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Chelsea & Steve's Magical Nov. 3rd 2014 Wedding
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By Chelsea9941, · 1,229 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Private gorgeous location,easy to plan, amazing wedding coordinators,beautiful flowers and settings-great food!
Cons: I wish the ceremony started earlier in the day so we would have had more sunlight for photos and more time to dance and enjoy the beach

My husband and I were married Nov.3rd in Puerto Vallarta at Las Caletas! I chose Adventure Weddings because I wanted a more private secluded wedding. After witnessing a few weddings at my resort I was happy I did so...people walking past drunk in swimming suits etc.


I have been planning my Las Caletas wedding for a year now. I have been speaking with Dennise back and forth and Jessica who later took over the planning since Dennise went on Mat leave. Jessica was wonderful! She was quite fast with responses on any questions I had. Any changes made she would automatically send me my updated contract to go over. I would send her detailed info on how I wanted things to look,colors,flowers etc. and everything turned out just as I imagined.


The day before we did the walk through...Las Caletas feels like your on a private tropical island and you are kind of! The bridal suite was a little bit of a trek up a few flights of cobble stone stairs. I made sure to tell my guests and wedding party to avoid heels and have comfortable sandals or shoes.


The morning of the wedding my girls and I headed to the bridal suite with another tour group that uses Las Caletas during the day. the other people have lunch and snorkel etc. We never really saw anyone since we were in our Bridal suite most of the day-(did go for a dip in the warm water) complete with a bed,shower,outside dining table,hammock,Jacuzzi tub surrounded by lush tropical plants. When we arrived they had champagne fruit and fresh tacos waiting for us. The waitor would hike up all those stairs various times during the day to deliver anything we wanted. We made sure to tip him well. I paid for my girls,mother and mother in law to have massages for a half hour which was located next to our private casa. The girls loved it as did I! Amazing treat for the day. I made sure I tipped the girls as well. I read a few other reviews on the massages and was told to inform the girls that you did not want oil in your hair line-they covered our hair with towels and all was well! 


Humidity & Sunset

One thing to really research when you get married in a destination is the humidity index...Our rain in P.V. stayed a little longer so on the wedding it was very humid (no rain though! woohoo). My hair fell directly after the ceremony it was wet from the moisture. Also...

research what time sunset is. I wish our wedding would have started at 3pm instead of 6pm we only had about a half hour of daylight after our ceremony for photos...We ended up getting everyone dressed up at our resort a few days after and doing photos there. (Belcero beautiful resort not the best food)


The wedding night flew by so fast. Jessica was always on point following a set time line to ensure everything was on point. I do wish I would have paid the extra money to have an extra hour or two at las Caletas. I felt like I hardly had time to dance. But that is all weddings! your busy running around talking to people,cutting cake,first dance etc. Many of my guests said it felt like the perfect amount of time. 


A few add ons that I really loved and my guests were beyond happy about!


Smores! I am from Alberta,Canada...so this was a huge hit on the beach!


The Fire Dancers! This was sooo worth the money...I think it was around 300$ without drums (which was fine, they bring their own music) Everyone was really excited about this and made for some really cool videos! They dance around you...I was scared my hair was going to catch on fire lol good thing it was so wet from the humidity! 


Massages for the girls! I think I paid about 40$ per girl for a half hour massage and they loved it...as did I! They deserve it spending money to come down for my wedding...I wanted to really treat them and make their day special.


A few things I did to save myself money & add a special touch!


Also note:on the inspection day before the wedding that is when you will bring your favors or any extras such as guest book, I kept mine in a vacuum seal bag. On the day of the wedding Jessica asked me what to put on the chalk boards-how to set up the tables and favors and did everything for me so I did not have to worry on the day of.


Disposable Cameras!  I bought 5 and put them on different tables and told my guests to take photos through out the night. Something fun for us to develop later! I'm going to be using most of them for our Wedding Scrapbook.


Scrapbook Paper & chalk boards! I was trying to think of a way for my guests to write a little love note for us...that was easy to travel with and light. I only had 40 guests so I thought bringing an entire book to sign did not make sense...I saw post card ideas...but thought what am I going to do with 40 post cards? I decided I was going to make a wedding scrapbook instead of a photo album. I brought down a few sheets of nice paper and a couple pens! Easy peezy and still felt romantic. The chalk boards said "Share some Love! for our scrapbook!"


Wedding Favors aka the Hangover kits! My mother and sister in law are super creative and helped me make little burlap sac bags...the burlap bags at Michaels or other craft stores can go from 4-12$ a bag...In my hangover kits I included a beer koozie (ordered from etsy) that said "Steve & Chelsea Puerto Vallarta Nov. 3 2014" I stuffed them with dental floss,tylonal,chapstick,emergen-C drink powder, a condom and alka seltzer. Was a good laugh and most of my friends used them lol.


Makeup & Hair I'm a professional makeup artist as was my MOH, and one bridesmaid of mine is a professional hair stylist...We opted to do our own hair and makeup. Your in Mexico! Not like you need a ton anyways...fake lashes, setting spray and some bronzer. I think we saved about 5 or 600$ doing our own hair and makeup.


Photographer I am so blessed to have such a creative group of friends. One of Steve's groomsman is a professional photographer so he video taped and took photos as a gift to us that evening and the day after at the resort. I also asked guests to take videos and photos during the ceremony and night...So far everything looks amazing! We have tons of pics from different angles etc. it worked. And the resort photos are unreal! Belcero has so many gorgeous flowers all around the gardens are just stunning! If you have the money to dish out 2 grande on a photographer make sure you research and read tons of reviews but go for it! Than all your groomsman can relax and you don't need to worry about anything.


Music We opted to have our ipod. I set our playlists for everything-cocktail hour,dinner,first dance etc. worked great. They supply you with an MC for the evening to announce the dances,dinner and introductions as well as speeches. My cousin also brought his guitar and they set him up with a microphone so he could play guitar while we walked down the isle. Walked down to an acoustic cover of Led Zeppelin "Going to California."



The day of the wedding the boys and guests went to the maritime terminal in town and took a private boat to Las Caletas-they had an open bar, our ipod plugged in for music.They said it was amazing...apparently there were dolphins chasing the boat for quite a ways. Wish I would have seen that :( 


Dinner was amazing! Everyone would not stop about the food! The staff was amazing as well! All in all it was a perfect day. I wish it would have lasted longer! I would highly reccomend Las Caletas to everyone!


After all my add ons like flowers,tiki torches etc my wedding was around 9 grande. If we would have stayed home to have our wedding we would have spent much more since we would have had around 200 guests. I would do it again! 


If you have any questions about my wedding or the planning aspect- feel free to email me at chauncy_007@hotmail.com 


Hi Chelsea!


First of all, congratulations again!!


We are so happy to hear that you and your guests had a great time during your wedding at Las Caletas... Thank you for your review, it is very important and valuable for us and we really appreciate it.


I will make sure to pass your comments to all of our staff and our team.


Thank you again!


Have a great day Chelsea!


Adventure Weddings

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The resort that your guest stayed at would you recommend it or no? Im trying to figure out where I want my guest to stay when they come for my wedding at Las Caletas.

Let me know please


Thank you!

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