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My fairytale wedding!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By JackieMaloney, · 804 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything was absolutely perfect!
Cons: There isn't one bad thing about my experience!
This past Thursday I had my dreams come true! Like many girls we start to dream about our weddings as little girls. My wedding exceeded my dreams. It was truly a fairytale wedding! The staff at las caletas were out of this world. From the moment I got there until the we arrived back at the hotel the staff made everyone so comfortable. The day of the wedding 4 girls and myself went over early and all felt like queens. We had our own bridal sweet that was to die for! lunch on our own private patio and a bed, which we did use because who wants to sleep when there is just too much beauty around. David, one of the staff members, was literally waiting on us hand and foot. Always checking up on us and getting us anything we needed. The planning of this wedding was extremely stress free! Thanks to Blanca this wedding could not have happened without her! I was worried at first about communicating through email and having everything be the way it was but she is a saint. The decorations were absolutely perfect and the food was out of this world! Our dj, Rafael, what awesome. He kept the party going all the way until we got off the boat and back on to the bus. Our wedding went to smoothly and it was so pretty I am still smiling. I can't wait to see the pictures from the photographer Cristhell. She was so professional and had great ideas for poses. All of our guest had the time of their lives and said it was by far the best wedding they ever attended. Thank you so much adventure weddings of las caletas!! You all are so great and I will never forget that day!!


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