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  1. #1 is my choice! I thought it was a little more flattering than #2... but, lets be honest here, you look fabulous in both.
  2. i never eat breakfast (naughty!!) but sometimes i will have a carnation instant breakfast. it's the only thing i can stomach that early.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Kathy*~ Aimee - OT but I saw your pics on Sascha's blog, you looked amazing! Speaking of the time traveler's wife, it's out on DVD today! I hope it's close to the book, though I doubt it will be lol. aww, thanks! I've heard good things about the movie- I haven't seen it yet, but from what I've heard it does follow the book pretty closely. I remember one of my friends complaining that it was difficult to understand if you hadn't read the book. It's sitting at the top of my netflix queue- yay.
  4. Will Ferrell : the producers (the only role i LOVED him in)
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Mischaka Right now i'm ready Sookie Stackhouse. me too! i finally started reading them. about time since they've been sitting on the shelf since summer! lol... i'm on book 5, and i can't get enough! i love them! has anyone read her fearful symmetry by audrey niffenegger (time travelers wife) ? i'm wondering if it's worth breaking on sookie to spend some time on it.
  6. Owen Wilson : wedding crashers
  7. I'm off to investiage- this sounds cool! Thanks for the heads up.
  8. I wore Maggie's "Dallas Marie" and it was about $650 at the bridal shop before taxes.
  9. I had amazing pink shoes that I loved... and wore them only for dinner. the entire wedding party was barefoot on the beach and during our cocktail hour on the beach. dinner in the restaurant required shoes, and then our dance reception was at the iberostar tucan's beach bar and we ended up dancing in the sand all night rather than on the wood dance floor. it was awesome. i say go barefoot! the bridesmaids & i had barefoot sandals, and my shoes were able to make a very short appearance during dinner.
  10. oh wow! i've been (mostly) following the story of your pics, and i am very impressed with how these turned out. good good good!! i'm very happy for you!
  11. i was very worried about this too... so i tried to eat super healthy the 2 days we were there before the wedding. my only advice is be careful with the fruity drinks. at home, i hardly eat any sugar during the day, so all the fruity drinks (2-3 a day) really gave me a stomachache. and it took me about 4 days to figure out what the heck was wrong with me. lol, so don't be a bride with a belly ache! it stinks.
  12. I love them! Breathtaking! I think my absolute favorite is from your TTD when you're staring into the camera- it's beautiful.
  13. Super cute! I haven't seen many invitations that have white as the prominent color, and I love it!!
  14. Everything looks great! I love how colorful your bridal party is. Congrats!
  15. yes... i didn't have one. but that was mostly because we got married after being engaged for a month, and then had our "big" day 2 years later.
  16. ooh, Sandra! I want to see more! It looks amazing.
  17. Awesome! I love them... they made me smile and laugh a little. I think they'll get everyone in the Mexico mood!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by jenne Does anyone know of anywhere you can get this video in Canada? I can't find it in any stores. you could try ebay. does amazon ship to canada? don't pay too much though, you can usually find all of jillian's dvds for about $10 in the US.
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by future_mrs2010 WOW!! so gorgeous!!!!! Was your dress the maggie "dallas" (marie)?? Love your pictures and your dress!! yes! dallas marie. thanks! well, dress was dropped off at the dry cleaners on sat., so now i have no excuses for not getting my planning thread started. lol. i have lost ALL motivation! maybe i'd better start by working out for the first time in 4+ weeks.
  20. Sascha Gluck! He just photographed our Jan 8 wedding, and was amazing. Awesome to work with, and he travels for no additional charge. He put a few pictures up from our weddding and TTD. Check him out, he's awesome! CancunPhotos by Sascha Gluck
  21. OOH, I'll go vote for you... I did vote last night, but I don't remember which eyes I picked. You can vote once a day. (I'm nominated in a few categories too. I <3 Ardent Photography!)
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Lisa*~ yeah Sandra!!!!!!!! you can see my pics on my wedding website....still working on my review! lol yes, I'm lazy! oh no, i haven't looked at your pics yet! aah, going right now. well, right after i turn signatures back on so i can get to your wedding website. <-- naughty! Ohmygosh, they're great! Your dress is amazing, and i just LOVE your flowers & hair. Welcome Home and Congrats!
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