anyways). I am not sure on time but I assume it was around 10:15ish when were settled in. We were told by Annie basically we were free to do what we wanted, explore around Las Caletas with the other tourists around, swim, kayak, relax, drink @ bar , get massages (extra fee $50 dollars per hour)...or stay in our bridal casita haven where no one else was allowed in . Seeing SO MANY tourists around below us, we stayed in our casita haven. The Casita is quiet and we asked for a radio, Annie brought it right away. But it only plays CDs or Ipods, thank Goodness someone had an Ipod! My mom was also with us , she went straight to sleep with one of the BMS on bed. Another BM slept on the couch . And myself with the remaining 3 BMS headed straight to the jacuzzi. We brought Ipod radio (didnt reach to jacuzzi, but sound did) ,  champagne & platter of fresh fruit jacuzzi side with us (ready for us when we arrived /part of your pacakage) and relaxed. We even asked for a second bottle of champagne , sincerely a great morning Ok so far everything great but let me mention the morning hiccup. So When I inspected the bathroom there was one new bar of soap and NO SHAMPOOor Conditioner! I asked Annie for some and she said they don't provide it but would try to see if anyone had any. (Ok so I am 100% sure I was never informed to bring Shampoo or conditioner , because trust me I wouldve brought it no problem. ) So they did resolve the problem eventually around 1:30pm when I was about to take my shower, I don;t know what brand, or where exactly they got it from because it was in a water bottle -shampoo and conditioner mixed together. I decided not to let this upset me , at least they found something eventually (but my hair was stiff afterwards...and the contents was only enough for 3 BMS ...thank goodness everyone else already had washed their hair at the resort).     The morning was soo relaxing. Then it was time for lunch around 1PM, we opted to have food brought to us in the  casita and it was the best choice, sincerely we didn't feel like walking all the way down to restaurant , plus Denise said it saved us time being in casita. After lunch my mom started to get ready , I showered and the rest followed. I took a short nap for 15 mins around 1:45pm and at exactly 2:15pm, my photographer Michelle Turner , FI and one GMs arrived ! They were taken to another area, spa area to relax. They had arrived earlier than expected which was fine. They took the speedboat out of Boca De Tomalan and said ride was very quick. The boys told me they went down to beach area and relaxed on the beach chairs and even took a nap in them. Now I just waited for Joel and his team to arrive, the arrived around 2:35pm. I was slightly anxious as I wanted to get ready to take photos with FI prior to ceremony. I was also told Joel hairstylist/make-up artist  would be there by 2pm..so you could imagine why I was slightly worried on time. Ok So I am a Clinque make-up user as I have sensitive skin and can have a clear face but am acne prone with other make-ups (sometimes get allergic reactions too with hives). So I brought my own make-up for them to put on me , however when I spoke to them they literlly said to me "ok no prob , you can use your own make-up but if you want to look like Miss Universe  then you'll trust us with our makeup which is airbrush". They said it in good humor and were very nice guys... so I thought to myself ok what the heck. I told them I am not big on black eyeliner , don't like heavy eyelids. I like beige/pink shades on my eyelids and natural blush on my face. Joel listened to me and boy did he do an amazing, i have to repeat AMAZING job!!! I have never used airbrush makeup but boy once you try it you will hate regualr makeup!! I looked amazing, it is also extremely light on the face, and humidity/waterproof. It won't start to streak , it doesnt look heavy at all. He added fake lashes which I also never use but have wanted to and boy did they look natural and beautiful. The only thing I used of mine was a lipstick by clinque (pink-a-boo). (sidenote- I had no acne/allergic reactions the next day ) Ladies go for it! YOU WILL LOOK AMAZING!   Joel also did my hair. My inspiration pic was Kim Kardashian's hair during her wedding when she had it down over one shoulder. Joel replicated it exactly!! It was exactly the right loose curl i wanted and side sweep bang , over my left shoulder (my dress was a right shoulder one strap). OMG , my hair and makeup was more than and exactly how I dreamed of looking...perfect! During my hair & Make-up Minister Chuy came up to meet me to ask me a question or two on ceremony we had worked on via emails. He was So nice and very professional. Sincerely you will love him doing your ceremony. I had spoken with him one week prior to going to PV via emails , where I told him I wanted a opening prayer, a special reading from a fam member, sand ceremony, our own vows, a second reading from a fam. member, hand ritual. He understood everything perfectly and even made it spirital (as I told him we are christians). Sincerely I was so happy with the ceremony he planned out for us (he sent me a copy of ceremony reading prior). During ceremony he spoke clearly and loud enough into microphone and everyone raved on how emotional and romantic our cermony was.  I hear he replaced Brad the previous minister, but trust me he does an excellent job! You will love it and he tweaks ceremony to exactly how you want it.   OK so back to getting ready- I really liked That the casita is equipped with a steamer, got the wrinkles out of our dresses . I got into my dress and then the moment came for my FI and I to take pics around las caletas. My dress was a mermaid cut and I wore wedge strappy sandals. I had no problem going down the cobblestone steps in Las Caletas (But do walk down carefully) or walking around in the sand in wedges for pics. Going back up was more work (But this was because of the cut of my dress -mermaid) My Fi also kept his shoe-sandals on during photos. We both got sand on our toes but nothing that killed us.   (TIP#2 : I know many brides are against seeing their groom prior to ceremony but sincerely think about it. Once my ceremony was over there was literally about 5 more minutes of light!!!! Imagine we would not have gotten any pictures of me and hubby the way we did before the ceremony around las caletas . Even with my own bridal party and fam we took very few posed pics , bcause there is NO LIGHT as sun goes down quickly. )   While we were taking pics I saw the Two WCs annie and denise working hard setting up terrace with 4 tables with flower vases and at least 6 other workers (maybe more ) setting up chuppa and chairs, all decorations. It was looking amazing. So what exactly did they set-up for me: I had alot of extra details added to my wedding. I'll start with ceremony area... Chuppa I asked for a organza white tulle and a white petal shower curatin in the back and   flowers adorning front of chuppa. Down the aisle which is matted I asked for hot pink and orange rose petals. I also asked for 6 tall vases for down the aisle (3 vases on each side) with white calla lillies in them. I did not get white calla lillies but instead got very tall skinny vases with mixed hot pink and orange orchids submerged in water. This was MUCH better than my envisioned white calla lilies. I never asked why I didn;t get what I originally asked for but the end result was SOOOO much more lovely , beautiful, exotic, ...everything. So I imagine they just decided this would look better in the vases and it definitely did. Our ceremony chairs had Hot pink organza bow ties and each seat had a set of maracas (ordered via Mishka designs who delivers them a day prior to your wedding to WC) . Our wedding programs were also on each chair . Sincerely When I walked down the steps and saw the ceremony area it was TRULY magical looking . There were also tea-lights everywhere set-up, although the sun was just beginning to set,  most tealight were already lit up and it's this that sets up the romance of Las Caletas which everyone raves about.   The WCs also set-up a kind of welcome table for guests before entering ceremony area where they placed our signiture guest plate, a box of sand adorned with hot pink and orange petals containing our seating cards, and they had set-up a wicker basket for the 20 pashminas we provided for guests. Under the table was another wicker basket they setup with flip-flops we had brought from home guests. See I talk about this set-up table because it was all these things which I had no idea how WCs would set-up (You know when you are in the planning months and ponder where everything will go) and sincerely they did a great job with the presentation of it all.   