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  1. I got married 10 days before my ceremony in DR and only my siblings and parents knew since it was a small thing in City Hall just to legalize everything.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by TheFutureMrs.Sears How long did you buy the aisle runner? Oh and from where? My aisle runner was 75'. I bought it on ebay.
  3. I used the sound system for the ceremony and it was better then I thought. The music was clear and loud. I think if you are using the violinist for the ceremony you should save your money and just get a CD. For the cocktail hour I used the trio and everyone loved them. They are great! Gives it a great island fill to have them play.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by msglave Nice planning. Thanks for sharing. I love your centerpieces did you use the submersible floralytes to light them at the bottom? That's what I'm considering now. If so, were you pleased with how they worked? Thanks. I did use the submersible tealights.... They worked great. They stayed lit the whole time. I used one for each cylinder.
  5. I would not have paid an extra $1000 on top of what I was already paying the resort for a go to person. I feel that if you pick a resort the answering questions and getting the help you need is part of deal and this should be free and trustworthy. Plus even if I had a person to verify everything I would still be on top of things bc thats just the way I am so the $1000 would go to waste.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Angela~ Everything looked awesome!! Did you post a thread about your DIY aisle runner? I'd love the details on it! Congratulations! No I did not. what I did was I bought a monogram and enlarged it at kinkos. I layed the black and white copy under my aisle runner and I traced with paint the monogram. But I almost ripped the runner bc the paint stuck to the copy when I tried to remove it. So your best bet is to trace it and place wax paper below then paint the runner.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by lovelytlc Denise, great planning review. where did you get the candle favor from? I bought the coconut candles and i wrapped them and decorated them myself.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KelZavs20 Well done! Where did you purchse your cups? I think it was cup guy or cupman on Ebay. His prices are awesome and you can mix colors. If you can't find him type on ebay search engine stadium cups and you should come across some of his lots of cups.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by TheFutureMrs.Sears Denise, as you already know I love everything!! You have inspired me to go for what I want!! It is official I now have romantico!!! Thank you again. Thats awesome... Pay for the uplighting that is key for that room as well as alot of candle light if possible.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by MissNatalie18 Wow, beautiful...how did you bring down all the supplies for the centrepiece? I love the pics, and would love to know exactly what you did for the centrepiece to look so amazing! Thanks! I brought all the glass cylinders in my carry on. I left them in the same boxes they were shipped in. By that I mean the smaller boxes that were inside the overall large shipment box. I used cylinders that were 3 different heights and widths. It has LED submergable tealights in pink, little clear crystals, and silk orchid stems from Michael's cut to size i
  11. FYI the program fans were my actual fans as well as everything basically shown since I posted this when I got back from my wedding
  12. Table cards with Centerpiece #2 that I bought from Ikea Centerpiece # 2 that I made myself
  13. My Programs Fans will be in fuschia with white ribbon. My aisle runner will be personalized. DIY project. My DIY cake topper. Came in plan silver metal. I crystallized front & back with stickers from Michael’s OOT bags Our favors were scented coconut candles in a real coconut shell Sand Ceremony Seating card were message in a bottle I made filled with sand and seashells
  14. Our weddings rings [My wedding dress is Casablanca By Enzoani My hair style My Bouquet MOH Bouquet Mother of the bride corsage. I made using real touch flowers. As well as boutonnieres My MOH dress. Best Man Attire My wedding invitations
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