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  1. I'm having the same issue with them They sent mine almost 4 weeks ago and I have still yet to receive it. I just emailed them this morning asking if they could re-send a new DVD. I'm anxious to see it! Good luck!
  2. I brought 60 starfish with me and had no problems. But I really think it all depends if you are stopped by customs or not. I used them for decorations on the tables so my attitude was if they get confiscated they get confiscated but luckily they did not. Good luck!
  3. Hey Ladies!! I'm back, tanned and MARRIED!! My wedding was AMAZING!!! I can not say enough great things about the Royal, my WC Lili, and all the vendors that helped make our day perfect. I am going to post a full review shortly, just trying to get back to reality right now. Happy wedding day Lisa and to all the upcoming brides Just relax and enjoy every moment, it flies by! I still keep playing it over and over in my head, it feels like a dream. In the meantime, my friends have bombarded my facebook page with pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them, friend me on FB (Karen Arbasetti). Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  4. Picking up my dress tonight!! So excited, I can't believe I'm leaving on Sunday!!! I can barely sit still at work this week.
  5. Great planning thread, Jess! Thanks for sharing! Hope everything turns out perfect for you
  6. Where is everyone going for their honeymoons? We're going to Maui and Lanai, Hawaii in January for 10 days!!
  7. I finally paid my invoice today. WOW, what a challenge that was! Every time a mistake would be corrected a new one would appear in it's place. Frustrating but at least it is over. I have my appointment already set up for the on-site coordinator for Monday, November 15. I have Lili. I think Lady Di had her and had really good things to say about her. I can't believe November is Monday! I have so many last minute little things to do this weekend. Kerrimark2010 - Good luck!! I hope you have an amazing wedding!! Happy Halloween everyone!
  8. I'm going to miss you by 1 day, we are leaving on 11/21!! That stinks! The prednisone does suck! I've taken in the past for asthma. Good luck with it, it clears out of your system pretty quickly!
  9. yay!! so excited for all of us. November is just a few days away! I don't know about you ladies but I can't sit still I am so excited
  10. I feel you Jess, I'm starting to feel anxious because we only have 2 and a half weeks before we leave and I feel like my to do list just keeps growing... I can't wait to get there and start celebrating, enough of the planning! Thank god for wine
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