Terrace/Dinner area: Once ceremony guest would be led to this area a few steps up from beach ceremony area and let me remind you the sun is already down at this point and the whole entire place is lit with tealight and candles. Ladies once again this is the AMAZING & ROMANTIC aspect of las Caletas. The amount of candles everywhere ...it has to be well over 100 to 200 candles...or at least it seems so. Ok so table decor. Again I wanted extra. Instead of one table centerpiece I asked for 3. Yes 3 vases...One Tall vase of flowers in the center and two still tall but shorter vases to the left and right of center vase. For center vase I asked for submerged flowers with a flower arrangement placed on top. For other two vases I asked for flowers with stalks in them. Color hot pink and orange of course , I wanted Callas lilies and orchids as my main flowers but also included an assortment of others. We opted for no table runner as we knew the flowers were enough color but did ask for more hot pink and orange petals to substitute as a runner. (So if you understood all these details u see how particular I was) I will say I stated over and over again when Kelley was around That I am not fond of gerber daisies , she even made a note on my contract of this...and of course what was also included in arrangements.? Gerber daisies...many of them ...But ladies u see, they looked so great with everything else sincerely I can't complain on this. The WCs also added a special touch to each place setting by adding more loose petals around the plates. On each place setting we also included a small fancy envelope with the words (Tears of joy, tears, of laughter, tears of happily ever after) which contained a tissue. These we brought from home and with all these details the tables looked amazing. EVERYONE said the details of the flowers arrangements and candles were amazing.   Food: Ladies I;m latina and my my hubby is african american/carribean ...We like our food well seasoned and to top if off I am a bit of a foodie person. The food at Las caletas was Amazing! I didn't ask how food would be made. But ladies I was sincerely very impressed. And the amount of food choices, WOW. Our guests were also very happy about this. Another detail everyone raved about.   Cake: Cake we asked for chocolate cake with raspberry filling... cake flavor was medicore. Presentation of it was Okay , It was also adorned with loose petals and our cake topper added alot to it.   We also had a sweets station (extra cost, but not by much) With 20 red velvet cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries, they were tuxedo design and bride dress design. SO CUTE! Everyone raved on this one too.   MC- Our MC met my guests at our hotel earlier in day at 3:45pm when the private bus went to pick everyone up. He was great & enthuastic. He also rode boat ride with guests. Which by the way everyone said was a smooth ride. We had tons of dramamine for everyone and no one took any and  no one got sick.  He was very attentative to everyone and during dinner time he announced speech time. He was also our DJ and played excellent music. Once again we are a mixed crowd , we like a variety of today's popular dance music, r&B, salsa, merengue, old school R&B, hip-hop. and boy he did a great job. EVERYONE WAS DANCING THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! I had sent him a list of about 100 songs prior to wedding and he got everything right on the money. One hiccup: he had the wrong father-daugther song for me and my dad but it was an honest mistake as there are two artists who sing the same song. He later corrected it by downloading the song and playing it as the last song of the night. My dad and I were still able to share our dance On boat ride home he still kept the party bumping with great music.   (TIP#3: pay for the extra hour! Trust me the time goes fast, it is definelty worth it . We did the extra hour and still wished we had more time to keep dancing)   Fire-dancer: They Arrive later in night , maybe about 30 mins before everything is over.  AMAZING! Your guests will have  a great story to tell everyone back home and at this point will now say this is the best wedding they have ever been to. DO it!   Marachi: We had marachi play during guests arrival and during dinner, my family in particular was mesmerized by them and even had requests which they played beautifully. Also worth the money.   Dancefloor: During dinner which again is on the terrace the dancefloor is set-up down on the beach where ceremony was held. Flashing lights are set-up and you will NOT even notice that they are getting chairs and dancefloor into place. The dance floor in my option couldve been slightly bigger but it suited everyone just fine. Also it is wooden floorboards they put down on the sand and on one part was slightly i mean slightly uneven...not a big deal but you could feel the uneveness  beneath you in that area.   Slideshow: We had a slideshow play right after cut the cake, and right before my hubby and I's first dance. It is a projecter. Extra cost...maybe couldve skipped this but glad I had it.   Alcohol: Not watered down! Which is how we like it! Everyone got the buzz they wanted . We had specialty drinks which were rum-punch, super yummy.   More extras: We had chicken skewers with peanut sauce and quesadillas for guests as extra for hor'devours (on top of the already included hor'devours).   Bus ride back: smooth , everyone was happy and pooped .   Final words about our wedding: Like I said all my months of planning and communicating via emails worked out beautifully. I saw everything I planned for months become a reality created by the WCs. However I planned 90% of my wedding details with Kelley , up until November. When Denise took over, I was kind of stressed because she did not answer my emails in a timely manner. I was two weeks away from my wedding when I had to call her to finalize details. She did so in the end, but she is not Kelley who was known to work extensively with you the month before your wedding finalizing details.   I Had meet with Denisse two days prior to wedding as we opted not to go to las caletas and instead she came to us to our resort to explain how wedding  day timeline would be , she also picked up our two heavy trash bags of wedding extras. The day I met her I felt calm again that wedding would go fine.   Denise was very professional and nice and I won;t lie they work hard during the night and quickly to make sure evrything is done throughout the night. But I felt like I had to ask her alot of questions to get answers...instead of her informing me of everything so I have no questions. Even on the wedding day I had to ask a few hours before actual ceremony where exactly I had to walk down to and practice on my own with my BMs. In my opinion as soon as you arrive to Las caletas they should offer to do a quick walkthrough with you and BMs to show you how the ceremony will go.       More tips: The bridal casita is locked up when you go down ceremony so my hubby and dad didn;t get to wear a second shirt they had planned to wear because it was locked up in casita. There is no eletricty to go back up so really pitch black, only a staff member would have to go back up to get it. My hubby & dad didnt want to bother so they didnt get to see it. So bring down any extras (makeup, purse etc ) with you , cause otherwise u wont see it till end of night. Bridal casita also has a safe with code u can create and I liked that security.   I dont know WCs past experince with events but I think for being new they did a fairly great job,I'd give them a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating score.  BUT EMAILS, really I hear everyone complain about how they take a long time to get back to you and they do. We also did NOT  get to do bouqet toss, and well that's alright no biggie but where were the WCs to say "hey it's time to do this?" Also during cake cutting, WC was no where in sight to tell me it was time to cut cake, my photographer was the one who gave me directions. These little things were the things I wondered Where's Denise?     Anyhow all in all, I would repeat my wedding day a million times over. Ladies its amazing truly a fairytale wedding. And Sincerely family and friends are in awe!   Photos... I will post photos soon , and trust it will be alot .        

