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  1. Aw, JM, that is a bummer, but it was great while it lasted.
  2. del Sol... Fabulous! Sol was our wedding photog and I have to say our pictures are fantastic and we were not at all comfortable in front of the camera (just how we are not anything to do with her), but you'd never know it from her shots. Plus she was super sweet and you could tell she loves her job!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MayanLily Great review Kelly! I'm getting married there in October. Perla is no longer there so I am dealing with Cecilia. I'm sure she's just as good. Are you happy with the fact that you customized your whole wedding? I am trying to decide what to do and am having difficulty. I've gotten all the prices now for the wedding costs and am just not sure what works out cheaper. There is a charge for EVERYTHING! This is a really personal question and I appologize if it is out of line but what was your budget? You can PM me if you want I was happy I customized our day. It worked out to be less expensive than modifying a package. That way we only payed for what we wanted and not to change what they offered, kwim? I was also a pretty laid back bride and don't think we went too crazy with things like decor or even food. We just wanted to have a relaxing, fun night with our closest friends and family. We didn't have any budget in mind and kind of just figured it cost what it cost for what we wanted. I honestly don't remember what it cost just for the wedding, but it wasn't too crazy (and I remember my hubby being so happy it didn't cost and arm and a leg lol). I did bring a lot of things down with us and we didn't have a dj or add any additional cake other than what was included. Those things saved us alot. Quote: Originally Posted by shae hmmmm....i wasn't able to see all the pics. looks like some of the image links are broken. but the ones i did see look great! Sorry, this is an older thread and I've cleaned out my photobucket account of a lot of pics since then!
  4. Hey ladies, I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations! Way to stick with it and make it to the end!
  5. We didn't use one. I was worried about that before I got down there as well, but it worked out ok for us. It wasn't that windy so we could all hear fine. We only had the best man and moh speak so it was short and sweet.
  6. For boxed hot chocolate I like the Nestle Milk Chocolate one. Its pretty good. I make it with half hot water and half milk to make it a little creamier. I agree SM is not very good, but it was the only brand they had at Stop & Shop the other day, which I thought was weird.
  7. My dress was REALLY dirty after our reception. After dancing the night away the bottom was dirty and our reception was on a deck, not on the beach or anything. It was cleaner after my ttd a few days later. I agree with pp, if you're going to be at your resort for a few days, see if they can clean it after the wedding. Or, you could clean the bottom of the dress in your tub if it gets too dirty to wear again. I washed my dress in the tub at our resort after the ttd and it came out fine.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by avong1228 I finally talked to Perla and thankfully I did call as she said she never received my emails. She sent me the wedding calculator and now I am thoroughly confused! Wish brides, if I go with that option which I hear is the least expensive if you want to add on, does the arch not come decorated at all? Also, for the rose petal aisle ... will they let me spread my own if I buy a bag of fake ones?? Seems really expensive. I guess I need to put it all in a spreadsheet but not seeing how the Wish vs the other packages are less expensive if you want to have a cocktail hour and dinner. Did anyone do a day after brunch? Any advice? Hmm, I don't know about spreading fake flower petals if you're planning your ceremony on the beach. Someone would have to clean them all up and you wouldn't want to litter if it was windy and they blew around at all. We found that the least expensive way to go was to ignore all the package details and just email Perla exactly what we wanted. Then she gave a us prices for everything and we went from there. It was easier and less expensive than rearranging the packages to meet our needs. Also, when you email Perla your best bet is to send one long detailed email. Number your questions and put them in categories or some sort of list. That way she will respond to all of them. If you send multiple emails she is more likely to miss one or miss a question. Just a tip from what I learned along the way! We didn't do a brunch, but we did a welcome dinner which went well and there was no charge as we had it during one of the nightly shows with a buffet.
  9. I think with 50 guests the bose would work great. We thought the same thing as far as saving money goes and as long as you plan ahead and have great playlists I think this is a great place to save! We used Del Sol and they were wonderful. Our pics turned out amazing. Kimmie- I would totally disregard tripadvisor. We had a fabulous time and had no complaints about the resort. I know a few brides may have run into a snag here or there and not everyone can have a great experience, but I feel like 99% of things on tripadvisor are negative and not balanced out with people's positive reviews. Check out the search function on this site and you can find a few reviews from brides who've had weddings there. I think you'll find they're positive.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by avong1228 Ok ... I've now read the first 55 pages ... Whew!! Still have a ways to go but super helpful. Seems like doing the Wish or Fantasy package and adding on is cheaper. I've emailed Perla twice but no response yet. I'm hoping to lock down a date soon! Also, has anyone just used a home docking station for the Ipod instead of paying for the speaker set up? I can't open any of the attachments so if anyone has the banquet menu, excel comparisons, etc., please email me at avong1228@yahoo.com We used our Bose docking station with our ipod and it worked out perfectly. It might depend on the amount of guests you have. We had about 30 and it was perfect for us. Everyone was dancing!
  11. Miranda, those pictures are fantastic! What an experience it must've been.
  12. Hey Lindsey, I got my pink cupcake boxes from this site... Standard Sized Cupcake Boxes and Cupcake Holders I loved them. I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I have tons of left over pink cupcake boxes with the window in the top. If that's along the lines of what you're looking for I'd be happy to sell them cheap. lol
  13. Brooke your pictures are fabulous! I'm glad you enjoyed Paradisus. Congratulations.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by bholthof Day 4 - Yoga X - made it through the whole thing - man, I am no good at Yoga!! Although the only thing I really COULDN'T do at all was the crane - everything else I could sort of attempt, at least. The beginning totally kicked my @$$ but I like how it slows down for the last half. bholthof~ I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the monogram in your siggy! So freakin cute! Ok ladies, I think I'm going to start p90x next week. I'll keep you posted.
  15. Hey KittenHeart, what did you do for pull-ups until you could do one? Did you use the bar and the chair to help you or did you use bands? I can't do one either and can't tell if using the chair with my legs on it will help me be able to do real one or if I'm better off with the bands. I want to do a pull up sooooo badly! Thanks! ~Kelly
  16. I just saw the 2nd part of the reunion. Kim's performance was awful. Made me laugh. lol But, you'll never believe this~ her song was played on Hot 97 in NY the other day. It was actually on the radio! I was dying in the car. Is it mean that I hope no one likes it?
  17. Hey Ladies, I just wanted to pop in and say sorry that I suck! lol I missed two weigh ins so I'm dq'd, but I'll be checking in to see how you guys are doing. This whole move to the new house has me all screwed up.
  18. Everyone should post pics in this thread after the weekend so we can all see each others costumes! I did decide to buy some tights for under my knee socks so that there is no thigh showing at work. lol
  19. Great job again this week ladies. I've gotta get a scale for our new house. I'm throwing a surprise party for my best friend tomorrow night so the eating (and drinking) will NOT be healthy. lol Hopefully I can make up for it during the week.
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Lisa*~ lol I love how you say that your parts will be "mostly" covered... Ha, I know! I'm going to try the whole outfit on tomorrow to determine if I need to wear tights. I found these really cute over the knee socks, so really the only thing showing is a couple of inches of thigh, but idk. I work in a restaurant and this is the first halloween I've had to work. I keep hearing that some of the girls wear slightly whore-y outfits. lol I can't imagine waiting on a table in hooker boots. I can't wait to see what the rest of the staff is wearing. I'll probably look uptight compared to them! So, I might wear tights under the socks and then I'll be all covered.
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