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    Any other young brides?

    we had our legal wedding when i was 22 & he was 23- a little bit older than you are, but when you know, you know! we had our destination wedding 2 years later. i wish you nothing but the best.
  2. aimee!

    Bump me to first class Please :)

    We did! A very very nice lady from AirTran Airways upgraded us at about 3am while we were exhausted and cranky in the airport. Then FIL proceeded to make a huge scene about why HE didn't get upgraded... grr... but that's another story! It was the dress that gave us away, and got us a free upgrade. Carrying it on was a huge PITA!, but at least it was good for something.
  3. I LOVE the first one! It's so romantic!
  4. I've been following your shoe adventures for some time now... I wish I could send you my paris hiltons, but my tiny little shoes won't fit you. *sniffle* Good Luck on the hunt. It'll make your prize so worth it!
  5. aimee!

    ~* Tv Show Game *~

    The Ellen Degeneres Show : Miley Cyrus
  6. aimee!

    Who loves to Read???

    I'm starting the new Sarah Addison Allen book, The Girl Who Chased the Moon, tonight. I'm so excited because I LOVE her books!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by CaitlinBlane2011 Hi everyone! I am getting married at the Tucan on November 11, 2011. I called the number listed on the website today for the event coordinator and spoke to Connie(?) She seemed to get frustrated with my questions and told me she would e-mail me the packages. I was surprised that she was less than friendly. Everyone has said what great WCs they have there. Anyway, I was supposed to get the packages e-mailed to me so I can give the 25% down, and I have yet to receive them, I think she may have spelled my e-mail address wrong. Does anyone have an e-mail address for the WC at the Tucan that I can use? I really need to put my deposit down and I need to contact them. Also, does anyone know if Connie is the WC at the Tucan or who it is and if they are pleasant and do a good job? Thanks!!!! -Caitlin Hey Caitlin, Sorry you're having trouble! I was just married at the Tucan in January, and Gabriella was my WC. The email for the Tucan's WC is: weddings.playacar@iberostar.com.mx I know planning can be stressful, but Gabriella (& everyone) I worked with the the Tucan was amazing & they really went above & beyond to make our wedding beautiful. Best of luck!
  8. aimee!

    Who loves to Read???

    Quote: Originally Posted by mnh1983 The last Sookie Stackhouse book comes out in paperback today! Woohoo! hooray! i finally got caught up on the series, & pre-ordered the next one. i thought the books started getting a little boring but picked up with the last 2. i can't wait to watch season 2 of trueblood when it gets released soon & maybe i'll think about getting HBO for this summer.
  9. aimee!

    What's making you happy today?

    DH & I are signing a lease today for a super cute little house downtown. I'm SO excited to rent an entire 2-story house!! No more apartment living for us. :)
  10. I just voted for him. & I do want to see more pics of the little cutie!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Zappos!!! Free shipping to you, free shipping back! I will buy a bunch and then try them all on and ship back the ones I don't keep! It works PERFECT for finding that right pair of wedding shoes! The top pair (nina?) is my favorite in every color! I seriously need to own a pair of those I would also try endless.com & heels.com you can search by color
  12. aimee!

    Share your Etsy Finds!

    Quote: Originally Posted by LowcountryGirl Great ideas - I found a few good things to buy for the wedding. Seems as if Etsy has everything It does! Very dangerous. I just ordered a shower gift for my friend: Romantic Ceramic Dish Two Become One by SayYourPiece on Etsy I had it personalized (for free!). Amazing seller! Highly recommended.
  13. aimee!

    Share your Etsy Finds!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal&Matt2010 These for my earrings in ivory (shown in white): Crystal Geneva Bridal Earrings FREE SHIPPING by CrystalMBoutique or Montreal Pearl Earrings FREE SHIPPING by CrystalMBoutique and not wear a necklace. Thoughts? I still can't be sure though I really like the look of long earrings & no necklace. What does your dress look like?
  14. My favorites for framing are 2 & 4. They are all amazing!!
  15. aimee!

    Vent Your Pet Peeve with FI LOL's

    Quote: Originally Posted by YIweddings Who has ever heard this "Hey where's the thing for that stuff?" LOL YES!! Sometimes he's not very good at nouns. The good news is: I'm getting good at reading his mind.