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LC was a great and beautiful place to get married when I got married November 13th 2011. Now that Kelley is gone, from the changes I have heard about I would not choose to get married there now. I would for sure find a different location with Kelley’s new company. When I did my site visit with Kelley months before the wedding she took me to a few other location choices as my mother is a travel agent and has other brides wanting to book. Those locations were amazing and I would go there purely based on Kelley being there. She made the ENTIRE experience amazing and relaxing. She really knows her stuff and from what I saw of the people she was training at my wedding… I would not be comfortable with her replacements and from what I heard they were the owner of the properties girlfriend and not a qualified wedding planner. That is just my honest opinion from all that I saw and experienced. Las Caletas would have been cancelled if Kelley was not doing my wedding. I would have lost the cash and ran for the hills! Now on to my review… The day of the wedding my 3 bridesmaids and my mother and I took a cab to BocaDeTamalirin and boarded a zodiac and fled to the island. Upon arrival we were told that 2 of the girls had to go get massages ASAP and after would be the other two girls. We were all VERY impressed with the massages and felt the 1 hour for $50 was more than fair priced. While the 2 girls were doing that the rest of us were down at the beach playing in the water and finishing our thank you speeches. As soon as they were done we had to swap spots so that was sad because I really did not get much time with the group as a whole. After massages I practiced walking down the stairs and such and soon found out all of my groomsmen and grooms flowers had arrived dead. The girl’s flowers were amazing but the men’s were horrid. Kelley being the amazing person she was salvaged the situation and found some shrubbery and took from other arrangements and made entirely new boutonnieres and they turned out GREAT! Not what I spent months picking out... but no one noticed! The bridal casita was cute and perfect for our needs! The showers have zero pressure so that was a major negative and ICE COLD! Just not the way I thought I’d be showering for my wedding at all!! We then got rushed off to lunch and as we sat down we were informed Fernando (he got brought in secretly and was not to be doing our hair as they fired him for not wanting to sign on fully with Las Caletas, he has a shop and wouldn’t close that so they let him go is what I was told from Kelley however I refused to use anyone else so she brought him in for me as it was a Sunday and the head guys would not be there) Anyways we were told Fernando was nervous on time and 2 girls had to race to shower and we had to eat fast… I had bumped up my time by 1 hour both directions on the wedding day and it is clear that was not factored into the time we had to get ready!!!! Once we were all showered we got started on hair and makeup with Fernando and his team. They did me last... which was a huge mistake as I legit DID NOT have time for photos with my bridesmaids or mother. I had people pinning my hair as I was essentially putting on my wedding gown. I did not have my hair turn out ANYTHING like the photo in neither my trial nor my wedding day but to be honest…. I LOVED IT! Fernando just has such talent and skill that is unmatched. My makeup and hair could not have turned out better!!!!! Now here is where things go sour… We got time for maybe 5 wedding photo shots here... it turns out the groomsmen and groom got about 30 so it shows just how behind getting ready we all were. Oh yes that reminds me... my hair flower got lost and had to be replaced by roses… Some staff member moved my flower from the fridge and it went missing the day of the wedding I was told. On another random point… we used Vallarta Adventures photography and we had Gino as our head photographer! HE IS THE BEST ON THIS EARTH!!! I could not even imagine about being happier with our photos…. I am very picky and very very critical and he did such an amazing job with the wedding and trash the dress photos! HE WAS SO NICE, GENUINE AND AMAZING! He chatted with us, kept me calm, kept me smiling and honestly made the day 100X better. One of my biggest wedding memories is how amazing he was and how much I miss him! So Kelley came and told us to start making our way down to the beach… well it was time... the guy s made their way down the aisle.. As my second girl was half way down the aisle… the music stops….. She freezes and just stands there... I am back with Kelley and I hear this and freak out... and Kelley tells me also a heads up the microphones are not working you will need to yell your vows…… music still not working… I AM ABOUT TO PASS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally the DJ restarts the song and the girls continue on… It was horrible… well at this point I am still up at the top and she was to radio him when to start my song… well all of the sudden it starts…. So I actually had to pick up my dress and RUN towards the stairs because it was all planned out to start walking at a certain point! I raced down the steps and stopped just before everyone could see me… and as me and my dad were going down the stairs he kicked over about 4 candles and broke the glass which I then stepped on… so perhaps ask for the candles to be farther apart down the steps so that does not happen to you. The ceremony went great we had to use Chuy because from what I heard they had just recently fired Brad… who I was SUPER excited to use…again another choice by the owners to cut costs and such…. Chuy did great and the ceremony was great…. Except for the song that we were to walk off to the aisle never came on and we stood there stupid waiting for it... only to realize he had it on low low low volume so nobody could hear it. I spent MONTHS looking up PERFECT songs and I stressed over and over how important music was to me and I was assured the DJ would be great. Anyways… went into wedding photos… it got dark ASAP and I was assured if we paid for the extra time ahead it would not be that dark so I was very ticked we didn’t get very many photos. One tip is to just give the family ahead of time a warning on the group photo… it took us a very long time to even get people to WANT to come over for the group photo! Such precious time wasted Next I went and changed dresses and Kelley was great to be a lookout for me! I came back and we went right into dinner... the food was AMAZING and service was great and the staff couldn’t be better. During dinner I heard a Johnny cash song being played so I went up to Kelley and asked why this was... I sent a list to the DJ of dinner songs. She goes well is this not on your iPod?? I said it very may be on there but it is NOT on the list of songs to play I gave the DJ a month before the wedding……….. Essentially all of the dinner songs were just my iPod on shuffle instead of doing the songs I requested and paid for! Afterwards we did speeches and the microphone was still not working but you couldn’t possibly do speeches without it so we had to