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  1. Our cake table was pretty small...but I think they can use larger ones. Ours was probably 4x4.
  2. Everyone LOOOVED the key holders, for room keys and tip money. Everyone used them the whole trip. everyone had bags too, but the key holder was nice because you could clip it to your bag or whatever and it woudnt get lost and you always had tip money really handy. Most people kept track of ppl room numbers in their cell phones though....so those did not get used as much as I thought they would
  3. Tracyannhoward. I did a who's who, but no one used it. They were still cute though. I have examples on my planning thread.... The map I used I just got off Google if I remember correctly.... http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/index.php?/topic/78208-Amarie4713-Now-Jade-Planning-Thread
  4. @@nina1116 thanks so much! I was really proud. It was alot of work but we'll worth it.
  5. @@jayejayelynn they will use your own make up if you take it in to them...I had really great weather, so I didn't get too cakey from sweat or anything, but I can definitely see how it's possible... Really, I wasn't too worried about the make up because my best friend is an esthetician and I figured she could fix it if I hated it.
  6. No. I didn't pay for one because I didn't have one. Thanks so much. I was VERY happy with my hair and make up both
  7. Nope...I only took my picture. They have a whole cabinet of make up. I did not pay for a trial. I did have a hair trial though because I have thick, curly hair and I wanted to be sure!
  8. Thanks! Those were by far the best thing I took, it really added alot!
  9. Yep, I took pictures of exactly what I wanted and that is what they did.
  10. My biggest stress was by far packing!! Start packing early! I was so panicky right before we left my husband had to keep me from totally losing my mind!
  11. I tipped everyone who did anything for us that worked for the resort, the mix bar bartender the servers at the reception, wedding coordinator, hair and make up stylist. I didn't tip the resort photographer, but only because I forgot all my cash in the room because we did a trash the dress session. We had a wedding of about 20 ppl, I gave Carmen 50, each server and the bartender 20, hair dresser 20. I believe that some other members of my wedding party also tipped them more, like my dad and father in law That was in American dollars
  12. No, I did not tip my photographer because he owns his own business. We brought an officiant with us, so we didn't tip them, but I have heard of people doing that if they're not having a legal ceremony down there. And we did not have a DJ. I think the rule of thumb is if they own their own business, you don't tip, and if they work for another organization, you do tip.
  13. No, I tipped the one that came to the reception and did all the actual work, for me it Was Carmen. I tipped her at the end of the night when I tipped the servers before we left...my dad had all of our tip money.
  14. I did not declare my OOT bags. But I had all my receipts and totals ready for customs just in case.
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