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  1. I have 39 leftover OOT totes from old navy (I vastly overestimated how many people would cruise!). $1 each + shipping my guests loved them and I saw the bags all over! People used them as totes to go down to the pool and on excursions. They were great!
  2. I have 39 leftover OOT bags from my cruise wedding. Perfect for nautical or anchor themes! They are generously sized and my guests ended up using them as beach/pool/excursion totes. Asking $1 each plus a little to cover shipping so $45 total.
  3. Thanks all! I'm glad to know it's not just me being a Bridezilla or something! It seemed so unreasonable. I guess now the hunt really begins for a better travel agent.
  4. I don't remember which one I needed There is a number on top of the bar code, and a number underneath it. On top the number is: 775385-13-1 0000 j07 underneath the number is 4 92046 00002 9
  5. it's just him, so it would mean switching to a whole other company
  6. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to use a travel agent to book a block of rooms for our cruise wedding. I decided this would be great, he could answer all the booking questions, and I could pretty much stay out of it, and we would get some freebies, saving us money so we could in turn do better OOT bags, and a welcome party that was otherwise out of the budget win-win. So I got some recommendations from friends, and several recommended the same guy - easy to work with, super on top of things, etc. So I call Bob, he gets me the block of rooms, he gets my honeymoon suite booked. So far so good. Then he tells me that I am supposed to have my guests contact me when they are ready to book, and then I should contact him so that he can call them to book. This makes NO sense to me. Why should I be the middle man? Why wouldn't they just contact HIM when they are ready to book, and give our wedding name? He assures me this streamlines things somehow, so I say fine, I'll e-mail him contact info whenever people tell me they are ready to book. I'm annoyed since this sort of defeats the purpose of me staying out of it. That was strike one. Fast forward. I have sent him 10 different couples' info already who are ready to put down their deposits. He set up phone "meetings" with them, and then doesn't call, or calls at completely different times when they are at work and have told him they can't talk, or doesn't call them at all. I have guests that have been going back and forth with him for 3-4 weeks and some almost 2 months and still aren't booked! He keeps giving excuses. He just went through a divorce and had to move his office so he's not as organized as usual. Fine gave him some slack. Then his dad was ill and not expected to make it so he was out of town dealing with hospice. Fine game him some slack. But that was all months ago! My guests are getting frustrated and just want to book on their own, and I don't blame them but I really wanted to get the perks of the block of rooms. I feel like this should be way easier? am I crazy? Or is he just a bad travel agent? When I express my concerns to him he always has an excuse, and by the end makes me sound like I am crazy for being upset. Granted my cruise is over a year away, but some of my relatives have specific room requests because of large families and medical issues etc, and they want to book early, why is that so hard? I don't know at this point if there is even a way to "fire" him since I already have all our group deposit and deposit on my suite and group account setup through him? Should I call another travel agent and see what they say? Anyone experienced anything similar?
  7. figured out how to save a picture of the proof of my RSVP card. My plan is to send the invites out fairly early, and that way anyone who rsvp's that they are cruising, but hasn't put down their deposit yet I can track them down and get them in touch with our travel agent. Next up: working on our anchor monogram
  8. I am having fun planning my OOT bags. Thanks to all the helpful posts on here, I think I have the contents for my cruising guests pretty well planned. However, I will have quite a few non-cruising guests, and they are travelling from out of state too, just to eb there for the oh so short cruise wedding and reception. I feel like I should get them something, but obviously they don't need sunscreen, and aloe, and headache meds etc. I'm planning to hand the bags out the night before our wedding (we're getting married on embarkation day) so I don't want the non- cruisers to feel left out if they see everyone else getting bags...but at the same time they don't "need" the majority of the goodies. Would it be strange to make a smaller bag for non-cruisers with just a couple of snacks, the itinerary, and our "favor" which is a printed koozie? Thoughts? Advice? Other brides' plans? Thanks ladies!
  9. These are my Old Navy Anchor Bags. I like them a lot, but my colors are navy and white, with aqua accents...so I guess the OOT bags are more the accents part I did find a postcard on VP that I liked that I made into RSVP cards, but I just ordered them yesterday so I don't have pics yet. Will post when they arrive So glad someone else is doing anchors!! So many sea stars and beachy themes brides out there. Which are pretty, but I liked the nautical theme
  10. I am fairly certain I would like to provide keyholders for all of our cruising guests. I am debating between several styles currently. 1) this personalizable waterproof container from OTC http://www.orientaltrading.com/personalized-beach-safe-containers-blue-a2-42_4251-12-1.fltr?Ntt=safe+container or something similar to it (hard plastic, holds more than room key) 2) Or something like this vinyl ID pocket http://www.specialistid.com/Clear_Vinyl_Vertical_Badge_Holder_Resealable_Top_p/1815-1110.htm on either one of those stretchy wrist keychains or a lanyard Obviously, the waterproof containers are pricier. Any previous BDW brides have any input after seeing guests use the key holders? as to whether a lanyard or a wrist might be better?
  11. I don't remember seeing anywhere in Carnival's information, what decor they provided. I'm assuming they had linens but were there any sort of centerpieces? (I'm doing an embarkation day wedding so my grandparents can attend)
  12. Can't wait to see some amazing pics here! I was underwhelmed by my options and prices as a cruise bride too! I am debating between: 1 - making my BMs real touch rose bouquets to coordinate with the 1 dozen white roses, I'll receive as part of my wedding package or 2 - saving even more money, and breaking up my bouquet so that I have 8 roses and my BM's each carry a single rose
  13. Awesome, I actually have that! I thought maybe you had purchased some special program these look so nice. Now I am super duper inspired!
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