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  1. I just got the silver and it was plently.............. def money well spent!
  2. OMG I love Severine too!!!! She did an AMMMMAAZZING job I would recommend her to ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I just find it ridiculous that you have to worry about liquor at your wedding when everyone is paying a lot of money at an all inclusive place......... I cant afford to worry about liquor! Josh do you know what number the plaza bar is on the resort map at the elegance?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by joshfrommontreal There isn't much of a difference between the two. The Elegance was just built this past year so the rooms and facilities are newer. The rooms have a different layout, the Elegance has a more open concept for the entire room while the Colonial is divided in two by the jacuzzi in the middle. The restaurants at the Elegance I believe are better then the Colonial and have better decor, especially the steak house. The restaurants on the beach are basically the same. At the moment they share the same spa, casino and sports bar. The Elegance has which is called the 'Elegance Club' which is an upgraded service that gives you an adults only area, a lounge with free internet and snacks, big outside beds, and a personal butler. The Colonial doesn't have anything similar to this. Price definitely depends on timing, eventually the Elegance will be more expensive all the time but right now it fluctuates a lot. Josh question... the adult only sections are ONLY for Elegance Club member or adults... and the roof top bars can we access them if we are not in the club? Also what time does the plaza bar close at night??
  5. I am not sure how many brides did this but I got the idea from here somewhere is that many of the private locations are a short walk away from opened bars.. So that is what I am doing... Sandra the WC said from the parrot bar the plaza bar is like a 2 minute walk and my small group of 20 people will not mind taking that walk..... I cant see paying 300 for the space and another 400 for open bar for an all inclusive!
  6. Sandra does take a while to respond... I heard that she is the head wedding coordinatior though so thats is prob why she oversees everyone and has her own things to deal with.... Good luck to everyone my day is quickly approaching!
  7. I booked at Majestic Elegance and one couple is staying 5 nights and its like 2300 for them soooo 4000 sounds wwwaaayyyy off....... good luck!
  8. Welll iiifff anyone knows an IPOD that is good outdoors I am getting one next weekk......BOSE is TOOOOOO expensive
  9. Hmmm... I cannot find ANYONE who has used something outside to let me know the comapny..................
  10. Hey Ladies.... So I am trying to figure out how everyone made their cute tags for their oot bags and favors..... Where do I get the paper and is there a special set up? Need some direction!
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