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  1. I dont think I ever posted my final AHR pix. Here is the photog's blog. Besides it breaking records for hottest day on record and us having an outside venue.... it was great!!! http://leodjphoto.com/blog/2010/08/cove-creek-country-club-kent-island-wedding-photographer-amy-mark/ I wasn't going to spend the money on a professional photographer, but I then I thought about the money I was spending and I wanted it to be properlly documented
  2. It's a ruby. Pre-Jessica Simpson getting a ruby !! I was sick of everyone getting bigger and bigger diamonds so my husband and I decided to go against the norm.
  3. My stickers have withstood the dishwasher - its been 6 months since my wedding too! However the mugs w/ the metal silver lining say to handwash - which I do not do
  4. LOL, thats so funny! Yes, we are still here in Bermuda! Are you getting married in Mexico??
  5. Thanks Wendy It was Tadashi! Thanks Heres the link to it on Nordstrom...... http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/3077136
  6. Hi girls - just a quick note that if anyone wants to ask me anything, please PM me. I do not read this thread regularly anymore - I logged on after 1 week and there are 91 new messages! whew  I hope all of your planning is going well. Sounds like the WCs are getting worse than they were before (which is unimaginable). Know that you can change/add/remove ANYTHING once you get down to Mexico. All you need are your locations picked and everything else can be taken care of at the resort. I bet you can even change your menu if you want!  Looking back on my wedding 4 months later
  7. http://claudiaphoto.com/slideshows/claudia/may10/amy_mark/ Â Here are our Pro pics!
  8. Amanda - I gave them a list of songs to play to get an idea of what we liked. About 15 new up beat songs, 5 slow songs, and 10 oldies - and said this is the type of music we like. ( I emailed this to the WC in Miami and brought 3 copies of that email with me) Â They played the songs I requested in different order and varied it up a bit. They added some other songs too (like Shout and the Cupid Shuffle) which went over very well. I spoke to the MC during the night to make sure they played what we wanted (ie, "time for a slow song", and what I wanted them to finish with, etc). The
  9. Just got back from the honeymoon - only gained 4 pounds - miracle! I must have had at least 4 frozen drinks a day  Lisa, I might have told you before but I make crustless quiches - this makes 4 servings so its perfect for Sunday - Wednesday breakfast:  6 egg whites 6 whole eggs 1/3-1/2 cup shredded cheese 2 cups of lightly cooked veggies (onions & mushrooms, peppers & onions, broccoli)  With oven @ 350. Pour eggs into an 8in round cake pan. lightly add veggies and mix around so they are all covered by eggs. sprinkle cheese on top. Add a few dashes of spic
  10. That will be awesome! I love that song, we played it at our reception. I had all of the wedding music on 1 CD. I had a piece of paper in the CD case that had all the songs listed like this:  1. Song: Guests entering 2. Song: Guests entering 3. Song: Bridesmaids & Bride walking down aisle 4. Song: Processional 5. Song; after wedding pictures 6. Song: after wedding pictures  They are so professional at the resort - they know how to operate the music - they do it all the time. We told them WCs about the songs and what not at the wedding meeting and they knew what
  11. Â I walked down to Alicia Keys "If I ain't got you" - Its a 3+ min song so all of the BMs walked down the aisle to that also. I loved it. If you are taking pictures wherever your wedding ceremony is after the ceremony (which everyone does) - you need AT LEAST 4-5 songs AFTER your processional song for when people are milling around. I would do more like 10 songs. I had Stevie as well as our Processional Song (which was "Hay I love you" or something like that by Michael Franti I think....?). They put my CD on repeat - which was awesome to have music playing during the pictures part
  12. Go Lisa! That's awesome. Glad you made it to your first cheat day Pam!!! Â I also weight myself every day. Â I go on my honeymoon this Saturday to Saturday, and I am going to start the program from the REAL beginning as soon as I get back. Looking forward to it!
  13. Jessica - those are SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!! Love them.
  14. BOOO! That's weird that you lost so much and then it stopped. Maybe you need a cheat day to get that fat burning back up. I forget exactly what his science is, but the cheat day is supposed to help. I say have a cheat day! Plus you'll be more motivated afterwards.
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