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was your website ready when you sent out your std's?

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yes, our was up and ready to go too.


i do have to admit that since the wedding i have been so busy that i havent gotten back on it to update things, like add thank-you's and pictures. sad.gif i'm a bad host!

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Ours wasn't ready when we sent our STD's out, although I would have preferred it to be. I got everyone's email addresses (with the help of family members) and then emailed them the link to the site as soon as it was done. This was much more of a PIA than if I could have just included the website on our STD. So, if you can, I'd have it done before they go out, but if you can't its not the end of the world either. Just a little more work.

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Yup, we had ours up and running and just sent out an email as our "save the date" telling everyone to check the website for travel booking info. For us it was crucial to get the info to everyone as soon as possible and doing it via email/website was the best way for us. We'll send out proper invites in the winter.

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