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  1. What are the edible goodies that can I add to my OOT bags that travel best? I'm going to Jamaica and I'm afraid for any chocolate items to melt.
  2. I have a couple of guests that are interested in doing some "exploring" around Jamaica. Our ceremony is in Ocho Rios, but where else in Jamaica could they go (by rented car, shuttle, bus, etc.) within a reasonable time frame?
  3. Exactly! I just need those small items so I may see if she can just meet me right outside the resort with the corsages. It's not like I need her to come in and do an entire set up or anything.
  4. I have a colore palette of pink, green, orange, and yellow. I couldn't find a shade of green I liked so I substituted it for purple in regards to the pashminas. I'm only giving them to the ladies and I'll probably encourage them to trade if someone gets a color they'd rather have. We're giving the guys flip flops. They were 2 for $5 at Old Navy and they have different patterns and designs.
  5. I'm getting married at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios and I was confused by this as well. The rehearsal dinner (or welcome reception) is actually a plated dinner that has a preset menu and is served at a location other than one of the main restaurants. The 30-min cocktail reception is cold hordourves only and costs $15 per person. This fee is waived if you have booked 10 rooms or more. I'm not sure about the set up with this as far as chairs and whatnot. @Maureen: I was told just last night, that there's a SLIM chance my entire group will be able to sit together at one of the restaurants after the ceremony (we'll have approx. 30 people). The rationale I was given was that because it's a couples only resort, they like for their restaurants to have a romantic, quaint atmosphere, and 30 guests sitting together wouldn't allow for that. I protested because I KNOW I've heard other brides say they were able to do this with no problem. I just let it go and figured we'd deal with it when we get there. I am going to be HIGHLY upset though if we're not accomodated.
  6. I'm planning to bring my own bouquet to Sandals Grande Ocho Rios. I still need corsages for the mothers, a boutinniere for my dad, and flower petals for the aisle. My TA informed me this evening that the corsages would be $45 each and my dad's boutinniere is priced at $35. Additionally, we're bringing our own chair sashes, fans and programs, and doing a sand ceremony. To set all of this up would be a charge of $300!!!!! Come on now! That's just ridiculous!! I wonder if I should contact Jans. Do you think she'd do the corsages and boutinniere for less than what the resort is quoting? How does the delivery of these items work? Would she be allowed on site to bring them?
  7. That yellow is really pretty. I ordered some in bulk with other BDW brides and they arrived yesterday. They're very pretty! I'm contemplating ordering tags to go on them as well. For right now, I just put the saying on a vistaprint postcard to attach.
  8. I got mine today as well!!! The colors are amazingly vibrant! I can't wait to give them out in Jamaica! Thanks Loveisintheair!!!
  9. Is there any way for us to track the shipping on these?
  10. I'm working on my fans also!! I'm doing about 24 fans (6 orange, 6 pink, 6 green, 6 yellow). I haven't decided if I'm going to have the broom jumping as a part of the ceremony.
  11. Hey Loveisintheair! I paid you via paypal so you should have my home address. If not, just let me know and I'll PM it to you.
  12. You are so right Tlsgee. I cleaned out two Targets near me this past weekend...
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