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  1. Hey Ashley Yay for Spring weddings! Us Canadians need to escape winter somehow For the Sunwing package you chose - are all your guests flying out of the same location? I'm still kind of trying to figure out what route I want to take because our guests are so scattered. For photography, I'm going to use the site photographer provided through Las Caletas. It's not the best of the best in terms of quality, but I'm not going to be too picky! If I had my way, I'd be bringing a photographer from Yellowknife with me, but we just can't justify that added expense. My father will be there, too, and he's a hobby photographer, so I'm hoping between the two of them, we'll end up with a few good shots! How exactly does the travel agent arrangement work? Do you let your guests know their options and have them contact the travel agent directly for booking? What expenses are associated with doing it that way? I did the same thing - confirmed our LC date and then ordered our STDs (which have been printed and are officially shipped and en route!!) For wedding colours we're going with a marine blue/navy and kiwi/lime accents. I really like that colour palette with the sandy location. I'm not one for pinks/oranges, so this is a good way to match the beach without being too pink! (I think the fiancé appreciates it, too haha) Question - the only Adult-Only hotel I've been able to find is Secrets Vallarta Bay, which looks great! But, does anyone know of any other options?
  2. We haven't booked a resort yet but we've got our eyes on Secrets. I've emailed them to ask about group booking rates for April 2015, but haven't heard back yet I thought about booking a flight/hotel package, but was worried that because we have guests from all over with different schedules it would be too restrictive for some, so we opted to do a group flight discount separate from a group booking rate at the resort so it's more flexible for our guests. I, too, am super anxious to get our info all set in stone so I can launch our wedding website and finalize our invitations. I want to send out our invites in July/August, so there's still time... I just feel like I'm at a standstill for now waiting for things to be finalized!
  3. They take care of pretty much all the decoration stuff. As for favours and signs, I know they have some basic signage (table numbers, etc.), but she recommended that I create my own if I want anything more complex (which is fine, table numbers don't take up much packing space!) As for favours, they can do personalized maracas as far as I know, but I'm not sure if they can provide much else. I didn't ask because I already have my OOT bags and favour ideas in mind! But you're right, it could turn into a lot of stuff to travel with, so I'm trying to be conservative as I'm planning out all these details! We're also getting married next April! You and I are going to be on a similar timeline it would seem!
  4. Hi melpaegs, The first time I put in for a quote through their website they didn't get back to me. I tried again a month later and noticed their webpage had undergone some changes, so I wondered if maybe that's what the delay was from... switching over their online stuff may have made my first message get lost in the shuffle. Anyway, the second time I sent in for a quote I got a response in less than a week. Since then, Dennise has been very punctual with responses. We've booked our date, put down the deposit (yes, it's $1000 USD for the premiere package) and Dennise has sent me an initial quote as well as some decor options to go over. She said we'd do the bulk of the planning & fine tuning in the 3 months leading up to the wedding date. So I have lots of time to think about decor - just under year of time, actually! I might go crazy in that time! haha Hope this helped Kate
  5. Hi brides (and grooms!) I'm a new BDW bride-to-be, but have been "creeping" the site for a while now! My fiance and I are getting married in Las Caletas in April 2015. I know there are other LC forums out there, but the packages and whatnot have changed over the years. So, I was hoping this thread could be somewhere we could share our own Q&As, info from experience, tips, tricks, advice, and so on as it pertains to a DW/Las Caletas/Puerto Vallarta in particular. I'll start us off! We're looking at using Secrets Vallarta Bay as our resort - any feedback you could provide would be great! We have people coming from all over Canada (and internationally, as well) for a total of about 50 guests. What pointers do you have for group bookings. I've had advice to book a group vacation package (flight & accommodations) through an airline like west jet/air canada. I've also thought about booking the rooms as a group block and having everyone plan their own flights. Again - feedback, please! Thank you all!
  6. This is a review of:

    Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

    Absolutely Perfect

    Pros: staff, wedding coordinator, venue, location, food, music, decorations, organization, professionalism, transportation, bridal suite, groomsmen's terrace, site visit, communication, services, photographer, DJ, minister, ceremony, reception, s'mores,
    My husband and I were married at Las Caletas this past April, 2015.     With family spread out across Canada, a destination wedding was the most attractive option for us.  We knew we didn't want a resort beach wedding, which meant we'd have to find another venue that would host a wedding ceremony and reception AND that we could plan from afar.    After perusing many destination wedding forums and review sites, we stumbled across Las Caletas.  The location looked absolutely beautiful.  The re
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