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  1. I had this same question when I first started out. Unfortuantely you cannot get legally married at Las Caletas. This is what I got from Dennise: To be legally married here in Mexico, a judge will need to administer the civil ceremony, and unfortunately the judge in the district that Las Caletas would fall in, will not do weddings at Las Caletas due to logistical issues. Thus, we are only able offer a spiritual ceremony at Las Caletas.
  2. Hi Ladies! We got back from Puerto Vallarta on Saturday. Our wedding was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! There was a light sprinkle the morning of our wedding but it cleared out before the ceremony and it was the most beautiful evening! Once I get settled back into reality I will post my review for everyone. Thank you to all of you for the awesome ideas and suggestions. It made the planning process so much easier!! Carol
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by LaLa1116 YAY! I'm so excited too! Not even stressed or nervous anymore...just excited! We leave on Monday 11/11. Have so much fun and maybe we will bump into each other in PV! Hey Lauren! I was thinking about you on Saturday as we were driving to the airport getting ready to leave PV. It was pouring down rain when we first arrived and was slowy starting to clear up by the time we got on the plane. I hope the weather cooperated by the time of your ceremony! Can't wait to hear all about it!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lashesforever So Ladies, our day is almost here! We leave in 8 days, and I am SOOOO excited! Las Caletas has been the best decision by far! I cant wait to share this magical place with all our friends and family. We are doing our site visit on Saturday Novemeber 9th. I just cant wait to sit back on the beach and relax and watch the day unfold that Ive spent the last two years planning! So excited for you lashesforever! We arrive in PV on the 9th and get married at LC the day after you! Can't believe it is so close! Hope you have an amazing time and can't wait to hear about it!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by tammylee I have seen the River cafe has some great reviews.. Im thinking of booking our "welcome dinner" there.. Do you know how big of a party they can hold and about how much a person? Any details would be great. Thanks We only have 25 guests and they seemed more than capable of accomodating that many people. I'm not sure what their max. number is though. They are also pretty flexible about coming up with a menu to meet your budget. You can contact them through their website (just Google River Cafe Puerto Vallarta and it should come up) and just let them know about how many people you are expecting and a price point per person. They got back to me in about a week with a menu. Beware of the language barrier though! When I first contacted them they thought I wanted to have my wedding and reception there so they came back with a $65/person menu! Once I explained it was just a dinner they came back with something more reasonable. Quote: Originally Posted by tammylee Thank you for sharing your ideas.. I will be using some for sure.. Cant wait to hear about your review.. Also when will you give the welcome bags out? At the wedding or hotel? Most of our guests are arriving the weekend before the wedding so we are having "Welcome Cocktails" on Sunday and that's when we will hand out the welcome bags. I think our hotel had a fee to have them delivered to everyones room so we dicided to avoid that and just hand them out ourselves.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by LaLa1116 Hi ladies! Can't believe I only have a month left! Haven't heard from anyone on here in a bit...I know there are a ton of November brides, how's everyone's planning going? I can't believe we are so close either! I have a hand full of last minute things to get in order but all the big stuff is planned and ready to go! The "rehearsal" dinner is planned at River Cafe and we meet with Dennise on Sunday before the wedding to get the details for The Big Day all settled. At this point I am just ready to be in PV and enjoy the vacation that comes with the wedding. Has anyone ever done the Yelapa & Majahuitas tour? We are thinking about doing this with some of our guests. There is some hiking involved so not everyone will be able to do it but it sounds like a lot of fun.
  7. Hey everyone! I finally got around to putting together our Welcome Bags and thought I would share. Here are the bags we are using (Baggu.com $7 each). Puerto Vallarta is known for their Seahorse Statue downtown on the boardwalk so I thought these would be perfect. And here is everything that will go in the bag: bottle of water for each person (that I will buy in PV once we get down there) snack (not shown but will also buy once we get down there) deck of cards ($7/dz @ orientaltrading.com) puzzle book ($0.98 each @ pennydellpuzzles.com) maraca pen ($9/dz @ orientaltrading.com) sunglasses for each person ($20/dz @ privateislandparty.com) cosmetic bag filled with other goodies (see below) welcome book (4X6 24pocket album $0.99 each @ archivalusa.com) mini maraca to be attached with the tag for each bag ($16/dz @ orientaltrading.com) cosmetic bag ($15/dz @ Cassie Cosmetics) hand sanitizer (on sale for $1 @ Bath & Body Works) sunscreen ($1.69 each @ cheaptravelsizes.com) aloe vera gel ($0.99 each @ cheaptravelsizes.com) chapstick ($0.64 each @ minimus.biz) Wet Ones hand wipes ($0.14 each @ cheaptravelsizes.com) cottonballs (5pk for $0.15 @ minimus.biz) Kleenex (3pk for $0.97 @ Walmart) Crystal Light (can't remember price for these but they came in a 10pk for under $5 at the grocery store) bandaids (8pk for $0.88 @ minimus.biz) Aquaphor ointment ($0.32 each @ minimus.biz) Pepto Bismol ($0.66 each @ minimus.biz) Tylenol ($0.44 each @ cheaptravelsizes.com) nail polish remover pad ($0.07 each @ minimus.biz) gum ($0.69 each @ Walgreens) emery board (10pk for $0.15 @ cheaptravelsizes.com) Welcome Book: pages include: Welcome Letter Schedule of events for the week "The Big Day" timeline Guest information (list of all the guests, where they are from and a place to put room numbers) map of the resort map of PV Things to do in PV Fun Facts about PV crossword puzzle about me and Dan Guacamole and Margarita recipe photo sharing with info on our Shutterfly account where guests can upload/download pictures from the week I will also include a PV postcard in each one I might still add a few things or make changes but for the most part I am happy to say I am done with this project. Took a while to complete and to collect all the items I wanted to include but I definitely think it was worth the time and effort.
  8. Has anyone tried to take candles on the plane, either in their carry on or in their checked bags? I will have my unity candles and possibly some candles for our centerpieces. According to the TSA website, only gel candles are allowed but I have heard some conflicting info on that. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  9. All this talk about photographers got me to rethink about using the in-house photographer... I have since contacted Pierre with Photoshoots Vallarta and have booked them to shoot our wedding on Nov 14th! A big thanks to all of you ladies and your input. I am so happy with the decision and just talking to Pierre through email makes me so happy I am going to use them! Thank you all!!!
  10. Hi Ladies! I got "The Email" from Dennise a couple weeks ago to start the planning process! Time to start finalizing all the details! I will try and be better about posting on here as the process continues and keep you all informed in case you have questions! Carol
  11. Congratulations Lianne! Thanks for the review, your pictures are gorgeous!
  12. Your wedding sounds amazing! Reading everyones' reviews makes me wish it was November already! Congratulations : )
  13. Congratulations pdawnfloyd!! Can't wait to read your review and please post pics when you have a chance!!
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