keep trying and it kept cutting in and out and being scratchy and that was probably the second worst thing… the first being the DJ totally totally failing at his job. So after speeches we cut the cake and it turned out amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY YUMMY We then went down to the beach for the slideshow… the staff had set it up during dinner and it was fantastic!!! After this we did the Fire Lanterns and those turned out amazing everyone was in awe! We strategically had our first dance song start right after we demonstrated the fire lanterns so we had that in the background and not everyone was staring at us! After this we began the dance and that was great. Soon I realized the music being played was nothing that I had on my list... so I went up to the bar and Gino the photographer comes over to me with my iphone and is like hey we are confused what songs do we play.. I said I sent the DJ a list a month ago... he said oh k can we just play something else? I said No I have family and friends and we want to listen to our favorite songs!! I asked if I needed to sit down and rewrite out the songs list ON MY WEDDING DAY and he said ok no we will figure it out…. So they went over and plopped my iPhone back in and started playing more songs... I was told the DJ would download the music onto his own system I did not have my playlists updated because it was never to be the main source of music at my wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So then they began to play 5 flogging molly songs in a row and if you know that band you need major stamina to dance!! It’s all Irish jigging!!! I was honestly so disappointed and my main wedding memory is just how bad the DJ screwed up!!!!! We did finally dance the night away and had the fire dancers come eventually! They were amazing and 100000000000% worth the money! DO IT! Of course the night came to an end and it got very chaotic and confusing trying to grab bags… I was told the staff bring our stuff back to the boat… they just brought it down to the dinner tables... so I had to start asking guests to grab bags and carry them to the boat! Some of which bags I didn’t get back to days later. My makeup and toothbrush bag got carried away by someone and that also took me a day to get from the guest so try to avoid that from happening to you! On the boat ride home they played a VERY VERY VERY dirty vulgar song and to this day am sooo ashamed my grandparents had to listen to Lil John – Get Low! That was very bad judgment on the boat staffs part. We did get very rowdy on the boat and had ppl hanging upside down from the bars doing shots and it was a total hoot! Again Gino the photographer was in the middle of everything taking great photos and just being such a team player! We got off the boat and boarded the bus to get home and it was a fantastic night! 3 days later Gino came to our new hotel for Trash the Dress photos and they were amazing! I am just waiting on my photo book and canvas print in the mail and then it’s all over! I am open for questions if anyone has any and I will post some photos soon!   Thanks!   Laurin

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Pros: Beautiful setting, privacy, food, beverages, STUNNING
Cons: None
When my husband and I were engaged we knew that we wanted to have a destination wedding. Privacy was something that was of major importance to us so we knew that we could not have a “resort” style wedding. We decided to go with Las Caletas after reading the discussions and reviews posted on this website. Our wedding took place on December 30,2011 and it was absolutely amazing. Many of our family members and friends exclaimed that our wedding was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to!   Setting: The setting itself is outstandingly beautiful. My best friend, mom, and I headed over to LC early in the morning to spend the day relaxing on the beach and in the private bridal suite. Once we arrived we headed up to the bridal suite and relaxed and went for a quick swim. Dennise (our wedding planner) was very helpful. She carried my dress for me and helped us get settled. The lunch served at LC was delicious. There were quite a few people who were touring LC that day so we found it too busy at the beach for our liking. We decided to head up to the bridal suite and relax until it was time to start getting ready. The only thing that I surprised me about Las Caletas is that it is a lot smaller than I had expected. The beach is quite small and can get crowded if you plan on swimming or relaxing during the day.   The bridal suite is absolutely amazing. There was champagne and fruit waiting for us when we arrived. There is a bed and lots of seating space in the suite and there is also big bathroom with a shower. My favorite aspect of the suite was the “back yard”. There was a hammock and a jacuzzi tub which we took full advantage of during our stay. One thing to note is that if you would like to shower before getting ready there may not be hot water. All three of us showered and there was no hot water for any of our showers. No one seemed to mind though as we were all in awe of beauty of the suite.   All of the tourists leave Las Caletas around 4pm and the wedding area becomes private. I did not look at the ceremony site before walking down the aisle with my Dad, but we were blown away by the beauty of it. When it becomes dark, the main form of light at Las Caletas is candles. It looks outstandingly beautiful and makes for unique photographs. I would recommend brining a small flashlight for those who are making speeches or toasts at your wedding. It was very hard for these people to see what they had written as there are hardly any lights at Las Caletas once the sun goes down. We decided to stay at Las Caletas for the extra hour and it was definitely worth it. The time passed so quickly and everyone was sad when it was time to leave. The party continued on the boat ride home and the crew put on dance music and everyone had a great time!   Hair and Makeup: We had a stylist who works for the salon called Joel in Puerto Vallarta. I cannot remember his name, but he did a great job. I had some photos of the hairstyle that I wanted and he was able to mimic them perfectly. He used airbrush foundation which made our skin look flawless. Overall, we were very satisfied with his services.   Officiant: Chuy was our wedding officiant. We had no idea what to expect from him but he did a very good job. He emailed us about a month before our wedding and asked us a few questions about what we wanted for the ceremony. Chuy came by in the afternoon to talk with me and the ladies and he asked us if we had any questions or concerns. He took the time to go over some details with us which made me feel a lot less nervous about the ceremony. My husband expressed that Chuy also visited with the guys while they were getting ready.   