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By DanaKulisek, · 983 Views · 3 Comments

We just got married on October 10th at Las Caletas. Cristhell was our photographer. Yes it was hot and humid but there is nothing I would have changed about our wedding day. Cristhell has already sent us a few photos so that we can order our thank-you's and they are AMAZING! She had great ideas and was also open to doing stuff that we wanted to do. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and I HIGHLY recommend Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas for everyone!!! :D


It looks like I can't leave another review since I've already left one but I can't forget about our wedding coordinator- Madelyn. She is awesome! It's pretty stressful not meeting anyone, seeing any decorations, flowers, etc., tasting any food until the day of the wedding. It's a lot of trust on your wedding coordinator and their team but you can definitely count on them! Madelyn did a great job communicating with me through emails and everything ended up being absolutely perfect on the day of our wedding. Like I said in my original review I would highly recommend Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas for anybody and everybody. We're getting thank you cards from our guests because they had the time of their lives. :)

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I can't thank you enough for this. Im.a HUGE fan of reviews and leave many myself. Like thousands. I am a producer by career and nature of reality television and am trying to decide whether to go with Christell or not...also I hadnt seen Madelyn mentioned in any previous reviews..this is SO helpful. The pics of Christhells that ive seen have been 50/50 (which isnt acceptable for a wedding day). Part cheesy and and rehearsed and just not my style and the lighting has been completely foul so any insight or pix u can share would be SO appreciated. I find the 500 price tag of choosing an outside vendor abhorrent and am hoping its just them choosinf bad pix to showcase on her site. Any insight is appreciated!

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Good morning Dana! Do you have any ideas as far as where to stay? I'm looking to have around 35 guests and I'm not sure how to coordinate the rooms or where. I'd appreciate any feedback!Also, do you have any suggestions on how to save as far as the table decor and so forth

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