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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By MorganMeredith, · 1,021 Views · 0 Comments

Cons: It had to end :(

This was by far the best wedding I have ever been to as well as our guests- they are still talking about it! 


Site Inspection:


You have to get up early-ish depending on where you are staying, but it is SO worth it! Blanca went over everything quickly and efficiently, and made me feel very comfortable leaving all the details in her hands. (She is amazing- very quick with her correspondence prior to meeting and made everything easy and stress-free.) We were able to spend the rest of the afternoon on the island with the rest of the group from the tour, drinking margaritas, eating tacos and lying on the beach.


Day of the wedding:


Early girls: We were met at the marina again (myself, my mom and my husbands mom and sister- as we chose to forgo the traditional bridal party) and we set off to Las Caletas to begin our day. Upon arrival we were taken up to the suite (all luggage and clothing were generously brought up by the staff- there are quite a few stairs) and greeted with coffee, champagne, orange juice and fresh food. We got settled in and took turns (in twos) getting our massages I had planned for us all. They were AMAZING! It literally took away all my nerves! We came back, had lunch, sat in the jacuzzi and went down to the beach until it was time to start getting ready. 


Hair and Makeup: Joel Salon in Puerto Vallarta was the hair and makeup team provided, and they were incredible! I also think it was fate- my husbands name is Joel! They were very accommodating, nice, easy going and did a fantastic job! They made me feel very comfortable. They use airbrush make up which is perfect for the hot weather, as it is so light. They did makeup for myself, and the two moms- all were VERY happy with the outcome! :)


Transportation for the rest of the guests: We kept the location of our wedding a secret (which was relatively easy since we had no bridal party) up until the bus came to pick up my husband and the rest of the guests at our resort (we stayed at Secrets- UNREAL resort!!!) to take them to the marina. Unfortunately the only real snafu was that the boat was late leaving, waiting for a cruise ship, so I was little nervous when I was told the wedding was starting late. Stuff happens, and it was really no big deal. 


Ceremony: Smooth, magical and without a hitch! Chuy (Jesus) was amazing and sweet and lovely!


Photography: Cristhell, the photographer, met with me one day at the resort and was so sweet and kind. She made us feel so at ease during the photo session and I couldn't be happier with the photos- we ended up buying them all, because I couldn't decide!


Dinner: We chose to request a traditional Mexican buffet as oppose to the set menu and all the guests were thrilled and couldn't get enough! 


Cake: Delicious and beautiful!


DJ and Dancing: The music was spectacular and  it had everyone dancing on the dance floor, sand and in the ocean (it was hot!). Towards the end of the night they even brought out cold cloths for everyone to cool down. (Amazing idea!). 


Extras: Maracas, couches by the dance floor, sky lanterns, extra hour (I cant think of all our add ons), all were worth the money! I almost wish we would've gotten another extra hour, it was that amazing and fun!


Blanca: I cannot say enough, request her! She was on top of everything, worrying about everything so we didn't have to! She also thinks of everything! Thank you Blanca!!!!


I am sure I am forgetting so much, it was all so great but it flew by so quickly that it's hard to keep track. :) This was the most magical day and I would recommend to anyone to get married here, it was worth every penny.







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