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    Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

    Picture perfect location! Worth every penny!

    Pros: Can't find a more beautiful PRIVATE location. Giving your guests that 'excursion' experience of the boat ride was icing on the cake! Food exceeded expectations! DJ was great! I can't rave enough!
    Cons: Hot! There is no AC anywhere on the island. Impossible to cool off. The bridal suite to get ready is close to unbearable. Windo units people!
    Planning phase: if you have a relaxed attitude this will be an easy experience. Just trust that the place is beautiful and don't get caught in the weeds of specific details. They won't get into the planning until a couple months before and trust me, that's ok! I gave them ideas about bouquets I liked with shells in it and they did a great job. Give them some creative freedom...they are talented florists. Dennise does take some time to respond on emails but relax, she gets back in a few days and
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