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    Please vote for my boudoir photo!

    Hey everyone, sorry to bug you but the last day is today and if I win I will get the print for free! Thanks in advance and I will let you know if I win!
  2. eec129

    Please vote for my boudoir photo!

    Thank you everyone!
  3. Hi girls - The photographer who did my boudoir shots is doing a contest with some of the photos she took this year. I was nominated for Best Eyes (I am #6!) Please vote for me so I can win a free print! I think ALL of the pictures are beautiful though. Thanks in advance! Erin Vote today! Best of Boudoir – 2009 Boudoir Photographer Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, Wisconsin – Unveiled Portraits
  4. Hi - I feel like this is an easy question, but when reciting the vows, who comes first, woman or man? I say woman, fi thinks man?!?! What is traditional? I would assume woman but maybe I am crazy!
  5. eec129

    AHR Stress

    I agree! You need to be upfront with your mom and tell her how you feel....
  6. Yay! I am glad you were able to come to a conclusion.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by hockeymom97 There have definitely been times where I have doubted my decision. I did tons of research and just about drove myself and FI crazy trying to find the "perfect" resort. I finally realized that I wasn't going to be able to find the "perfect" resort so we made a list of the things that were most important to us and then chose the resort that best fit our top requirements. This was all before I found BDW. So then I found BDW and saw that there were so few brides booked with Beaches and I was like, wait!! Why is no one else booking with Beaches? What's wrong; did I pick the wrong resort?!?! I saw sooooo many other brides booking with RIU and thought for sure I had made a mistake. But you know what....the grass always looks greener on the other side and I think we all try so hard to make everything perfect that no matter how fantastic the resort is, somehow we will find a way to doubt the choices that we have made. All it takes is a bad review on trip advisor to send a bride into panic mode - but I think we just need to step back, take a deep breath and realize that we can't control everything. BUT despite not being able to control everything, we are all still going to have a fabulous DW :) I totally agree, I have been in panic mode more than a few times! Every time I freak about and think that I might have liked RIU better, I think about our discussion with the travel agent and then I remember why we picked Beaches. At this point I know if I go into it with doubts, then maybe I won't enjoy myself as much...so I can't let that happen! Have to stay positive.
  8. eec129

    Ceremony Wording?

    I have created my own ceremony based on different things I have found online. We are doing a civil ceremony, but are also doing the sand cermony, and a ring warming where we will pass the rings so all the guests can give their own "blessing" for the marriage. I am really excited. I like what we came up with much better than the vows they normally use.
  9. eec129

    Boudoir Poses

    No, I didn't drink prior since my shoot was at 10:30 am....I wanted to, though! But I am glad I didn't because I was fine. It was just those first few where I kind of felt like OMG what am I doing?? But after awhile, it just seemed totally normal! It helps that the photog is just so used to doing it, you can tell it's all in a day of work for her, which makes it so much better! I think my proofs are available in 10-14 days, so I can't wait. I definitely think this is one of those things you can overthink and drive yourself crazy over, but there is no need! Bachata, glad your session was fun, too!
  10. eec129

    Boudoir Poses

    Had my shoot today, and let me tell you...nothing to be nervous about! I had a great time getting my hair and makeup done...after that, I already felt sexy! My photographer was so nice and welcoming...she totally put me at ease! She basically posed me the whole time so it wasn't like I had to use my own imagination. I did get to see a few of the pix before I left and they were great. I barely recognized myself, haha. I think I may have a hard time picking out images for my book! My only advice is to relax....and like she kept telling me, "stick that booty out!"
  11. eec129

    hi all!!

    Congrats and welcome!
  12. Our DW will be in Jamaica. The only difference this way will be that it will be a symbolic ceremony rather then a regular. I guess this isn't totally perfect but I do think it will ease the stress a lot. Plus, maybe I will be a little less nervous at the actual wedding.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by amandseth kate.com has got it, I think. Do the legal wedding here with an officiant and your family present. My officiant did have a ceremony where we exchanged the rings and said vows and everything. Then have a symbolic ceremony at your destination. We talked about it tonight and I think this is what we are going to do!! I talked to my mom tonight and she was ecstatic. My dad's business is not doing well, and he can't even leave, I guess. So this way we will do something at home...I am even thinking possibly on New Year's Eve! Then, we will travel to Jamaica a few days later. The best of both worlds, I think....
  14. Well, just talked to them...and they won't take the money. It is definitely a pride issue....they do not feel they can take that from us when we could put it towards a new house or something else. So, they are not coming!! They say they support it and love me but they just can't. At this point I am at such a loss. I just never would imagine getting married without my family there. But now there are so many booked. I don't know what the correct way is to handle this. The only thing that comes close would be getting married here and still going on the trip as a celebration. But would that make people mad? ARggghh!!!