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  1. Hi ladies I had my wedding last Friday at the chapel and it was beautiful and just want I wanted! My family and friends are what made it special despite moon palace. We brought 60 people here and have had the worst experience dealing with them. We decided to go stay at the isla mujeres resort for remainder of our trip to relax! Everything has been so stressful at moon palace and its a shame because I really like it there. They changed my coordinator when I got here from Emy to Teresa who was awful!!! She was not helpful at all! I'll post a review later. For those worrying about the construction in sunrise, it's basically done. We got here on 10/29 and it was a mess! The resort lost power all day on Tuesday and had no hot water...thankfully it came back at night. We stayed at nizuc to avoid the construction. We went back over to sunrise for the club Thursday night and the lobby transformed- no more construction! It was night and day! I really hope you future brides have a better experience than I did!
  2. Oh no I can't believe they have construction going on at the Sunrise section! My TA never told me. CurlyBride - I'm getting married the week before you, 11/2 and we have 60 people going. I requested to stay in the Sunrise section, but now I want change to Nizuc or at least away from the construction area. Chicksmommy - I hope your stay gets better and you have an amazing wedding! Also I'm doing a catholic ceremony - does anyone have any information on the ceremony? I'm trying to put my programs together. I'm assuming it's the same as here in the states??
  3. Hi ~ I am deciding whether to use the florist at the Moon Palace or use a vendor. Is it a pain to use a vendor? Do you know if the Moon Palace charges extra for the setup or do you need to buy a day pass for the florist?
  4. Hi DSanz, I just noticed your wedding date is the day before mine...I'm getting married on Nov 2nd at the Moon Palace! We're having our wedding at the catholic chapel and hoping for at least 70 people. I keep checking this blog on and off for ideas, such a great site! How is your wedding planning going? Do you have everything booked? I haven't submitted my payments yet since I'm waiting to get a final count of people. I've been working with Daniela and so far she's been great! Well wish you the best on your wedding planning! - Carrie
  5. Hi Monica ~ I'm hoping to be a 11/2/2012 bride at the Moon Palace! From what I've read so far, this forum is great and is going to be a huge help with planning! We haven't gotten very far w/ the planning. We're heading down next month to do a site visit before we officially commit to having it there. Are you planning to or have you gone there? Also are you working with a travel agent? I started to work with destinationweddings.com and I'm not sure if it going to work out. Look forward to talking w/ you and planning together! Thanks, Carrie
  6. Hi everyone ~ I'm starting to plan our wedding at the Moon Palace in Cancun next year. For those brides that have or are getting married at the Moon Palace in Cancun, can you pls recommend a good travel agent to use? Most of my guests will be flying out of Boston, MA Thanks!
  7. Great thanks! In case anyone else is interested, I found out that it sits 60 and can hold 80 w/ people standing.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but I've been addicted to it after getting engaged in July. It's been so helpful in finding a place to get married. There is so much great info, I look forward to reading more! We are planning a catholic ceremony and I love the chapel at the Moon Palace and the one at the Grand Caribe in Cancun. I'm going to contact Moon Palace this week to start the planning! Does anyone know if the chapel at the Moon Palace can accomodate more than 40 guests? We're planning on having a rather large wedding, maybe 75-100 and I'm concerned this is going to be a problem.
  9. Oh and I haven't worked w/ any of the vendors just yet. I'm just focused on booking a place right now! =)
  10. Thanks everyone!!! From what I've read so far, this website is extremely helpful! I changed my wedding date from Sept to June 24th, 2011. We're are looking at 3 different places - Renaissance, Westin, and Radisson. I'm leaning towards the Renaissance since it has the private island. I'd love to talk to other brides who have gotten married here. I'm planning on about 100 guests and from what I've seen so far, the prices seem kind of high. I'm going to visit the resorts in October, but I'm getting nervous that I need to book my date before my visit. Any thoughts?
  11. Hi Everyone~ My name is Carrie and I got engaged a month ago. I'm so excited to start planning a destination wedding! We'd love to get married in Aruba since we want a Sept. wedding and don't want to worry about hurricanes. We're leaning towards the Renaissance hotel and the private island. I look forward to everyone's advice! Thanks, Carrie
  12. Hi ~ My name is Carrie and I'm new to this forum. I got engaged a month ago and would love to plan a wedding next fall at the Renaissance hotel. I sent my information to the wedding planner and are waiting to hear back as well. We're looking to have about 50-75 people at the wedding. Does anyone know if the private island can accomodate this many?
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