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Surreal Wedding
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By Halley-Jalea, · 595 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Staff service, wedding planner, organization, place-view, food, unique, patiente.
Cons: The sea, which really isn't Vallarta Adventures' fault. We had BIG sea-waves getting there.

My husband and myself were really anxious to start our lives together, with the help of our wedding coordinator Blanca, we made our dream happen in less than 6 months. Being stress-free on our special day, we had over 50 people, family and friends, come up to us and thanks us for such a magical moment and for making them part of it. With a special way to start the event; a boat ride, to an awesome welcoming with a great view, followed by an emotional ceremony, an incredible and simply amazing/delicious dinner accompanied by beautiful extras (music, sky latterns, fire dancers, fire on the beach, friends toasts, and much more) we accomplished making the most significant day of our lives into one of the most special day of our guests. Thanks to Vallarta Adventures, Chino & Jalea had a -surreal wedding-. : )


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