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Canadian Wedding in January 2015
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By ChelseaWorkun, · 934 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Location, staff, photographer, videographer, DJ-Everything was amazing!
Cons: planning from a distance-but if you're going to do it-do it here!

Every single one of my guests said that our wedding was the most romantic/beautiful/exotic wedding they had ever seen! We are from Alberta, Canada and were looking for something warm and low stress-our travel agent, Elicia Jump, suggested Adventure Weddings in Las Caletas and the rest is history!


I will try to hit all the main points that will help you in planning your wedding in Las Caletas, here goes:


I will admit that trying to plan something as important as your own wedding over email can and was a challenge at times especially with language being an issue at times. I can't tell you other brides to calm down, because if someone told me that at the time, I would have brushed them off just as you would me now! However, breath and keep on top of your emails!! Don't worry about being a bridzilla (be polite) but don't hesitate to re-email/re-phrase/and ask again and again for what you want! You can and will have it-The staff of Adventure Weddings are very accommodating and want to please you-but they (like everyone else in the world) are extremely busy planning more than just your wedding. Fernanda was my wedding coordinator-I thank her for putting all my dreams together into a beautiful day...and being patient with me! lol. 


Stay on top of the math (price list) and numbers of items required. They don't like to work on a wedding more than 3 months in advance, but that doesn't mean you can't ask for a price list and budget for what you want earlier than 3 months:

Some things I almost cut from the budget and am SO relieved I didn't because they were a HIT are the Sky Lanterns...absolutely amazing! I also wish I paid for the videographer to stay the whole night to get the party portion of the night-she did such an amazing job of the first half of the day that it's a pity I didn't cough up the extra cash to relive the whole night over and over. Some things I could have done with less of and wouldn't have noticed are: flower tiki torches, extra flowers-they supplied more than I was lead to believe and even the small centrepieces were pretty substantial-any bigger you wouldn't see across the table anyway, flowers for hair, etc. The location is so beautiful and lush that there is no need to guild the lily. 


I was very happy with the photographer, Cristheell. She was very accommodating from the beginning-don't get me wrong, she's a busy lady, but she works hard to accommodate you and is very artistic and will make you look like a movie star! I would go as far as requesting your guests just leave their cameras at home (or keep to minimum) and just take in the day because a few great shots were ruined by people getting in the way of the professional photographer (and the family member's photo is never as good-how could it be, their equipment is inferior and their know-how isn't on a pro level) or having a camera in front of their face instead of just smiling for the paid photographer-oh well: live and learn. We also booked Critheell to meet us at our resort a few days after the wedding and had her take some family shots on the beach-They turned out wonderful-When do you ever have all your loved ones in one place with a back-drop like Mexico's beauty? Awesome-Lots of genuine smiles when there are waves giving you an unexpected splash-


Rafa, the DJ was awesome-He's a man who knows his job well-He's very organized, prompt with his emails and managed to save my slide show from disaster. I didn't have all my electronics with me and therefore was having difficulty transferring my vast amount of photographs in a format that was compatible with the equipment and was living out a nightmare when trying to add music to the slideshow with timing etc....Long story short-He saved it the night before and it was pure success! He also told me that he only takes orders from the Bride-which was perfect-he said I can transfer my power to guests/groom/mother whomever-but until I do, he runs everything past the bride-This man is so smart! haha. Music was exactly what I asked for-


The minister, Chuy, was excellent. He was prompt with his emails and organized. He sent me a generic version of the vows and asked that I add/delete/elaborate on my religious views so he could better accommodate my husband and I. He spoke clearly, pronounced our names correctly and was punctual. He brought a microphone which is important with waves crashing literally only a few feet away. Very nice man, he did a wonderful job. 


The videographer was excellent-I loved the video! As I mentioned above-I recommend hiring her for the entire evening-My only regret is that I didn't. 


My husband and I took dance lessons before the wedding-I enjoyed the lessons in themselves, but honestly, we're not dancers, so the sloped dance floor threw us right off our game. People, remember, you are on a beach...therefore the ground slopes toward the ocean...go easy on the high heels and expect to go barefoot before the night is over. Dancing in the surf was the best (and coolest) place to dance anyway-


The bridal suite is beautiful! There are fans to keep you coolish...but it's still Mexico! 

Don't book too much of your time doing other things (massages, etc) because you will simply want to sit in the suite and its grounds enjoying it's jacuzzi, hammock, complimentary tacos, fruit and champaign. 

Plus the beauty team will be there before you know it! 

For the brides out there that are not on top of their Spanish-BRING PHOTOGRAPHS (no wifi) of the type of make-up and hair styles you want. Pictures say a thousand words! One of the three stylist spoke English well enough to make out some of what my bridesmaids wanted done with their hair and make-up. My home hairstylist suggested I bring a picture...and man am I glad I did! Too bad I didn't think to share the wealth of that knowledge with my bridesmaids. 


Las Caletas is only lit by candlelight at night...(even bathrooms) It makes for a stunning atmosphere, and everybody looks good by candlelight, but be careful you don't catch on fire! 


My grandma was the only senior adventurous enough to take the voyage to Mexico for our wedding-she's a tough gal, and with the help of a couple of our strapping young guests she made it up and down the uneven stairs-I wouldn't recommend people with more serious mobility issues take the hike-but nothing is impossible! 


The food was fantastic, and there was lots of it-I had numerous guests say it was the best wedding food they had ever had. There are tonnes of extra desserts too-so don't worry about getting a big cake-We ordered a 3 tier white vanilla cake-It was moist, perfect (not too sweet but light) frosting-MMMM! Ask for it to go-You'll want a slice when you get back to your hotel! 


My best advice: Pay for the max allotted time you can have there-It flys by SOOO fast and you won't want to leave when the boat arrives-


Congratulations-I hope you choose Las Caletas-It's a dream come true!














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