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  1. Well I am all packed and ready. I will be in Mexico at 4 pm tomorrow. The sad thing is the forecast calls for rain wednesday thur sunday. I am so bummed. NO RAIN VIBES PLEASE ************* I will be taking lots of pictures and writing a review for all of you when I get back. If any other brides are going to be there this week maybe we can run into each other. My wedding will be on May 21 at 5:00 pm so feel free to come and hang out with us all lol
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by EmmaGaussoin I just wanted to say Hi to both of you guys. I am getting married the 23rd but am staying 20th-28th. See you all there in 5 months! I will be there the 19 to the 23rd. We all need to get together for some much needed drinks.
  3. I will be married this time next week!! I have so much to do still. My bach party is tomorrow. So I plan on not being able to get much done sunday. lol
  4. Question do you pour the sand into together? I see pictures of it looking very zigg zaggy. But I am thinking if you pour two different colors into the one slot isnt it just going to mix the two colors all over
  5. How many petals do you get for 22 dollars. This really sucks. I am so freaking tired of not being able to do this or having to buy something for a high price. Oh well I guess it made my life easier. I guess we will just not be throwing anything.
  6. Help girls before I make these. Can you have fake rose petals for your flower girl on the beach at the resort. I was thinking after we walked down the aisle guest could throw rose petals at us. Been then thought that is kind of littering. Can you use fake rose petals on the beach? Also can anyone think of any cute wording to put on the ceremony program that tells the guest to throw the petals after the kiss and we walk down the aisle. I am at a blank. I have 8 more days till the wedding help!!! lol
  7. Girl I have looked all through them. I need something that is very simple and not a ton of wording. Everything I saw was a lot of info on booklet type papers. It is coming up are you ready?
  8. Anyone have any ideas or templetes for a simple ceremony program. I really just want to have some thing small on the chairs for the guest. I just bought some 5 by 7 invitation cards that would work perfect. But I can not think what I need to put on it. To make it simple but have everything I need on it. Any ideas
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cathyandchin Is anyone bringing toasting flutes and cake knife/server? Also... we originally booked a DJ when we thought we were having close to 30 guests but right now we're at 11. What's the MINIMUM number would you say YES to the DJ? Cathy We are bring out toasting flutes and cakes knife/server set. I got them at Hobby Lobby all wedding stuff is 50% of so that was awesome!! As for the DJ. I say you should just bring a ipod. We went to guitar center bought a stereo system that plugs in your ipod mic and it is very loud. Small enough to carry on the plane. It was about 300 but then you get to keep it and it was cheaper then renting. We were going to get a bose but it was not able to put a mic in it. We are having 24 people and I opted out for the DJ because I just did not feel like enough people for the cost of a DJ.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by leighkarem I wrote our own ceremony (I got a little bit from this website and other sites and adjusted it to my own preference). I also wrote my personal vow as did my husband. You can use the resorts if you want to or use mine. It was short but sweet. I printed mine out and gave it to ANA who gave it to the officiant. He added a little bit which was fine with me. These guys do this all day long so there's no need to meet with him prior. They know what they are doing. Hope this helps...Leigh THANKS!! I have nine more days till mexico and did not know the answer to that question. You are awesome.
  11. For the brides that got married already. Did you have a rehearsal the day before the wedding? I am wondering when and how if I write my own vows how does the officiant get a copy of it. Do I just give it to him that day of the wedding and he just reads it
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by cathyandchin What is OCAMPO's reading?? I did mine last week based off of some things I got here and there but now I'm really attached to it! Cathy I did the same thing and the wedding is almost here I emailed Ana to send me the ceremony script but of course she never did. So I just assumed that I could write my own for the symbolic ceremony.
  13. Has anyone attempted to make the picture frame sand ceremony frame? I was hoping I could find one that I do not have to drill holes into the top but no luck. I would buy one online but I am so over budget and they are all pretty pricey.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Laura22610 Actually, I don't think the prices are that bad!! I am attaching the spa menu and the spa price list for you Thanks I emailed them the prices were not to bad!!