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  1. Hi Guys!! I am a finalist in the online RENT auditions-- please visit the site and vote for my online rent audition http://www.siteforrent.com/audition/contest1.php?rateno=161 -- if the link doesn't work- then please go to siteforrent.com and search for Maegan Ann. 5 stars are much appreciated! Thanks ladies!!
  2. Ladies- Does anyone have a detailed description of the step by step order of the ceremony? I am trying to make my program for our legal ceremony. However, Xhail has not returned any of our emails for the past 2 weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! =)
  3. It's not rude at all!! In fact, I think most people would rather that they decide what they do for the weekend, rather than being told. I'm leaving my guests to decide for the most part- and I am letting them know what we are doing if they do want to join.
  4. On a side note, 10 days till we leave for Mexico, 17 days till I marry my best friend =) We have 59 guests =)
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by vdaybride I am a speech language pathologist, I have a small private practice here in NY Oh wow-- what a small world- I'm an SLP on Long Island, currently working at a special ed preschool in Queens!
  6. I'm a speech therapist and my fi is an accountant
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