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  1. I used to love mine! It died in the potty !!! And Ive tried to get many phones that would compare and have yet to find one that I like so much as the curve. It was my office away from home basically which was one of the things I loved about it the most!
  2. Awesome review Di!!! Loooooved the wedding everything looked perfect!
  3. Ok for those girls totes looking for a great braz. wax in the Queens, NY area I just came back from the best place possible and had to rave about here for the girls in the Queens area.... Ive gotten many many braz. waxes in my day but these people were total perfectionist and it was a great price! Since I recently moved to Flushing, NY Ive been reading reviews in different forums of different places and found a place called Maldi Beauty Parlour that had braz. wax @ $35. For the price and positive reviews I decided to give them a try. The place it totally no frills AT ALL, so if your looking for a Spa Experience this is totally not the place for you.... but the Dasda(my waxer) was amazing! After doing the full braz she went on to thread the shorter hairs so that it was perfectly smooth and with virtually no pain...Just like Meagan I love sugaring but Im definitely coming back to this place for everything!
  4. I paid for his ring ... If budget is a concern I was at a wedding with some friends this past weekend and many of the married couples were commenting on how cheap their husbands rings were. Some picked Titanium rings(no more than $100 bucks) others went to flee markets etc. Purchasing them both out of the wedding budget is also a great idea
  5. My booootyfull mexican princess! Everything looks wonderful. I wish you the very best with all the wedding and am totally looking forward to seeing pictures of you.. I :heart: you as well! HAPPY WEDDING DAY!
  6. Danielle you look absolutely breathtaking! Gorgeous pictures.. You completely rocked that shoot girl! Thank you for posting your pictures, Im sure it will be an inspiration to many ladies in this forum that are on the fence about doing them!
  7. This is a great in depth review! Everything looked wonderful thank you for sharing!
  8. Wow that is horrible! My goodness! Im so sorry you had to go through this. But glad you got someone else to alter it at a fraction of the price..
  9. You look gorgeous!.. And about the veil(as you can see in the pic I had a birdcage).. I have no complaints.. Wore my veil almost throughout the whole first part of the reception. It was super comfy but when the music became loud I wanted to dance and wanted nothing in my face so I took it off... hahaha!
  10. Oh C everything looks soo wonderful. You are going to be a gorgeous bride I cant wait to see pics of everything! Have a wonderful time love!
  11. Everything looks wonderful and so organized! OMG! Lovely!!
  12. Yes Cassie your cover is amazing! This is such an inspirational thread thanks for bumping it up!
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