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  1. I'm not writing this second review to be petty. I'm writing this review so that future brides don't make the same mistakes I did. I planned my destination wedding for 1.5 years. I researched and read reviews about vendors. When booking Tom as my photographer I came across a few bad reviews, but was so mesmerized by his beautiful pictures on his site that I disregarded them. I regret that now. Future brides please research your vendors and take those reviews seriously. These people you hire will be a big part of your day... make sure you are choosing wisely. After writing my previous review I received a very unprofessional email from Tom. He wouldn't reply to my emails saying I was disappointed in the lack of photo's he had sent, but sure had something to say about my review. Most of this email doesn't make sense. I paid for his transportation. The discount he gave me was because I didn't want the photo book or prints. Here is a look at how unprofessional this photographer is. Again, I am posting this second review because I just don't want any other bride to have to experience this! "Hi Erica Just sow your horrible revives online. I think this is ungrateful low class behavior to be so not hones about my service. I have never been rude to you and I have delivered beautiful photos. You have asked me for discount and I did give discount and you never have say thank you for that I did travel for free to your location and you never say thank you. He was pretty much running through this rocky area trying to get pictures of my husband and I and I was in heals... very thankful I didn't fall or injure myself!! What is this abut !!! I was running because I was trading to get as much is passible is not my fold that you did not plan your hair done earlier and you choose rocky area for your wedding. I ended up falling out of a hammock Is not my fold also that you dont know how to sit in hammock you even sed " I´m sorry I forgot to tall you im very clumsy " I remember this very wall. I generally have this feeling that you never happy person and you always nervous abut every think. You should be a shame of your self writing this I did my best to give you beautiful photos and I think this so sad to receive this after all. Best of luck "
  2. We had our photo's done by Tom Moks. Our photo's turned out amazing, but I feel like there were a lot of key moments that he missed. Hopefully we can get those moments from our video. Dealing with Tom through email was a nightmare. When booking he kept calling me but the wrong name and saying our wedding was on a different date than it was. At one point he emailed to cancel because he double booked, but he had actually had the wrong date so it was fine. During the wedding day he arrived on time which I was nervous about. My hair wasn't ready in time so he really stressed me out and was rushing me. I ended up falling out of a hammock and wrecking my hair because he asked me to sit in this hammock for a picture and I was already rushing. He was pretty much running through this rocky area trying to get pictures of my husband and I and I was in heals... very thankful I didn't fall or injure myself!! He also made a rude comment about not fitting into my dress while we were zipping it up!! After the wedding, it was near impossible to get a response from him via email. He doesn't do sneak peaks which was disappointing. He gave me a date that my photo's were to be ready... that date came... didn't hear from him until 3 days after because he had a wedding booked. If you had a wedding booked you should probably email your clients to inform them their photo's won't be ready. Overall, I am pretty unsatisfied with the service. We have a few good photo's but there were many missed ! I would not recommend booking Tom Moks as nice as his photos are... it's just not worth the stress!!
  3. Hello, So I am getting married in 4 months and am looking for a photographer in puerto vallarta ? Any recommendations? I am getting married in Las Caletas in January and I can use Adventures Wedding photographer, but I have read a couple bad reviews so I am slightly worried. Just looking to see if there are any other options out there that are reasonably priced? I like more artistic photos ect.
  4. BRIDESMAID DRESSES: Ordered 6 months advance. My girls are quite short so will need to be shortened. I wanted to find dresses with a slit in the front like my wedding dress has. I originally picked eggplant for the dress color. I switched last minute to midnight blue which is basically Navy. SHOES: Needed wedges as the ceremony is on the beach. Found these on justfab.com. $75 for 3 pairs. I know they are gold, but I'm hoping they won't make a difference. Necklace/Earings/Bracelet: THE BAY! $90 for all three sets. Love!! ROBES: La Vie En Rose 3 for 1! SUN HATS: Walmart $9 - Navy $5 - White
  5. eriddell

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    Bridesmaid dresses, jewellery, & Shoes.
  6. I went to the store, but I just looked online and found them.. here is the link: http://www.lavieenrose.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductURL1_10052_10001_-1_5001001641_5001001186_5001001643_3for1_707250_SatinKimono_ProductDisplayErrorView_ I found they fit a little big so if you are ordering online!
  7. For those canadian brides... not sure if they have this store in the states. They have 3 for 1 kimonos at la vie en Rose Boutique... so I got 3 kimonos for my bridesmaids for $40! They have pink&nave and Navy&blue. They are pretty cute actually! Happy planning!
  8. I will take them all if you still have them! Super cute... you got them at old navy?
  9. Thank's for the input!! I love imagine dragon's... so using that for our exit song! Thanks Calgary Bride. I've got in narrowed down to three for the daddy daughter dance: Taylor swift - Best day Heartland - I loved her first Danielle Bradbery - daughter of a working man
  10. My dress Completely different from what I expected to find, but I'm in love
  11. Has anyone stayed at the Hard Rock Vallarta? I think we are staying there for the second week for our Honey moon.
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