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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By eriddell, · 1,099 Views · 3 Comments

Pros: location, food, DJ,
Cons: Wedding planner, photographer, Price in USD

Our wedding day was an amazing day though there are some things I would change about it. It was amazing because of the location, atmosphere, and staff. 


I will start with the positive. My favorite memories of that day include the morning with my bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law in the bridal suit and on the beach. We were treated like queen's and the lunch served was absolutely amazing. It was so much fun getting ready in the bridal suit and the girls doing our make-up and hair did a fantastic job... thought we all needed more hair spray so if you are getting married here.. don't forget it! The ceremony was better than I could have ever imagined. Javier did a fantastic job and everything was very well organized. The tide was a little high by the end of it so it was tricky to get any beach photos after which sucked, but we had them on the stairs instead and they still turned out beautiful. The food at supper was amazing and the atmosphere was just perfect. I wouldn't change anything about the reception or the boat ride back. We partied so hard on the ride back and the service on the boat was awesome.. as soon as you finished a drink there was another on in your hand. The sky lanterns were my favorite part of the entire evening... such a magical moment. We arrived back and it was super easy to get taxi's for 40 people at that time.. so if you have your resort close.. I would recommend using taxi's rather than there bus service and save some money. 


The DJ (rafael) was so much fun and played the best music. I had given him a music list, but he just picked the ones he knew would please the crowd so that was great. Definitely recommend getting the DJ!


Two weeks before the wedding I was looking at the sunset time and saw that the sun was setting at 6:30pm the day of our wedding. The ceremony was to be at 6:15pm so I was freaking out because there was no time for pictures after. Something you think your wedding coordinator should inform you of. I contacted her and she recommended that we pay 180USD to get the boys out early and do photos before the wedding so I agreed to do so. Unfortunately she forgot to inform the hair stylist who thought I was to be ready for the ceremony at 6pm. I wasn't really paying attention to time because hey it's my wedding day I'm sure they have everything under control. I was wrong ...4:15 rolled around and my hair wasn't even started. We were planning on getting wedding party pictures, first look pictures, and couple pictures before the wedding... we barely fit in first look pictures... very disappointing considered we paid the extra money to get the boys to the beach early. We were also rushing getting my hair done and once it was the photographer wanted a picture on the hammock. I ended up falling out of the hammock because I was so rushed and the hair spray was still wet so sand was caked in my hair... horrible experience. I'm not blaming anyone, but if I wasn't feeling so rushed and stressed ... it could have been avoided. 


The boys also told me they had no service in there suit ... no drinks.. no food and they were  rushing them to get ready when they didn't need to be as they didn't even get any wedding party photos before. Our wedding coordinator also forgot a few details i had mentioned to her 2 days before such as making sure the kids has ice tea in there tequilla shot glass.. luckily there parents smelled it before! I just felt like she was very distracted which made me nervous so the rest of the night I was really paying attention to the time to make sure we got everything in.


Overall it was a great day, just makes me sad as we have no wedding party photos and that it was that unorganized. 


We brought an external photographer (Tom Moks) as I really liked his photography. His photo's are very beautiful, but he missed a lot of moments and I feel like he needed more direction than I gave him. He was also very difficult to get a hold of!! He gave me a date for our wedding photos to be ready... the day passed... and he didn't respond for 3 days because he said he was at another wedding. If you knew you were at another wedding you should inform your client that the photos wouldn't be ready that day! 


Also, when booking through him he kept calling me by the wrong name and saying our wedding day was 2 days before it actually was. At one point he emailed to cancel, because he was booked for another wedding... but that wedding wasn't actually on the same day. This made me incredibly nervous. Very disorganized!


During our wedding he also stressed me out quite a bit because my hair wasn't ready on time so that wasn't fun. He also made a rude comment while I was putting on my dress that I may have ate too much pizza at Christmas time! His photo's are amazing, but not sure it was worth the stress of dealing with him through email and his rudeness during the wedding.








Hi Erin,


First congrats to you and your new husband! and thanks for your post, very helpful. I was wondering, who was your coordinator? I am just getting mine assigned and looking at reviews of previous experiences


thanks for any and all help/tips/advice



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Hi Erin!


I am getting married at Las Caletas in January 2017 and was hoping to get the name of your coordinator as well. If you'd prefer to email me: alisonhasselbring@gmail.com



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Hi Erin,

Thanks for your posture was very helpful. I am also getting married in las Caletas may 2017 and am also curious as to who your wedding coordinator was? My email is torres4229@gmail.com I would really appreciate your response thanks!

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