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  1. Hello, I'm glad that I could help with my review. The vendors that you mentioned were excellent and I highly recommend them all. As far as the cocada, I brought little clear bags from Micheal's and gave them to Juney- he took care of filling the bags and adding ribbon and stickers I gave him as well. The little rum was also put in the bag, Guests took them with them. Please feel free to private message me if you have more questions. Lots of luck!
  2. Congratulations on your recent marriage! I got married in Aruba in July 2010 and we spent the second part of our trip at the Divi resort. It's good to hear that everything went well for your special day!
  3. My husband and I recently celebrated our one year anniversary! It’s so hard to believe that it’s already been that long. I learned so much from the site and wanted to share some post wedding info. I purchased several items after the wedding- thank you cards, announcement cards and parent/bridal party photobooks after extensive research from MANY companies. Here’s a brief review on my experience with the products/ companies I chose to work with. MPIX.com: I first heard about site from our wedding photographer who ordered our prints thru the company. I was pleased with the prints and checked out the site to find many more fantastic products. Thank you cards- ( from mpix.com) “Folded Greeting cards†Excellent quality and reasonably priced. I ordered two sizes- 5x7 and 4x5.5. –You have the choice between three papers: stock, pearl, or linen. I got some stock and linen but liked the stock better because of the smoother finish. We sent them to everyone who came to wedding or post wedding reception. Annnouncement Cards: ( mpix.com)Given out to some friends/family/ coworkers who couldn’t come. Just included the pic of us and wedding date. I liked that it was very simple and I could just address an envelope and mail. Photobook: (adoramapix.com) We have a gorgeous album from our photographer but I wanted to do something for our parents and bridal party. I did a lot of research- blurb, Kodak, shutterfly etc. I was looking for a high quality flush mount( or something close to it) that wasn’t hundreds of dollars. I was extremely pleased with the quality of book. It took some time, about 1-2 weeks for me to actually organize the album (busy with work). I used the pictures from our photographer. The company has regular sales so you can make a book and see if a sale comes around. I went on youtube and did a search “adorama pix and photobooksâ€- you can get a taste of how the book looks. My parents got the 10x8 (36 pgs.) and bridal party 8x8 book (14pgs) My only issue with the photobook is the last page- you can see ridges where cover is mounted to print. But overall extremely happy with the photobook and will order from them again! Shipping with both companies was USPS which I personally prefer over other options.
  4. Congratulations and Welcome! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming but you will find plenty of resources here. I got married in Aruba and it was amazing.
  5. No problem! Check out my review for info on the vendors I used.
  6. Hello from a past Renaissance bride! I got married in July and the weather was beautiful. We chose Aruba because it's out of the hurricane belt so hopefully you will be okay. For the week we were on the island we had a few rain showers which lasted only a few minutes at a time. The day we were leaving, it rained most of the morning which was not very common.
  7. Wow! your day will be here before you know it. Sounds like you have the main things taken care of.
  8. I went with the florist that Juney recommended, I don't recall the name. Deciding on what flowers I wanted was a difficult task. In the end I just told Juney I wanted a nice tropical mix( minus callalillies) and it turned out lovely. I booked photog & hair/makeup directly and just about everything else I did thru the resort. I sent out save the dates about one year out and formal invites about 3-4 months before with an rsvp of 2 months before the day. Some people never rsvp'ed ( yay or nay) and that was a pain! For me it was all of the little things at the end that got me stressed. Try to do as much as you can now. I created an extensive to do list of things I needed to get done each month and attached a shopping list and tackled it that way. Just as long as the main things are taken care of( bride and grooms attire, officiant, food/drinks and guests), it will all fall into place. Don;t stress the small stuff- Keep it simple. Your guests will be so thrilled to be on a private island for your wedding, that's all that matters. Don't forget to enjoy this engagement period with your fiance! As soon as I got the ring on my finger it was wedding, wedding, wedding for me. I spent weeks afterwards just unwinding and I'm still doing wedding related stuff( thank you cards).
  9. I love the whole postcard- thank you card idea!! Ginger did my invites and I love her work. I still haven't gotten my pro pics back yet. I did aks the photog to send get the pic we will use for the cards so I can get moving on them. I want to get mine out before the holidays. It's never too late to send out cards. I usually get thank yous 3-6 months after a wedding. However, I've been to about two weddings and never got a thank you card from the couple, one of them a DW!!
  10. I have a few pictures in my profile. Still no pro pics yet We had a wonderful photographer, Victor Winklaar. How is the planning coming along? Are you definately getting married at the Ren.? when?
  11. Whooo Hooo! I know you must be excited!!! I brought snacks for our oots bags and had no problems getting them down there. I gave my mother some to carry and put some in my luggage. I took the smaller snacks out of boxes and placed in large ziploc bags to make it easier to pack and sort.
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