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Picture perfect location! Worth every penny!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Pros: Can't find a more beautiful PRIVATE location. Giving your guests that 'excursion' experience of the boat ride was icing on the cake! Food exceeded expectations! DJ was great! I can't rave enough!
Cons: Hot! There is no AC anywhere on the island. Impossible to cool off. The bridal suite to get ready is close to unbearable. Windo units people!
Planning phase: if you have a relaxed attitude this will be an easy experience. Just trust that the place is beautiful and don't get caught in the weeds of specific details. They won't get into the planning until a couple months before and trust me, that's ok! I gave them ideas about bouquets I liked with shells in it and they did a great job. Give them some creative freedom...they are talented florists. Dennise does take some time to respond on emails but relax, she gets back in a few days and she does a great job. Her laid back nature was perfect for the 'low stress' wedding planning that I wanted.
The wedding day: early girls! Wow! Perfect day of your wedding with your special people. Take the day to soak in the beauty, relaxation and amazing food this place has to offer!
Getting ready in the bridal suite: yikes! Only bad part...no AC. It's a total sweat box. Sweating off my make up, hair curling...forget it. Rely on your natural beauty and natural hair (if it's straight or curly...don't try to change that) your wedding dress...try to keep as breezy as possible. It's literaly impossible to cool off. No air anywhere! ????
The boat ride: we had 87 people and besides the sea sick people it was awesome! We had an unusually turbulent ride out because of weather but in general cool experience.
The ceremony: breath taking set up...perfect! I was so worried about music and vows...Don't! They are professionals and it coasted through without a hitch. We had a friend marry us, no prob! Let them know they have a mic to hold, no ear piece or place to put their notes (hands full)
Pictures: I tried to stay with the minimum package to save money, but then you have to buy the pics for $350 after the fact if you want more than 40. so just know it's going to cost you ???? Id make a list of pictures you want and give it to the photographer (have one with you that day) it goes fast and you are rushing to get to the party. Believe it or not...we have no pics of the groom and his best man. You need a guideline reminder. Also, do what feels good and natural to you. She had us staring off into the distance for a lot, and while the setting is stunning...it feels silly to see us lookin off into nowhere. Therefore, a lot of beautiful ones are funny to us. Like we are trying to do 'blue steel' (zoo lander reference!)
Dinner: BEST.FOOD.EVER! For a group of crazy Cajuns to love the food...they nailed it. Drinks were flowing! They played every song we asked for! Speeches went off great! We trimmed time down from cocktail hour, dinner and cake stuff to be able to party more and it was great!
Dance party: it was the best booty shaking dance party ever! The DJ was great about playing every song we wanted. We gave him an extensive list and he delivered! Hot? Sure! Did we care? Nope. A little trip in the water and some ice down the wedding dress...good to go!
Lanturns: we did a special group of only people with bdays or anniversaries within the week we were there. It was a perfect touch, very sentimental ❤️
Boat ride back: epic! We wanted more time! Music, margaritas, the wind in your hair...nailed it!
All in all: all of our guests and my husband and I say 'BEST WEDDING EVER'. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we loved ❤️ Don't miss out!


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