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  1. Carolina - So Sorry to hear about your BM. For the life of me I don't understand that last minute crap! All you can do is move forward. Â I am really worried about how to pack my carry-on, I have to figure out what gets put in that 21" bag. I wonder what I will forget? I am also worried about all the OOT bag stuff, I don't want it to get lost. I worry about making sure everyone has a good time, but staying within my budget (not). I am having a pretty simple wedding, no real reception just a dinner. I hope they don't get bored - I am totally blowing my budget on a Mexican Trio! So, while
  2. I am still working on my OOT bag stuff. I hope to be done soon. I am really getting weird! I want things to be really nice and my guests to have fun but I am feeling the stress. I hope my dress still fits, I think I may have lost more than I thought I was (not a bad thing really) BUT...I am determined to ENJOY my wedding!!!! We will have a blast! 26 Booked! 78 Room Nights!!!
  3. Thanks For the Review! Great Pics! Can't wait to see more.
  4. Thanks for creating this site it truly is a godsend!!!! I am soooo excited about this upgrade!
  5. All of you guys are amazing! Thanks so much for the great advice! I appreciate it so much. I don't even really know you guys and I feel like I have great firends who have my back! Thanks Again!
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