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Our wedding day was effortless and perfect.


        When we first started shopping around for wedding vendors we came across Adventure Weddings.  The past year we had vacationed to Puerto Vallarta and did a couple excursions with Vallarta Adventures another branch of the company so we knew how amazing they were. Upon reading other reviews we decided this was the direction we wanted to go for our wedding.  One thing we found very helpful was other reviews mentioning the time frame for planing the wedding with your wedding coordinator.  Just remember don't freak out!  The planing does not take as long as you think so your coordinator will probably not start with the details until about three months before your big day.  This is more than enough time and everything will turn out more perfect than you can imagine.  

        Once we connected with Madelyn our wedding coordinator (the best wedding coordinator ever!) and started the planing process things quickly came together.  The contracts were incredibly easy to deal with and even though we lived far away it was very easy to convey what we were looking for.  Madelyn took the time to ask us all the right questions to get the ball rolling.  She then put together photo examples based on our answers for us to choose from.  This way we were able to choose the all the right flowers, color of chair ribbon, color of table runner and napkins...  It made it easy to understand what we were selecting and planing.  Even all the little add ons and nuances were perfect right down to the personalized maracas we ordered (we highly suggest adding these to your big day, our guests loved them and they where the perfect personalized wedding favor).

        One of the things I (the bride) decided to add on was makeup.  Adventure Weddings offers a great airbrush makeup service when you arrive at Las Caletas.  I wish I could remember the gals name that ended up doing my makeup because she was just awesome.  But, of course with the nerves and the excitement of the day I forgot.  She arrived right when we got up to the bridal suite and sat me down in the chair and went to town.  Now I am not saying that I cant do my own makeup but this was incredible.  The airbrushed makeup stayed on all day and even late into the evening.  It also looked awesome in the photographs, and what bride does not want to look perfect in all her pictures.  I would highly recommend adding this onto your package.               

        We opted to add on one of the photo packages and we highly recommend you do the same.  Our photographer Cristhell was amazing! She made everyone feel very comfortable and our pictures turned out phenomenal.  Cristhell even got ahold of us prior to our wedding to discuss anything specific we were looking for.  She was able to send us over her portfolio so we knew what to expect. Cristhell got us our profs in a very timely manner so we were able to decide what photos we wanted.  The one catch was we loved them all!  She then gave us the option of paying a little extra for all of them, we were thrilled.  It ended up being very cost effective, even when we opted to spend a little extra so we could have them all.

        About a month before our big day our marriage officiate reached out to introduce himself.  Jairo was so professional and he even took the time to give us a little background information on how he came to be a marriage officiate working for Adventure Weddings.  He did a wonderful job of explaining how everything would run and work during the ceremony.  Jairo sent over the ceremony so we could read it and add in the appropriate names.  The ceremony was beautiful and he did a perfect job of making everyone cry.

        From the boat ride there to the bridal suite with mimosas and fresh fruit, from the ceremony to the perfect delicious lunch, from the drinks to the time we were able to spend with our family...  everything was the best and this is without exaggeration.  The staff that worked on Las Caletas did the perfect job of making us all feel like family by the time we left.  If you have any reservations about booking your wedding with Adventure Weddings just drop them here.  We highly recommend this beautiful experience to anyone looking to plan the perfect wedding.    


I was wondering did you buy the maracas and bring them with you, or did you buy them through Adventure Weddings. My Wedding is about a year away and I want to know if I can bring stuff there or do I buy it through them?? Thank you!!

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