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  1. When we had the bonfire we did not have to pay for bar service but the reception and the bonfire were like 50 ft away from each other. Also we only paid for 1 hour but i am pretty sure it was going for almost two. If you have the bonfire a different night there really is no close by bar, i would think the one by the SSG would be the closest. I know its easy to get annoyed at all the extra costs but the staff really does a great job! Side note, when i was looking at other places, Dreams was the cheapest by far.
  2. Thanks so much, my photographer did such an amazing job! I would just price everything out as sometimes the free package is cheaper depending on what you do, even if i had as many people as you i still would of saved quite a bit.
  3. Congrats Nancy!! I believe the silver dinner is $30 pp plus tax and gold is $35 and this is a private dinner. We also had to pay $3 pp plus tax for bar service for the beach. They werent bad with hidden fees. the only thing that really popped up for us when we were down there was the extra $3, I heard about this on this forum before hand but wasnt sure. In the end it really didnt bother us as we only had 14 ppl so it wasnt that much money.
  4. Welcome Chanelo! I would suggest to also check out the free wedding package and adding on what you need/want, i made an excel to compare the two. End in the end we switched over to the free package and added on the things that we wanted and saved over $1200! FYI if you plan on downgrading the package you selected make sure to do it 90 days in advance otherwise you can not, this cause a huge issue as it was stated any where but luckily had a great TA that got it straighten out.
  5. i highly doubt their policy has changed, we flew down our photographers and they stay at the resort and had no problems. We didnt have the pay the resort a day pass for them as they were guests there. I would just let the WC know especially if you have a package that includes their photographers.
  6. Hi Emma, We had our dinner on the beach and here is a pic from my photographer's blog of the reception site. PM me if you want to see more as i can give you the password to see all 1000 plus pictures she took!
  7. Ours was about 10 mins. it was a little windy here or there, only had to get my veil out of my face once or twice. dont know if the candle will stay lit, thats why we did the sand ceremony instead here's our script as well Good Afternoon, We gathered here today in the presence of friends and family, to celebrate the love that Groom and Bride have for each other, to give social recognition to their decision to commit their lives and accept each other completely, to learn how to help and understand each other, to build a family together, and to travel through life. On
  8. No prob Nancy! Glad i could help. On the flight down i kept all the chocolates (seashells for the cake, mm's for the favors and Hershey bars for the smores at the bonfire) in my traveling purse, its big and has a zipper to keep everything locked inside. You def dont want to put them in your checked baggage. And on the ride over to DLR i kept the purse with me in the nice AC. Everything was good and no breaks in any of the seashells.
  9. DH just handed over our ipod nano to the DJ before the ceremony and he plugs in right into the speakers and DH showed him which folder had the songs for the ceremony and which ones to play when. From what i remember he played all the correct songs at the right time, ie waiting music, bridesmaids walking down, me walking down, sand ceremony song and down back down the aisle. and then we just got the ipod back once the ceremony was done as we hand a bose sounddock with us for the reception.
  10. I was there at the end of july and the beach was perfect. there was hardy any rocks (there was one here or there but really not an issue). no need for water shoes
  11. i bought the starfish and sea shell chocolates from here http://www.chocolatefantasies.com/celestialsea.htm they were great and you can customize the colors and everything. the paper lanterns in the gazebo were either 24 and 32 inch or a mix of both, not really sure, i shared them with two other brides (would not suggest as the WC did not take care of them) and the ones for the tables were 2, 6 and 8 inches in height which i brought down. I did a mock up with a 12 inch one but it was just too high to see over.
  12. love your dress! i'm way to short to ever put that off sadly. I would def not ship it, what if it gets stuck in customs or they lose it. i have also heard of ppl putting it in their checked suit case and it getting lost or stolen out of the suit case. the first class closets are not big enough though, my dress was not big at all and barely fit so i took up a whole overhead bin for it, at least what i saw on the 4 planes when we went to DLR and Mexico (brought my dress down for the honeymoon as well as got some amazing pics from La Luna!)
  13. the flower petals were real, the rest of the flowers used were fake, i got them from angels accent and they were beautiful!
  14. Thanks so much! You will not be disappointed if you hire them, you should def contact them
  15. Congrats Bee! You look so pretty!! and looks like you had amazing weather!
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