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  1. Hi All - The day is fast approaching. I think the thing I am saddest about..actually EXTREMELY bummed about and think all future brides of LC deserve to know u p front is the fact that they no longer allow the lantern release. I can't tell you how sad this makes me. It was one of the top 3 reasons (#1 being the beautiful location #2 being privacy) that I chose LC. So to have that cut out seriously is breaking my entire heart. I think all future brides need to know this as they still include it in their videos/photos.
  2. Unfortunately (or Fortunately) I haven't decided yet and still won't until the day comes...Our wedding Venue: Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta gives us options to choose from and doesn't allow us to bring our own... I chose simple...I chose simple because 1. I went to a wedding a while back where teh centerpieces were SO BIG that I couldn't see the three people on the other side of the table...that I WANTED to talk to!! 2. Because I love simple rustic elegance. Hence getting married on the beach.
  3. Love this review! I would love to see Christhells photos!
  4. I can't thank you enough for this. Im.a HUGE fan of reviews and leave many myself. Like thousands. I am a producer by career and nature of reality television and am trying to decide whether to go with Christell or not...also I hadnt seen Madelyn mentioned in any previous reviews..this is SO helpful. The pics of Christhells that ive seen have been 50/50 (which isnt acceptable for a wedding day). Part cheesy and and rehearsed and just not my style and the lighting has been completely foul so any insight or pix u can share would be SO appreciated. I find the 500 price tag of choosing an outside v
  5. Hello All! Well I am FINALLY engaged =) It's been a little over 2 weeks now and we are officially booked at Las Caletas on Nov. 4th 2016 with Madelyn as our Coordinator. Has anyone else had her? I haven't read one review with her as the coordinator. @@maggiegonzalez is it possible to have you send me the rundown of prices for Las Caletas that you speak of? I too thought hte fireworks were a bummer but totally understand. But no point in having them on the boat ride if you ask me. Have any of you started a list? I feel liek I'm kind of going to be flying by the seat of my pants. I'
  6. I just got engaged this past weekend (YAY!) and obviously am very excited but know I need to get a jump start on planning. PV is our destination of choice, it holds a very sp ecial place in our hearts. I am considering both Las Caletas and Casa Velas. Has anyone gotten married at CV? Seems like there is a TON of info on Las Caletas and not much on Casa Velas. I would be interested to hear if you can do a wedding here that is beautiful, simple and elegant for 8k-12k. Thank you! Any info is appreciated! I am SO excited!
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