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  1. My husband would be willing to design it but you'd have to have it printed, etc. If anyone is interested, PM me and i can get you on touch with him to discuss cost.
  2. Hello brides! I am a past Mexico bride and am now helping my hopeless sister with her wedding and she wants to have it at the Palma Real. We went on vacation there a few years ago and loved it. Can you guys help me with a few questions? (I've read a few pages but will read more tonight) What is the email address for the current WC their? I thought I read there is a US based one? Does anyone have the latest prices? What are the ceremony and reception location options and does anyone have an opinion on which is best for privacy? She is looking at March/April 2012, any thoughts on the best time to start the ceremony at that time of year to allow for sunlight after for pictures? Are there outside vendor fees? Are you guys working with a travel agent and if so have you found one that has been able to offer good deals on blocked rooms with ameneties? I'm sure I'll have more questions but anything you can ladies can do to help out is really appreciated! Thanks!
  3. We wanted a violinist too but it is just too expensive. We did a CD of songs I burned and it worked perfectly and was free!
  4. Hey ladies! I couldn't agree with Annette more! It's been over 3 months for me and I still miss the planning! Enjoy every minute!
  5. Ivan is fantastic and really made our wedding amazing!! We got a dance floor through him as well which made it even more fun!! I got the Divine package and no hidden costs as far as food and drink went. There is additional costs for extra bouquets, flowers and decorations. Our guests did a snorkeling excursion and we just rented 2 whole boats and they really enjoyed it. We used the provider right at the hotel.
  6. We packed everything with us as we've heard of so many horror stories but then again we did not bring that much. We took a large cardboard box and just filled it with stuff and checked it. Make sure to bring receipts with you and read the the thread on this as it came in handy! If you do decide to ship, it will be really expensive to ship and get back to you and if it gets stuck in customs, you are basically screwed. So just prepare yourself to do without if you decide to ship it.
  7. We got married on the terrace and there was another wedding at the beach terrace and we never saw or heard them. I did get a glimpse though while we were taking pictures and it was beautiful.
  8. When I got married there our deposit went towards the total cost of the wedding but that may have changed. I wouldn't think so. I would get her to clarify.
  9. Annette, I am so glad you are feeling better and got your questions answered! I can't wait to see pics!!
  10. They do for a cost. They can basically do any color sash since they use a rental company. I did purple.
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