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  1. Hi gorgeous brides to be! I am selling 2 different sets of earrings. They are very similar because they both had the qualities I was looking for. Both are fresh water pearl, dangling earrings. My dress was ivory, the earrings matched perfect, but I never got a chance to wear either because I bought yet another set. Third time's the charm, right? I can sell you both for $50 includes shipping, or just one set for less than $50. They are attached to a sterling silver base, so one is a bit tarnished but can easily be cleaned to get the silver luster back. The other is not tarnished at all. Don't miss out! I had a local jewelry designer here in NYC create these for me, so they are one of a kind. Good luck with planning and enjoy every minute! Check out my other posts about more goodies I am selling! Enjoy and thank you!
  2. Hi there beauties, I am selling a gorgeous, feather and pearl hair comb, that I purchased, but never wore. I ended up having the seamstress make a flower for me from the bottom of the dress that she cut off, so it matched perfectly. However, this hair clip is amazing, never worn. I looked all over NYC to find this and finally found in a boutique in NJ. It is so delicate and dainty. It can be worn with ivory or white. This price does not include shipping, so if interested in purchasing, you could send me a postage/ shipping label and I will send straight to you. Don't miss out on this perfect accessory! Please check my other listings to see what other goodies I am selling from my incredible wedding! Enjoy every minute of your planning and your special day!
  3. Hi to all the lovely brides to be out there! I have a pair of Max Studio, never worn, ivory sandals, size 7.5. They are super sexy and comfy, and I bought them along with 2 other sandals, so these never got worn, which I am kind of bummed about! The heel is not too high, and the color is charming with a delicate, ivory flower attached to the top portion by your toes. The back is elastic, no clasps or metal, so they match with silver or gold jewels. I am hoping to sell them for $50, not to include the cost of shipping. You can send me the shipping/ postage label and I can attach to the box that I ship the shoes in. How perfect is that? Please see pics and let me know if you have any questions, concerns, etc, and I'd be glad to help. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Enjoy every minute! Please be sure to check out what other goodies I am selling from my incredible wedding!
  4. nsblum

    Best Resorts in Turks and Caicos?

    Allik, I got married at The Somerset back in June. It was amazing. The WC I had then, Monique, is no longer there and as Krys mentioned that have a dedicated person now from Island Harmony named Diane. I have never met her, but have heard good things. I also was deciding between The Somerset and The Palms- it made me crazy for a while. At the point when I had to make my decision, we did a visit to both hotels and stayed in both hotels, did two tastings, etc. I actually think the rooms are less expensive at The Palms. There are literally steps from each other. The Somerset is a smaller, more intimate, boutique hotel and The Palms is a bit larger and more tropical. Lots of gorgeous landscaping at The Palms, but The Somerset is pretty modern and sexy in my opinion. I think The Palms may have more children and families which I didn't love, sorry! Also, I thought the food at The Somerset was amazing. I worked directly with their chef Lauren, and she was so helpful and sweet. I do not know the WC at The Palms now, but back then, it was this woman who I must say really turned me off. I just thought she was a bit slow, and I felt I couldn't trust her. She had some wacky suggestions for me and just turned me off. I am told that she isn't there anymore, so don't worry! But, I did love The Somerset and was very happy with my choice. If you want a ballroom, go with The Palms. It you want a lawn, go with The Somerset. They have a lawn over at The Palms but it's kind of out by the parking lot, next to the Spa. The Spa at The Palms is AMAZING, but like I said, the two hotels are steps away. There is literally a passage way in the brush between the two hotels, so you and your guests can still use the Spa at The Palms by walking right through. I also did my rehearsal dinner with Kissing Fish, under tents outside Bay Bistro. It was great and delicious and fun. Joan from Kissing Fish is terrific. She has her sh*t together! As for a boat ride, we used Sail Provo. We did a catamaran trip from 9AM-2PM. They picked us up on the beach of The Somerset. No buses or shuttles needed. We had lots of fun, the guys were great, the boat was in great shape, and no one got sea sick. I took a ride on the Atabeyra once and it's a much older boat and not a catamaran. It was also rocky for me out on the water. With Sail Provo we had lunch on the boat, went to the reef to snorkel, stopped by Iguana Island and walked around, and just sailed on the gorgeous water. It was a little tricky organizing with Sail Provo so I reached out to the owner, Jay, directly. I wanted to see if special prices could be arranged, etc. All in all, it all turned out great. I used Shenique for hair and makeup, book her now! She is super cool and sweet. Let me know what else I can help with. I love living vicariously through you new Provo brides! Best of luck!
  5. Thank you ladies! I can't wait to see your photos! Please post!
  6. Ileana did do it. I am secretly obsessed with her! Who is doing your wedding? I think they are all good over at TI.
  7. Wanted to share! Love them! I want to go back now! On the Brilliant blog: http://www.brilliant.tc/2010/11/turks-caicos-trash-dress/ Watch the slideshow: http://vimeo.com/16853019
  8. Oh no, I have a feeling my post isn't posting, if that makes sense! If someone reads this, can you let me know please if the above post works and the links are okay? I really want to share!
  9. So cute, your story gave me the chills! I live here in NYC and had a little movie going on in my head as I was reading. Best of luck to you!
  10. Janine! We want to see your pics NOW. I check the Tropical Imaging blog everyday hoping they will have posted at least something! Just so all you ladies know, I got married at The Somerset, where Janine just got married, and we became friends through this site and I hope that some of my advice paid off. I am living vicariously through Janine for the last few months, wishing it was me all over again! She did an incredible job and I am sure everything was fantastic!
  11. I sent them all out! Phew! Just in time before I see everyone for Thanksgiving! I basically wrote the same blurb for everyone. "Thank you for your generous gift, sorry you couldn't make it, hope all is well and hope to see you soon!" Hope that works! Only 5 months late, but better late than never, right?