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Amazing wedding at Las Caletas
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By KatieAdam, · 1,222 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: Not a fault of the team itself, but because you get married in the evening, the time you have for a party on the island is reduced. You can pay for extra hours but it is very expensive.

We were lucky enough to stumble across this beautiful location and at the same time, have the lovely Dennise as our wedding coordinator.


We booked our wedding about 14 months in advance and from that time until the wedding day itself Dennise was only too happy to answer our (many) questions.  Considering we live about 6,000 miles from Mexico, we were unable to come to Las Caletas to see for ourselves what the venue would look like but Dennise was always more than happy to send us pictures of the beach itself and some of the smaller touches, like table runners, colour schemes, etc.  This made it very easy for us to visualise what the wedding day would look like itself and also be confident that it would match up to our expectations.


Dennise was very efficient in coming back to us (generally within 48 hours but often much quicker) and this is important when trying to organise a wedding from so far away and was also more than happy to talk on the phone/skype if we wanted to (which we only needed to do once such was her efficiency).


As the wedding day came closer, we had lots of questions about the finer details of the wedding day itself and Dennise was always able to answer those questions with the clarity we needed.


As part of the package we chose, we were able to go to the island a couple of days before the wedding, and at the same time, meet Dennise and some of the other people who would be helping us on the wedding day.  This was great because it meant we could ask any final preparation questions we had whilst at the same time being able to visualise the wedding location and dropping off any items which we would need for the wedding.


Las Caletas itself is simply stunning and the pictures and videos you see do not actually do it justice as to just how amazing the place, people and atmosphere is.


On the wedding day itself, Dennise was always around if we had any questions, but at the same time, very subtle and stayed in the background to ensure the smooth running of the day was exactly like we had planned it.


The rest of the team supporting the day itself were absolutely wonderful, very friendly and could not do more to help.  The guests were very impressed with the service of the bar team who were always on hand with more drinks. Including looking after the bride and her party who were in the bridal suite all day.


The food was far better than we have anticipated (considering how basic Las Caletas is - which only adds to the charm).  We were lucky enough to meet the chef when we visited the island a couple of days before the wedding when we took a cooking class with him. When we explained it was our wedding he asked us if there were any special things he could do for us.  We asked him if he could cook what we had learnt in that cooking class and he did that which was a lovely touch.


If you are considering Las Caletas as your wedding destination, we do not have any higher praise of the location itself, the team and of course Dennise  :D  :D  :D


Thanks so much for an amazing day!


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