Wedding Planner: Kelley did all of the initial planning for us but was gone by the time our wedding took place. Thus, Dennise was our planner the day of our wedding and we had communicated for about one month prior to our wedding date. I was pretty stressed when Kelley explained that she was leaving but I tried my best to have a positive attitude when dealing with Dennise. Everything went pretty well but I did get worried when communication through email was not done in a timely manner. I found that if I titled the email “need response ASAP” I would get one, but if I didn't, I would have to wait about a week for a response (which is pretty stressful when your wedding is in 10 days). After spending a day at Las Caletas, I now fully understand why some of her email responses took awhile. Dennise is at Las Caletas from mid morning until the wedding is completed and she organizes the flowers, special details, and sets up the ceremony site, etc during her day. She does all this and is expected to send out emails in a timely manner.     Overall Dennise did a pretty good job at organizing our wedding. If there is something that is specifically important to you, I would make sure to go over it with Dennise when you meet her in person (prior to your wedding). I had told Kelley that I did not want one specific type of flower and they somehow ended up in the bridesmaid bouquets. I am a fairly laid back person, so I didn't mind,or say anything, and it helped a lot that my maid of honor remarked on how beautiful her bouquet looked. Another thing that my husband and I wish was organized a bit better was the chairs for our ceremony. For some reason, there was not enough chairs set our for all of our guests and chairs that did not match our decorated ones were put out. This ruined a lot of our ceremony pictures that were taken that had the chairs in them. This was a minor detail that no one else seemed to notice, but when we got our professional photos back we were disappointed and do not want to share these ones with others.   Food and Beverages: The food for our wedding was delicious! We were a bit put off when we heard that we would be having a buffet but once we tasted the food we were extremely satisfied. A lot of our guests commented on it being the best food they had eaten all week. My husband is a vegetarian and there were a lot of options available to him. Dennise even brought him special potatoes that were made without meat. We decided not to have a wedding cake and were not totally confident in this decision. The desserts ended up being sufficient and no one noticed we did not have a wedding cake. The alcoholic beverages at Las Caletas are all made with premium alcohol. The tequila was one our our favorites and many people in our group made positive comments about it. You cannot get blended drinks at Las Caletas but no one seemed to mind.   Photography: We had amazing photographers! Our photographers were Eva and Pierre from PhotoShoots Vallarta and we would highly recommend them. For more information, please visit my review that I have posted on them.   Overall our day exceeded our expectations. We could not believe how amazing everything turned out. Our group was extremely amazed as well and to this day we still hear comments about how great it all was. We are extremely happy with our decision to have had our wedding here.

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Pros: Scenery, detail, uniqueness, memories created
Cons: Far from home but worth the trip
My husband and I decided to choose Las Caletas as our wedding location due to it's pure beauty.  Once we discovered this location (via BDW), we saw the few photos posted and personal reviews from past brides...we were sold.  How many times in your life will you get to have a chance to be married in such an amazingly unique setting?  We jumped on the opportunity.   Kelley, the Vallarta Adventures wedding coordinator, was absolutely amazing.  She is a true pro at this and could probably plan weddings in her sleep.  She has done so many weddings at LC, there is nothing that could throw her off her perfect game.  About 3/4 of the way through our planning process with her, she did inform us that she'd be leaving the company and would be having 1-2 replacements take over for her.  We did have the pleasure of working with Kelley all the way through our wedding and also met one of the trainees, Denisse, who would be taking over for Kelley upon her departure.  There were several things we considered "unique" requests and Kelley delivered on them.  For example, we were flying down our own DJ and she worked on getting specific information on DJ equipment we needed to rent.  Flawless.  We also had a request to have our buses stop at a taqueria on the way back to the hotel after the wedding and they had reserved 50 seats at the most popular taqueria in town (Pepe's).  Flawless.  I did not stress about one thing during my planning process or even on the day of the wedding; I knew everything was taken care of and would go according to plan.   Joel - hair & makeup.  Kelley told me they were trying out a new person Joel & his assistant for hair and makeup.  Price for both was very reasonable.  They didn't speak much English at all but did an amazing job with everyone.  I brought in pictures of how I wanted both my hair and makeup.  They got very close on makeup but did not get anywhere close to mirroring the hair picture.  I did not mind at all as my hair turned out GREAT but if you are set on a specific picture of how you want your hair, you may want to be a bit more stern with them.  I would recommend them to any LC bride.   Elizabeth Lloyd Photography - We found Elizabeth through past brides that have used her at LC.  Very chill, easy, fun person to work with.  We skyped with her once before hiring her as we wanted to make sure she fit with our personalities and we vibed well with her.  Of course we did after chatting for about 20 minutes.  On the day of the wedding, her and her asst showed up early, went for a quick swim, and then got to work.  they were great about staying out of the way and capturing natural moments between the bridal party.  We haven't received our pictures from her yet (it takes about 6 weeks) but I know for a fact they are going to turn out amazing.  Side note: it rained basically from the ceremony throughout the rest of the night at LC which didn't bother us at all.  It actually made for a more unique experience that we embraced to the fullest, but the rain allowed for Elizabeth to capture even more photos than she normally would.  So excited to see them.   Colson Griffith Photography - we used him for our day after / trash the dress shoot.  We went out and about in downtown Puerto Vallarta to capture some photos in the urban setting.  Great Great Great photographer.  Our photos turned out AMAZING; friends and family have said they could even be in magazines they are that good.  Hooray!   All in all, there are absolutely no downsides to getting married at LC.  Even with the rain we had, we had the most amazing day of our lives (even our 55 guests too).  I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the extra hour for more time on LC - you will not regret it.  If you have any questions about LC or about what I have typed in my review, please do not hesitate to contact me.

By lesley_mexico_bride, · 0 Comments

Pros: Gorgeous, unique, top notch coordinator/staff, amazing food
Cons: nada---besides the fact I can't get married there every day!
