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Exceeded my expectations!!!!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By MikeandJules, · 941 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Location, staff, price, one of a kind experience
Cons: It does get warm depending on the time of the year

When your guests tell you that this is the best wedding they've even attended, even their own, then you know you've done something right! :) 

My husband, boyfriend at the time,  and I had attended a wedding at Las Caletas a year earlier. On the boat ride over we looked at each other with excitement. When we arrived we both knew that when it was time to get married we would do it at Las Caletas! 6 months later we were engaged and we immediately called to reserve a date. Dennise was our wedding coordinator. She's the manager and only takes a few weddings a month. I had requested someone who had been at Adventure Weddings for awhile since the wedding coordinator that my friend used had recently left. 

Dennise. What more can I say. She was the best part of planning my wedding. She was always there for me- answered any question via phone or email and made this whole process so easy. I've been a bridesmaid 24 times, yes...it's true, and my friends always seemed to be  stressed out dealing with details. Not me. Dennise had everything under control and I never had to worry about anything. On my wedding day I barely even saw Dennise- she was there but she had everything under control that she didn't need to bother me with any questions and allowed me to enjoy my evening. That to me is a true professional. I told her the hardest part of having the wedding end was not talking to her every few days. :(

My fiance and my parents set up a site survey 3 months before the wedding. We flew in on a Friday and left on a Sunday. When my parents saw Las Caletas for the first time they were blown away. We sat on site with Dennise and planned everything...from flowers, to cake, seating, etc....it was all done! Yes- we changed a few things leading up to the wedding but nothing major- all things that Dennise handled with ease. 

When we showed up 2 days before our wedding Dennise met us at the hotel. As always she had a smile on her face and went through everything with us. We gave her our programs, seating cards, etc...and that was it.

The morning of our wedding myself and my mom, sister and best friend took the early boat to the venue. The bridal suite was fantastic- they have a bed, shower, hammock, spa and a personal butler who brings you drinks and food all day. I scheduled massages for everyone and we just sat, ate and relaxed. No stress!! Our hair and make up team showed up around 1:30 pm- Dennise had booked them- and started to get us all ready. Everything was easy and on time. 

The wedding was better than I even imagined. As I started to walk down the aisle I looked around to everything we had discussed that was now actually there- the rose petals on the aisle, the flowers, candles, tables, etc...everything was perfect. I'm a producer and very anal. I would have never let someone do something without me double checking it- but with Dennise I had no question that everything would be done perfect and it was- everything. 

We used the Adventure Weddings photographer- Cristhell- who was fantastic. She took tons of candid shots which we wanted. Raphael was our DJ and he followed our song list and even added additional songs when we ran out. He knew exactly what our guests wanted to hear. 

The staff was professional, attended to all of our guests and our needs and created the most magical evening. We had our guests release lanterns at the end of the evening which most said was a memorable moment. 

I don't write reviews- I only read them- but I have had to let everyone know that this is the ONLY place to get married if you want a unique, special beach spot. Your guests will be blown away and you're not breaking the bank to make it happen.

And if you can get Dennise you're one of the lucky ones. She's the best and knows how to take care of a bride and putting together a wedding. I keep thinking about that day and how there was NOTHING I would have changed. Thank you Dennise and your team for making our wedding a day we will remember forever. 


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