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  1. Yeah, I've heard that it varies depending on the year. My fiance was there a couple years ago in January and said they wore shorts and t-shirts the whole time. We are planning on doing a sunset ceremony, so whatever time that is in January, our April one was scheduled for 6:30. I didn't think about having anything for heating....that might have to be an option. I'm just worried about myself in a dress if it's cold. Our guests can bring sweaters or something to put over whatever they are wearing and the men are wearing suits, I don't want to be stuck freezing my butt off in a sleeveless dress!
  2. We originally had planned an April 2011 wedding, because of issues with family members not being able to travel then we are bumping it up to January 25th most likely. We're getting married on Honeymoon Island, FL. Those of you who have been there around then, or who live there, is January too cold for a beach wedding? We already paid our deposit to hold our date, and the woman told us we could change the date but the deposit is non refundable...sooo we are really hoping we can make it work. What are your guys' opinions?
  3. This thread made me feel much better knowing everyone has dealt with this. We're only inviting immediate family, so there will be around 15 guests. SO many people are hasseling me about why we are having just family and I keep explaining we will have a reception or something when we get back but we just want immediate family because we are having a small wedding. If we invite friends we have to invite extended family and that makes it a big wedding. My best friend is furious at me and has told me how lame our wedding plans are... it just puts a damper on the whole thing. Makes me wonder if we're doing the right thing by having it in Florida
  4. Hi everyone! We're getting married April 5, 2011 on Honeymoon Island! 9 months and 10 days...so excited! We are thinking about making our own boarding pass save the dates, and are hoping to send them out as soon as we are happy with them. Rae
  5. Rae17


    Thanks everyone! I've just started looking around and I'm getting a tad overwhelmed with all the information! In a good way though, lol!
  6. We are excited to be getting married on Honeymoon Island, FL in April 2011!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Sax Lady 18 might be young for some but I think if you know that you are ready i say go for it. My parents got married right out of high school 19 and 20 and they are still together will be married 35 years this august. I also know some people from high school that got married right out fo school (guess its been about 13 yrs now) and their still married. I think that at any age the best thing in any relationship no matter the age is make sure you are open and communicate. Yes you both will be changing and growing up but as long as you keep that line of commuincation open I think you will be fine. Good luck in your decesion. Exactly! We have always just said, yes we will both change and grow up more, so why not do it together? We've both changed SO much in the time we've been dating... we're completely different people but that just brings us closer knowing that we've been through so much with eachother. Thanks for all the encouragment/advice again ladies! Rae<3
  8. Thanks for all the replies ladies! Our wedding is going to be on Honeymoon Island in Flordia, I'm not sure what the legal drinking age is there but I don't drink anyways so it's of no concern to me lol. The way we figure it is that we know that we want to get married, and life is short...why put off something that is meant to be:) Our parents are thrilled for us so I think that says something, because they world definately make it known if they didn't think it was a good idea!
  9. Hi sungoddess! I have been completely terrified of flying my whole life, so the destination wedding and the fact that I have to fly worries me too. My doctor perscribed me Ativan last time I flew, and it took the anxiety away mostly but it upset my stomache and made the motion sickness more aparent...so if you're prone to being nauseous I'd be careful as Ativan is what they generally give people that need something for flying from what I've seen. Like previous posters have said, put music on your iPod and just listen to that. I find that helps calm me down alot too, and I know it's easier said then done but just having the mindset of "It's out of my control now, the pilot knows what he is doing and we will be fine." lol! Best of luck to you:)! Rae<3
  10. Lol! I think 29 still classifies as young:) Let me change my question slightly...just in general is anyone dealing with the issue of people hasseling you about your age in regard to the wedding?
  11. Hey ladies! I've found myself to be a minority in the fact that I will only be 18 and my fiance will be 20 when we tie the knot...just wanted to see if there were any other young brides around and if so how you're dealing with the constant comments on your age. We aren't letting that damper our spirits, we're excited anyways! Rae<3
  12. Actually it's called Honeymoon Island where they do the weddings, my mistake! Still any feed back would be appreciated:)
  13. Hello, I have been doing research on all the beach locations in Florida near Disney World, and stumbled upon Caladesi Island...it's a two hour drive from there but it looks gorgeous. If anyone has ever been there or knows anything about it I would love to hear from you...we're having a small wedding with about 16 guests, I'm just having trouble finding any information from people who have actually gotten married there. Any information is appreciated, thanks! Rae<3
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    Hi there! I'm new here, my name is Rae and my fiance and I are getting married in March 2011. We are currently trying to decide on a beach location in Florida:) We are both from Saskatchewan. Rae<3
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