My husband and I got married on May 29, 2011 at this magical place. We had about 40-45 guests. It was beyond perfection. We chose the platinum package and it was well worth it. My bridesmaids and I came over early during the day on a boat with Brad, who is the officiant (who also wears many other hats). Pulling up to this private cove was simply serene and emotional. I had not visited the place before hand and so to see it in person, after being obsessed with it from far away for about 12 months, is kind of undescribable. Since we came on a Sunday, there were no other tourists and we had the entire place to ourselves. We swam in the ocean, hung out at the beautiful bridal casita, where you get ready, overlooking the entire place. Lunch was served and it was delicious. I highly recommend going ahead of time. Our guys, hair/make up, and photographer came over on a smaller boat before the guests and were able to enjoy the area also, while we got ready in the casita and couldn't see us. It was probably the most relaxing "getting ready" wedding day I have been a part of, and I was the bride!! The guests came over later on a private catamaran, the only complaint I heard was the ride out was a little rocky and some people didnt feel too good, but they were fine by the time they got there. The boat ride back was smooth sailing. Everyone said it was beautiful.   Kelley, the wedding coordinator, and I have been corresponding for a while now. When met her the day before at our hotel to go over things. I was very impressed at how she knew every detail we had discussed over email for 6 months prior, despite doing 6-8 weddings a week. It felt very personal and I trusted her. She is a total, genuine sweetheart and is pretty much able to do anything. She and her staff have such an eye for beauty...I had sent her a word document prior with inspiration pictures for decor/flowers/etc, and she pulled out everything better than I could have even imagined. All of the small knick knack details were set up perfectly just as I had asked and I didn't worry about a SINGLE thing my entire wedding day, thanks to Kelley, her assistants, the waiters, Brad, and all of the other staff. They were beyond professional and are amazing at their job. I have been in friend's weddings and never experienced anything like this. I could go on and on about them, they are a 20 out of 10 scale!   Everything from the flowers, cake, dj, and food were perfection. In all honestly, I think the best meal we had during our stay was at our wedding! This is saying a lot since it was restaraunt week in PV at the time and it is known for their great restaraunts. It is a plethora of food with many veggie options also, along with a delicious dessert bar. My only regret is I didn't get dessert, but my guests raved about it. Everyone kept telling me even after the wedding how good the food was. I had one bite of cake, and it was good, but I was ready to dance.   I had sent a playlist to Kelley ahead of time to send to the DJ. He played mostly all of my songs but then also added in some others, and I think he did a really good job. He also played on the boat ride back, which was a wild party!!   This place is like no other, and it is much more intimate and personalized than a resort wedding, for me anyway. It is gorgeous and everyone has commented to me that it was the best, most beautiful, and most fun wedding they have been to.   My only complaint is that the day had to come to an end.

By choeft201, · 1 Comment

Pros: Attention to detail, total privacy- stress free
Cons: NONE
Here is my full review of Vallarta Adventures, Puerto Vallarta and Las Caletas   Puerto Vallarta   Super safe, great restaurants (Victor's, Daiquiri Dicks, River Cafe)   Westin Hotel   Me and all my guests stayed at the Westin. Gabriel is the manager of the group reservations department and he was wonderful to work with. They went above and beyond for us and took care of anything we needed. The rooms are beautiful and all have a great view. The pool bar was amazing. The service was great and they served the best margaritas we had while in Mexico.     River Cafe   We had our Welcome Dinner at River Cafe. Michael is the owner and was more than happy to work with us on budget and menu. The even did a personal menu with design for no extra charge. The food was amazing and most guests went back there at least once during the stay.     Vallarta Adventures   I cannot begin to say enough about the amazing staff that works for this comany. Not only did they do an amazing job with my wedding but we also did 3 additional events with them and they were all wonderful. Kelley is the wedding planner with Vallarta Adventures and she is amazing. She handels every detail of the wedding and exceeded my expectations (and they were high). From the cake to the flowers to the food I could not have asked for a better wedding. We ordered a special cake that had to be sent over on boat and it was wonderful. For future brides I would not recommend even having a cake. The food was so good that people were already very full and the wedding package includes a dessert buffet. We did the buffet (and normally I hate buffets) and the food was amazing. We also added a few additional upgrades to the platinum package, fire dancers, lime centerpieces, maracs, a pinata. The cost for these additional items was not hign and well worth it. We did not have a DJ and did a mix/playlist on an IPOD. It worked out great and Kelley's staff was given a list of what song to play when. It went very smooth. I flew out my own video guy and photographer (don't have the prof pics yet).   If you are looking for a private, romantic but yet still a party for a wedding look no further then Las Caletas. I'm going to post some additional pictures to show off the beauty of it all. If you have any questions please feel free to ask      

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Pros: Completely Private, Gorgeous setting, Great Coordinator
Overall - A++++++++++++++ Truly amazing experience from start to finish.  I couldn't have asked for more in any way!!  I want to do it every year now!   Kelley (Wedding Coordinator) - A+ Kelley was amazing from the moment we met.  We talked via email a few times last January and got the site booked after a few questions were answered easily.  We then went on a site inspection in Feb 2010.  Kelley met us at the marina and was our hostess for the day trip to LC.  She talked us through how our day would run and then left us to enjoy the site.  She checked in with us again at lunch time and as we were leaving.  Over the year of planning we had infrequent contact - she would send a question or something that she needed to know ocassionally but really we didn't talk much.  Then I got working on the wedding more around Jan.  She was slow to respond to a few emails but always did eventually.  Then as we got closer she was answering everything day to day.  After arriving we met with her for a brief overview of the plan and I gave her my two huge suitcases of decorations etc.  The morning of the wedding she met me and the girls at the marina and welcomed us all.  She was great all day checking in with us as the day progressed to see if we needed anything and to keep us on schedule.  Then when it comes time to head down she has you all organized on where you wait, when to go etc.  Ryan said she was great with them too - met them as they got off the boat and took all the guys needed up to their area to get their bouts on etc.  She is warm and friendly and welcoming and fun and absolutely perfect for her job!  Love her and can't wait to visit again!!   Brad (Officiant) - A+ Brad is a wonderful guy.  We met him at the marina in the morning and he came over on the boat with girls.  I had talked to him once previously on email just to go through the ceremony and make sure the details were all correct.  The ceremony is really beautiful - we used exactly what they had as it is just so perfect for us.  Many people commented on how beautiful the words were so that was nice to hear.  There is some humour in it too which I loved.  Once we got to the site in the morning Brad set up lounge chairs for us...I think my moms and bms were half in love with him by this point!!  He was around all evening and both him and Kelley signed my guest photo book so that was nice to see!   Fernando (hair/makeup) - A Fernando came over around lunch time with two girls.  All five of us had our hair and make up done.  He does all the make up himself and I swear he is an artist.  