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  1. I've done it and it really does work. I have never been a runner and I started this program last year and it really did get me ready for the 8K I ran last spring. I am on the program again this year for my April 8K...good luck!
  2. We are having our reception on the Himitsu Beach...we heard it wasn't as windy and was beautiful for a reception. Time has flown by for me...although June cannot come soon enough at the same time. Half the fun is the anticipation
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by andim and my wedding is the day after that! It's going to be a BDW forum party! We will all have to meet up for a drink for sure! It would be great to meet you ladies in person!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by DM24 That would be great to meet for drinks. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I still have to pick out my flowers! Do you have all your planning done? I wish I had it all done...I'm getting there but feel like it is creeping up so quickly. It will be here before you know it. I told the girls in the June 2010 Brides thread that I would get some pre-planning thread pics posted for them as they really want to see some of the projects I have been working on. Make sure you check out that thread as well. How are your plans going? Overwhelmed
  5. swankster - great job on the lost weight...I'm getting there too - its tough this time of year...but in the end we will be so glad we worked this hard.
  6. Ladies - I will try and take some pictures and share with you as a sneak peak. My pashmina signs just say "To Have and To Hold...To Keep You From the Cold". I am doing fan programs that I bought at Michels - they are really cute! I will take pictures once I'm done there. I just made my menu cards and I love how they turned out. As far as mugs...I bought mine from discountedcups.com - they were really cheap and they turned out so good! I love them! Countdown is on ladies...I will get some pictures posted as soon as I can.
  7. I am getting so excited I can hardly stand it...but I keep reminding myself that half the fun is the suspense and excitement of going! I finished my menu cards that will be placed at the tables and sent out a pre-travel packet with a CD of music to get them ready for Mexico, flip flop magnets, flip flop key chains, pre-travel brochure of what to plan and expect during travel, a no gifts tag to let them know we don't want gifts and personalized luggage tags. All my guests were so excited about getting this in the mail and they love love love the CD. I also decided to purchase something special
  8. Cancunbride...I am still interested if you have any available...I sent an email to your address you pM'd me before.
  9. DM24 - welcome to forum. I am getting married at Dreams Cancun June 8th 2010...maybe we can meet up for a drink. We are getting so excited already!!!
  10. I had a few of these made and laminated and then decided not to do them because other brides said they had problems with people breaking into the rooms when they knew people weren't in there. I didn't want to put my guests at risk. I loved the idea and had a hard time letting it go, but in the end felt it was the right thing to do. What do you ladies think?
  11. We are doing a private beach reception. After seeing Maria's pics I was sold! We aren't getting the DJ - we are bringing our own IPOD and using the sound system and system tech to run the music. We did get the light up dance floor for the beach. Yay on the dress Peterpanpixidust!!!!!
  12. shae - I just asked her - it wasn't difficult at all to work with Cecilia on it. I would be happy to share emails with you ladies if needed - just PM me your email addresses.
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