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  1. I did not have a reception in Mexico. We all went to a restaurant together after (once the sun was down and we couldn't take any more pics), but nothing formal. It was back home after... which I do have 525 pics from that I haven't posted yet. Oops? But it was a blast! I also took BD pics and made a book on Shutterfly for my husband. Brought it to Mexico, wrapped it VS pink bag, and had it on the bed which they ended up covering in rose petals and making a big heart out of towels. He opened it when we changed out of wet wedding clothes... then we ran off to dinner. But he did love it.
  2. Full review has been posted =) Sorry I took so long. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-puerto-aventuras-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/4659
  3. The wedding coordinator was running around for us all day. She delivered our clothes, flowers, etc. I was told she would get me from my room OR meet me in the lobby. I was anxious and waited in the lobby. Sandra came and got us (wedding party, dad, me, and all our crazy family that wanted to be a parade with us) in time to walk through the whole resort to our ceremony area. She stopped us and told us when to go, etc. Don't worry about any of that, she even takes care of all the music. The restaurants all opened for dinner at 6 pm. I would definitely have HER do your reservations, otherwise they will not sit more than bout 8 people together at a table. She could probably pull some strings to make that happen. When we tried on our own they didn't really care to help us with a group of even just 10. Always split us up. Link to pics on my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.573322316001.2067822.68002751&l=9f16ea67ee If it doesn't work, find me and we can be friends lol.
  4. The sun was not even near setting, however it was April. It did go down during our photo session at around 7. Our reception was back home this past Saturday, so our evening of the wedding went about like this: 4:45 groom to ceremony site 5:00 pm ceremony began (it literally was over by about 5:15 - 5:20) 5:20 toasted, cut cake, etc 5:30 we took family/group photos our couple/TTD photos went on until about 7:20 after everyone went to get ready for dinner at 7:30 we ran to the room and changed, made it to Oceana by 7:40
  5. Eek, they did NOT have a room available for Jason the night before, so we ended up both staying in our room. Hated to ask guests on vacation to swap out for a night. I'd recommend just doing room service for breakfast and then sneaking around. Have your BMs make sure he isn't lurking. Our wedding was at 5 but we had breakfast and lunch with everyone, got in the pool, went to the marina. At around 2 we went our separate ways and didn't see each other until the ceremony. If they go fishing from 9-1 they may 1. break down, 2. get sunburnt, 3. be really tired. Maybe just have them golf or something?
  6. Hired Octavio to photograph my wedding on April 21 and he was great! Mainly I wanted someone who was a) affordable and could get me a disc of all the pictures before we returned home. He was great! Booked him from 3:30 until 6. My ceremony was at 5. Octavio arrived at 3. He took pictures of me and the girls getting ready, the guys getting ready if that's what you would call it haha, more of us finishing up and walking through the resort to the wedding area, the ceremony, group shots, couple shots, and even some unscheduled ttd. He stayed until 7:30 at no extra charge! He was EXTREMELY nice and was running around everywhere to get shots from every angle. On the ground, on a ladder, in the water, you name it and he did it. My discs of pictures were delivered by him to my hotel 4 days later because he had another wedding out our way. He made a personalized DVD case with both CDs in it and they had labels with our pictures on the cds. Very sweet and professional. The file sizes are HUGE, I could print posters if I wanted. I couldn't be happier with him! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to see some of my favorite shots for examples.
  7. I'm baaaack as of Wednesday night and married! Time to start working on my review. If anyone has specific questions while everything is fresh in my mind, feel free! I may not get on here every day but my email is tifuhhknee@aol.com Review & pics coming soon. Don't worry about anything... everything will be perfect, even if there are a few small details that aren't what you wanted.
  8. I've been working with Sandra the whole time and she is still the one in contact with me, so I guess Jacy being preggers won't hinder anything we've talked about. As far as flowers go, she sent me a PDF of different ones and I didn't like any so I told her. She then sent me a completely different one that had EXACTLY what I was looking for and I asked for royal blue ribbon, which I shall receive. The bout. is in there too but I asked her to just make mine match. That's the only flowers we are doing. I want to keep it simple and my girls are carrying lime green parasols instead of flowers. Gazebo I don't really know. I chose to do the package that is included but I want to be on the beach under the sun. We are getting married at 5 so I'm not worried about squinting. Hired an outside photographer who has been SO very quick to answer questions and address any concerns. He will get pics on a cd to me before we leave to come home. I want to print pictures for our AHR, so he was the best bet.
  9. Yay, I got my form to fill out with all the details from Sandra on Monday of this week. 29 days until the wedding, 27 until we leave. YAY!! I'm kind of freaking out though. My family is nervous about how things are going in Mexico, but I'm staying optimistic. Dad says this is his last trip down there for a long time. Either way, I'm excited.
  10. We aren't having a reception in Mexico, just going to party in the pool or all go to a restaurant or something, not a big group traveling with us. We are having our ceremony on the beach (not the gazebo) and I'm pretty much thinking the ipod dock route also... if any music at all. I'm stumped.
  11. What is everyone doing about music?? Wondering if I believe I even really need it... maybe just for the walk down the aisle. Thinking something along the lines of Jack Johnson's Better Together. It's got a nice beachy vibe.
  12. Wow y'all make me feel behind! I sent out "wedding" invites about 3 months ago to give people 6 months notice so they could book. Going to do free postcards for the "reception" invites since we are having an AHR and send those out about a month in advance. Need: BM, groom's, and GM attire. Trouble is.. no telling who his GM(s) will be. Waiting to see if who he wants as him BM books or not. Ugh. Get the AHR postcards done and ordered. I need jewelry. I think that's about it. I am going to take BD photos because my sister is a photographer and hopefully we don't just goof off and laugh, it's hard to be sexy with your sister!! LOL. But my best friend wants some for her husband so we will do them at her house, it's nicer than my mobile home lol. My plan is to sneak it into my luggage and give him as a wedding gift in Mexico. I am so excited, been hoarding things to wear for it in the back of the closet. My bachelorette/lingerie party is going to be April 8 (yay, day after my bday!) and our family style wedding shower will be March 26. All the dates are settled. Now I'm just waiting.
  13. What is the site they are purchased on? May go ahead and purchase my own to pass along if we need to.
  14. I am just doing the basic one and it will be free because we have at least 5 rooms. Our reception is at home once we come back, so we may all get the pool or have dinner together... there aren't too many of us so I'm not thinking we should pay to rent out a whole restaurant. The ocean is all I need.
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