Each one of us stood up after he was done and went "wow!".  Especially my mom...he did amazing things with her eyes!  And first time I had worn false eyelashes - very cool!  The girls helped with the hair.  I was very happy with mine...exactly what my inspiration photos were.  And it really lasted.  My sister's was all good except for one piece that would not seem to curl and she couldn't get them to understand what was wrong for some reason.  Everyone elses was perfect too.  It is a lot of money but he is definitely good at what he does!  Now, I have read several reviews about girls that got over there and realized they forgot the money to pay him and I swore I would not do that.  Guess what I forgot???  I couldn't believe it!  I was going to pay for me and the two BMs so it was $460 missing!!  Luckily my FMIL had a fair bit of cash but we were still short so Kelley had to come to the resort the next day to get the cash to take to him.  He was very gracious about it and as for Kelley...talk about going above and beyond!!   Flowers - A+ My complete involvement in the flowers was to tell Kelley "Fucshia, Orange, some lime green.  And sometimes I have allergies to Lilies".  That was it and you should have seen them.  I could not have picked better if I had tried.  Beautiful roses, tulips, orchids.  Limes in the centerpieces, Bird of paradise.  The bouts and corsages were perfect.  The BM bouquets were just right.  It was perfect!   DJ - A+ I never had any interaction with him to be honest.  I gave Kelley a brief list of songs we liked and he went from there.  We had a cd for the ceremony songs which he handled perfectly and one for the special dances.  The dance started great and just kept going.  I don't think the dance floor was ever empty and mostly packed!  I only left once for the bathroom and once for water.  What a great time.  I wasn't sure the group would be huge dancers besides me, my sis and my BM but everyone was up there.  My dad was dancing to Lady GaGa with absolutely no idea what the heck it was!!  It was so much fun.  And the DJ had us dancing the whole boat ride home.  We did the conja line on the boat and a lot of people joined in...crazy!  We finished the night with me and Ryan dancing to Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard light.  We danced around that boat like maniacs singing the whole thing...do you know how long that damn song is???   Mariachi Band A+ So glad we went with them even though they were a big expense.  They were playing as the guests arrived which Ryan said was very cool.  They were fun to watch even while the ceremony music was playing for us to walk down.  They were airbanding to Walk the LIne wich is what the guys walked down to - it was funny.  Then after the ceremony they did the cocktail hour.  I was mostly taking photos but did get to enjoy them for a little bit.  They were also great sports when my BM and a friend hopped up in to the middle of them to get their picture with the guest book white board...that is an awesome pic with two trumpet players on either side of them!   Food A+ Absolutely fantastic!  Lunch was amazing and supper even better.  Everyone was in awe of how great it all was.  The chicked was so moist and the pasta is delicious.  The dessert bar was incredible - the chocolate covered fruit and the cookies were my favorites.  The cake later was also good even though we only had a bite.  We had one layer choc, one white with white icing and flowers.  It was gorgeous.  We had cake boxes and I think quite a bit went home with people.  A friend commented just yesterday how good the white was the next morning!  Wish I had remembered to eat some!!   Parrot A+ We had the rings delivered by parrot (well not the real ones, Brad already had them).  But it was the coolest thing!  We didn't tell a single sole except the videographer and everyone was so surprised.  We were ready for it so I was watching peoples faces when all of a sudden a parrot flew over their heads and it was awesome!  People are still talking about it!   Fire Dancers A+ Another big hit.  This was also a big surprise for everyone.  It was very warm standing in the middle as they danced around us but so amazing.  There was two of them and they were great.  Another thing people can't stop talking about!!   Boat Ride A+ I thought this might be an issue for some of the people and had Ryan prepared with a bottle of Gravol to hand out.  The only person a little queasy on the way over was his sister and she wasn't too bad.  No one on the way home.  People thought it was so unique.  I loved that everyone went together and came home together...no one sneaking off early!  And on the way out they saw whales and the boat paused for a bit to see them closer so that added another element to the whole experience.  As my cousin said on the boat ride over "This is the best wedding I've ever been to and we aren't even there yet!".  Love it!!   Staff A+++ Every single person was amazing to work with.  The bartenders, the cooks, the boat crew, set up crew.  It was all so smooth.  The dinner area was set up exactly how I had envisioned and I gave Kelley very little guidance.  Same with the ceremony area - beautiful and then they remove that and set up the dance floor almost without you noticing during dinner.  Really great people and such a pleasure to work with them!   It was a perfect day and I would recommend Las Caletas to any bride.  You could not ask for a more beautiful spot to get married.  We added on the extra hour and are so glad we did.  We kind of wish we could have added on one more!  It flew by in the blink of an eye.  I can't wait to see the video so I can relive it all again.  Thank you Kelley and everyone at LC!!  

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Pros: private, great view, wedding coordinator, unique
Cons: pain to get to if you don't like boats
Overall ~ A++++++++++++ This A+ grade applies to EVERYTHING about my Las Caletas wedding – I can’t give it a high enough grade. I am going to warn you, you are going to get sick of me raving about this wedding, and all of the people that helped to make it happen. Amazing, fabulous – it was a million times better than I could have ever hoped. What sucked is that I was sick – I didn’t feel good starting on Thursday evening, the night before, and am almost back to 100% the day after the wedding. Paul didn’t feel good either, but I think that was mostly because he was so worried about me. I was up all night the night before in the bathroom, and was so upset (and crying!) in the morning because I did NOT want to feel like that on my wedding day. But I left Dreams for the Marina to catch the boat at 8am, and he just worried all day. Anyway … had it not been for that, Paul and I not feeling well, it would have been a dream come true without a doubt. Even not feeling well, it was pretty close.
  Wedding Coordinator(s) (Nicole and Kelley) I had only worked with Nicole prior to the wedding day, and met Kelley the day of the wedding. Kelley is being trained by Nicole, so I worked with both ladies throughout the day. I don’t’ know if Nicole is leaving, or if they’re just getting too many weddings for Nicole to handle. My guess is the latter. Both Nicole and Kelley were amazing, they really know what they’re doing and are sooo sweet. I think I thanked them a million times, but it wasn’t enough. Not only did they make it seem effortless, but they always were making sure me, Paul, and all of my guests were having a great time and wanting for nothing. They were great to me all day when I wasn’t feeling well, and made me feel like I could ask for anything. I found out later that there was a snag with another group on the beach that was causing our schedule to be delayed a little, but I was oblivious as I sat up in my little bridal casita! That’s the sign of a great wedding coordinator – I had no idea there was an issue at all. My mom apparently was aware and probably harassing both Nicole and Kelley (Nicole or Kelley, if you read this, I apologize!), but it all was handled very well.
I had sent Nicole pictures for my bouquet, cake, centerpieces, and chuppa – and she made it all happen, and even better than I could have hoped for given the little that I gave her to work with. Other than bringing the aqua sea glass, she and Kelley did the rest, and it was all beautiful. They kept track of all of my stuff (purse, shoes, luggage, etc.) throughout the evening, and even brought it to and from the boat – I didn’t lift a finger.
