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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Pros: Beautiful, easy, amazing
Cons: None

My husband and I had our wedding on Las Caletas in April 2015. Dennise was our wedding coordinator, and she was amazing from the start. 


My husband and I wanted to have a destination wedding (we live in San Diego, CA) and were looking in Mexico at various resorts to have our wedding. Most of the resorts charged by the number of guests and all guests were required to stay at the resort. The pricing was not very clear and we were frustrated. We also wanted the picture-perfect wedding, but did not want to invest the time.


I came across Adventure Weddings and it looked too good to be true. There was a clear-cut dollar amount for the base price, and after we requested more information, we immediately could calculate what the cost would be. There were no hidden fees or surprises which was refreshing. The fact that the on-site coordinator would take care of everything is what sealed it for us.


Dennise would periodically send us information and she would always respond when I emailed her with the most random, detailed questions. She kept track of everything and made us feel important. We had the plans outlined and three months before the wedding, Dennise contacted us regularly with the more nitty-gritty details. Nothing was too small or silly and she made sure to have every detail covered. She was such a pleasure to work with and didn't judge our requests or try to sway us in any direction, she let us design the wedding we wanted, the way we wanted it. This again was so refreshing!


As the wedding got closer, Dennise was constantly in contact with us, making sure everything was covered. She gave us detailed instructions for getting to the island for the site inspection, which we really appreciated. She gave us hugs and as another reviewer said, she treated us like long lost friends. The boat ride over was a blast and the staff was excellent. The island was breathtaking - everything was perfectly in its place, the hammocks were gorgeous against the water, the food they provided was seriously delicious, and the drinks just kept coming. We sat with Dennise for about an hour going over timelines and asking last minute questions. She showed us where we were going to stand and how everything would operate. Since we were whisked away with Dennise, we missed the taco stand that everyone is directed too once they get onto the island. Dennise had the staff set us up with our own private taco stand, with fresh tortillas, and my husband was in heaven. There were also monkeys on the island and when we expressed interest in seeing and playing with the monkeys, Dennise arranged for us to go see the monkeys before the other guests, so that we could have our own private monkey viewing. We felt like royalty and had the best day on the island, enjoying the last few moments before all of our guests arrived in Mexico.


The day of the wedding, myself and my "early girls" were met by Blanca at the Maritime Terminal and were escorted through to the catamaran. We had to go through security with all of our stuff, so beware brides, they will literally go through everything you bring. We had another wonderful boat ride to the island and were escorted up to the bridal suite. The staff carried our luggage which was amazing. We had our own personal staff member to take care of us (Octovio!) who was always there to get us more champagne or whatever we needed. We had tacos and mimosas and sat in the Jacuzzi until it was time to shower. We took turns showering and lunch was brought to us, more delicious food! The make up and hair stylists arrived and we all took turns getting prepped. As the bride, I went last, which did give me some anxiety because the time was ticking away and I was getting nervous. The stylists didn't speak very much English, but luckily two of my girls were fairly fluent in Spanish. Dennise came by periodically and checked on us, and brought my bouquet - and at that moment I knew this would be the perfect wedding. She created the most perfect bouquet, based on a couple of Pinterest photos and my demand for tropical, colorful flowers. It was seriously perfect.


Our photographer, Cristheell, and videographer, Sandra, met us the day before the wedding at our resort (so easy, they came to us!) to discuss the photos and video. I was super nervous about the photography because that was the most important thing to me, it's what we will remember and show to everyone for the rest of our lives. Cristheell was very nice and gave us an overview of what would happen and what kind of photos she would be taking. Sandra ran through the same process for the video. The whole meeting was about half an hour, both ladies were very easy to talk to.


Cristheell came to the bridal suite and photographed us getting ready and took some nice photos of us just before the ceremony.


The ceremony was a blur - Chuy was our minister and he was super awesome to work with too. He had sent us the ceremony months before so that we could think about what we wanted to add or remove or make it personal. We liked it just the way he had it, and didn't change a thing. It was extremely hot even at 6 pm and my husband and I were sweating buckets. Chuy went quickly because he knew we were all suffering. I wore high heels and slipped through the straw mats a couple of times during the ceremony - I would suggest future brides wear a wider heel or a wedge.


Cristheell took a bunch of photos of us with the family, and just the two of us walking up and down the beach. We were quite cranky because it was so hot and my husband hates having his picture taken. She was very patient with us and waited while he mopped his head with a washcloth and would give us breaks.


The rest of the night flew by - we had dinner, toasts, cake, and dancing. Dennise handled all of the transitions and would tell me first that we were moving onto the next thing. I didn't have to worry about anything at all. My husband and I just went along with whatever she said and posed for the photos and let it all happen.


The DJ was perfect, he played all of our songs and made it an awesome dance party. The drinks kept flowing! The food was super delicious again, the cake was delicious, the cake was perfect looking and they arranged the cake toppers for us.


The boat ride back was more of the dance party and everyone was having a blast. All of our guests came up to us and said at some point that this was the best wedding they had ever been to. Woo hoo!!


All in all, this was the perfect wedding for us. We didn't have to deal with vendors, make big decisions like, open bar or band vs. DJ or what photographer to use. We appreciated the fact that we only had to say "yes" or "no" and it was completely taken care of for us.


If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Dennise, Blanca, Octovio, Cristheell, Sandra, Raphael the DJ and everyone else were so incredibly awesome, we cannot thank you enough.


Two weeks later, that night is all we can talk about, and cannot wait to return to PV to go back to Las Caletas, just to sit and relive that whole night.



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