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  1. Congratulations! Your pics are beautiful, i love le Meridien as a resort. I am so happy that you had such wonderful things to say about the Melia I am getting married there next month!
  2. Hi Amy! I love Akumal it is so beautiful, excellent choice I am not entirely sure how to add threads, but i have seen lots of information on the forum about Akumal so i am sure if you search you will find lots of info. Have fun planning and congratulations!
  3. Hi there! I did a site visit to Dreams Tulum for our wedding It is very beautiful! Congratulations!
  4. I have two wedding bands. I think that i am going to keep my engagement ring on my left hand, just b.c i have gotten so used to it there. For the ceremony itself, I am just going to have my fiance place both of the rings right above my engagement ring, and then move them around to how i like it, after the ceremony
  5. I have been to Cancun often in June and have had beautiful weather (hot). Most of the time i found myself sitting my the pool wishing s could would come by to give me some relief from that hot sun! Like midnight24 had mentioned there is the odd shower in the afternoon, but nothing too serious. I am actually getting married this June in Cancun and i am hoping that this post does not make a liar out of me
  6. Hi Aisha, I know how you feel, I only have a part time job, and have been hunting for a full time job for what feels like forever. My husband to be just finished his masters and luckily found a job, but he is still on the bottom of the totem poll as we say, so the pay is not that great. All that to say that money is tight., every available cent is allocated toward the wedding. We really had to cut back on everything. We hardly ever go out, no splurging. But we are keeping it together, but the wedding of my dreams has been scaled back significantly, but even through all that, I still feel like i found some beautiful stuff, and we have come out on top and on budget by some small miracle. We have one last bill for the florist and then we are in the clear...aside for what we spend when we are actually in Mexico. I think that as long as you and your fiance discuss the expenses together, and agree on what is important, everything will be wonderful! good luck on finding a new job if you are searching
  7. Well i do not plan on harassing anyone, it was just a small dream.If it happens...sweet! if not no big deal! As for my dress, I have already called ahead and they said that if they can fit it, then they will put it in the closet if not then it goes in the overhead. No big deal, we have a free pressing at our hotel for the gown:)!But it is nice to know that those who have experienced the "dress in the bin", that your dress was not completely destroyed!
  8. 1 1 1 !! I love the way the dress is made, the gathering of the material is beautiful! Suits you!!
  9. Congratulations!! Lots of girls on the forum have been married in Jamaica! I am sure that they will have wonderful suggestions for you, everyone on here is super wonderful and helpful Happy planning!
  10. We are flying continental from Montreal. I am not holding my breath by any means.. but i thought that since I have never flown first class and cannot afford to upgrade on my own, that maybe I will be lucky enough to have a loving ticketing agent who has a soft spot for brides to be
  11. Your flowers choices are beautiful. Love how it all ties together. Should be gorgeous, can't wait to see the pics of them in action
  12. Hello Everyone! I was just curious if any of you were bumped to first class when you travelled b.c you mentioned it was your wedding, or if that is the kind of stuff that only happens in the movies:)
  13. Your dress is beautiful! Congrats, it is perfect for a destination wedding:)
  14. I am keeping my last name but in Quebec we do not have a choice:) But if i did have a choice i think that i would still keep my own name
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