The Day I left for Las Caletas with my mom, her partner Mary, my sister Amy, her partner Gerra, my friend Marti, and Leigh around 8:15am (to the Marina, the boat left around 9am). Nicole met us at the Marina, and whisked us on the boat and made sure we had anything we needed. She made sure we had first access to schedule what we wanted to do – massages, snorkeling, swimming with the sea lion, etc. Because I wasn’t feeling well, I opted out of everything but my sister and Gerra did the sea lion thing and snorkeling. When we arrived she brought us up to the bridal casita (soooo cute!) and gave us the run down. Marti, Leigh and I took a nap (I had 2 hours of sleep the night before!) while my mom, Mary, Amy, and Gerra explored and played. I do think my mom and Mary found some hammocks and took a nap. Leigh also did her thing and took some photos of the surroundings and details.
Around 1pm they were serving lunch and had set aside a table for out group. I have to be honest, I didn’t eat much all day – but everyone else said the food was great. I can vouch for the bread and rice – yummy. Again, Nicole, Kelley and the staff made sure we had anything we wanted – well, except for Marti’s order of a blended drink – no blenders! She settled for a Mai Tai and got over it pretty quickly. I asked Nicole if I could get some more bread up in the casita so I could continue to try to eat – so she had a whole plate of rolls sent up!
We all got showered and ready starting around 3pm – there is a double shower in the large bathroom in the bridal casita, and another in the spa next door. The person doing my hair showed up early, around 2:30pm, and I began my process of turning into an actual bride.
Eventually the boat showed up, around 6pm, and things started to happen fast. The flowergirls came up, their moms did their hair and cleaned them up, and Leigh took some pictures of me getting my dress on, and some bridal shots. Soon enough, Nicole was up there directing the whole show – and the ceremony started. Throughout the evening Nicole or Kelley would let us know what was next, if we were on schedule, and ask us if we were ready for what was next – she really took charge, but always let us know it was really up to us.
Both the boat ride to and from Las Caletas was fine – Paul’s mom did get sick on the way over, but she was the only one, and she didn’t take the Dramamine that we put in the OOT bags (oops!). She was fine after hitting land though. Even I, starting off a little under the weather, did fine – I was a little worried about this at first after some of the stories. There were some other tourists in the morning boat that got sick, but none in my group.
L'occoco (Hair/Makeup) I am fairly certain this is the name of the salon. I had arranged to get my hair done at Las Caletas, and for a trial run earlier in the week. The salon was called L’ococco, and it kills me that I can’t remember the stylist’s name – I want to say it was Anja or something (I will ask Nicole so I can give her proper credit). But she was great – she really went above and beyond. The trial went well – but the hair style did start falling out almost right away. I just told her to make it tighter on the wedding day, and it ended up staying in most of the night – and I was going for the loose up-do look anyway - it all worked! I loved how my hair turned out, she really listened to me and recreated the look I was going for.
Originally a friend of mine was going to do my makeup, but decided the day before not to go over early with me. We still thought she’d have plenty of time to do my makeup once the boat arrived with all of the guests, but learned that wasn’t the case once I got to Las Caletas. Between my friend Marti and Leigh, we figured we could make it work though, so I wasn’t worried. When the hair stylist heard us discussing the back up plan, she said she could help – she also does makeup. I was a tad worried at first, since I wear zero makeup - literally none, other than mascara maybe a few times a year- that a professional would make me look too made up, and not like myself. She ended up doing a great job with the help of Marti and Leigh, as well as my mom and sister. Poor woman had a team of women critiquing her work! She used Leigh and Marti’s makeup and everyone’s input. I had my makeup done outside (for the nice breeze!), so I had no mirrors. I told my gang that I was really relying on them to make sure it wasn’t too much for me – they did me proud!
Between stages of getting my hair done, I ran to the bathroom (still not feeling well!), and when I came back she was blow drying Marti’s hair (so sweet!). Then after she was done with me, she also did my mom’s hair since she was struggling due to the humidity. I still don’t think I tipped her enough.
Minister (Brad) I didn’t have any interaction with him prior to the wedding, other than him emailing me the ceremony the week before, and I just turned around and sent it to Paul for him to deal with – which he did. I met him once I walked up to the chuppa to stand next to Paul, and he had asked who was giving me away – and he even said “nice to meet you” – how cute! Paul had already met him when he got to the Marina before getting on the boat, and said Brad walked him through the ceremony and was great to work with. Brad was awesome– really made us feel at ease and had a great presence.
DJ (Johnny) I really had no interaction with him at all – he was on the boat with Paul and all of the guests, and then took over after the trio left. We had given him some CDs to play, and he played some from those and some of his own music. He did a great job of reading the crowd and played a great mix of music, both on the boat to/from Las Caletas, during the dinner, and at the reception.
Videographer Again, I didn’t speak to him at all but he got some of the important moments – he videotaped all night long. Paul is pretty sure he was on the boat on the way over, and I know he was taping late into the reception. I can’t wait to see the video! If anyone is interested, I will also try to get his name/company.
Trio We hired the trio for 2 hours (the minimum); they played as the guests arrived, during the ceremony, and then into cocktail hour. I can recall hearing the music before I started walking down the “aisle” from the bridal casita, but I really don’t remember hearing them much afterwards. Right after the ceremony we ran off to take some pictures, and I wasn’t able to hear them. I will have to ask some of the guests how they were.
Food Well, I can vouch for the bread/rolls only – and the water. I wasn’t feeling well at all, so I didn’t eat much at lunch at Las Caletas, or at the dinner. Everyone said it was great, and people went back to the buffet multiple times. There was such a variety of food that even our pickiest eaters seemed to be satisfied, as well as the vegetarians. There were 2 actual buffets set up for dinner, so there was really never a waiting line for food either.
Fire Dancers Let me tell you, these guys were a HUGE hit! They came at the very end of the ceremony and put on quite a show. They dance independently and then around you, and also together (there were 2 of them). People were already raving about how great this wedding was, and then this definitely sealed it for them … so many people were saying how we ruined them for any other wedding!
Staff Wow – I can’t say enough about how great everyone was. And I mean everyone – the boat crew, Nicole, Kelley, all of the wait staff, bartenders, etc. Every single person we came in contact with was amazing – they really know what they’re doing and they make sure you have a great time!