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  1. I wish the weather didn't have such an effect on our plans! I would love to have our reception in a backyard but since that isn't an option, we chose a small bar in the city. We've decided to keep it casual, too. The whole point of us having a DW was to keep it intimate and casual so we are doing the same with our AHR. We rented out a small pub for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon so we could invite families. We plan on doing a pub crawl around Philly afterwards with any adults who want to join. Our guest list is 150. We are having a 2 hr open bar and are putting out appetizers. I m
  2. Here is a link to our highlight wedding video! Thought this might help you see some of the details better. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/83900305
  3. Hi Ladies! Wanted to share my wedding highlight video...I know how much I enjoyed looking at these when I was planning. Enjoy! -Lauren http://vimeo.com/83900305
  4. Sandra is AMAZING! Professional, sweet and very talented. We LOVE our wedding video and are so happy we chose Sandra. I wanted to share our highlight video Enjoy! Lauren http://vimeo.com/83900305
  5. Hi Ladies! Thanks for thinking of me. I've been meaning to reply sooner, but we came back right at the beginning of the holiday season and life has been insane! The weather the night before the wedding and the morning of was horrible!! Crazy rain and wind...they had to put the flaps down on the boat on our way over in the morning and all LC tours were cancelled. Needless to say I was freaking out- We chose November because there is typically 1/2 rainy day in a month! BUT, it gradually stopped and progressed to being overcast/cloudy as the day went on. I was still anxious though becau
  6. I guess that's all for now...I will post more pictures of everything set-up at the wedding when we get back, so you can see how it all looked! I hope this helped inspire some of you as this forum has for me. Good luck in your planning!!
  7. More pics of welcome packet contents... "hang with the bride and groom" calendar, a map of pv featuring Dreams and Las Caletas and a Spanish language guide. As I mentioned in an earlier post, guests will light sparklers for our first dance. These are sparkler cards I made to hold them. The say, "Light the way when our song begins to play." Because we are having a cigar bar, sparklers and wish lanterns, we thought we should get some personalized match boxes. I found these on Etsy and thought they were so cool! I asked the shop to use glitter in our colors and only include less
  8. Hi Girls! So we leave TOMORROW!!! I can't believe it! As I pack up our décor, I took some last minute photos of projects I forgot to share with all of you. As I mentioned before, we will be giving out flip flops at the reception...they will be displayed in a basket on a table with this sign. We are also having a s'mores bar with gourmet marshmallows that I ordered from Sweet Jumbles on Etsy. I highly recommend her shop! The marshmallows are ridiculously good and she was a pleasure to work with! I shared the sign with the flavors in an earlier post, but here is a pic of the "s'm
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by lashesforever So Ladies, our day is almost here! We leave in 8 days, and I am SOOOO excited! Las Caletas has been the best decision by far! I cant wait to share this magical place with all our friends and family. We are doing our site visit on Saturday Novemeber 9th. I just cant wait to sit back on the beach and relax and watch the day unfold that Ive spent the last two years planning! YAY! I'm so excited too! Not even stressed or nervous anymore...just excited! We leave on Monday 11/11. Have so much fun and maybe we will bump into each other in PV!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by NJBride2014 This is an awesome thread....I think your theme is very in line with what i'm trying to pull off a nice rustice beach wedding with a little mexican theme. Thanks for the inspirations and tips. Can't wait to see how everything turns out at the wedding. Post lots of pics!! Only a couple more days yay how exciting!!! Thanks so much! Glad it gave you some inspiration! Can't believe my wedding is so soon...time really does fly! I have some more DIY pics to post and will definitely include some wedding photos when we return. Happy planning!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by caroltilley We only have 25 guests and they seemed more than capable of accomodating that many people. I'm not sure what their max. number is though. They are also pretty flexible about coming up with a menu to meet your budget. You can contact them through their website (just Google River Cafe Puerto Vallarta and it should come up) and just let them know about how many people you are expecting and a price point per person. They got back to me in about a week with a menu. Beware of the language barrier though! When I first contacted them they thought I wanted t
  12. Hi ladies! Can't believe I only have a month left! Haven't heard from anyone on here in a bit...I know there are a ton of November brides, how's everyone's planning going?
  13. Hi ladies! Can't believe I only have a month left! Haven't heard from anyone on here in a bit...I know there are a ton of November brides, how's everyone's planning going?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by MrzzMel Thank you this is very helpful! Great! Glad to hear it!
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