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  1. Congrats! Everything looks fab! * What a small world, I went to high school with one of the girls at your shower!
  2. Hi ladies! Well I'm not one for hanging onto material items and I'd love to see my beloved wedding dress enjoyed by another bride! I'm selling my Mori Lee Voyage line ivory/antique white sleek satin dress. It's originally a bridal size 14, but I wear a street size 8-10. I paid $550 + $250 for alterations. (I had a bustle put in, hemmed slightly - I'm 5'6" and wore 3" heels, had the bust and hips taken in as well) It's got beautiful bead work under the ruched bust and a sleek body with a slight mermaid flair at the bottom and approx 1' train, with satin covered buttons all the wa
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by nsimpson Now that I'm getting down to the wire, I've got more detailed questions it seems! I'm going with the "free" wedding and wanted to know if anyone else went with that option as well. -- I'm hoping that they will include wine with dinner and not at an extra price. Did any of you encounter this? Nadia, We went with the free package and had wine at no extra charge. We even had a few bottles of booze (tequila, sambuca, etc.) also no charge, they were super accommodating to us.
  4. wow, I'm sorry to hear about all your room issues and that you did not LOVE the beach! It almost sounds like we were at a different resort! haha! Most important is that it cleared up for your ceremony and you're a happily married woman now!
  5. OMG ok, the links opened up. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I can't believe how incredible the pics are!!! Excellent choice!
  6. Awesome review, Heather!! I LOVE your reception set up!!! I can't open the photography blog, but the pics you posted look great! Sorry the shared items weren't in the best condition. I didn't even check them out on my day or realize that some were missing! Congrats on being a MRS! xoxo
  7. I agree with Jenne - only bother with the preferred club if your other guests are going preferred as well. Otherwise, you will be slightly far from where they are. I had my parents and the bridal party upgraded to the preferred club and then some of our other guests chose to upgrade themselves, so it was nice for us to be in the preferred side as well. Plus you get to use the uber quiet, relaxing preferred club pool. The free wifi, 10% spa discount and premium booze was nice too but you can live without. Some of our guests just borrowed our black preferred club keys to get
  8. Ahhh yes... I remember those... they were awful!
  9. I'm pretty sure they were candlelit. It looked very romantic. I used HDC Photo, but the photos I saw by the resort photog looked really cool as well. I'm not sure what their pricing is like, but HDC was a really good price - (you also have to pay $60 day pass fee for them to come on the property though).
  10. I think the pier would be GREAT for a small group dinner. They actually sell private lobster dinners which are held on the pier. One is set up at the end of the pier and one at the beginning. I think if it were for my wedding, I would ask that no other dinners be held on the pier that night (they probably do that anyway). I don't think there is electricity on the pier though, so not sure about music. There is electricity at the gazebo though. They have this area where the 'dj' is set up with these big speakers (I believe there is an electrical box stationed there) about 10' from the
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